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The value of a Backdated PFO Account, explained:

There are basically three things that potentially limit the rate at which you can train up your character. They are Achievements, Coin, and Experience. Of the three things, Experience is, by far, the most limiting, with Coin and Achievements varying by role.

If you have been playing PFO for more than a few days, then you have noticed that while the last rank of a feat may have taken only a few hours to save up exp for, the next rank will take a few days- then a week, maybe then a month, and progressively longer. In PFO, the cost of each additional rank of a feat increases exponentially, meaning the demand for experience points increases exponentially as well. The supply, however, is fixed at only 100 experience per hour. As a consequence, the value of experience to you is increasing dramatically with each passing rank of a feat. You need and want progressively more experience to advance- but the only thing you can do about it is watch the counter go up one slow tick at a time (and play the game, of course!).

To put PFO’s system into contrast, think about table top Pathfinder. In TT, the exp needed for the next level increases exponentially as well. However, the experience coming in to that character also increases at the exact same rate. So if you are going from level 1 to 2 or level 19 to 20, the rate of advancement is static (disgruntled and/or mischievous GMs aside).

Thus the value of backdated accounts! With a backdated account, you don’t have to wait! Well, you don’t have to wait as much. Eventually, you will have to wait because either a) you will have blown through all your backdated exp or b) one of the other rate limiters will kick in. With 6 months of backdated exp, a) is the bigger issue you will face. It’s worth noting that, at 6 months worth of exp, you can pretty much build out a character well into Tier 2 and very close to Tier 3. Tier 3 starts at around 1 year of experience, assuming no major sidetracks.

So basically, the question for you is, “How much are you willing to pay to not wait or to wait a lot less to get deep into Tier 2/into Tier 3?” (And then x2 for that DT account!)

Of course, the other benefit of Day 1 accounts is being able to have that character that is as uber as the game will ever allow- to be at the top and never a second behind!

The two other rate limiters:
Achievements - For combat roles, achievements are virtually nothing. You will blow through them in weeks. Crafters and Refiners are limited by their access to recipes and materials as well as their current rank. Gatherers may or may not ever be limited by achievements, depending on how much backdated exp they have to spend and how much the player enjoys gathering.

Coin - Combat roles have it very easy here, as well. Party up and go kill stuff! Gatherers can find a lot of value in selling raw mats and kill a few things along the way. Crafters are pretty well at the the mercy of a feeder account or their settlement/company until they get up enough skill to make goods that are worth selling at market.

By the roles:

(If someone else wants to chime in with more precise numbers here, please do!)

Combat Role - Coin is the only potential hard limiter, but won’t likely be a major issue until the account has years backdated exp. The real challenge may actually be getting yourself into the appropriate gear. (Here’s a hint: join a well established settlement and earn your keep!) You can never go wrong buying a backdated account if you plan to build a combat role.

Gatherer Role - Coin will be limiting sooner for the gatherer than the combat role; but achievements may be limiting at 1 years worth of back dated exp as that is about the point where the gatherer needs to have several thousand nodes harvested of a particular type. Make sure you really love gathering (and it really is (mostly) very relaxing) before you buy a backdated account to build a gatherer.

Crafter/Refiner Role - On the one hand, if you have folks feeding you what you need, you could zip by faster than the combat role and gatherer role, save for having to wait for stuff to cook. On the other hand, if not, you are going to be moving faster than if you also had to wait on exp; but not always by much. A backdated account for a crafter or refiner may be a valuable investment, but you will want to check with the settlement/company you are joining first.

The big DON’T! of buying backdated accounts:
Don’t buy more than one, especially if it is a DT account. If you are considering a back dated account, then you likely already have one account that you can continue to maintain at your leisure. For most folks, 2 or 3 characters is enough. Before quitting gaming, I was very happy crafting and fighting on my DT account and using my regular account for training a dedicated gatherer. I likely would have never used the 2nd DT account- most folks don’t! (And don’t forget you will have your 1K exp alts to run around with.)

How much!?
The prices of accounts vary greatly depending on what is on it, who is buying, and who is selling. DT accounts will always command a premium- not just because you are getting two characters now, but also because you will always get two characters for the price of one going into the future. At $11.95 for the annual subscription, if you plan to play the game for the next two years, then you are saving $286.80 on subscription fees alone with a DT account!

At the very least, for an account backdated to Day 1 with none of its exp spent, expect to spend somewhere in the hundreds of dollars for it- DT or otherwise. Once the game officially launches in 2016, Day 1 DT accounts may be selling for close to $1,000.

If the account is backdated to Day 1 but some or all of its exp is spent and it is NOT a DT account, then you should be able to land the account for under $100. (Just make sure you get their stuff!) Because of the way the ability score system in PFO works, this might not be a bad deal for the budget conscious. Basically, unless you are going in a radically different direction with the character, the bolstered ability scores will likely save you some time and training later down the line.

“Buyer Beware”
Goblinwork’s policy on buying and selling accounts is that we do it at our own risk. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t get screwed.

1. Ask for a list of all feats that have been trained on the character(s).
2. Ask for screenshots of the character(s) with their character sheet open and the computer’s calendar open.
3. If you are buying what someone purports to be a Day 1 DT account (or any account that might be high value), then you are well within your rights to ask them to make a video of them logging into the account (from the login screen!), and showing you the two characters. Its your money, after all, not theirs! Feel free to make them work a little for it!
4. Ask if the account has ever *not* been actively earning exp- even if just for a day or two.
5. Ask around! Talk to your company and settlement mates about what you are looking for, how a price is, who the seller is, etc!
6. If you don’t like the price, don’t pay it! Simple as that. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal. Other options- possibly better ones- will always be there. That seller is never your only option. As with many things in life, the more patient you are, the better the deal you are likely to get.
7. Make sure there is some kind of paper trail for the transaction.

I sold my day 1 DT account with no XP spent for $120. Lucky buyer I guess (or maybe I'm just stupid... probably both).
Well, awesome post! Maybe you should replicate it on PFO 'official forum' at . I think it would (and should) reach a bigger audience.
Again, awesome post!


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Brutus Bellator wrote:
Maybe you should replicate it on PFO 'official forum' at

It was posted there around the same time it was posted here.

Guide to Buying Backdated Accounts

Thanks Brutus. I think, for a DT account with all of its exp spent, you and they both got a good deal. We feel a lot more invested in our characters and the game when we can build them up from scratch, so the more unspent exp the better.

Thinking through the economics of it all a little more, if you are looking at buying/selling an account that has all its exp spent, the following guidelines might be helpful:

Pure combat characters are the least valuable due to the high degree of personal preference that goes into them.

A dedicated gatherer, profession, refiner or crafter will command the most value- roughly in that order. Gatherers and the professions have steep achievements and a player purchasing one of those characters can pretty well enter the game and immediately begin "earning" an income. Crafters and Refiners also have rough achievements but ALSO have the added value of their recipe lists. And, of course, these roles are all the "least fun" to level up to where they are truly relevant.

Due to the shallow power curve, a low level combat role is still relevant in a higher tier fight. But T1 refined mats and equipment is ubiquitous and useless when the game mostly lives in Tier 2 and Tier 3.

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And just for the sake of clarity, keeping in mind that the author of this guide to buy an account is also a seller of backdated account. I myself would take such guide with caution. r-Online-Accounts

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Audoucet wrote:

And just for the sake of clarity, keeping in mind that the author of this guide to buy an account is also a seller of backdated account. I myself would take such guide with caution. r-Online-Accounts

Hmmm. Coincidence that the guide lists the potential value of an account as $1000 and that is his EBay buyout?

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Accounts with less backdated XP have sold for over $500 in the past. People pay what they think its worth. I paid $200 for a small holding I have not used in a month but actually think it was a very good investment.

Personally, compared to some of my other hobbies such as real world aviation and restoring vintage motorcycles computer gaming costs are pocket money.

As a PFO account is not an essential item that you must have to survive, the accounts will sell for what buyers think they are worth. If a price is too high it will not sell.

Not that I really care personally as I am not selling any accounts nor do I have the time to add more characters so am not in the market to buy one.

Audoucet wrote:
And just for the sake of clarity, keeping in mind that the author of this guide to buy an account is also a seller of backdated account. I myself would take such guide with caution.

"Caution: This guide will inform you on why you are itching and pining to spend money on a backdated account, help you make a more informed decision about whether a fully backdated account or a used account is better for you, give you a rough sense of what to expect to spend on such things, clarify why DT accounts are extra valuable, and provide you with clear guidelines to make sure you do not get scammed and do not make a purchase you will later regret (eg spend more than you are willing to pay or buy too many accounts). Especially do not use item number 6 in the list at the end. It is extremely hazardous to your wallet and may result in you accidentally paying $1,000 by clicking 'buy now' on unscrupulous auctions. Use at your own risk!"

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sspitfire1 wrote:
"Caution: This guide will (...) help you make a more informed decision

And Coca Cola will help you make a more informed decision about drinking cola.

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"Back dated xp" may in itself be misleading in the absence of the disclaimer that the buyer may not be able to spend most of that xp until he/she unlocks achievements first.

a further disclaimer might include that the buyer might also be limited to full access to that xp, based on his/her association of company / settlement.

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sspitfire1 wrote:
It is extremely hazardous to your wallet and may result in you accidentally paying $1,000 by clicking 'buy now' on unscrupulous auctions.[/i] Use at your own risk!"

"I have planted a land mine, but I sincerely hope no one steps on it. But if someone does, I have prosthetic legs for sale."

This is how I read that, with a chuckle I admit.

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Audoucet wrote:
sspitfire1 wrote:
"Caution: This guide will (...) help you make a more informed decision
And Coca Cola will help you make a more informed decision about drinking cola.

Which it will, by letting you know whether the taste is pleasant or awful to you. But that's also a terrible comparison of the two things.

This is a lot more like putting an blog online that says why used Fords are a better value than new ones when you are selling last year's Focus.

Y'all might be right!

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