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Like a lot of folks, I too am planning for WotR WAY early. And I've had some silly ideas boiling around in the ol' brain for fan-made add-ons for the AP. I'm sure a few folks have some ideas as well, and as the AP actually comes out (along with support materials like the Player's Guide, the Worldwound book, and whatnot) we'll have a few bajillion more.

But for right now, I've been focusing on one aspect that seems built from the beginning (and will then be swiftly not an issue once the PCs are all Mythic and stuff): the PCs will be part of a crusade, with some basic amount of military organization, and we all know what that means: ranks, units, and heraldry!

So I'm thinking, once I get the art computer back on its feet and ready for art output, prolly timed around release of WotR goodness, I'd like to make at least a sample unit symbol to go on tabards and whatnot for the PCs team. I've been doing some meatspace sketches for uniforms and such already, but nothing solid enough to see uploading, even in sketch/draft form.

Another idea, and one that only requires what I have in front of me (a computer with internet and a keyboard) is making equipment "packages" for PCs to better represent that they're part of a hierarchy with standardized equipment and such. My group's gonna be small and made up of kids from prior APs (Children's Crusade meets royalty), so they'll probably all (three) be 2nd level in my game, but I could easily make some guidelines for 1st-level PCs along the way.

But it's not just about me and my crap. What do YOU think your WotR game will need?

A Quickening, Highlander style, complete with Queen soundtrack - but no flashbacks. They're n00b immortals. :P

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My buddy Ben Bruck was gonna make a Highlander as a semi-joke PC once. We ended up just quote-speaking the song lyrics in dumb voices for a few hours instead.

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I've got a small pile of things built up so far. Ill get on to uploading them soon-ish.

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 4

I will be playing in this madness!

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Alright. So far, all I've uploaded are some flags (Mendev, a simplified Korvosa flag for one of my PCs who's the kid of our ruler from our CoCT game, and a custom-made crusader unit flag that could be used for pretty much anything), and I made some minis bases for my home-game paper minis. I'll post those later, but for now, here's some flags:

Korvosa Flag
Mendev Flag
Unit Flag

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Great points thus far. Not sure what is going to be covered in the AP itself, but…

Adding to your “ranks, units, and heraldry” above…

Battle honors, rivalries with other units, boast/saying (“ex Death from Cold Iron”), unit nicknames, & idiosyncrasies (ie they salute their dead via shots of Oldlaw Whiskey on the sixth day of each month, and only ever speak their name on that day ; think gnomes are bad luck ; etc.).

Also, how they deal with others that aren’t in their chain of command. Iomedaens & Hellknights, for instance, especially in “non-combat” or civilian encounters such as in the bars in the area.

How summoned or monstrous allies fit in.

I’m currently running a game featuring members of a non-human specialist merc company so if you were looking for a basic “kit” to have issued, I’ve copy & pasted a modified one below for you in Spoiler tag so as not to explode the thread as much.

Possible Crusader’s Kit:

Preferred Weapon
Preferred Holy Symbol
cold iron short sword or dagger
heavy steel shield
bedroll & blankets
firestarting kit
small folding shovel
backpack / masterwork backpack
1 week of dried rations
3 canteens of drinking water (or optionally: issued a wand of create water for the unit to reduce the chance of accidental poisoning while in the Worldwound)
2 canteens of holy water
chainmail (note for those who can’t wear chainmail: offer “falsemail” (a mesh looking fabric that is easily mistaken for chain at a distance for unit movement/ actions)
surcoat &/ or other unit/rank identifier
uniform x2
dress uniform x1
Tags (similar to dogtags, but also containing their comparison code for the temple of Adabar or Iomedae or similar secure location where a hair sample is kept for spells like Petulengro’s Validation to make sure that they aren’t a shapechanger as well as possibly where a last will & testament is to be read & rendered) which can also serve as a back-up holy symbol.
10-20 cold iron arrow heads
“Last letter(s)”
Dust/Chalk bags for invisible opponents.

Each squad also issued one each of the following to split amongst the members:

Squad Tent Kit (includes small flags & battle honors insignia for squad/unit)
Writing instruments, paper, & ink.
Cooking Kit
Signaling Kit
Sealed codebook (stays sealed to cut down on telepathic enemies finding out info)
Decoding Key (kept separate from codebook)
Regulations book
Equipment, weapon and armor maintenance kit (especially for boots, possibly a wand of mending for extended patrols with limited ability to carry & maintain resources)
Healer’s kit (probably needs additional stuff for the Worldwound)

Hope you find it handy. Looking forward to seeing more stuff.


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"The Worldwound Incursion" has three handouts. Here's 4" x 5" printable handouts for all three.

Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3

I'll also have the four major allied NPCs available as minis soon. Still have Irabeth to illustrate.

Silver Crusade

I have reams of parchment that i use for all handouts as well as an old Lightbright from when i was a kid in the 80s that works amazing for tracing maps from a printout to tracing paper or even onto the parchment if i scrape it thin.

Since i started things before i got the first book.. i created gmpc son of the last king of Sarkoris. called him The Azure.. figured a barbarian would sit upon an azure throne :) he did spend 107 years up in heaven so a sky-colored throne is kinda fitting. Hes recruited the heros to come aid him in this time of need as the spearhead of the 5th crusade. I like the unit flags and if you dont mind ill take and use them.. will be handy when the heroes are running mass combat.

Is there a chance that you could do one of those banners for the Lost kingdom of Sarkoris? Not vary graphically inclined myself or i would.

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The flags are for everyone to use. I'm excited that folks have enjoyed 'em.

Hmm. I could try. My Lost Kingdoms book is being lent to a buddy who's running Shattered Star, but I don't think they made an official Sarkorian coat of arms/flag in that. I could try making something up, though. I'll see how the schedule shakes out.

Silver Crusade

Ive got a pdf of the Lost Kingdoms i don't see a crest. The Nation of Sarkoris wasn't a formal kingdom, it was a theocracy run by the druids. They worshiped many local spirits and the like, which is why the cultists were able to almost practice openly in some of the smaller towns.

Perhaps a simple crest would be a single Oak tree(dark green) on a field of Azure(sky blue) With Iomedae's blade of light in-front of it.

Im not good with graphics, my skill is more weaving words then things.

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I'll see what I can whip up. I think that's all pretty easy for me to make happen.

Oh man, thanks for the handouts N'wah. I'm a long, LONG way from being able to run this (I've got another 5 books of Shattered Star to run, and we're handing off between Shattered Star and Reign of Winter every time one of the books is finished...) but this is going to come in so handy. Definitely keeping an eye on this thread.

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Glad you like 'em! We had a fun tech moment when I sent the first note to my players over their phones in the last game. I say, "you also find a note," and everyone's phone bloops. They found it much cooler than I'd thought. I just figured it was easier than flipping my laptop screen around. :P

Book 2's out, so I'll be doing the handouts for that shortly.

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Er, handout singular. Aside from maps, there's only one in a graphic format.

...And here's the handout.

N'wah, you are awesome.
Thanks for the handouts.

Being this a thread about fan-made goodies I would like to share an idea I got for this AP once my players end the second module. Being characters with at least three tiers of mythic power they could be "quest delivers" to other less gifted adventurers. The idea came after doing a brainstorming session with my players after somebody mentioned a similar event in the Throne of Bhaal expansion for the video game Baldur's Gate 2, so a part of me as the GM of the main WotR Adventure Path, there are two other Gamemasters who are going to supervise two parallel campaigns, one dedicated to a group which is going to conquer the Red Redoubt of Karamoss mega dungeon with the intention of using its facilities for build an army of automatons for the upcoming crusade (this "quest" is going to be delivered in game by the Archamge path PC) and another group which is going to visit Geb and Nex with the intention of find anything related to the ancient wars between these two nations which could help the crusade's cause ("quest" delivered by the Hierophant path PC). I don't know if its going to work, but will accentuate the epopeya feeling of the whole AP.

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Espagnoll, I'll comment on some ideas on this later. For now, though, here's a Sword of Valor map.

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Demon's Heresy:

Handout 1
Handout 2, Part 1
Handout 2, Part 2

Might have some map-stuff done later.

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Sword of Valor:

Citadel Drezen Map

Scarab Sages

You're awesome, N'wah. I'm totally stealing that map.

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Lochar, steal it twice. :D

As for later, here's my rectum-based Nerosyan stat block, and some random magical gear (as I told my PCs, looks like a lot of leftovers from the demonic assault on The Diamond City).


LG metropolis
Corruption +0; Crime +2; Economy +6; Law +5; Lore +5; Society +5
Qualities academic, holy site, pious (Iomedae), prosperous, strategic location, tenacious
Danger +10
Government autocracy
Population 64,700 (51,000 humans; 4,500 dwarves; 3,200 halflings; 6,000 other)
Notable NPCs
Crusader Queen Galfrey (LG female human paladin of Iomedae 15)
Base Value 22,400 gp; Purchase Limit 150,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th
Minor Items all; Medium Items 4d4; Major Items 3d4

This Month's Offerings:
+3 shock longsword
lash of the howler
rod of the viper
staff of size alteration
+3 composite shortbow
preserving flask
+2 magical beast bane longbow
ring of invisibility

animate staff
+3 grinding light wooden shield
wand of flame strike
(CL 7th; 45 charges)
+4 dastard full plate
staff of dark flame
bracers of armor +7
strand of prayer beads

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Flavor bits:

The +3 shock longsword is clearly based off of the swords balors use. The blade is shaped like a jagged lightning bolt, and the crossguard is made of rune-carved bone. When wielded, it sparks and sputters, raising the light level within 20 feet to dim light.

The preserving flask's cap is engraved with the Abyssal rune of Deskari. When touched by a creature other than a servant or worshiper of Deskari, it lets out an unearthly howl and burns its wielder, dealing 1d4 points of fire damage. Thereafter, the rune contorts to represent the wielder's holy symbol, order, unit, or personal mark, and handling the cap deals no further damage to the wielder.

Otherwise a plain brass ring, the ring of invisibility holds the blinded, milky-white eye of a fiendish creature within its setting. It is activated by prodding the eyeball and whispering the phrase "Feandor hide me."

The +3 grinding light wooden shield is crafted of magically-enchanted bone, with a set of unearthly jaws around its rim. When the wielder is grappled or restrained, or used as a weapon, the jaws begin sawing and biting, spilling blood regardless of the target.

The +4 dastard full plate is covered in the dried blood of the antipaladin Khalundaur Eye-Biter; no amount of cleaning can remove the gory stains (unless the armor is redeemed, in which case it becomes a +4 champion full plate, in which case the bloody stains instead glow with the golden light of martyrs). There is concern that Khalundaur may return as a grave knight, and as such the merchant with this suit is willing to part with it for 75% of normal cost if it can be redeemed before the grave knight rises. Obviously, failing in this task forces the PCs to fight the reborn antipaladin.

Thank you so much for everything here! Saved me a lot of time and they look fantastic!

Thanks so much for the maps and handouts, really look awesome and saved me alot of time!

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I'll have to get back on the horse and make more of these. Not as may handouts in books 4 and 5, however.

I was just recently 'volunteered' to run this campaign (myself and another GM were both willing to run it, but we both wanted to play it, and he called dibs first). These handouts and maps are awesome! I've always wished the Handouts in the books could included in like a cardstock or something so they can be 'true' handouts.

You are amazing, N'wah! Thanks for these!

I am actually working on an idea for props to use as the silver dragon scales in Worldwound Incursion. My thought is to get some foil and some cardboard, cut out the cardboard in the shape of a scale, add glue (from a glue stick), then place it face down on some foil. Cut out foil and fold it back around the back to get a silver scale. I'm considering making 2 for every scale and then gluing them together so as to hide the ugly backs.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions you have before I try it?

Thank you.

The Exchange

Thank You,this is Great stuff.

Wonderful work here. Thanks! Especially that cool in-game style map of the land. That must've been a lot of work. If ever you have the time, a map like that of the Worldwound would be sweet! Though likely too much effort for a campaign you've probably already completed.

Any chance we can get this put onto the sticky list?

Also, has anyone done a map of the Worldwound for the Demon's Heresy exploration phase? Basically a hex map that has the eastern half filled in, and is blank for the west and southern parts?

I have printed the interactive maps with no labels, but my read of the text indicates that the party does not know the geography of the regions west of Drezen, so that map is still a bit too revealing...

I did find a map here that really revealed the elevations quite well but it only went as far west as the Molten Scar. Still it's a good player hand out as you can add additional sites as they go south but still shows the likely well-mapped portion of the area. I'll see if I can track it down on these forums.

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