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Google Suites cost 5$ a month per person coming out of my pocket. 15$ goes to 3 months. If you quit at the end without paying the 5$ covers that.

If you send me your email address you can look around and see what I've put up so far - but what is up is just me. It's a group format so everyone should contribute to making it a great place. What we put into it is what it will become.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll go check them out.

I hope this is ok to post here. I didn't know of any other location or thread to find the writers.

I'm trying to start an RPG writers group for anyone with a like-minded interest. Ideally, 3-4 more people but we are using Google suite. We can host as many as want to join. We'll subdivide into writing groups of five. There will be a $20 quarterly fee to pay Google (as a heads up).

If you are committed to a writers group you can send an email to

We even have a cool sounding url.

- Brian

For our next adventure we will be playing the Lost City of Barakus.

I want to tie it in and show how it fits with the rest of the Lost Land but have no clue where to start. Each book is a tomb. And how does each title fit into the world and with each other?

I heard that Paizo has auctions at Gencon for boons .

If so what boons are being auctioned off this year? Any other Paizo auctions at Gencon?

Hello. As per your recommendation, I contacted with the below question. I have now sent them three emails and have not received a reply from them.

How do I get help with this?

I won the Bristlecoat Boon in a raffle at the Gaming Hoopla 2017, Event 92399 on April 8, 2017. My PFS # is 193913. The PFS Venture Captain for the event submitted the information immediately after I won via internet right in front of me.

I was wondering if you actually received my information and if so when and how do I receive the Boon?

Hello Paizo!

I won the Bristlecoat Boon in a raffle at the Gaming Hoopla 2017, Event 92399 on April 8, 2017. My PFS # is 193913. The PFS Venture Captain for the event submitted the information immediately after I won via internet right in front of me.

I was wondering if you actually received my information and if so when and how do I receive the Boon?

Thanks for your help!!

- Brian

I played with Budman in a D20Pro game last year. Excellent guy - this should be a great game.

I'm flexible with my schedule.

Hi Budman.

I'd be interested as well. Especially for a mid week game.Wednesday works for me too. Saturday morning if it started at 8am or so would also work.

I played a PF game on roll20 about a year ago and really enjoyed it.

- Brian

I now learned what F3 does. This class doesnt stop teaching lol

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Looking forward to it!

James - do you have any favorite adventure writers whom you admire their work?

Also; what is your writing process like?



Do you have any favorite modules and adventures that you love because of their writing?

Any works that inspire you?

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Thats great news! Thanks for the hard work.


This is probably my biggest gripe about using a Fire for reference - I have my entire Pathfinder PDF collection saved to my Google Drive, but no Google Drive app for Kindle means I have to go the long ways around to access it. Sigh.

They do have dropbox though and it works easily with Dropbox.

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Liz; can someone from Paizo videotape this seminar (and the other seminars) and put them up on YouTube? I won't be making it this year but last years seminars were amazing.

Nicolas - what writing software do you like to use for making adventures?

I have Scrivener (which I'm still learning) and MS Word. I use EverNote for ideas and dropbox for saving my work.

What programs do you use for your work?

claudekennilol wrote:
You got me all excited when I saw that there was a new post here :(

LOL. Me too. I became a patreon supporter because I like where tabletop giant is going or at least its potential but it is sad when we dont get updates. Informed customers are happy customers.

Hello Heine.

We have some extremely talented students enrolled in this course. Published modules, Paizo Superstar placers... I am really looking forward to this class. I will learn quite a bit from the students themselves. This is going to be an impressive course.

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^^ I hope you do Christina. That sounds like a great class.

Nicolas; Im looking at learning about how to write strong work for publishing. I find it easier to ad lib and less detail required if the material is for my home campaigns. Those are different and I can get away with notes and preparation. The only gm that needs to understand what is going on is me.

Bestiaries are a great addition and easier to use then pdf.

You also seem to like Psionics so consider some of the print versions of Dreamscarred Press books.

So I'm trying to fill up a first level dungeon with realistic ecology -

Troglodytes would naturally live deeper and further into a dungeon and push the kobolds towards the entrance of the dungeon where it is more dangerous.

But the real question is would these two races even get along and be compatible in the same dungeon? Or would the Kobolds be forced out or eaten by the larger humanoid Troglodytes?

Trogs have incredible cruelty but are intelligent as well so I could see them tolerating the Kobolds by making them live nearer the entrance - sort of cannon fodder for them. But Kobolds are not unintelligent themselves and work well in groups.

What do you guys think? Compatible species and what would their social dynamics be?

Welcome Tom. This seems like a great place to get to know each other before class even starts.

a Krenshar is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks everyone.

Sounds like a great book but instead of waiting for Paizo to publish it pitch the idea to third party publishers or write it and publish it yourself.

PS - I'd buy it!

I signed up immediately. Can't wait!

Thanks a lot. I'm building a scene where Will O' Wisps lead the party to a monster which causes fear. This 'feeds' the Will O Wisps. The flipside is this is still a low level adventure so whatever monster they encounter has to be low level.

I'm also wanting a monster of animal intelligence. The Will o Wisps and this animal intelligence monster have formed a symbiotic relationship with each other.

Does anyone know of any cr2 or lower monsters that can cause fear?

Thanks for your help.

thanks Michaelane. I hope to go check it out!

I'm in Lake Villa and also LFG. We play every other monday at Grays Lake and can be found on meetup but I would like to play more often.

Chop Shop wrote:
i agree. you said if i ram through, there is a turn in front of a cliff shortly thereafter?

There is a steep drop off on your left and a hillside on your right. Then there is the roadblock and a sharp turn to the right directly past the roadbloack. It would take some fancy driving on your part to smash through safely; but then again that is what you do!

Cool. Do you guys have a good consensus of what you want to do? These guys have their weapons aimed at you but no one is opening fire yet. The guy talking to you nods at you and starts walking back behind the barrier

Chop Shop wrote:
is there something we could roll to shoot the ATV guy before he can get out of sight?

If you want but at the first shot the whole place is going to erupt into a gunfight. The situation is tense.

The guy looks at Estelle, thinks about it and says;

I dont know who you guys are or why you want to pass so bad but I'll save you some trouble. We have the road blocked off on the other side too.

Fish camp is isolated with only one long winding road leading into it. You can get there from your way or you can go all the way around (an extra day drive) and get there from the other direction.

There is a whole heap of trouble heading your way. You can take that hauler back the way you came from or you can sit here and wait and take your chances with when the boss shows up.

Everyone gets their aim action as this unfolds.

At what JJC says the man's demeanor noticeably changes and Chop Shop notices the guy make a slight wave of his hand at his side. At that a man on an atv takes off from the roadblock and rides around the corner and up the hill out of sight but no doubt to get reinforcements. Everyone behind the road block takes an aggressive stance with their assault rifles and start aiming them at you guys.

Nobody has to die today he says, but we cant let you into Fish Camp.

Fish Camp? We're not from Fish Camp. We are from Three Rivers. Like I said. Fish Camp is going to be under new management. Things are going to be a lot safer and there will be a lot less attacks on innocent people around here. I'm sorry for any hassle we may be causing you but we cant let you pass.

Say he asks, What do you have in that trailer? Maybe we can use it and come to a mutually beneficial agreement for everyone

Three rivers. Another peaceful settlement to the east that is part of Pleasant Valley's routine trade routes. Most of you have never been there before but it was a regular stop for the previous long range team. What the heck is going on? Three rivers is a peaceful settlement.

There is six men at the road block. All except the guy talking to you are behind the cover of the roadblock and appear to be armed with assault rifles.

Let's just say this part of the world is about to become a hell of a lot safer. Fish Camp is going to be under new management.

The roadblock is manned by about a half dozen men armed with assault rifles. They have a barricade of cars blocking the road complete with a sandbag bunker. If push comes to shove the hauler could probably ram right through their barricade but the steep drop off to the left makes you apprehensive.

Estelle slowly drives up the barricade where she is greeted by a very capable looking gentleman who walks out from the barricade to greet Estelle and JJC. He is armed with an assault rifle in good condition and has a pistol and a knife on his side. He is relatively clean and his clothes are in good condition. Whoever this is he isnt a scavenger or a wasteland monger er. The roadblock looks organized and not hastily put up.

Cautiously he walks up to the bike and speaks. Sorry guys. This road is closed. We dont want any trouble but we can't let you pass
He looks behind you at the hauler... If you dont mind me asking; you guys look pretty well put together. Where are you from?

Moving at a good speed the ruins of a former world pass by you uneventfully after the rescue (?) of a very capable stranger. As you enter the mountains to where Fish Camp lies ahead, you're forced to slow your speed as this is slow go curvy two lane roads. On a plus note there is no debris or ruined buildings on the side of the road as this is the mountains so ambushes are slim here. The few cars that once littered the road have been pushed off the sides where they plummeted down the mountain. There is salvage opportunity down there you realize but difficult to get to.

About a mile into the mountains you round a corner to find an armed roadblock blocking the road. They have a white flag flying and appear to be waving you down.

i assume you mean the smoke signals that happen when you guys leave the valley. Nope - first you've heard of it or pleasant valley.

There is a loud sickening 'thump' as the reinforced push bumper of the hauler makes impact with the crazy standing in the middle of the road. The impact sends his limp body flying through the air and thankfully to the left where it smashes into the underpass wall. At least you wont have to clean up your undercarriage.

As the hauler passes directly underneath Tenebrous the stranger cuts himself free with his own knife, does a semi somersault in the air and gracefully lands like a feral cat on top of the moving hauler. With a move like that it makes you wonder if the stranger even needed rescued.

Stinker's short burst has mixed results as half of the group of crazies run from the gunfire and the other half charge right at the moving vehicles. What they are going to do against the moving steel is a mute point as you are long past their melee weapon range as they pour into the middle of the road trying to chase the distancing vehicles on foot.

As the vehicles race under the overpass two crazies, with the combined intelligence less then a box of rocks, swan dive over the edge of the bridge and attempt to land on the vehicles below.

1d6 ⇒ 21d6 ⇒ 1

With pitiful accuracy and timing the crazies bellyflop onto the pavement below leaving smashed red cantaloupes where their heads once existed.

Estelle, taking up the rear on her motorcycle, slows almost imperceptibly, bends down and scoops up a scoped rifle and crossbow laying on the pavement where it fell from Tenebrous dangling upside down.

In an octane instant it is all over and the underpass is behind you leaving behind some very astonished waste of the wasteland.

The crazies have worked themselves up in a frenzy over their latest accomplishment. They're so busy running around in circles and letting out their guttural screams that they dont notice you guys until you raise over the last dip in the road and are almost right on top of them.

They scream in panic and half of them scatter from the road running for the cover of the debris and desert. Several more step off the road and ready their melee weapons for attack. One, with more bravery then sense, runs into the middle of the open road and throws his crescent wrench at the haulers windshield.
1d6 ⇒ 31d6 ⇒ 2

The wrench smashes against the front of the hauler making a slight ding in the armor but doing little else.

In an octane instant you are right in the middle of them, Tenebrous is dangling directly over your chosen path.

Estelle - no fortune point is needed from you yet unless you come up with something off the wall.

Take it away whenever you're ready. I'll start GMing as soon as you guys hit the overpass.

Tenro wrote:

Im fine if that is how you want it, but most typically here, GMs will run initiative in one of the following ways:

For "normal" combats, initiative is rolled. Usually all enemies go on one initiative. PCs who beat that initiative post in any order, then the enemies, then, ALL the PCs go again before the enemies, then all PCs then all enemies etc etc. This benefits high-init PCs initially but after that it is the order folks post. But no one loses a turn.

I'm easy. I was just trying to keep the game moving for everyone. I see most fights being group fights - good guys vs bad guys. So I was going to do action - reaction as there should be plenty of bad guys to go around. I dont want anyone to miss there turn though if that bums them out. I dont want to roll initiative though cause then we're going to have to wait a whole day for everyone to check in,post their rolls, then wait on me to post what is happening. I see that taking about a good day for everyone to check in.

Lets try action-reaction for story telling purposes. We wait for everyone to get their turn unless it has just been too long then they miss their turn (it happens). Initiative will be rolled when needed such as one on one combat or something out of the ordinary is happening.

If anyone feels strongly one way or another please say so. I'm easy going.

I'm trying to do it cheap for you guys at just one fortune point each. The crazies dont have any vehicles. I kind of thought you guys were going to gun these guys down but no GM plan survives first encounter :) These guys have no realistic way of pursuing you. You guys have five fortune point each and remember each fortune point can be a complete game changer. If you come to a complete stop and cut him down it wont cost you any points and you wont have to roll for it. Crazies might attack though. I dont think there is going to be anything worth salvage in that vehicle as it crashed hard and is on fire but I'll let you roll for it on the salvage table. Anything is possible. How about zero successes for 0-10mph, 1 for 10 2 for 20mph, 3 for 30mph, 4 for 40mph and 5 for 50mph and above. Then you guys can catch Tenebrous for the same success roll numbers, plus he can contribute or roll himself to grab onto the hauler as he drops and say he fails the roll we can spend a fortune point for him to roll onto the mustang and catch himself.

So I was thinking that since this is a pbp game I'm going to run initiative in a slightly different way. We'll run initiative as simple as whoever posts first. This includes me as the GM. If for some reason you cant post for a while like you are in Hawaii and everyone or most everyone has already posted then we'll just assume you are in a hold action.

Chop Shop wrote:
no binos. What is the clearance on the bridge, does our road go under the bridge, can a hauler get through there with a turret on top? Looking to see if i can drive by without hitting the hanging dude, maybe swing my knife out to cut him down while JJC rides to the side and behind me, and the dude could land on his hood. Haha

The bridge is an overpass but there is clearance for your hauler and turret. You built your truck knowing these type bridges are common. The road goes directly under the bridge. Everyone is on the same two lane road. You could definitely pull off that heroic maneuver but it will require one fortune point each from everyone involved because it is such a kick ass move. You could roll for it too if you want and then if the roll fails use two fortune points. What I am thinking is one fortune point for the guy with the knife, another for Tenebrous to land on a vehicle and one for the mustang driver. That will look pretty sweet if it happens!

+Tenebrous+ wrote:
So just so I have an idea, where exactly is Tenebrous located? I hope he isn't the dude hanging from the bridge. :p

LOL He is. As soon as gameplay starts you can use a fortune point to pull off some heroic action to break yourself free. What happened is you were traveling in that car that is on fire. When you guys went under the overpass the crazies dropped a boulder on your car smashing the driver side. He panicked/ was injured and lost control of the car which smashed into the wall under the overpass. You were the passenger and crawled out but the crazies swarmed you plus you were pretty dazed. You still had the piece of mind to grab your weapons because you are a stud like that. Most likely they were already slung to you or in the front seat with you at the ready. The wrecked car burst into flames burning the driver alive while the crazies hooped and hollered in excitement.

Hi Sid,

The protocol on this board is if anything you want to say is out of character you post it in blue.

Just use bb code (ooc) your text here (/ooc)

change the () to [] though.

Most of us are new here too.

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