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I quite like Sundakan's ideas.

I didn't tell him because then he would have acted slightly different. Best way to get someone to act as themself is make them not think they're acting.

... from two seemingly harmless botched saves, and you've actually been playing a parasitic organism that infects a host, copies their brain, takes over the body, wipes the brain and then pretends to be you?

This may happen in one of my next few games, he's a pretty good sport and a solid roleplayer, but it seems a bit dickish to me. Especially since it would likely involve betraying the party.

A player of mine keeps having his character almost die, I haven't once gone out of my way to save him. This was like three different characters.

First time, he (the squishy caster) decided splitting the party was a good idea and got ambushed. It was him and an npc class merc vs a couple of constructs. He got knocked out and the merc had to carry him to safety.

Second time, he thought rushing ahead of Martial O'Stabigan to deliver a shocking grasp was a good idea.

Third time, he ran to the front of the battle, delivered a cone attack (for not much damage) against some enemies, and then was critted to be knocked to -6 hp. He then botched every stabalisation check. He only survived because the thief gave back what he stole to the robots, so the party stabalised him at 1 away from death.

Fourth time, party walks into room with tigerhawks. "Let's run past them instead of standing our ground." entire party gets wrecked. Almost tpk. Only survived because they managed to get to the other side and close the grate.

Cold Box
This box is always significantly below current room temperature. Objects inside this box are not cooled in any way.

Bag of Putrid Meat
1/day this bag randomly expels one pound of rotten meat.

Orb of Slope Detection
This orb detects slopes by rolling down them.

At my table, I wouldn't let you play if you wouldn't at least put the effort into reading (but not necessarily understanding) the rules relating to your class (such as combat and magic) and your class' mechanics up to the starting level.

If you didn't do those, at best you might get to play Generic_2h_Warrior_#57.

Race: 1d100 ⇒ 91
Profession: 1d250 ⇒ 53

Kazaan wrote:
CrackedOzy wrote:
I've never understood people who don't get how an elf ages slower than a human. After all, humans age slower than animals. We take years to learn to walk, where as numerous animals can do so almost right away.
That's because Humans are all born relatively premature. We're born before our cranial bones fully fuse because the skull needs to be flexible to fit through the birth canal, as a result of our brains being so large. Other animals can wait to be born until they are fully developed so they can walk just shortly after being born. It's not that we learn "more slowly" than other animals, it's that we start so far behind, it takes us a while to catch up to where they started from.

Maybe elves are like kangaroos, they're born as little jellybean sized red things.

Kazaan wrote:
If you want a bit more of a middle-ground, I can think of two methods. 1) reduce the die size but give them a flat bonus. For instance, instead of 1d6 HP (average 3.5, max 6), a character might gain 2 + 1d4 (average 4.5, max 6). That way, they aren't getting straight-up max HP, but the minimum is more than just a single point. 2) roll multiple dice. For instance, instead of 1d6 HP, a character might gain 2d3 or 3d2. This give the result a central tendency and is more to avoid extremely low rolls than to push for above-average values.

Could also use a roll twice, take the highest method.

Example: Brutus Adventurius the Fighter levels up. He rolls 2d10, one comes up 8 and the other comes up 3. Brutus Adventurius' hitpoints increase by 8 + other modifiers.

Unless I'm a low hd and not great con character, and the racial favoured class bonus isn't that good, I always go the extra skill ranks. I like having at least 1 rank in all my class skills (major exceptions being craft and profession, usually).

Wheldrake wrote:

I like the spirit behind the Giants/Oots diplomacy system, because it gives quantifiable benchmarks and situational guidelines to help overcome the "one dieroll rules all" syndrome.

Link? I've never heard of "Giants/Oots" or "Giants"/"Oots" before.

TPK wrote:
I seriously hope that is an evil character because putting ground glass in a dog's food is pretty horrible.

Does a Paladin who puts ground glass in a dog's food fall?

Matthew Downie wrote:

I've always quite liked the idea of listing out all the 'almost completely useless' feats, and giving one free to all PCs on every even-numbered levels.

If you do this, please send me a link or post it or something. I'm very interested.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Why the heck do all feats need to be equal?

That can't possibly work.

Nothing is interesting, if everything is the same.

Not a believer in "different but equal" I take it?

HWalsh wrote:

3. WBL isn't a rule, its a suggestion.
I tend to be around WBL but I don't reimburse for potions and such. If you buy it, then use it, its gone. Also if you want to spend your GP however you want to, be my guest, that's what it's for.

4. No 3PP stuff.
There isn't anything wrong with 3PP books but I don't have time to learn every 3PP book and learn every interaction in 3PP material.

Literally not houserules.

Taking levels in another class meant he was neglecting his duties as a Paladin and intentionally limited his capacity to fight Evil.

The Paladin took a ride in his airship.

DM_Blake wrote:

You know, you guys have convinced me.

I'll immediately have my wizard replace all his Charm, Dominate, etc. spells with other choices and retrain for a high Bluff skill since it's identical.

I'm also going to add some new skills. A Fireball skill where you can put ranks into causing stuff to explode, a Resurrections skill where you can put ranks into bringing people back from the dead, and a Wish skill where you can put ranks into altering reality. In fact, my new house rules, all spells are just going to be skills - enough skill ranks and even common farmers can be dropping prismatic walls around their fields.

Don't worry, it will still be Pathfinder...

Can't be worse than 3x. Post results

CommandoDude wrote:
666bender wrote:
At low level flight And lance break the game totally. At high levels , its fine
Uh "break the game"?Haha no. Seriously. At level 5 the wizard can cast fly. You need to be around level 7 to get a mount able to fly (unless you got a small character).

Everyone and their mount has a different opinion on what constitutes "low level". He could've easily been talking about 1-4.

Some lotr races thread ages ago had the idea of giving weaker races more traits (of the "X is a class skill, +1 to X skill" variety, not racial traits). Could try that.

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491. Blackout Drunk After a night of heavy drinking and all round revelry, the party wakes up to find there's no longer anyone else in the town and they cannot recall anyone leaving. In fact, they can hardly recall much of the night at all. The very next day the entire town's population is back, but none of them remember not being there and they dismiss the PCs as being crazy or comment on how much they must have drunk last night, the town believes it is just the day after the day the PCs were drinking heavily.

The link doesn't show a file, I think you posted the edit link instead of share link.

Edit: Still not fixed

Did you go Share -> Get Sharable Link?

Still not working for me, and I tried another device. Maybe it's region locked or google hates me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lemmy wrote:
That mount is a 1 HD fodder-cannon without class progression...

But an animal companion can't have 1 HD...

If you go Paladin (or any other divine caster), I recommend asking your GM what setting he is using and if that setting requires divine casters to have a patron deity. Even though Pathfinder doesn't require Paldins serve a deity, many settings do.

Setting rules > system rules.

Skylancer4 wrote:
there is no "bind on pick up/equip"

Except for specific cursed items :P

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If a cleric's deity's favored weapon is simple, they gain weapon focus with that weapon. Helps make picking your deity less about "who has the optimal exotic weapon?".

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Josh-o-Lantern wrote:
Arakhor wrote:
If you cut someone's throat whilst they're asleep, chances are that they're likely to die.
If you cut someone's throat whilst they're awake, chances are that they're likely to die...

I'll take "reasons hitpoints are stupid" for 500, Alex.