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Some years back, I realized that at least one author of Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes had made enough sequential volumes to make a full AP using only their adventures. I began referring to them as the Author APs, then sorta forgot about the idea for a good long while.

Well, it came up again recently in a Facebook post, and Adam Daigle was sorta curious about who'd made one (there's three: Greg Vaughan, Richard Pett, and Jim Groves; Neil Spicer's close at 5 out of 6). So I compiled the...

Author Adventure Path AP List

...With the idea being folks could toss in ideas on how to cobble as sensible of a plot as possible from volumes of six disparate APs. You'll note that the first two authors offer multiple volumes to choose from, so people may come up with wildly different layouts for the volumes.

All counts are current as of #117: Assault on Longshadow (Ironfang Invasion 3 of 6). I'll add the rest of Ironfang Invasion, as well as Ruins of Azlant, as I get the time (RoA adds one more Jim Groves adventure, but otherwise the top of the list is unchanged, IIRC). I might also add some of the authors with 4 out of 6 AP volumes to the "Close to an Author Adventure Path" table; there's a few of 'em, and most have multiples of at least one volume.

Further updates beyond that to come as long as I'm still remembering to do it. At any rate, the lists remain unchanged for a while, so there's plenty of time to work with what's here.

Anyhoo, I'm off to bed, but I hope some folks have time to look over the list and come up with some ideas in the meantime! Happy Author APing!

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Might come up with an example later tonight/tomorrow morning to help get the ball rolling.

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As the guy who prompted N'wah to sort out this information (and thanks, man!), I gotta say that I'd love to see folks who have read or run these various AP adventures come up with weird ways that they could string together a Greg Vaughan, Rich Pett, or Jim Groves (or a speculated Neil Spicer one supplementing his other accomplishments for the missing volume) "Author Adventure Path" within a coherent Golarion setting.

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I'm only missing a Chapter 3, so Realm of the Fellnight Queen could likely fill that level range pretty easily. Just sayin'... ;)

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Oooh. Good point, Neil!

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I feel like Jim Groves is the easiest way to go for this. You go to Wati for the tomb raiding and get all your riches but leave before the undead ruin everything. So you decide to go after bigger and better treasure: Baba Yaga's hut! But you don't have the Mantle of the Black Rider, so the hut hates you and takes you to the Worldwound to deal with demons (where you can meet a redeemed succubus!), Lastwall to deal with giants, post-revolution Kintargo to deal with Hell and a demonic serial killer, and finally, at its wits end, to Carcosa.

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