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I sold my day 1 DT account with no XP spent for $120. Lucky buyer I guess (or maybe I'm just stupid... probably both).
Well, awesome post! Maybe you should replicate it on PFO 'official forum' at https://goblinworks.com/forum/ . I think it would (and should) reach a bigger audience.
Again, awesome post!


Bringslite of Fidelis wrote:
Escalation Party

I see no !raffle in this video...




Well, someone can start to list all the winners and their respective prizes.

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There is a new Alpha in town!
Gratz man, it is really awesome to see the universe converge like that. :D


<Tavernhold>Malrunwa Soves wrote:
Please tell me this will be a highly twitched event!!


Florianópolis - Brazil

And yes... 1x7 was shameful. Thanks for beating Argentina though.

We are close to the point were we need a christmas special episode.

Bluddwolf wrote:
I have recently discovered Shadowrun Returns, loving that. I have also just started playing Titan Fall, and that is loads of fun without having to dedicate much to it.

Shadowrun Returns is really fun (specially on a tablet). Another good one I discovered recently is Divine: Original Sin. It's a really dense game and you can interact a lot with the environment. I recommend both.

Kemedo wrote:
Gol Morbis wrote:
To beat the troll, we must think like the troll! ;)

I still think Morbis is enjoying the un-persistent low rep....


I think the part he enjoys the most is that he's almost naked harassing everyone around. :D

I agree a little bit that archers are doing too much damage. But I don't believe we can argue if its balanced or not without the AoO and proper charge (and without seeing a rogue sneak attack with a two-hand sword). My main (maybe too early) concern is that you can be killed really fast. 3 hits and you're gone (unless the attacker is using a mace :D ).
Maybe the alpha could be used to test longer fights, so maybe the system would be under more stress.

On a side note, I bet that the God mode command used in the Twitch is /iddqd.

Guurzak wrote:

Brutus, the difference between your scenarios is that there is potential for Meaningful Human Interaction while you are traveling overland, with or without guards and mercenaries, but no such potential in a wormhole.

Making teleports available means that valuable cargo will never travel overland. Making teleports expensive just raises the minimum threshold for "valuable cargo".

This depends on many other factors to be just this. For instance, will you be able to 'scan' what a caravan is transporting? If you add this mechanic, then you can add an Astral trap or blockade to protect or avoid teleportations from one point to another.

CBDunkerson wrote:

That said, there is no reason that teleport can't have a long 'cool down' before it can be used again. Add in limits to how many characters can be transported, don't allow 'scrolls of teleport' and similar items that would let many more people transport themselves, maybe throw in the 'off target' mechanics from TT, et cetera... I agree that teleport CAN be implemented in such a way that it doesn't disrupt the game.

This is what I'm saying. The PFO mechanics can't mirror the TT one, so you adapt stuff, not ban it.

Audoucet wrote:

Well what you are saying is that we will be ok for two years, that's all.

What you're imagining is based on your TT experience, which can't be a good comparison.

Not entirely. I've played some PvP games where there were mechanics to open portals to the core of the enemies base, so your fleet could attack faster. It was fun and required loads of coordination to make it worth, because the defending party could foresee and prepare to defend.

Banning a mage's trademark is a slack solution to logistic problem IMHO. I think that it should be one more option to warfare strategic. Its expensive to teleport stuff around safely. As it is to stealthily travel with loads of cargo from one point to another. Or to travel safely with loads of security. Or to contract mercenaries. And so on.

I don't understand this prejudice about mage's teleport. I think it's balanced by itself.

The Teleport spell is a 5th circle. So you need to be really high level to access it (about 1 year plus of gaming I think - here I cast: Great Nihimon Knowledge database to correct me). And to use it safely, you will need to known well the place you want to go. And mages usually aren't very tough, so they can't carry much to make them game breaking.

The Greater Teleport is a 7th circle spell, again, you will need tons of resources to access it, to allow a few materials and companions to go somewhere with you. I don't see it as a game breaker as well.

Teleportation Circle is on the 9th circle tier. The most powerful stuff a mage can get (2+ years of game?). It should be a great deal in a war, and that's why it is extremely expensive to get and use. And it's even possible to counter some of it by using anchor spell (don't recall the precise name).

So, when I see people arguing this is a game breaker. I imagine a lvl 20 crafter making tons of +5 vorpal swords getting extremely rich. I imagine lvl 20 virtually invisible stealthy (can't use see invisibility against it) rogues one-shot lvl 20 mages with said swords. I imagine lvl 20 engineers riding siege machines ravaging mage towers by distance. And mages won't even be able to teleport to the hills. No... They will have to run like everyone else.

Bluddwolf wrote:

I'd like to see that in order to capture the tower you'd have to kill a number of NPC guards in the tower to actually capture it. Those guards could continue to re spawn until you plant a flag.

Once the flag is planted, new guards are re spawned that now are now loyal to the new owners.

This way smaller companies can at least rely a little bit on their NPC guards to protect their holdings until they have a chance to get there.

It also adds a bit if PvE combat to the action, rather than just standing there to capture a tower.

This is good. It would even allow a tower that has been with the same company for a long time to have a little advantage on its defense (a little bit stronger NPCs for instance).

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Virgil Firecask wrote:
Lee Hammock wrote:
Honestly we don't really care at this stage what they look like. If we wanted to we could make this "War of the Taverns" but that doesn't sound as cool.
Maybe to you it doesn't sound cool, but I would love a "War of the Taverns" game.


I want a War of the Taverns so badly now!

"Give me a ale that requires a Constitution check!"

Monk. Roundhouse kick in the nuts ftw!

PS: Bonus if there is a scream response to the animation.

Pally > Bard > Sorcerer > Barbarian.

<Magistry> Toombstone wrote:

Force choke is a pretty sweet skill in SWTOR. It follows the theme of Sith skills all looking cooler than Jedi ones.

I mean, streams of lightning from Sith Sorcerers compared to the plink plink plink of pebbles from Jedi Sages?? Cmon now

The 'big stone in the face' though is quite awesome, way better then the 'taser finger'.

The 'all lightning' theme of the sith sorcerer tires after a while.

Kemedo wrote:
And I will start GMing a Pathfinder RPG game...

LIES!! I've been waiting for ever to unsheathe my archer, the Fumbler, but the game session never comes.

I've been playing Star Wars - The Old Republic. Despite the loading time (that I mitigated a little by installing it on a SSD), I really like the quest histories and the way they present said quests (with cut scenes and stuff).

Other than that, Dota 2 and Witcher 2 (the storytelling is amazing) occasionally.

Damn you!!

Every night I send my prayers to the computer artists finishing this alpha. May Lady Lovelace bless you and inspire you in your quests.

So sad. I would like to have my precious "The Separator" (no, it isn't an axe, it's a warhammer). Repairing it, improving it, embellishing it and - above all - feeding it. This all would be cool.