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Kill a Cave Troll and get a +2 Charisma Banner.


Crispy3ed wrote:

I donated at the pionneer level and I know nothing about the land rush and never read the kickstarter updates. I skim the boards via a feedreader and read a few when I have time and that catch my interest. I am sure that I am not the only one who donated at the Pioneer or above level just to help out. My interest in the game is low and I have other things that I need to spend my time on. But while my interest is low and my time is spent on other things I wanted to help out how I could to see this get off the ground.


Moving data around different systems are always troublesome. :S
I'm one of the guys who got into the kickstart by joining a friend and buying the 5-pack combo, so for now I can't see anything on the store (not even in the become a goblin link). :)