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I [CENSORED] of this post. Good [CENSORED]!

Actually, being privileged to [CENSORED] information, I've gotta tell you, your chances are pretty [CENSORED]. You've got better luck being [CENSORED] by [CENSORED] than getting a custom [CENSORED].

Look, nothing against you fine [CENSORED]; I'm just saying the [CENSORED] Act prevents civilian [CENSORED] from obtaining custom [CENSORED] on any web site with an IP address ending in [CENSORED].

Blame those [CENSORED] up at [CENSORED] if you have to; but, really, it's all in the name of protecting you from the forces of [CENSORED]. And, really, who wants to wake up with a [CENSORED] crammed into their [CENSORED]? Not me, that's for [CENSORED], and I'm putting my [CENSORED] on the line every day to prevent that from [CENSORED] to you.

Believe me, it's worth a little [CENSORED] to make sure you're [CENSORED].

yoda8myhead wrote:

Glad you like it, [CENSORED]. Unfortunately, any attempt to even fill in the blanks on the above [CENSORED] will lead to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law under the [CENSORED] Act of [CENSORED]; so unless you like being sent to [CENSORED] for [CENSORED], I'd recommend against even looking at it.

Sorry, Hugo, I've been busy with a lot of [CENSORED]. I'll get on it by [CENSORED]; at the very least, late this upcoming [CENSORED], since I got that [CENSORED] I still gotta go to. I'm the head [CENSORED] on that [CENSORED], after all.

Wayfinder #2 looks mighty [CENSORED], by the way. You should be [CENSORED].