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I'm sure there may be proprietary issues even with an informal adaption but if you start the blog with a giant slug I feel the Age of Worms should at least get a mention

I'm also grateful for the slow down. While a part of me would love more products that might allow more design opportunities for self made paths like a Bestiary Box focused on aberrations like mind flayers and beholders the truth is what slow down there is will allow me to pick up the iconic miniatures, card sleeves, and box dividers during the intervening months. I might even pick up a playmat! I will put out there that I know one adventure path that will never be made but I would love to see someone adapt. The Age of Worms before Paizo verged away with pathfinder. Technically it was D+D but it was a phenomenal pre pathfinder adventure path.

I'll second what Vic said. I don't play the Guild games - and I love the Class Decks. While people may make Darago-tory comments about the Wizard deck - I think having a wizard with 2 Armors (even without proficiency) actually works out pretty well. (Darago is a Necromancer in the Wizard class deck).

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I thought he was the 269th incarnation of the Eternal Champion

Firedale, i probably should have looked closer. I'm sure you are correct.

I would say that frostbite reduces damage, the pirate captain causes structural damage. by definition these are not the same. The context of damage is to a character. Structural damage is to a ship. Cards do what they say. Cards don't do what they don't say. The rulebook is clear that structural damage is not damage. It is not per say damage with a structural trait. It is something else entirely.

If we are talking about mythic babes I'm thinking Zena is a possibility

Calthaer wrote:
Mike Selinker wrote:
That's what happened. I certainly don't begrudge people their opinions on the results. But let's not look for monsters where there are only allies.
They're really just complaining because there are no items in their personal location deck. Too bad your game design powers don't extend to reality, or you could alter the scenario text to Make it So!

I have said before that I think Mike's powers actually do extend to reality. He is like Green Lantern able to Will into existence imaginary worlds into our reality. The fact that a Black Fang rampaged through Carta mundi's production of the class decks is proof of that. Clearly explaining that a dragon emerged into our reality is not an explanation that Mike or Vic can provide but I feel it's time the truth came out so people can move past the destruction of the class decks. My understanding is that all 28 characters manifested from the card stock to stop the rampaging dragon... mike, please curb your Will Power Manifesting before Wrath.

So with the time I seem to have waiting for s+s I decided to run through two parties of two... Lini/Ezren and Seelah/Valeros. However I roll randomly between the eight locations for each group. So LE goes to four of the locations while SV goes to the other four. However if one group takes all the loot items... There is nothing when the other group gets there. I imagine each group focused on pulling the clues together. One group stopping the villains plan and the group stopping the villains final escape. I'll merge them in deck six. Given that everyone is waiting I thought I would throw out the way I'm passing the time.

She really should have listened when she was told that "You don't mock Murray an' live to tell about it"

P.S. Do or do not. There is no try. You are being a father to them. They may have loyalty binds ... Great name for a spell... That prevent them from fully recognizing or saying it... However you are being a real dad. You are doing your best to be a guide and mentor. A friend and yet also create opportunities for their growth. Likely you also have rules and structure. You view them as full human beings as evidenced by your concern in how to engage them in creating a positive relationship with each other. Yeah. Yoda knew what he was talking about. Do or do not. There is no trying. You are doing. In any case yes PM me.

Math pro... Feel free to pm me. Be Magic in the World is my mission statement and I love having opportunities to be in communication with people who are clearly doing the same thing.

No worries... And thanks. Love the game ... The promos are just a bonus. I just figured what not ask. I didnt have the promos before and I don't have them after... However I have two people who provided information. Thanks and hope all is well in life for both of you.

Totally off topic (sorry guys); I actually stopped buying comics after the last DC re-boot. While I loved seeing the classic Legion back (for a short time) after 35+ years of comic collecting; I decided to spend my money elsewhere ... Hello Pathfinder! Drake is one of my first comic book memories though- my first comic book was an election issue and I can still see Element Lad's face in Drake's visor. I will probably get back into the comics (GL is well written) in another couple of years again. I definitely would have noticed if I were currently reading comics... The Power to Create Something From Nothing Using only your imagination and will power. I think that may be Mike Selinker's Super Power as a Game Designer.

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Yes... it was either him or Reep Daggle... although I think of them mostly in their late 70's incarnations... Brin the original feral lone wolf hero and Reep the 30th century detective and leader of the espionage squad...

So, since they came out I have slowly ordered all of them - however originally I was not sure if I would be able to do that. My method was to roll randomly - so the first one I ordered was the Fighter Pack. Interesting because it was the one I was least likely to want to play - however I opted with the random method because I like to push myself into other play methods. Similarly when I get boons I tend to roll twice for each boon and then select the boon (of the two possible I rolled) that I like the most. (I do have a couple numbers when I roll which are "players choice" but I enjoy creating the story of why the character chose the boon. I'm currently running Lem with Sajan and Kyra and for his third skill boon I got to choose between strength and wisdom. I opted for Wisdom because spending so much time with Kyra and Sajan he started rethinking some of his impulsive choices... also leading him to take the Role Card of Virturoso as he realized the pleasure of creating music with a "flow" of spirit... vs. duping others as a charlatan...

Hi... I came across the pathfinder acg a little later. I'm now a subscriber and I am picking up all of the class decks. I did receive the goblin plate... But missed the previous promos. I am not sure if there is a way for me to get the previous ones however I thought I would ask. If not, that's fine... But why not ask? Thanks and I hope you have an amazing day. Take care,

DM Mathpro - complexity should not be an issue - as long as their is interest. My assumption is that you have successfully introduced them to games in the past - if so as long as they have a basic interest in the game you should be able to be successful in getting them to play - having said that - being forced to work together - won't necessarily mend fences. As a step-father this could certainly be a powerful tool - however this will need to be done in conjunction with a lot of other tools - wholly unrelated to Pathfinder. What are the social rules of the game you construct around the game? Can you consistently (yet tactfully since they are teens) praise them when they are working together both during the game and outside of the game. If there are other factors that may impact their ability to focus - then that too would need to be taken into account. I hope that's helpful - I will admit that I work with kids and teens as part of my profession - so I could say more - and I'm not sure how much of that would be directly useful at this moment. The last thing I will say is if you go in with confidence and excitement in their abilities to have fun and work together vs. worrying about whether or not they can - it may well make all the difference. By the by, your concern and attempt to engage them says a lot about who you are - You are an AWESOME DAD (step-dad is a title - WHO YOU ARE BEING is a dad.)

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As a "lone wolf" lurker on the boards for quite some time I just wanted to acknowledge Hawkmoon for his consistent support of this community... Always done with grace and tact. He may not see himself as a "nerd legend" however in this community he has created as much renown for himself as a champion of easy play for the ACG as his namesake ... He is clearly this board's incarnation of the Eternal Champion.

The Morphling wrote:

Golden Rule means that the card overrules the rules. I can do it, I just need to figure out how to word it.

I considered the whole "reveal a weapon" thing, but I want the specific weapon to have an impact. I don't wanna reveal a bow, a spear, and a glaive alike and have each one just add 1d6+1. Same with revealing the spell.

Since it's a weird rules interaction, coming up with proper wording is quite difficult.

Does this wording work? It feels as if it may be overpowered... But that was not what you asked. As you said the wording is difficult and I felt a need to add an example.

When you play a spell reveal a weapon to add its weapon value without the skill value i.e. A dagger would add +1d4.

Character Name: "Lightning" Lem
Role Card: (role) Virtuoso
Skill Feats: Dexterity +1, Charisma +3
Power Feats:Weapons, recharge card to add 1d4+2 to another players check in the same location, Add 2 to check to recharge a spell
Card Feats: Spell +1, Item +1, Ally+1
Weapons: Longbow
Spells: Lightning Boltx2, Frost Ray, Enfeeble, Charm Person
Armors: None
Items: Headband of Vast Intelligence, Wand of Enervation, Medusa Mask
Allies: Cat, Monkey, Grizzled Mercenary, Acolyte
Blessings: Desna, Iomedae, Lasmashtu, Pharasma, Gods

Lem is adventuring with Harsk and Kyra, a bit of an odd eclectic group.

1) I would expect to fail a scenario about once per adventure deck (so one out of 5)
2)How many times would you expect to see a character die... 0-2 times. The way the game is set up if I actually manage to kill my character I was choosing to play risky or I was using modified rules (I use wandering monsters in the blessings deck so doing nothing sometimes is not an option for a character near death)
3)What would I do if a character died - the one time I experienced this I followed the rules - but took the time to have the character go through the previous adventures solo.
I have been playing RPG's for 30+ years now (which only makes me 42!) and currently don't have a connection to the Los Angeles gaming community... partially due to my own hesitance, finding people focused on fun is important to me... and really enjoy PACG with the additions of the modified rule sets I have found to tailor the difficulty to continue to make me think as I continue to develop my understanding of the gam.

I played with Sehyo's travel rules, H4appy's lose a card per open location, and added in 5 wandering monsters into the blessing deck and rather enjoyed the games I played solo yesterday... Thanks to everyone for their great ideas to up the difficulty. I do think the difficulty level of the game makes sense from a general audience standpoint. If I were playing with my kids - one they are not going to max out every choice they make the way an experienced 1st edition AD+D player like myself might, and two if I were to introduce this game to a more general audience, having people win makes them want to come back again - great for me! I also think it would be great for a compilation of the difficulty variants to be added - much like they did in Marvel Legacy - but people do a good job of doing that here. For what it's worth I also tend to randomize my advancements. Each time I get a power, skill or card feat I roll two dice to get two separate options counting all open boxes (so for a skill feat there are four chances I will get a bonus in Intelligence for Ezren although I only check the +1 box if I roll the +3 box etc... ) The idea here is that the character may have other agenda's then "maxing" themselves out. With three skill feats my Ezren only has a +1 bonus in his intelligence, and has +2 in wisdom. He is a bookworm with a bent on application of knowledge to life... Which works well in his group without any divine casters. If a location needs wisdom I send Ezren. I am a big advocate of having a lot of randomness and figuring out how to play combinations I personally never would have chosen...

I actually randomize the set up of the locations and then have characters limited to moving one card per move unless they use levitate or something similar that creates special movement options. I also then roll the two dice for each character and from those results they have to choose a starting location. Once a location is closed they can skip past a location but otherwise they must take time to travel to different locations. I also randomize the locations selected for a scenario from all the possible locations on the card. Not every party approaching black fang's lair is going to encounter a temple. The exception to this is a scenario such as battle at the dam. I keep the dam in that case but randomize the other locations,