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Male Hobgoblin Knife Master 3

Squinting in the dark tent Ashak thinks back to his childhood days when his keen eyes would have easily pierced the darkness. Instead the scars around his burned eyes itch and he struggles to make out the interior by the minimal light from above. He moves slowly through the dark, keeping behind what cover he can in the likely case that someone is watching in the dark.

Stealth, double half move: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (18) + 14 = 32
Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

i don't know where Gregor is right?

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With their new base now safe and beautiful Torch clan is ready to set their plan in motion. With the fireworks loaded up on the dogs the troupe makes their way back to the Licktoad tribe. They sing a song as they walk and distracted by the merry-making don’t notice the smoke until they arrive at the edge of town. The Licktoad huts and hovels are ablaze, plumes of black smoke rise in thick pillars above the swamp. A few cries of anguish and rage can be heard around town, presumably survivors of the devastation. As Torch’s crew move farther into the wreckage they spot a pair of tall pale long-shanks with bloody spears. The two puny humans fall before the might of the Pack. A few other longshanks are dispatched on the way to the chief’s longhouse. If there are no new tribe members to be had here then perhaps they can at least still blow up the chief. Surely such a powerful goblin would never lose to longshanks.

Chief Gutwad’s throne room smells even more or blood and death than usual. Slorb is slumped against the wall, his head is tilted at an unnatural angle and blood dribbles down his chin. The teeter chair is collapsed and in the debris lies a the bloody, but breathing, body of Chief Gutwad. The goblins stand above their fallen chief and laugh. Torch leans down and cries with glee ”Chief Gutwad lives! We still blow him sky high and start our own pack. Maybe not here I think.” The chief tries to speak but chokes on his own bile. After looting the Chief’s treasury the pack sets a pile of boom sticks around Ol’ Fatty and run from the longhouse. With a snap of his fingers Grubble Gruuu sets the moot house aflame. It isn’t long before the fireworks light up as well and the new tribe, still small, watches the display in wonder. Their fascination is broken when Professor Zord, struck by a sudden fit of sanity and intellect. reminds them that the fireworks are sure to bring more longshanks and it may be prudent to leave as quickly as possible.

Torch pack begins it treck back to the ship. Half-way there all three dogs (Dog, Dog-Dog, and Not-Dog) begin to howl and bark. Taking Zord’s hand gently in his teeth Dog-Dog leads the others to a muddy path through the swamp. A large group of longshanks clearly just passed by minutes ago, fifteen at the least, and they are heading straight for the ship. Even Torch must admit that fifteen longshanks warriors may be too many for his little pack. Begrudgingly he makes the decision to turn around and begin the arduous task of finding a new home. Grubble suggests the Birdcruncher tribe may be the best place to start. The trip to the Birdcrunchers is long and hard. Several times the group gets lost. They fight off a terrible bear, angry raccoons, even a small band of adventurers, but Torch Pack is strong and Torch Pack survives.

After a week of travelling you have arrived at the edge of Birdcruncher Territory. You know their village lies a few hours ahead of you but now you need to decide what exactly your plan is when you get there.

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Vorka yelps in surprise as Torch's pocket sand flies into her face, blinding her. She begins to chant and wave her arms.

Spellcraft DC 17:
summon swarm

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Torch, wise leader of his own pack of goblins, wielder of the mighty dogslicer Dogslicer, and tamer of not-dogs and dogdogsalike is sure that the best way to deal with a wasp nest is to smack it with a flaming stick. This approach is impressively effective against the nest itself, shattering the clay ball into many small pieces. The blow is less effective however on the wasps inside, who now swarm their attacker and his mount. Torch and Not-Dog both receive countless stings before Grubble Gruuu launches a ball of fire into the midst of the swarm and they disperse.

Torch and Not-Dog each have four chances to make a DC 13 fort save against the wasp poison.

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Male Hobgoblin Knife Master 3

Ashak's warning is only half-formed when the crate shatters. The original purpose of his warning lost with the mustachioed man and dockworker's demise he instead opts for "Oi! That's a mighty big lizard, mind the tongue!"

The hobgoblin's knives flash to his hands as he skirts the edge of the debris. He finds a place where Erin or Semsephiel can approach from the opposite side. Satisfied with his location he sinks low into a defensive stance. Move around the debris, then use full defense.

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I think I'm scrapping my idea for a new one that I really like. Basically a little boy living out his fantasy as a knight. He's gonna be a little kid with a bucket helmet, trash-can-lid-shield, and wooden sword, maybe a little red cape. No special abilities but absolutely unbelievable/unachievable ability scores.

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Oh wow, you're right. It would appear that Clyde and Ashak are outstandingly sensible in this company, with an 11 and 10 respectively. This is going to be interesting.

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Cap. Darling wrote:
I think the idea of throwing someone in to orbit is very much in the spirit of mythic heroes. And considering who you are supposed to figth it is far from a sure kill. Love the idea of the party teleporting to the Moon to recover the remains of one of there number and then find him just sligthly battered and in the process of "negotiating peace" with the locals.

I am the character currently under scrutiny due to this combo. This is kind of the spirit of my character. He was just a good wrestler essentially. When all his companions started getting strange magical abilities (mythic spells, wild shape, teleportation, etc.) he just got really strong, so strong in fact that he can hurl a half giant into the sun. That bein said its an incredibly cheesy combo. Should the gm ask it I can nerf or retrain.

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Aannra-127-B6 wrote:
Hahah man that's great, all you need is a little house next to it, you have now welded that image into my brain, Ill never get that out.

I added a little house and some scenery.

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Male Human (Alodoan) Cleric 3

Riku hovers around the edge of the party but the situation seems to dire for him to rejoice just yet. As he sees Poseus leaving the festivities he decides to follow.

The thin Alodoan quietly walks up beside Poseus.
"Not in the mood for a party?"

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I did something like this for a game here on the boards a while ago and I really enjoyed the outcome. The idea is you post a request "hey, billy I'd like to give it a shot" or the like, and I'll post a link to an image. You have to build a character that fits the image you were given. I'll probably reuse some of the images I used last time.

the rules for character creation will be pretty loose, but ill post them here.

-25 pointbuy
-any level, but use your head. This guy probably isn't going to be level 20, this lady totally might be.
-standard wealth by level
-no 3rd party. I know it might make it easier but I want to see what you can do with just paizo's material. otherwise anything goes.
-mythic tiers are fair game but like levels use your head about them.

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Dot here when you're ready.

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Ok, sounds like there is enough interest to get started.
So this is how it's going to work below i will post the image for your characters. I'm not giving you a paizo avatar, I'm giving you a full image. Also in case it wasn't clear i will be favoring flavorful colorful characters who match there image.

Character creation rules:

25 point-buy
level 10
All paizo classes, archetypes, and races, Including the ACG play test.
If you feel a custom race or tweaking of an existing one is necessary for your character to fit the image, let me know and we'll work it out.
3rd party classes/races are allowed on a case by case basis.
2 traits you can take an additional one with a drawback


Captain Fremont:






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I'm interested in seeing what some custom races and classes that people have made are. That is all.

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Male Aasimar master of many styles/monk of the sacred mountain 4/savage barbarian 2

lol, this is one of the saddest turn orders I have ever seen

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Sylirinight wrote:

So have the two DMs: Me and BloodWolven

Players in order from the first time they posted:

Gemble Fiddysticks (aka Billypanbrain)
Er Meh Gerd Dergens
Dustin Ellis
Edward Sobel


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Ok guys sorry I took so long to post looks like you got along fine without me.
If y'all could come over to the gameplay thread in just a few moments that'd be great.

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Great character.

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Here is my (Billybrainpan) character.

edit: I put a little fluff but no backstory. do want a fairly long one or just a few sentences.