Pathfinder Society Quest #10: The Broken Scales

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A Pathfinder Society Quest designed for levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4).

It's often debated whether Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng is dangerously erratic or simply uncannily unpredictable, but wherever he appears, chaos is sure to follow. When Dreng calls for a group of Pathfinders to help him check on the Society's kobold allies, the Sewer Dragons, what should have been a simple rendevous turns into a chase through the sewers of Absalom to save the Society's scaley associates.

Written by: Amber Stewart

Scenario tags: None

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4.00/5 (based on 5 ratings)

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Excellent Scenario


This quest was a wonderful balance (harharhar) of lore, exploration, and combat. Lots of fun!



Some folk love kobolds, particularly the Sewer dragons, so for them it'll be better.

I have no feelings good or bad about Kobolds, so my review is based on the quest itself.

By now the format of the quests is very known by players. Some skill checks, and then 1 combat. It means that the players were looking for the skill checks, and the combat, so there were no interesting surprises or lore tidbits to drop.

I much prefer quests (like Archaology in Aspenthar) which while they follow the format in the restrictive word total, you get one of these benefits:
* A unique combat we haven't seen in 2E yet (Q6
* Out there lore development or history (see Q2 and Q6)
* Other stand out item

Some folk like unique boons and that means they'll stick through a bad quest to get an unlockable. I think the content should speak for itself, boons are a bonus.

In the end, this adventure had nothing special, so gets a 2.

Dragon and Trap goodness!


This lovely little quest has a nice sense of timing and drama to it. With Drandle rushing around in a big hurry - and then introducing something that is actually an imminent threat to Pathfinder Alies, the hurry and panic is somewhat catching. Characters are encouraged thereby to rush in - heroically or foolishly - like in a good action flick.

One of the Best PF 2E Learn-to-Play Options!


I've run this both for sanctioned Society play and for my home game. I specifically chose this for my home game because it allowed me to go over the two "signature" PF2E systems: changed to combat and exploration mode. While I did need to file off the Society-specific references for my home game, it was easy enough to do by adjusting the mission briefing section. I highly recommend this one for a quick intro the system!

Pros: allows you to go over both exploration and encounter mode, appropriate amount of story for a quick game, easy to adapt to non-Society play
Cons: out-of-the-box is pretty Society-specific

A cameo with a good boon


Cameo, sewer and Kobold. What not to love?

I would have just like that we know where the monsters are exactly.

Gm and played.

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Hooray! Congrats, Amber!


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N'wah wrote:
Hooray! Congrats, Amber!

Thank you!

Silver Crusade

F$*+ yeah!

Amber AND the plushies!

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I’ll play it at PaizoCon Online! :3

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When will this become availible?

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Yesterday it said it would be available today...

I've noticed Quests are usually unavailable by the day they launch. Maybe tomorrow?

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GM Deneve wrote:
I've noticed Quests are usually unavailable by the day they launch. Maybe tomorrow?

I pinged the team. Still not sure why this keeps happening, but trying to get it fixed. With PaizoCon Online going on right now, I'm not sure what the ETA is.

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Should be fixed now! :)

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Katina Davis wrote:
Should be fixed now! :)


It looks like I can buy it now, it wasn't automatically added to my downloads though despite my VO status. I hope it will be added in the next hours or I'll have to buy it to get it prepped in time for tomorrow.

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Since nobody pointed it out yet, reward in this chronicle is really promising for the future ;3

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