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I'm sure it's been brought up but my table is hyped for more tattoos, I've been asked multiple times by my players about tattoo artist.

I'm personally interested in more grimoires and variant crafting.

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Ly'ualdre wrote:
Ed Reppert wrote:
The essence of a playable ancestry, it seems to me, is that it must be sentient. The thing that really .. bothers is too strong, but I can't think of a better word... me about Golarion is that given humanity's history on Earth, I have to wonder if one planet can support so many and so different sentients. I get "willing suspension of disbelief" but IMO you can only take that so far.

Our own planet has approximately 7.9 billion people on it. General consensus today is that the plenty can support 10 billion, while some scientists back in the 16th century believed 13 billion was possible.

If we assume Golarion's population matches our own, and they say 50 to 60 percent of that population is Human, that still leaves 4 to 3.2 billion of every of intelligent Ancestries that makes up the world. That is a considerable population.

Golarion has a leg up on our own Earth. At some point, we are very likely to run out of resources. Between Deities, magic, and other Planes; I don't think Golarion is likely to ever truly be pressed for survival where needs are concerned. So, I'd wager it could probably support maybe even twice as many people than our own planet could. :D

If we compare Absalom to New York it currently has 1840s population of 330,000, which would translate to 1 billion worldwide meaning we're not even to 10% of world population maximum, all assuming similar population distributions.

Also there is a greater habitable ecodiversity than even here on Earth due to magic and a "habitable" Darklands means there's a greater population max.

We also need to remember Golarion had a more robust and varied start to sentience than Earth. Instead of similar families growing in the same areas we have biologically and ecologically distinct Ancestries. The spread of humans came way too late to stop them from gaining at least a big enough foothold.

Don't get me wrong Ed, I had a similar thought back in days of late 1e (when I got into pathfinder), but then the 2e world guide came and gave data and I changed my view on this.

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My character i made is an Amurrun Thaumaturge, using a Harrow Deck as a Tome Implement, they have a short childhood name followed by a title is what APG says, so I named him after my GMs favorite movie to hate. Mano(s) the Hand of Fate. Thinking of going Swash or Rogue MC to take Fourberie and then using my cards as a weapon as well.

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Temperans wrote:
Pronate11 wrote:
Camata022 wrote:

My hopes:

-A map of Elemental planes (frequently debated in my group on how they exist, with new curveball of metal and wood planes)
Considering the elemental planes are either infinite, or so large they might as well be considered infinite, I'm not sure how useful a map is going to be. Like a map of the entire cosmos could be neat, but actually having a map with any useful info on the planes seems very difficult to pull off, as everything is going to have to be very, very loose.
They might be asking for an update on the old multiverse map to include the new planes.

That is exactly what I'm asking for, not maps of each plane but how they exist in relation to each other and other inner sphere planes.

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My hopes:
-Some sort of metal order druid
-Metal and wood geniekin
-A map of Elemental planes (frequently debated in my group on how they exist, with new curveball of metal and wood planes)
-More info on Elemental Lords, like symbols and actual images, plus the four obvious new ones (12 deities seems good for a sourcebook)
-Elemental Instinct Barbarian
-More support for Elementalist archetype.

I am buying the book regardless of whether any of these make it in

Also tangentially related, maybe the next 1-20 AP for July to December '23 could be us going in prepping for and releasing the other 3 good Elemental Lords.

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I'd personally prefer single classes in a well defined book rather than 2 classes in a looser, less connected book, especially if they already have decent chapter formats.

Instead of a planar book (which could be kineticist and Inquisitor) it could be divided into:

1) Elemental planes (kineticist, air, water, earth, fire) maybe go book of the dead add an adventure to go free the remaining Elemental Lords

2) Aligned Planes (Inquisitor, celestials, monitors, fiends) give more info on settlements and deific demiplanes.

3) what I call the life planes (positive, negative, first world, and shadow planes)

Unrelated topics I want:

Explorers - world, region, nation traveler maps, random encounter tables and monster environment tables, trade routes and more vehicles.

Master players guide - like APG but just expand on everything we have by then, more subclasses and heritages, class archetypes, more feats, no new ancestry or class.

Darklands - playable drow and duergar, munavri, serpentfolk... more info on the layers and settlements, more monsters and so on.

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A breakthrough modification adds silver and cold iron at the same time and a revolutionary modification makes it all 7 skymetals. If you want a precious weapon innovation you take those.

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Verzen wrote:
Anyone know when nonat will discuss chapter 2?

He is splitting it up, giving more detail of each piece of his chapter in different videos. He already released info on undead companions.

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Here's what I've gleaned from my experience (haven't seen means haven't seen in play)
Alchemist: nonmagic energy damage and support
Barbarian: reliable damage
Bard: Buffing
Champion: Tank
Cleric: Healing
Druid: Nature (espionage and damage)
Fighter: Hits
Gunslinger: Guns
Inventor: Versatility (haven't seen)
Investigator: Urban
Magus: Power strikes (haven't seen)
Monk: Action economy
Oracle: Defensive Spellcasting
Ranger: Wilderness
Rogue: Skills
Sorcerer: Versatility with magic (haven't seen)
Swashbuckler: Agility and mobility (haven't seen)
Summoner: Teamwork
Witch: Debuffs
Wizard: Focused Magic

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I just bought this and looking through it, level 17 defense is missing the electric. Looks good otherwise from my quick look through.

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The Raven Black wrote:
To all those who want the option of Class stat boost going into WIS or INT in addition to CHA, would you ever choose CHA over INT or WIS ?

I would if I were looking to be a Face for my party. I'm normally Scout, Face, or library in my party cause I'm not too concerned about dealing the most damage. So if I can martial but still be as strong in charisma as a caster I'd be happy (same with wisdom)

Edit: Forgot to add that I would also like EA to work with some charisma skills like intimidation and deception or something like that, so that no matter what KAS you still get four Main skills to boosted by EA.

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I like the thought and it sounds alright to me, except why would they leave out what completes the class, if it was intended to have multiclass, why wouldn't they build it in the chassis, like Eldritch Trickster? Leave it open so you can have fighter or wizard or sorcerer, whatever works best for your character so you're not locked into any particular style.

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So I've been thinking about the different spellcasters we're missing by spell prep and tradition and how I'd personally try and implement them.

Occult prepared = Medium
Primal spontaneous = Shaman
Arcane spontaneous = I got nothing, best is maybe a Warlock, using secrets of unknown to manipulate Arcane spells further, lots of metamagic?

Bound (magus/ summoner)
Occult bound = Antiquarian
Divine bound = Inquisitor
Primal bound = lost here as well, only 1e close is Hunter but that would be full rework

Martial (Ranger/Champion)
Arcane martial = Runeknight? using focus spells to add temporary runes to weapons and armor
Occult martial = Warlord

Essence martial (monk)
-Life essence martial = Shifter
-Mental essence martial = Psychic, use int for melee entirely, telekinesis and all
-Material essence martial = Kineticist

I left out what's already generally been said in interest of space.