Free Kingmaker Charter Handout Mk. II... and Other Handouts?


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Howdy, all! About a decade ago I whipped up a printable Kingmaker charter that proved pretty popular, and with the upcoming updated release I thought I'd make a new version for folks to enjoy.

You can find the printable 3-page PDF on my DeviantART here. Each page is a separate version of the charter, a "standard edition" with clean edges, a version with torn edges, and a version without a background for folks looking to save ink and/or print on vellum-colored paper or the like. Hope you enjoy it!

In addition, I might give making some other handouts another go, and also wanted to encourage other folks who want to make or have already made Kingmaker freebie extras to share them here!

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Nice! There's plenty of gems that have gotten lost over the years in these forums (e.g. dead links), good to see that one back.

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