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Check out the Season of Ghosts adventure path, it may have what you seek.

I could live with the AC loss, but those saves are just bad at any level.

First of all their save progression is terrible. Starts at Trained Fort, Expert Ref, and expert Will. Not bad, sure. First bump, Fortitude to expert, does not come until 9th level. Next bump, at 11th, is Will to master with success bump. Last comes at 15th, reflex to master with success bump. No legendary saves. Combine that with the fact that neither Dex nor Wis are not going to be very high on most Commanders, it has some of the worst saves in the game.

On AC, the problem is that a an INT key attribute class you can't have a +4 STR until 5th level. So that means no +6/+0 armor until 5th level. Therefore you are limited to +5/+1 armor until 5th level and you will lag behind 1 point on AC unless you invest in DEX, which becomes redundant for AC purposes at 5th level.

I love the idea of the class and am looking forward to play testing it, but I'm concerned about it living long enough to do it's cool stuff.

Thank you, that's what I thought. I like the idea of chucking a bomb and having Noise Blast or some such going off when it hits.

Can a Starlight Span Magus use Spellstrike with bombs? I can't find anything that says no, but I know I'm quite capable of missing things so I figured I would consult you fine folks.

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Thank you for your specific call outs for different types of witches. I've just begun playing Kingmaker with a Resentment witch whose background has draconic symbiology, and I found the info about the Fairie dragon's breath weapon enlightening. I do find the Dragon Trait disappointing as well. It could have included a limited use breath weapon or senses, or something!

As for the Wand of Pampered Pet *sigh* Take My Money!

@Unicore Thank you for the idea of using druid as the archetype.

OP Here. Thank you all for your input! I found myself wondering about this as I contemplated a Kitsune Eldritch Trickster Rogue for the Seasons of Ghosts AP campaign that would include the free archetype rules from the GmG. While I feel it would be thematically strong to have both the Sorcerer and Psychic archetypes on a high CHA Rogue, I'm trying to figure out how it would function mechanically and deliver Sneak Attack with cantrips. Any advice would be appreciated

With that change in the Remaster it seems like delivering Sneak Attack with a ranged spell is no longer possible. The wording in Sneak Attack makes no allowances for using spells. Am I missing something?

My question would be, do PCs have the Unique trait, thus raising the DC of RK to ID them?

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Tea4Goblins wrote:
Here we witness the start of what would become the Eoxians and the earliest ships in the Corpse Fleet.

Theory: Drandle Dreng is Zo!!!

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Well done! Warden spells and Snares were the things I did not like/get about the Ranger. Now PLEASE for the sake of the anthropomorphic animal ancestries find us away to do Twin Takedown and the like with claws and other unarmed natural attacks.

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It has always bothered me that you can't ready a 2 action spell in 2e. How am I supposed to cauterize that Hydra neck stump with a Produce Flame spell after the Fighter lops the head off?

Therefore I propose a new Ready option that allows you to spend 3 actions on your initiative in order to ready something that takes 2 actions like a spell or Double Slice for example.

Anybody see any problems or unforeseen consequences to this?

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I made a "Wolf Spider" as an Anadi Animal Instinct (Wolf) Barbarian XD

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Kudos to Jerry Wayne, a great guy and GM!


Any word on Foundry VTT as we approach the release date on this?

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I support this union and hope that Paizo management will voluntarily recognize it swiftly.

I am fairly certain this Technomancer is missing 4 skill points.

Computers +13 (4 ranks +3 class skill +4 INT +2 insight from skill synergy), Culture +8 (4 ranks +4 INT), Mysticism +8 (4 ranks +3 class skil +0 WIS +2 insight from techlore), Physical Science +12 (4 ranks +3 class skill +4 INT +1 theme), Profession +9 (4 rank +3 class skill +0 CHA +2 insight from skill synergy), Sleight of Hand +10 (4 ranks +3 class skill +3 DEX), Stealth +9 (4 ranks +3 DEX +2 race), Survival +2 (+0 WIS +2 race)

A 4th level Technomancer with an 18 INT should have 32 skill points (4 x [4 skill points per level + 4 INT]) but it only has 28 skill points.

It's quite possible I'm missing something, but I can't figure it. I would recommend 4 ranks in Engineering as the Ysoki get a +2 racial bonus for a total of +13.

I thank anyone who can shed some light on this.

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I am disappointed by this news. As I'm not a big fan of Bounties, and as the One-shots don't offer Reputation, I see this as a net loss. But you gotta do what you gotta do Paizo.

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Like many folks I have significantly increased my online play recently. When I search on warhorn for games I encounter games/lodges not allowing non-locals to sign up until the last moment or at all. I also find some games/lodges limiting table size to less than OP legal limits, usually 5 players. Is this legal in organized play?

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I agree whole heartedly. I refuse to run scenarios with starship combat. Since when to starships only fly in a 2 dimensional space? I especially like the idea of GMs being able to opt out of starship combat.

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Thank you. So as I understand what you are saying, if I buy Starfinder AP #11 I can get the Artificial Third Eye, even if I have not played it. Affirmative? If so I'm glad the pdf sale is on.

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I found the following on the Starfinder character options page : Ownership of Adventures or Adventure Path volumes is not required to use Character Options originally published in Adventures or Adventure Paths in the Starfinder Society campaign, as long as rules are referenced from the official Starfinder Resource Document (sfrd). A player must still have a chronicle sheet from a Scenario to use any options in that Scenario.
Does that last sentence mean I have to have a chronicle from that adventure in order to access items from it?

I want to buy my Mystic of Nyarlathotep an Artificial Third Eye, but I don't know if I can.

"You pretty wise Didy, we do it that way." BumBum will open the secret door when everyone is ready.

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The Demoralize action under Intimidation has a range of 30 feet.

That Demoralize would use Intimidating Glare.

We are going to knock this guy out again, whomever has the best check will tie him up well, then we will hang him off the cliff about 15 feet down, gagged, and upside down. Any extra rope in the shed?

After hanging the Gozreh piñata BumBum will go back inside beyond the green curtain and start listening at and searching doors for Hazards, starting at the NE door.

BumBum will turn on him. "I's not eaten all day" Intimidate: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18

"Ooh's goodness the Mayor! Shoulda thought somethin' was wrong when's we didn't see you at the party." facepalm "More craziness! Who them guys, and what happened?

BumBum will move between the Mayor and the curtain, peeking behind it stealthily to see if more threats are lurking.

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Wow, OP here, thanks again JTT for being so active. Knowing this concept is being considered by everyone here makes me very happy. I would suggest Icon as a replacement for Pawn as it is neutral in nature, the same # of letters, and fun to say.

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Thank you JTT for your continuing efforts to allay our anxiety. I may not like all of your answers, but I appreciate your efforts to get them to us.

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Can anyone tell me where in the Guide I can find the one minion rule? I can't find it and I want to be sure I understand it. Or is it something just in the new guide?

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In the digitization blog thread there is discussion of the one minion rule (OMR), limiting players to having one minion. I have questions about that. What if you are a Leaf Order Druid with Order Explorer (Animal Order)? Does the OMR mean I can't have a companion and a familiar even though those feats and orders seem to be intended for just that? What about summoned creatures and figurines of wondrous power? They both have the minion trait. Does that mean, by the OMR, that PCs with familiars or companions can't cast summon spells or activate the figurines? I have little doubt that I don't know all the details, but it seems this was not thought out.

arcana: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6 What does BumBum think the brooch is?

"Mr. Nellyn priest man, that other door to you's room? You want's us to check it for monsters? Maybe look under the bed? BumBum grimaces. "Thanks for the dog thing and the shiny." He then mumbles "Would rather have the gold than another dog, but ok"
"Didy's right, we should head back to the pitch. I's tired and almost out of pickles."

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Will players be allowed to change feats such as Enhanced Resistance after this nerfing?

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mrspaghetti said wrote:
"You are probably thinking of PF1, it worked differently in that edition."

(Grognard moment) Thinking back a lot longer than that ;)

I think the concept of "harm" is the problem here. Is doing non lethal "harm"? If I command a summoned creature to do a trip action is it "harm"? If I make my allies better at harming you is it "harm"? If I cast a sustained area effect spell that an enemy walks into on his turn have I done "harm" on his turn? I see this as widely open to interpretation, and I think it deserves clarification or there will be significant table variation.

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Plz note i am currently undecided on this myself, just trying to consider all the ramifications. Like with Inspire Courage. Is giving an attack bonus indirectly causing harm? It seems like it should be, as it ups the chance harm will be caused.

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If sustaining a flaming sphere is a hostile action that would break invisibility, then would sustaining a summoned creature that attacks also break invisibility? The conjurer who summons from invisibility is a long standing tactic. What about using an action to order an animal companion or familiar to attack? Or inspire courage? In this case I feel we must think about all sustained actions that could be considered hostile.

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SFS is going to ACP as well? I must have missed that. Can't say I like the idea since Paizo hasn't been able to get the ACP system up in a year.

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Is it 40? alien archive lists a speed of 40 and the racial traits don't list a speed but I want to be sure. Thanks.

BumBum will search the area where we fought the snakes then follow where our group goes avoiding notice.

That would make the last 3 acts The Flamboni Sisters, The Feather Fall 5, and Eliza & Mr. Tickles.

So many animals in bad place right now! Bitey snakes, Sick snake, Gnawy rats. We piss off druid somewhere?

”Yup, these nets is finked”perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17"Rat finked! Who we know train rats? I go see if I can cheer up Avery. Remind him birds gotta fly."any social skill: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18"Maybe that help Axel feel better about act."

’Oh no’s, these nets all finked. Hope I can mend ‘em” crafting: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18"There that should do. Somebody messing with show big time! I bets it Mistress Dusklight.”

less points of contact required?

1st level spell range touch target one creature duration one minute per level. Grants target DR/- = caster level and retributive damage on each adjacent melee attack vs target = CL.

7th level caster grants his tank DR7/- and 7 points of retributive damage against each adjacent melee attack for 7 minutes.

1st level spell. Crazy good. Too good? If a caster boss is putting that on his mooks it could be a tough encouter.

Ya, man! OK, good times. T'ink I got this fancy vodoo figured

Player Name: Geoffrey
ID: 47130-2004
Character Name: Scooter McBurnie (1/2 Elf Leaf Druid 1)
Character Faction: Verdant Wheel
Day Job: Lore:Anatomy +3
dayjob: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22

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