N'wah Offers Cheapo Spell Template PDFs and New Spells! EEE!

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Hey, everyone! As folks on my DeviantART and/or Facebook know, I've hit a slump of bad finances ATM. So to raise some funds, I threw together a little 5-page PDF containing eight pit trap spell templates, plus four new spells written by one of my Superstar buddies, with some help from Jim Groves and Ben Bruck (who kindly offered advice and critiques on the art and the spells). The set's all done and costs $3, but anyone feeling generous can certainly pay more, since it's all through PayPal.

As soon as I see the transaction in my e-mail, I fire off the PDF to your e-mail address; only waiting is if I miss you by a few minutes or you pay me when I'm asleep or something.

Here's a link to my DeviantART Journal so any interested parties can read the whole deal and pitch in. No DeviantART account required; it simply tells how the whole sales process works.

Anyhoo, to any of you thinking about pitching in, thank you in advance!

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