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Hey gang! I've been doing some art for tokens for general use, and being cautiously optimistic about the return of the Runelords AP, I figured I'd dip into the boards and see if anyone can help me pinpoint some monsters we might expect to see in this AP.

All we've got to go on for this as of now is of course the Return of the Runelords thread, plus the product description/discussion on the first adventure, Pathfinder Adventure Path #133: Secrets of Roderic's Cove, and some tidbits about the boards and elsewhere from the announcement. That's not much, mind, but I assume some folks who've delved further into the monster side of things (admittedly my least-favorite part of any game- sorry, I'm a weirdo) might have some insights into possibilities I haven't picked up on.

As a starting place, I'm assuming the following creature types/subtypes/varieties might come along:

* Aberrations- Aboleths and sinspawn exist, so 'nuff said
* Celestials- Xanderghul was known to bind celestials into his service like a boss, so I'd expect some might pop up
* Constructs- Clockworks especially, but constructs in general are (literally) forever
* Demons/Devils/Other Evil Outsiders- I've got a few done already but far from all types (to say nothing of unique ones)- demons I'd especially expect
* Dragons- primarily chromatic, I'd guess (though some others might arise- remember, powerful wizards get to force all sorts of crap into servitude)
* Humanoid (Giants)- Still got a lot of these to work on, but it'd seem odd if a rune giant or something didn't pop up
* Undead- Seems all but assured a ghost is gonna come by, the Peacock Spirit's current followers are (mostly) undead, and everyone who writes an AP loves an undead- plus one entire school of magic devoted to necromancy

Even these are pretty generic. We can likely assume a critter of every type will show- a plant here, an ooze there, some fey as a side dish, and a couple vermin sprinkled over it like so much living confetti. So don't take that as some exclusive list.

As for NPCs, there's not much reason to sweat that overmuch. I'll do some Runelord tokens (at least of the ones we have art for- see JJ's comment about the fifty-plus prior Runelords), and obviously we can't guess too far for things beyond that aside from general stuff like "one likely has a mustache."

NOTE: This is not for a product. Like, at all. If I assemble the tokens into a printable form, I'll be putting 'em up for free. This is more for me hoping to use some extra time to jump ahead of a few hundred art pieces by planning in advance- and if I end up doing some that end up unused, well, they still exist for later games, so it's all win-win.

Anyhoo, if you think you have something likely to show up- or even something you hope will show up- lemme know! I'm excited to crack out more artings. :D

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Some years back, I realized that at least one author of Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes had made enough sequential volumes to make a full AP using only their adventures. I began referring to them as the Author APs, then sorta forgot about the idea for a good long while.

Well, it came up again recently in a Facebook post, and Adam Daigle was sorta curious about who'd made one (there's three: Greg Vaughan, Richard Pett, and Jim Groves; Neil Spicer's close at 5 out of 6). So I compiled the...

Author Adventure Path AP List

...With the idea being folks could toss in ideas on how to cobble as sensible of a plot as possible from volumes of six disparate APs. You'll note that the first two authors offer multiple volumes to choose from, so people may come up with wildly different layouts for the volumes.

All counts are current as of #117: Assault on Longshadow (Ironfang Invasion 3 of 6). I'll add the rest of Ironfang Invasion, as well as Ruins of Azlant, as I get the time (RoA adds one more Jim Groves adventure, but otherwise the top of the list is unchanged, IIRC). I might also add some of the authors with 4 out of 6 AP volumes to the "Close to an Author Adventure Path" table; there's a few of 'em, and most have multiples of at least one volume.

Further updates beyond that to come as long as I'm still remembering to do it. At any rate, the lists remain unchanged for a while, so there's plenty of time to work with what's here.

Anyhoo, I'm off to bed, but I hope some folks have time to look over the list and come up with some ideas in the meantime! Happy Author APing!

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...With some basic plot hooks to give an excuse for it. :P

Hello, everyone! I'm trying my hand at more than just baseline cartography, and it seemed like Starfinder offers literal worlds of opportunity in that arena. Plus hey, maybe someone will like these things and toss a buck in the e-hat, as I am amazingly poor.

But who cares about that depressing malarkey? Let's get to the CARTOGRAPHY!

What is the point of this thread, exactly? Why, it's maps, my good madam/sir/nonbinary sentient! At least once a week (possibly more, we'll see), I'll make one planet illustration, and a more localized map (a continent, region, or encounter map) for that planet. Both will be available in marked and unmarked versions, so folks who would prefer to use said maps independent of whatever jib-jab I scrawl on them can snag 'em for use with whatever they'd like.

And why are you bothering to do this? Multipart answer:

1): Because it's fun.
2): Because there's a lot to explore in Starfinder, even without official books on Starfinder being a thing; same goes for any sci-fi/fantasy game.
3: Because maybe, just maybe, folks will like this stuff enough to pay for custom maps for their home game, hire me to make some maps for their company, or join my Patreon. The money infusion would be immensely helpful in ways my upbringing prevents me from admitting to.

Why weekly, weirdo? To prove I can do it, in a nutshell. Folks want to see results for their hard-earned dimes (or screen time, as the case may be). I've been enjoying doing these maps so far, and I've learned a lot as I've made 'em.

I like to know technical details. So give me those. Every map, as presented in this thread, will be 7.5" x 5" (half a page with .5" borders) at 300 DPI resolution. I'm hoping to offer at least 15" x 10" master files (PNG and PSD, for those who have Adobe programs and like to edit) for Patreon patrons and folks commissioning art. For combat-style maps (those with a 1" grid) I can likely do those in printable map tile format (8" x 10", multiplied by the number of necessary tiles). We'll see about those as we get to 'em.

Anyhoo, the relevant Google Drive for the full list of available maps can be found here. Patreon patrons and the like will get links as appropriate. I'll probably add links to my Paizo profile, and maybe toss some of this stuff onto my DeviantART page.

Onto the first batch! Write-ups to be provided some time in the next week.

Varos (Orbital View)
Varos (Orbital View- Unmarked)
Heated Mining Dispute
Heated Mining Dispute (Unmarked)

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Hey everybody! While I wait for my VL paperwork to get sent over to me, I've been planning out schedules for the events I organize, as well as offering senario suggestions for the other folks in the area. And I realized something horrifying: I bet 75% of our local PFS players have no idea what the Blakros family is.

Obviously, this must be rectified.

So I'm compiling a list of all the scenarios involving Blakros Museum or the Blakros family that have come out since their debut in Mists of Mwangi. Here's what I've got so far:

#5: Mists of Mwangi (OGL/PFRPG)
#35: Voice in the Void (PFRPG)
#2-11: The Penumbral Accords
#3-07: Echoes of the Overwatched
#4–09: The Blakros Matrimony
#5–14: Day of the Demon
#5–03: The Hellknight's Feast
#5–23: Cairn of Shadows
#6–02: The Silver Mount Collection

So did I miss any? As always, your help is greatly appreciated. :D

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Another AP, another opportunity to make free goodies for fellow-fans to use and enjoy. And with this AP, barring serious injury or death, I'm in it to the end, baby. :D

Gearsman 1-Page PDF of minis
Larger-sized gearsman art

First in what I hope to be piles and piles of Numerian freebies designed by yours truly. I've been waiting for a Numerian AP since at least 2009, and its imminent release has me going bonkers with joy.

Seeing as the AP itself isn't out until August (the first volume, at least), I'll be whipping up a few Numerian goodies when possible through then, and kicking it into a higher gear when the AP comes out. Tentative plan is:

Now to June: Art and minis for robots released to date (the annililator, the gearsman, and the myrmidon)
June to August: Art and minis for Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, People of the River, and People of the Stars
August to February: Art, player handouts, minis and such for the Iron Gods AP and relevant upcoming products

Anyhoo, enough jib-jab. Enjoy the freebies!

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Earlier on the Paizo Chat tonight, some goofball posted this up. Thought it amusing enough to share.

user wrote:

Since our master left, we have been reading other texts. Please consider those most holy to our new order:

Skull of Mashaag 247:1:1 --- The Bone Lands in a Spiral 43: 13: 7 ---The Order of Numbers 9: 22: 8
Our Master's Book 192:4:4 --- The Bone Lands in a Spiral 63: 8: 10 --- The Book of Joy 19: 19: 4 --- The Birth of Light and Truth 139:18:3 --- Skull of Mashaag 247:1:1 ---The Skull of Mashaag 224: 39: 1 ---The Order of Numbers 8: 31: 9 --- The Order of Numbers15:2:4 --- The Eight Scrolls 117: 34: 1 --- The Skull of Mashaag 339: 12: 10 --- The Skull of Mashaag 238:35: 7 --- The Birth of Light and Truth162: 36: 3 --- The Skull of Mashaag 224: 39: 1

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Hey everyone! I'm taking some time away from my disturbingly fecund Akiton thread (I got a hunch books coming out around Iron Gods may help settle some of the technology rules and such) to do something more "normal": setting up some ideas for a campaign in Gundrun, the tiny little town of mostly-normal folk trying to eke put a living in the southern Worldwound. Since this is the spot on the boards with the most Worldwound fans per capita I'd assume, it seemed a good place to put all this.

For a place with a population of 600-odd souls, Gundrun's gotten some impressive coverage in Lost Kingdoms and The Worldwound. And I think it's because it's a perfect place to let low-level PCs experience the horrors of the Worldwound first-hand and still have a relatively safe home base to return to. It begs for a lot of options, from simple, doomed, low-level one-shots into the Worldwound to a campaign of Kingmaker II: Demon Edition. I'm gonna shoot between those two, with options enough hopefully for the former, and suggestions on rocking the latter.

From here on out, I'm assuming anyone jumping into this fan-project will have access to those books and will have read the relevant sections, so I'm only going to reference them instead of copypasta-ing their contents whole-cloth (for a myriad of legal and other reasons). So far I've got a map (unmarked, but ready to include the locations from the map in The Worldwound plus more as they are added), stats for Clanleige Martolls Clefthorn, some roughly sketched-out ideas, and a brain-bucket of others.

Anyhoo, I'll probably start out by fleshing out the campaign concept a bit then adding as I go. Any ideas, suggestions, concerns, arguments, and what-all are welcome. I'll probably be back with the outline as it stands tomorrow. For now, though, enjoy a map. Finalized updates will end up in the Gundrun folder on my Google Drive.

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Hey, all! Our local VL suffered a fracture during a skiing trip recently, so I'm stepping up to run a lot of her sessions pro-tem. I've been GMing home games since forever, but I only got into PFS during Season 3, and our local PFS was a mess until about 4 months ago. So there's probably a lot of scenario gems I've missed out on. So who better to ask than all of you guys?

A few notes: since the local PFS scene became less of a cluster-flug, we've been getting a LOT of new players, so 1-5s, 1-7s, and 3-7s are preferable. Knowing about some higher-level goodies will be nice, but I might not see that tier of play as a GM for a while. I'm VERY comfortable behind the screen, but some of my draftees are relative newcomers, so a mix of GM challenge is fine; I can distribute the easier ones to the newer GMs, and keep the complex ones for my tables 'til they're ready. Mixes of RP and combat-heavy (as well as both) are perfect.

Season 3 to 5 I know pretty well, but I just KNOW there's some season 0 to 2 scenarios that are just too good to pass up. So folks, any recommendations?

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Hey, everyone! As folks on my DeviantART and/or Facebook know, I've hit a slump of bad finances ATM. So to raise some funds, I threw together a little 5-page PDF containing eight pit trap spell templates, plus four new spells written by one of my Superstar buddies, with some help from Jim Groves and Ben Bruck (who kindly offered advice and critiques on the art and the spells). The set's all done and costs $3, but anyone feeling generous can certainly pay more, since it's all through PayPal.

As soon as I see the transaction in my e-mail, I fire off the PDF to your e-mail address; only waiting is if I miss you by a few minutes or you pay me when I'm asleep or something.

Here's a link to my DeviantART Journal so any interested parties can read the whole deal and pitch in. No DeviantART account required; it simply tells how the whole sales process works.

Anyhoo, to any of you thinking about pitching in, thank you in advance!

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I was having a discussion with my Wrath of the Righteous group about something I noticed occurring a lot in Paizo APs. It's not a game-breaker or something that makes any of the APs unplayable, just something that crops up enough that it feels like an unconscious rut the AP concept staff might be getting stuck in.

This post is gonna have some serious spoilers for multiple APs. I'm gonna try to put all of them behind spoiler tags, but if you're holding out on any of the named APs, try to avoid the information hidden therein or it may deflate your game.

Anyhoo. What brought the trend to my attention was reading the Wrath of the Righteous campaign outline. I got to book 4 and 5...

Wrath of the Righteous Spoiler:
...Where you pop into the Abyss for two books, and my knee-jerk thought was, "oh crap, you'll come back, Drezen and Kenabres are destroyed or under seige, and one or two of your NPC buddies bite the pathos bullet." Fortunately, this seems to have been avoided in this AP; while you gotta defend Drezen, at least you get to TRY to defend it, though even that's getting tiresome. That we might get to later.

And I realized something: my response, that going off away from "home" for a couple AP volumes always means the night-soil has hit the fan when you get back. Examples:

Shackled City Spoiler:
It's been a LONG time since I've played this one, but as I recall, you return from the kuo-toa caverns and s##& got bad, you return from the Abyss and s~~~ got worse, you kill a skrillion demodand-loving villains and the city literally explodes. Then a dragon burns what's left down.

Age of Worms Spoiler:
We'll put the arena thing aside, since you mostly stop that. What about Redhand becoming a vile pit of death? It gets holes in it, a few prominent buildings fall down, there's, like, death-gas EVERYWHERE, worm-dudes a-plenty... it's an unlivable hellhole. And you're out hitting Dragotha with sticks while it goes down.

Savage Tide Spoiler:
Farshore gets kicked in the face a few times by fiendish pirates, but you mostly fix all that. At least it happens onscreen.

Rise of the Runelords Spoiler:
Less awful in this AP, but still indicative of the trend, book 4 starts with you coming home to impending invasion, and 5 starts with you coming home to a hole to terror in the middle of town. Admittedly, you get to put a stop to them each time, but it feels less like a dynamc world and more like every time you leave home, someone is gonna invade. This is not including this and many APs' kickoff being "OH NO INVASION," which I might also get to later.

Curse of the Crimson Throne Spoiler:
Now, this whole AP is about horrible thing happening to Korvosa. But when you blow town in books 4 and 5, you come back to a nightmare that, because the AP sent you off to do stuff, you feel like you couldn't stop and it feels like you're just avenging slights instead of putting the bad guys on the ropes. If it was just this AP, I'd probably be cool with it. But it has precedents and antecedents, as seen above and below.

Legacy of Fire Spoiler:
You leave the Prime to go to a demiplane in book 4, then the City of Brass in book 5, and come back to find Kelmarane, the city you ostensibly care about, has been trashed while you've been away. Added bonus for it technically being your fault for opening the Scroll of Kakishon in the first place.

Council of Thieves Spoiler:
I was playing in this one, and we never finished, but doesn't the devil-powered generator under the friggin' mayor's house explode? Was that necessary for an AP about some thieves and their council?

Kingmaker Spoiler:
You get invaded a few times. This actually makes sense in the AP, and most of 'em I got no beef with. Except when the gigundo owlbear trashes your capital. You can't stop it, it happens offscreen. All the others you're leading the defense, which feels apt since its your kingdom, but the first major threat to your city is unavoidable and unstoppable, and happens when you're out of town.

Shattered Star Spoiler:
This one didn't tick me off until AFTER I finished running the AP, and now it's a major splinter in my craw. Once more, you come back, do a thing the AP asks you to, and your reward is Magnimar gets pummeled with a tsunami. As with some of the "defend your city" events, you can mitigate the disaster, but its starting to make me gun-shy about any AP where you activate an artifact. If these kinds of stories are getting around at all in Golarion, I'm assuming future heroes will simply bury all the artifacts they find, because turning them on, no matter how beneficial, means your house is now on fire and full of evil.

I don't know if this is an adventure-writing rut, hewing to some Campbellian story arc thing, or just needing each AP to have a pathos gut-punch, but when its the same theme, it starts getting boring. Or grating.

Now, in order to provide some constructive aid with this, I'm gonna brainstorm ways to avoid this trope being overused, and I'd like to open the floor for others to chime in. I'm not saying never use it. Just do it less.

Which brings me to the opening "we're attack right now" schtick. RotR does it, Second Darkness does it, CoT does it, WotR does it. Serpent's Skull kinda does it. And I get the impulse. It throws the PCs into the midst of things right then, right there. It's action-y. You're killing goblins, or running from Hellknights, or flashing back to watching some really heavy stuff go down. It pulls you in.

I dunno about others, but it's also getting a little bit drab. I s'pose the single alternate is "PCs go out to stop stuff," which is hardly new ground, but it at least feels proactive.

Anyway. I'm not trying to accuse you fine folks of being lazy. These are all really fun APs. I'm just wondering, is it intentional? Is it just something that mentally it's easy to fall into? And is these something fresher we can replace it with for a bit? I know Mummy's Mask is gonna start off with, "city's full of undead, run/fight for your life," so we're not changing that one there. But maybe for Iron Gods we can take a breather on the city being under attack? Especially if it gets squished offscreen while the PCs are doing what the AP tells them to?

Just a thought. I now yield the floor.

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Like a lot of folks, I too am planning for WotR WAY early. And I've had some silly ideas boiling around in the ol' brain for fan-made add-ons for the AP. I'm sure a few folks have some ideas as well, and as the AP actually comes out (along with support materials like the Player's Guide, the Worldwound book, and whatnot) we'll have a few bajillion more.

But for right now, I've been focusing on one aspect that seems built from the beginning (and will then be swiftly not an issue once the PCs are all Mythic and stuff): the PCs will be part of a crusade, with some basic amount of military organization, and we all know what that means: ranks, units, and heraldry!

So I'm thinking, once I get the art computer back on its feet and ready for art output, prolly timed around release of WotR goodness, I'd like to make at least a sample unit symbol to go on tabards and whatnot for the PCs team. I've been doing some meatspace sketches for uniforms and such already, but nothing solid enough to see uploading, even in sketch/draft form.

Another idea, and one that only requires what I have in front of me (a computer with internet and a keyboard) is making equipment "packages" for PCs to better represent that they're part of a hierarchy with standardized equipment and such. My group's gonna be small and made up of kids from prior APs (Children's Crusade meets royalty), so they'll probably all (three) be 2nd level in my game, but I could easily make some guidelines for 1st-level PCs along the way.

But it's not just about me and my crap. What do YOU think your WotR game will need?

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Female Centaur Fighter 3/Ranger 3/Hellknight 2

You said you like the horsey shows.

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This one's just me, Ben, and a handful of avatars I'm whipping up for silly one-shot use. Boy, my avatar list is getting cluttered. :P

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Nonbinary (They/Them) Human Doodlist 2/Write-a-Tron 1

From a demiplane below Kaer Maga, thrust by dismissal into the cold waters of Conqueror's Bay, the clockwork man Ixeo must walk, talk, and fight his way back to his friends some 204 miles away as the familiar flies.

A one-on-one mini-adventure for no less than one and no more than one of Benjamin Bruck's PCs in Shattered Star. Spoilers possible, but unlikely.

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So I'm running Shattered Star for a couple of players in my home game, and I have been planning since I knew about the AP for my Skull & Shackles PC to stop by. When I found out about Curse of the Lady's Light, I knew that my want had become a need.

For me, it's a chance to insert one of my favorite PCs into the campaign. For you, it's a chance for your PCs to rub elbows with Varisian movers and shakers and feel like part of something big (which they should). The party takes place aboard Augusta's airship, the Compliance, and involves a magical banquet of assorted Thassilonian delicacies, as well as a surprisingly vast assortment of booze (and, for more mature games, drugs and "companionship"). It's a rare moment of celebration for an AP full of dangers and a surprisingly devastating finale.

Anyhoo, I'll be throwing out details as I write 'em. So far, I've got the menu (with drink pairings!) and the effects of enjoying the enchanted meal, which I'll post up shortly. Soon, I'll have info on Augusta and invited guests, their reactions and interactions, and all the other stuff that makes a social encounter enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to post feedback! I like feedback.

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Nonbinary (They/Them) Human Doodlist 2/Write-a-Tron 1


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Nonbinary (They/Them) Human Doodlist 2/Write-a-Tron 1

OR: A Halfling and a Gnoll Walk Into a Ziggurat

An encounter with a vile Chelaxian spy cost them their lives. And that's only the beginning.

Reincarnated from a tengu and a human into a halfling and a gnoll respectively, they're on a hare-brained quest to return themselves to their original forms. Aware of rumors of a wish-granting phoenix hidden deep within an ancient Ghol-Gan ziggurat in the Sodden Lands, they depart on an epic journey through fetid swamps and steaming jungles to plead the immortal avian for aid. Will they make it through the unknown dangers and deadly guardians of this long-lost temple to forbidden gods, or will they become the latest victims of its millennia-long killing spree?

This is a closed, two-person campaign tied into the Skull & Shackles game Benjamin Bruck and I are playing; no extra player requests please. This is also mostly a back-and-forth writing project with very little, if any, dice rolling to determine results. Hopefully it will be a thrilling read as these two sneak, talk, and (rarely) fight their way through the horrible swamps of the Sodden Lands and a deadly dungeon half-sunk into the storm-tossed waves of the Abendego Gulf. With the help of their hired guide, the crass big-game hunter Ozzie Baeyan, they seek to restore their rightful forms- or die trying.

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Nonbinary (They/Them) Human Doodlist 2/Write-a-Tron 1


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I think I gotta set things up here, too, so BEN, POST HERE!

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Nonbinary (They/Them) Human Doodlist 2/Write-a-Tron 1

Being a Play-by-Post WHERE-IN Benjamin Bruck, alias Benchak the Nightstalker (RPG Superstar 2010 Top 8 Finalist and Author of Works within the tomes Ultimate Combat, Advanced Race Guide, et al.), with the Game Mastering assistance of Ashton Sperry, alias N'wah (Founder of the fine Product, Pathfinder Paper Minis) Role-Play a Duo of Crime-Solvers in the vein of the Tele-Vised Production and Novel Series Cadfael utilizing Paizo Publishing, LLC's up-coming Mything Gaming Rules, as set within the Savage nation of Varisia, to the Delight of all Men, Women, and Children across the World.

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A discussion I was having with Ben Bruck, combined with flipping through the Game Mastery Guide's NPC Gallery on the PRD and re-reading certain Kingmaker volumes, has led me to build incredibly stupid (yet technically effective) mass combat armies. The problem is, now I can't stop doing it. I encourage you to join along. Maybe your kingdom needs fields of barmaids or an elite cadre of prisoners, too.

Here's a couple examples:

Huge army of humans (commoner 1)
hp 2; DV 11; OM +1
Speed 2; Consumption 1
Prerequisite excessive mercury in the drinking water

Medium army of humans (expert 4)
hp 9; DV 12; OM +2
Speed 2; Consumption 2
Prerequisite must have watched at least one prison break film; cannot act unless Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" is playing

Tiny army of humans (bard 6)
hp 4; DV 11; OM +1
Speed 2; Consumption 1
Prerequisite lute sale

Colossal army of humans (expert 1/rogue 1)
hp 40; DV 19; OM +9
Speed 2; Consumption 9
Prerequisite Nevada

EDIT: After talking to Booms, I have added the following:

Colossal army of monkeys
hp 18; DV 14; OM +4
Speed 2; Consumption 4
Special Abilities fling poo
Prerequisite kingdom ruler must speak French; bananas must be in season

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So, been working on the upcoming third set of LoF minis (no, seriously!), and I took a quick break to whip up a copy of the Scroll of Kakishon. It's sized to be 11" x 17" if printed out at 300 DPI, so it should make a pretty sweet handout for some PCs to discover, I hope.

Anyhoo. Enough jabber. Here's the link to its home on dA; just hit the "Download" button, and be prepared to wait a bit. It's pretty big.

Hope y'all enjoy it!

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Mustache Riders of the Mana Wastes, sir. Also, next year we're taking the number one spot in the trivia contest.

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The best thing to happen, EVAR. Make my upcoming birthday awesome and buy 'em all.

Even Callous Jack's stuff. :P

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Hey, noticed no one's started up a "tell me about your PC/Group!" thread, probably because the Player's Guide hasn't even come out yet. But I can't be the only one who plans character concepts months ahead of time.

My character, most likely as a GMPC: Doctor Iulian Sandulescu, N male human alchemist. I'm going with him as a physician attempting to push the limits of mortal medical knowledge. Using a 20-point buy (my gaming standard) and the middle age penalties, I got his Int up to 21; his physical stats blow, and he's... well, less than charming, but he's a brilliant misanthrope, so that's all cool by me. I'm playing him with a bit of Dr. House, Dr. McCoy, and a smidge of amoral mad scientist. His job will be to keep those damn fool PCs alive, and maybe even throw a few potions of dubious boon down their throats. Also picked up Sense Motive as a cross-class to show study of mental as well as physical illness.

Eventually hope to get him a fancy travelin' carriage and a halfling driver to ferry him from one messed-up Ustalavic town to another. Also hoping to perform autopsies on far too many fallen foes, and I think I'll steal those hypodermic potions from Whassisname in "Age of Worms." Something about shooting up the fighter with an enlarge person hypo just seems fun. :D

I did some Plague Doctor art, and made an alternate color version for my PC; later, I'll give him his own custom mini, but it works great for now.

So: who are you playing? Or planning on playing? Or thinking about toying with the idea of maybe adding it to the short list for playing?

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I'm workin' on token minis for this, by the way.


By which I mean mini tokens.


They're round! Like coins!


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Damn that mighty Sarlacc.

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W007!!!111!11 It's up! A few reasons to buy this cheap-arse beast:

*As mentioned before, fully 3-D dragon. That's just sweet. It makes a good decoration on a gaming bookshelf, too.
*Griffons! And griffon bebez! They're rather kyoot.
*Every other critter in here, lovingly crafted by moi.
*Each mini image is fair-trade, shade-grown, and certified organic by Zobeck Tilth, the druid-run organic certification program.

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Since it'll be a bit, I'd guess, until the PaizoCon 2011 announcement flies forth from the cavernous den of the white dragon Tsorfhsoj, I figured this'd be a good place to let the plans go wild.

First off, thanks to everyone who took part in "Dungeon Keepers." Keep an eye out on the schedule for "Dungeon Keepers II: Orv-Gone Trail." I'm looking to hook up with all the prior players to stat out new versions of the kobolds and discuss vague plans for the sequel (gotta keep some surprises).

Also, time and planning permitting, I'd love to run a game pitting giant mecha against classic Pathfinder monsters, and possibly a Pathfinder/Spelljammer hybrid of space exploration and cosmic horror.

I'd also love to know if anyone would like me to attempt to use my demi-fame to try to pull some strings on celebrity guests, art table placements, or whatnot. Frost and I were compatriots in the siege of Troy, so he owes me a few.

Also: if I set it up early enough, would folks like some paper minis to be available for sale? This'd take a bit of work, and I'm ever-hopeful for some more freebies available through Wayfinder, but I'm curous if folks would like to buy pre-built minis, signed by me, enough to beg Paizo to let me sell 'em.

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It's available here. Future updates and free downloads to be offered and mentioned in the usual thread.

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You like us! You really like us! :D

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Psst. Hey. Valeros mini preview art is available. :D


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Ironically, just finished up the art for her as part of my upcoming Iconics set.

Preview available here.

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G'head and click on your Account, and click that little "message board settings" button. Then click on the "change avatar" button.

I promise, it won't hurt. :D

Notice anything... new? Anything... mini?

That's right. Crystal Frasier, Callous Jack, and myself are now avatar art creators. :D

More to come, I promise.

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Alright, somehow I keep making more of these, so I though I'd make a thread for me to offer them for download to anyone interested. Previous stuff includes:

Kingmaker Charter
Stag Lord Wanted Poster (the Stag Lord sketch is also available by itself here)

I also just finished whipping up a set of the first four posters found at Oleg's Trading Post; hope you guys enjoy them! Further posters and handouts will be made available in this thread.

Oh, hey: if anyone's interested in writing for this, I'd love the help. I'm an art-man, not a word-man. :P

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HOORAY! Way to go, Crystal! :D

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I've whipped up another free downloadable handout for Kingmaker: the Stag Lord Wanted Poster. Artwork and text by me. Font is The King & Queen Font, which I got off of Produced in compliance (I hope) with Paizo's Community Use Policy.

Hope you guys like it! :D

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CONTENT WARNING - Potential Spoilers - PCs STAY OUT. Or your GM might just leave the Tarrasque in your backpack when you're not looking.

Now that that's outta the way...

I've been reading "Stolen Lands," and I got to the part about some certain fey critters and some certain things they might do to certain adventurers. I thought I'd start a thread for folks to share their sample pranks for everyone to enjoy, and for everyone to cherry-pick at will to make each prank the best it can be.

Plus, I keep reading this thing when I'm sleep-deprived, and I can only come up with bare-bones "HA HA! Grease on the floor! You fell on your bum!" type stuff. Help a brother out, will ya? I'll keep making downloadable "Kingmaker" freebies if you keep me up to my eyeballs in fey pranks. :D.

Let the Prank-Off BEGIN!

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I got bored and made a copy of the Kingmaker charter (the flavor text at the beginning of the adventure) as a PDF for download. This was mentioned in another thread, but thought I'd put it out here for people who haven't dipped into that thread to enjoy.

Download it here.

It's not super-amazing, but it was a quick and dirty creation; I hope most groups will find it sufficient.

Paizo gang, if you feel this pushes the limits of the Community Use policy (I dunno; I can barely read a menu, much less a legal document, even when translated into Normal People-ese), notify me, and I'll pull it immediately. You know me. I try to obey. :P

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Much love goes out to everyone who's supported this little venture since it's been going on, and of course, to my wonderful collaborators, Crystal Frasier and Callous Jack. YOU ALL ROCK!

Side note: LOVE THE PUN. :D

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I've got plans for other sets, but for now, check out my latest set: Hellknights.

More sets to come soon, I hope! :D

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I literally could hear Erik Mona run out of breath while reading that. That was a mouthful, sir.

Also: W007!!!1!!thirty-two

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I'm buying this for use in my Kingmaker campaign anyway, but I'd almost buy it twice just to read China Mieville's kingdom submission.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this. :D

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I've talked with Crystal "Immora" Frasier (Paizo's own Production Specialist, and my first co-conspirator in the official Pathfinder Paper Minis gig), and she's all over this like beans on rice. Dunno what she has planned, especially since I don't have the level of insider access that she does, but I wanted to let folks know that there will be pretty new minis sets designed by her coming soon.

And since she has that elusive quality known as a "work ethic," expect her stuff to be on-time. Any delays can be laid squarely at my feet. :P

Feel free to discuss your joy.

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Howdy, gang!

Y'all like the Fallout universe, right? And P&P role-playing games? And minis? And free stuff?

Boy, are you in luck. :D

I've had in my head a concept for a Fallout game set in New Orleans for years now, and recently there's been some interest in my circle of friends. So I've been going gung-ho with making Fallout-related paper minis artwork in preparation for an upcoming game.


Oh, who am I? I'm N'wah, also known as Ashton Sperry when I'm not annoying people online. I make these for Paizo Publishing. I'm also an inveterate doodler. You can find a solid sampling of my artwork here.


Yes, I'm also working on the backlog of sets for Pathfinder. It's been a crazy six months. Gimme a bit. Sorry for the delay. :(

Anyhoo, you've slogged through enough text. Here's some links to the art in question. In case you're new to DeviantART, click on the image for the full-sized version:

Swamper (think generic Fallout raider meets swampfolk from Fallout 3's "Point Lookout" expansion)
Swamper Gimp
Swamper "Papa"
Swamper Minis Set
Delacroix (Southern midget mob boss)
Papa Ghede (leader of the voodoo-themed ghoul gang, the Bokors)
Beacon (unique, highly intelligent glowing one; member of the Bokors)

I've also been working on a game system cobbled together from Star Wars: Saga Edition, D20 Modern, and the Pathfinder RPG system rules; an unholy alliance, top be sure, but believe me, it's coming together pretty alright. I'll provide links when the (FREE!) system PDFs are finished.


I know, I know. There's already Fallout system rules. I've played in a couple of those games. But I'm crazy enough to want to try something new. Stop interrupting. :P

Regardless of system usage, however, I hope the minis satisfy. :D

Let me know what you guys think!

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Hey gang,

In an earlier thread, I had made mention of producing a few 3-D Pathfinder Paper Minis sets to be previewed at PaizoCon III and released after the Con is over. The current plans include a Colossal silver dragon (suggested by Sharoth), and Treerazer (set to compete with Lillith's Treerazer in a battle I call "Duelin' 'Razers"). I figure I should have enough time to do a third set for viewing/manhandling at PaizoCon III, but I've got one problem: what should I make?

So, any suggestions? The limiting factors on your choices are:

1): It must be Huge or larger. No requests for detailed 3-D imps please. The ordinary 2-D Tiny figures are hard enough to cut out, thanks. :P

2: It must be a Pathfinder or OGL critter. I've got my license with Paizo, and that's who I produce sets for. Anything from the Bestiary, the Pathfinder APs, or any of the other books where monsters doth dwell is good by me.

So, let me know what you want to see, and I'll see what I can do! I'll be posting links to scans and photos when they become available, and bringing the final versions to the Con for up-close-and-personal viewing. Shortly afterward, I'll put the sets up for sale online, and y'all will get a chance to fill your house with 'em. :D

Sound good? Good. Well, let's get the suggestion ball rolling!

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Hey gang,

In an earlier thread, I had made mention of producing a few 3-D Pathfinder Paper Minis sets to be previewed at PaizoCon III and released after the Con is over. The current plans include a Colossal silver dragon (suggested by Sharoth), and Treerazer (set to compete with Lillith's Treerazer in a battle I call "Duelin' 'Razers"). I figure I should have enough time to do a third set for viewing/manhandling at PaizoCon III, but I've got one problem: what should I make?

So, any suggestions? The limiting factors on your choices are:

1): It must be Huge or larger. No requests for detailed 3-D imps please. The ordinary 2-D Tiny figures are hard enough to cut out, thanks. :P

2: It must be a Pathfinder or OGL critter. I've got my license with Paizo, and that's who I produce sets for. Anything from the Bestiary, the Pathfinder APs, or any of the other books where monsters doth dwell is good by me.

So, let me know what you want to see, and I'll see what I can do! I'll be posting links to scans and photos when they become available, and bringing the final versions to the Con for up-close-and-personal viewing. Shortly afterward, I'll put the sets up for sale online, and y'all will get a chance to fill your house with 'em. :D

Sound good? Good. Well, let's get the suggestion ball rolling!

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