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Regarding Mr. Alvarez's statement here:


Is it possible to get the medium bases set as a back-orderable item, so I can setup an order to ship as soon as they are in?

Seems I've hit a limit to how many items I can put in my cart before placing an order.

I'd like to add two more items onto my pending order. What's the best way to do this?

I'd like to cancel the following subscriptions immediately::

Pathfinder Adventure Path
Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Pathfinder Maps
Pathfinder Modules
Pathfinder Player Companion
Pathfinder Tales

I'd like to cancel the following subscriptions as follows:

Pathfinder Comics after Worldscape #6
Pathfinder Pawns after Strange Aeons
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game after Bestiary 6

Are you able to do that, or do I need to come back and cancel these once those items have shipped?

Good morning!

I received order 4111577 last night, and just opened it this AM.

Instead of the Paizo.com exclusive cover Hollow Mountain hardcover, I received issue #5 of the Paizo.com exclusive cover of the Hollow Mountain comic.

Can you folks please help rectify this?

Thank you!

ICv2 states that the Hollow Mountain hardcover is releasing on Wednesday.

I can't find a Paizo product listing (perhaps I'm not looking hard enough) for this - specifically, the Paizo-exclusive cover.

Do you folks have a Paizo release date for this?


Is it possible to get 3970123 merged with 3980021, so I get the sidecart stuff with this monthly subscription shipment?

Thank you!

I'm making an impromptu visit to the Seattle area tomorrow.

On the way up, I was planning on visiting Olympic Cards & Comics in Lacey, but I wanted to check to see if there's any must-visit spots in the greater Seattle area.

I'm most interested in places that would have large OOP/old stock collections, but I'm game to anything that's at the epic-awesome level.


Good afternoon!

I just recently returned from out of town, and just opened my order today.

One of the two ordered copies of Hollow Mountain #5 (Paizo exclusive cover) is missing from the shipment.

Can you put one of these in next month's order?

Thank you!


Do you know when this is going to ship?

If it's waiting on the Dreamscarred stuff, can you poke their distributor?

Many thanks!

So, I think I get how the purse works - whichever type you ended up rolling, you've got to have each type of coin/gem in the purse in order to get the benefits of the purse. If you don't have all three, you get none.

You put in one of each three coin types, you wake up in the morning, and there's 25 more of each.

You leave it empty for more than a few minutes, the magic is lost.

The big question I have - say you roll up the variant that gives you gems?

You put in the CP, EP and the gem, and you wake up, 25 more of each.

There's this caveat:

* Base 10 g.p. gems which may increase to a maximum of 100 g.p. only.

So, do you roll for the value of each gem? Or all of them? Or is it based on the value of the gem you put in the bag the night before?

I've never heard of this item before last night - busted open a factory set of the 1991 AD&D 2E trading cards, and this was in there - didn't have the full description that the 1E DMG did, and my buddy's 2E DMG is missing the table. Even then, while it's a bit more clear, was just curious how this was handled.


Good morning!

Are you fine folks able to look at my cart, and tell me what item would be responsible for the "1-21 Business Days" potential delay in shipping?

I'd really like to get this stuff sooner rather than later. :|

Thank you!

Using Bahamut as an example:

What's the difference between the Attack Wing Bahamut and the Fantasy Miniatures Bahamut?

I'm going to be in Irving, TX for the next week - was curious if there's any shops that folks would consider to be a "must visit" kind of thing? More interested in out-of-print stuff than new stuff, but if there's some super-awesome place, I'd be interested in checking it out.

I know that there's a number of Half Price Books down there, so I'll undoubtedly check at least a couple of those out.

Anyplace else I should keep my eyes open for? Any used bookstores that specialize in gaming stuff?

I don't see any option to report a post when it's a review, but wanted to point this out:


This user has 3 reviews which all appear to be spam.


I've been away from the boards for quite a while, and am presently unable to get on as often as I'd like.

I was just curious if you fine folks had a short list of releases of any products over the past 6-12 months that would be subscription-related by not actually part of the subscription (i.e. the hardcovers for the comics, or anything else like that)?

In the past, there traditionally haven't been many products like that, but I wanted to make sure that I haven't missed anything in my absence.

Thank you very much!


Fixed the issue with my order, but it's still showing pending at the end of the week.

I just wanted to check to see if something was stuck and needing nudged, or if I'm just impatient.

Thank you very much!

Hi Paizo Peoples!

My order just showed up, and I had a question - my Advanced Bestiary has a "crackly" sounding spine, and upon examination, it seems that the cover isn't glued, or has come loose - the crackly sound almost sounds sticky, like the glue has failed.

Can you tell me, is all of your stock like this, or is it just my copy?

If it is my copy, can we coordinate an exchange?

Thank you!

I'm not as versed on the Forgotten Realms as I could be, but my understanding is that there have been campaign/literature elements that were aimed at the edition changes, which would account for major rules updates, etc.

If I'm accurate, those would be:

1E to 2E Transitional RSE = Time of Troubles
2E to 3E Transitional RSE = ??
--3E to 3.5 - Anything here?
3E to 4E Transitional RSE = Spellplague
4E to 5E Transitional RSE = The Sundering

Anyone know what the 2E-3E event was?

If so, please combine 3339058 and 3345088.

I didn't receive an email confirmation for 3339058 - both orders seemed to generate a "documentheader" error that I failed to copy/paste.

They do show as pending in my orders page, so that's cool.



I'm having difficulty finding future release schedule - I thought there was something like this that showed all announced releases, without having to go to each product line's page.

Just wanted to check to see if there's anything on the docket that's not part of my subscriptions that I'm going to want to pre-order.

If I am remembering correctly that such a thing exists, and you can provide me the link, I'd be most appreciative.


Howdy, folks!

Can you please axe the maps from my subs before the March shipment?

Thank you very much!


So, I understand the backorder status regarding getting the product stocked back into the warehouse, but curious about a couple of items.

First, it was split into 3 seperate orders, one for each item. Is this an anomaly of the backorder status?

Second, sub-order 2750032, the minis were listed on the page at $2.00/each, but priced in the cart at $4.25/each.

I went ahead and submitted the order to hopefully secure my "place in line" but just wanted to clarify if they should actually be less. I can send a screen shot, if that would help.

Thank you very much!

Any idea when this little guy will be available for sale?


My mail carrier just delivered my box-o-goodness a few minutes ago, and I tore into it to discover that the Midgard Bestiary seems to have been missed.

It shows on the packing slip, but it is not in my box.

This was ordered seperately, then merged into my monthly subs shipment at my request, so I'm just wondering if it might have glitched, or is coming as part of another shipment/second box that got delayed.

Everything else on the packing slip was in the box, including a couple other things merged in (the die, the mini).

Can you check this for me?

Thank you!

Can you combine #2620656 (my pending subscription order) with #2628279 (the order I just placed)?

I'd like to save on shippings and merge these two - I was too slow to get the order in so that I could throw it in the sidecart.

I forget if I've asked this before (and can't find any reference in the search), so I ask now:

Anyone here playing with Prime Directive D20/Prime Directive D20 Modern?

If I wanted to handle some ship battles stuff, but didn't want to go to the extent of a full-on tactical wargame (a'la Star Fleet Battles), is there a good system (preferably D20/D20 Modern) that handles that well, but is a bit more abstract?

I'm sure we'll want to geek out a bit regarding some ship stuff (armor, weapons, upgrades to systems like drives/sensors/etc), but I just am not feeling the whole SFB vibe...

Bonus points for something that's already TOS-era Star Trekkish!

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Looks like an author, Tracey Alley, has ripped off, at a bare minimum, the Mystara world map and country names for a series of hack fantasy novels, and has been caught doing it:

Mystara IP Theft Part 1

Mystara IP Theft Part 2 - with map overlay goodness showing the pretty-much direct trace of the map, with little more than place names moved around. It's even got Karameikos on it, still.

One of the books has a Pathfinder gobbo on the cover, even (though, I don't know what the copyright rules are there - is their "distinctive image" covered?).

I would ask how people think they'll be able to get away with this, but apparently, she's been doing so for about three years, if publication date of the first novel is any indication.


Working on spinning up a 3.5E RotRL campaign, and I have a player who's interested in playing a cleric, but is looking for some kind of secret society hook for his character's back story.

I'm perusing content, but I figured I'd ask here for any obvious suggestions that I haven't found yet, or have overlooked.


Edited to add: Choice of deity is still up in the air, pending above...

Can you update my sub to ensure that I will continue to get two of the Paizo exclusive covers on the normal Pathfinder comic, in addition to the new Goblins comic?

Thank you very much!

Hi there!

Forgot to post here earlier.

If you're in the Mid-Valley of Oregon (Lebanon, Albany, Corvallis, etc.), please take a gander!


What subscriptions do I *not* have?

I know there's the cards and the minis, but are there any others that I've overlooked?


Hi there!

I just wanted to leave some packaging feedback for this order.

I do not need/desire any kind of replacement order, but do need to note that books as large as "Way of the Wicked - Book Six" are too large for the hard mailer this was placed in.

The overly-snug mailer caused damage to the front top corner of the spine, and to the top outer corner of the back cover.

I do understand that I'm perhaps a bit overly anal-retentive about my books, but were this on the shelf locally, I would not have purchased it.

A larger envelope, or a mailer such as this:

Uline Easy-Fold Mailers

would be far more suitable, and prevent this kind of damage.

Thank you!

Tossing some ideas around, and was curious what your thoughts were on covers.


Do you like the flexibility when a publisher offers a book in both hardcover and softcover?

Or, do you prefer that they simply choose one or the other?

Been away from the boards for a bit.

Just curious, has a batch of these already gone out, and I missed and am on backorder?


Hi there!

Any possibility of you fine folks sticking a Holiday Card into this order before it goes out?

Just got my subscription shipment, and the latest awesome card for my collection was nowhere to be found - only the mention on the invoice.

Thank you very much, and enjoy your Thanksgiving week! :)

Hi Gals and Guys!

I sifted through all the p+~#%-pooooooofs multiple times, but I can't find the extra Festering Spirit I ordered.

I think it may not have gotten placed in the box - you don't pack them loose, do you, but place them in a small bag?

Either way, the little green guy isn't there. :(

Can you place one in my next subscription order?


Title says it all - please cancel order #2143085.

I still wish to keep the other copy in the parent order.


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I'm forking another thread.

pres man wrote:
I get the impression that the "I don't have to explain myself, and if you don't like it you can go home" attitude is very old school. As in, it was probably an attitude that people who started playing when they were 10 yrs old did. Now if you are still gaming in a fashion you did when you were 10 yrs old, well, I would say there are not a lot of 10 yrs old that I look to for property social etiquette.

Conversely, I feel there's an attitude that's very much new school (and one that has been displayed in more than a few threads) - one that, for whatever character flaws I possess, I can only derogatorily refer to as the "special snowflake GM-disempowerment ethos."

It's a trend that started with storytelling games, and is incredibly prevalent in a lot of indie stuff, and it's been creeping more and more into traditional RPGs.

And lest I be piled on for the misinterpretation that I support such, my issue with it is not that "How dare the GM be challenged! His/her every word should be uncontested!" it's that *this* particular game D&D 3E/3.5 or PF) is not really one that needs or benefits from "shared narrative" or similar concepts as a base expectation. The GM is the narrator. Players influence the game world through their PC's actions, not through shared narration. That's a concept that's typically best left in the games that spawned it.

It's not an issue of GM control, it's an issue of what kind of game one wants to play. When I'm playing 3E/3.5/PF, I don't have any desire to share control of the game world with the GM, outside of the occasional running an NPC.

Now, that said, I have found certain utilities to be somewhat useful when operating as a GM - the Plot Twist cards can be something that help out in a bind, and those are very much a "shared narrative" concept - but they're used as the exception, not the rule.

I don't really put myself in either the old or new school camp - somewhere in the middle, but leaning a bit more traditionalist/old school.

Your thoughts?

Howdy, folks!

I just got around to busting open my Beginner Box, and found one of the sheets of pawns misprinted:

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Are you able to send me a replacement sheet in my next subscription shipment?

Can you double-check for me that I'll get 2 copies of the comic in the subscription order that's scheduled to authorize on 09/13/2012?

The subscription "preview" only shows 1 copy, whereas the next month (authorizing 10/12/2012) shows 2 copies of issue #2 and #3, like it should be.

Thank you!

Hi there!

Just curious if there was any issue with 2179150, or if I just need to be patient a little while longer.

I updated payment info due to my old credit card being replaced, but everything appears fine on this end.

Just wanted to make sure I didn't flub something up, or something wasn't hung - anxious to get to some reading! :)

So, if I use the search feature in the sidebar and select "Users" in the drop-down, or, when re-directed to the search page and choose the "Users" tab, it doesn't actually display the users I'm looking for.

This, specifically, has happened for "Steel_Wind" and "Duskblade"

It returns results, but it doesn't actually return the user I'm looking for, which is goofy:

Search for steel_wind wrote:

Search paizo.com:

Hint: Use + and - to include and exclude terms, and quotation marks to search for phrases.

Showing 1 to 7 of 7 items for: steel_wind

Sort by
Search results

Female Human Monk/Master of the Four Winds 17
User profile
Kai Renyu
User profile
Yoshi Toranaga
User profile
Thammarazs Hovaraszk
Male Human (Rashemi) Swordsage 1st
User profile
Sun Fei
User profile
Female Elf level 3 monk
User profile
Nole Morisinta
Male Human Wizard 2//Warblade 2
User profile

Search for duskblade wrote:

Search paizo.com:

Hint: Use + and - to include and exclude terms, and quotation marks to search for phrases.

Showing 1 to 14 of 14 items for: duskblade

Sort by
Search results

Xorad DuskBlade
User profile
Male American Caucasian with Polish Ancestry Feats Jew1/Nerd2/Artificer1
User profile
Male Human Duskblade 3, Wizard 3, studying to be an Ultimate Magus
User profile
Ilantes Merblaem
Female Elf Duskblade 1
User profile
Violese Anshelyn
User profile
Zuberi Ra-Amon
Male Human (Egyptian) Dragonfire Adept 2/ Draconic ECL 1/ Duskblade 2
User profile
Carnesîr "Gray Spider" Súrion
Male Human (Chelaxian), Born in Korvosa, raised in Elven lands Scout 1
User profile
Gashelle Smith
Female Half-elf Duskblade 6
User profile
Rayik the 2nd
Male Human Duskblade/5, Wizard/1
User profile
Valen Starmantle
User profile
Karrin Kind
female Tiefling 8th level Duskblade
User profile
Male Human Duskblade 1
User profile
Male Human
User profile

Kinda funky. Using the proper case as they have their display names set (Steel_Wind vs. steel_wind or Duskblade vs. duskblade) makes no difference.

So, I have been able to replicate this in both Chrome and Firefox.

The most recent was this page:


Adding in the "Monsters of Sin" books, I added book 1, it immediately popped in the cart. I added book two, and I got a white page that hung on reloading.

Hitting F5 gets me back to the page, where I can add book 3, no issue, but adding book 4 resulted in the same issue.

It does add the item to the cart, so it's there when I refresh.

Every second item added from the same page seems to do this for me. Seems to be doing it on item removal from the cart as well.

Anyone familiar with the Delta Green releases?

Pagan put out an edition for D20, but it was just the one book.

But, I've discovered, there's also Delta Green: Eyes Only, which has spawned a couple questions:

1> How "system-neutral" is this book? Is it completely wrapped around the BRP system, or is it relatively rules-light?

2> Are there other Delta Green gaming releases besides this book?


Anyone got one of these in print form?

It's freely downloadable here:

Conversion Guide

There were given away at game stores back during the transition. If you've got a print copy that you want to sell, please, hit me up.


Can you dupe this particular sub?

Additionally, can you confirm that it's shipping as a "Hold for monthly subscription" deal?


Hi there!

I wanted to verify - the Pawns subscription removed the various Pawns pre-orders/sidecart orders?

It looks like it did, but I just wanted to double-check.


Hi hi again!

On this order, there were some mini mix-ups.

Instead of Vader's Apprentice, Redeemed, I have a Verpine Tech.

Additionally, instead of (5) Mandalorian Commandos and (5) Mandalorian Scouts, I have (6) Commandos and 4 (Scouts).

The cards, however, match up perfectly to what I ordered.


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