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So everything is put on hold for a week at least

I'm definitely OK with that...but in a perfect world it would be inquisitor as a cleric archetype ....but I don't know how to get the skills and animal companion(with out losing the domain) with the teamwork feats...I would prefer being a cleric but I didn't know how to make it happen

sacred huntsmaster

Wait it matters how it works...look at divine paragon archetype with a feat I have channel energy as a cleric...the spellslots are from domain so not really serious....the dip is so i have access to some cleric Spells...really just get channel energy and the effects of the divine paragon

Well I get a extra domain, Spells slots and early access to Deific Obedience.... basically it gives me the feel of cleric with the perks of inquisitor...the feat I'm taking later allows me to have channel energy as a cleric(so some healing) without losing spell slots...doesn't really give me no real power just fills me out some...I don't know if I'm saying it right or wrong...or how you can add the little bit I get from the class and archetype...into a subtype but if possible I'm definitely down...

DunwichStoryteller wrote:

I do not understand -- Cleric/2 Inquistor

Inquistor is an Archetype of Cleric from what I understand and all PCs start at 3rd-Level this seems to imply your character is Cleric(Inquisitor) 2nd-Level

I've never heard of cleric having inquisitor as a archetype...

Though I do have one lvl of cleric and 2 lvls of Inquistor....seems like not having a 1 in front of Cleric really throwing you off....I can put a one there if it makes it easier for you...and the archetypes are in description box I believe

Sun-Dapple Grün wrote:

Bigfolks' Character

If you want to look at the formatting.

Thanks...guessing the format was the only thing wrong with my sheet

OK I think I just need to spend my gold for equipment and do my background....but let me know how I'm looking

to bigfolks Character

hp: 1d4 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
hp: 1d4 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7

Does this mean they get 2 feats to start with outside of the normal one given at first level ..
Human Versatility: Gain an Extra Feat (total of 2 at 1st level)

And does this mean I can take both hp and skill pt at each level...
Multi-Talented: They can choose two Favored Classes at 1st-level and gain a +1 HP and +1 Skill Point whenever they take level in either class.

I usually make my character according to the campaign and or what is needed in the group...meaning whether I have to do magic heal buff or kill the enemy...I prefer filling in what is missing to make sure the group is good....haven't really played cleric/inquisitor much if at all wizard/Alchemist yeah...don't know if it's possible to have a animal companion and do range(bow) or just do reach...or even both...

I was thinking one of these for a deity
Gozreh,Ylimancha,Erastil,Jaidi,Hei Feng,Ylimancha

I truly do appreciate the time you took out to answer me. And I was just curious on the subject. But I'm by no means good enough to min/max. Didn't realize it was a game breaking thing. But i was thinking about playing a cleric/inquisitor not sure on the God yet trying to narrow it down. Or something arcane...don't know if I want a animal companion or go reach or range yet...

Elephant in the room is just something that helps with feat taxes ...but I was just asking so I know which way to go with my build as far as feats needed

Hopefully this link works so you can see it mp;url= wi9oKLa9cmBAxVlMX0KHb-9CO8QFnoECA0QAQ&usg=AOvVaw3vU0zSdg6yNeB6LDJqlWgf

Is elephant in the room used here...

I'm actually looking right now at what everyone is playing so I can make something to help the group out....any suggestions on what is needed

3d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 4) = 9+6=14
3d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 4) = 11+6=16
3d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 4) = 12+6=16
3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 2) = 12+6=16
3d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 2) = 12+6=16
3d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2) = 5+6=10

How do I roll on here

DunwichStoryteller wrote:

I believe I had a couple of potential players still floating around out there if so please let me know if you are still interested.

Or if anyone else is interested just chime in.

I'm definitely interested but not sure how to roll on here....or where to start besides reading past posts

Is it to late to make a character and join

Looks like I'm definitely late for this game but any chance of another game opening up or any back up spots

GM of the Crown wrote:

Apologies for the delay, busy weekend.

-I’ll look into the monk thing, should you make it in.
-Starting wealth is maximum starting for your highest class. The party just hit two, and as such don’t have the full assumed wealth quite yet. Don’t worry, you’ll get your part of Andrei’s share of the loot!

Any other direct questions I missed?

Well I would like to know to the decision on monk I can change my monk chasis to d10 instead of d8...

I also took Self-Doubting as a drawback...if that's OK..
and let me know what needs to change on my character sheet I believe it is right now.

Violant wrote:
Lucretia de Artois wrote:

Actually, this raises a question: What is the starting wealth? I assumed standard wealth per level for level 2, but its not written out.

It could actually be fun with 180 gold, because I would have my outfit and little else because covetous curse :).

Highest maximum for level 1 of your classes, if I remember correctly!

So not starting gold for lvl 2 ....just Max gold for lvl 1

Udaya Udas wrote:
Bigfolks wrote:
I'm curious on this too if archetypes can be used for unchained and chained a like.
Officially, there are far fewer archetypes for uMonk than Monk. Some builds are easily adapted but it is up to the individual GM to rule. If you are curious, look at the 'Paizo' archetypes listed on the Monk and uMonk pages on

I'm just curious how it's played here...I would prefer a umonk with base archetypes...some gms allow it others don' horrible that it wasn't made to be automatically compatible with each other

Andrei Markescu wrote:
@Udaya- I apologize if the GM offered to make an exception for you and I missed it, but I just saw you listed on Petyr’s list as a zen archer unchained monk and thought I should point out that (RAW) unchained monks cannot take archetypes for the base monk, they have their own separate list of archetypes (which you can find here).

I'm curious on this too if archetypes can be used for unchained and chained a like

Well obviously the wrong sheet was posted and talked about...but me saying I have 2 d8 classes on both sides...wait no reason to keep explaining a misunderstanding....if everything I post talked about a one character and everything yall talked about was different...and me continously saying I'm confused and what part of this and me literally writing out the math ... if Petyr kindler doesn't say hey it looks like you have a different sheet.I wonder how long the conversation of obviously 2 totally different characters was going to be talked about...but this isn't the nexus campaign and absolutely nothing I posted about my character fit the other one...well kinda..but if you read my post and looked at the sheet....I don't see how that could have been so this degree....we all have our opinions but the truth is a misunderstanding....and what happens feel I was wrong...but except for one person nobody actually said hey why are you posting about this..but your character sheet says this and yes everyone was exceptionally single minded in making sure I knew I didn't know how to build a gestalt pc instead of saying this looks like 2 totally different characters...everyone is supposed to come together and collectively have fun ...but I don't know what to do here..I can apologize for not checking to make sure that I posted the right sheet...but I also feel just as strong for the obviously totally different characters sheet one being a gestalt the other a single class with a dip...if I hadn't written so much about my character I guess I could better understand...but if I don't know what I'm doing how do we get here if everyone didn't realize that was a regular PC that had another campaign name on it....that fit not nothing of what I was talking about especially seeing i repeatedly said i was confused....yes I want to play but if a obvious wrong sheet equals a response of and only of, with no real explanation I don't know what I'm doing....or how to proceed...but I believe it is the right sheet I'll be dam I'm talking about a 2d8 hp cleric (Ecclesitheurge), sorcerer (Crossblooded/Tattooed (solar/Empyreal), with a dip in monk (Monk of the Four Winds)....and arguing about a cleric with a lvl dip in brawler different dietys domains campaign names even campaign well I don't know what yall wants to do now but either way I'm laughing at this for awhile

Udaya Udas wrote:

Both. :)

I'm giving you a quick rundown on gestalt to hopefully make the link above make more sense to you with a concrete example using what you said you were going for with your character build.

Your character sheet is 'wrong' if you are making a gestalt character - which is a requirement for this game. HOW to fix your sheet depends on how you actually build your gestalt character, i.e. what levels you take. Right now you have about half of your character done... so I can't say how your numbers are wrong. In terms of a gestalt character, what you have right now is a 1st level gestalt character build with some math errors. At a minimum your HP, Saves, and BAB are off. But they may be 'right' when you finish your character by adding your second gestalt level. Until you build it fully, I can't say where your numbers are wrong.

What you need to do is read the gestalt doc and create the character following the process shown there. If you can tell me what your level plan is, I can probably help get you there.

So, if you get 2 classes per gestalt level, is this what you are going for?

LEVEL 1: Cleric 1 / Brawler 1
LEVEL 2: Cleric 2 / Sorcerer 1

Most of the rest of the info I'd need I can grab from your mythweaver's sheet. But until I know the classes you plan to take, I can't help you more.

OK so it's just wrong but you don't know how it's wrong...that makes absolutely no sense...if my hp,ac,saves,bab,etc is off that is calculated ...simply put so where exactly do you see my math being wrong or you just talking to be talking....I have 2 lvls of 2d8 with 12 con....again 2 3/4 classes at lvl 2 again don't just put something down if you can't say exactly what is wrong with it...maybe you confused yourself with your example I don't know because you just said I'm wrong but you don't know how that makes absolutely no sense at all....guessing it's a reason for the fake attitude but I don't know you so who cares....either tell me what is wrong or hush with fake ass attitude and let someone else answer

Udaya Udas wrote:

The link above gives you directions on how to build a gestalt character. The short answer is you choose 2 classes per level to upgrade. At each level, you choose the best HD, BAB, and Saves from between the two classes. On top of that you get the unique class features for each class. So your progression might be something like this:

1st level: Cleric 1 / Brawler 1
2nd level: Cleric 2 / Sorcerer 1

As an example of how you do your HP, BAB, etc. If you went with this example, your HP at 1st is 10 HP - because Brawler is a d10 (better) than Cleric with a d8. At 2nd level, your additional HPs are between Cleric (d8) and Sorcerer (d6), so you'd take Cleric (d8) and get 5 extra HP (because of the 1/2 (d8) +1 HP generation method discussed above). This same sort of either/or choice works for Saves and BAB as well.

So, your 2nd level character would gain all the abilities and spells of a Cleric 2 / Brawler 1 / Sorcerer 1.

I hope that helps.

Now I'm confused on what you are talking about. Or you just telling me general information about gestalt or something actually wrong with my character sheet...

I missed my chances of being taught by the professor...I had to leave school because of a family emergency...which consequently is the reason my faith became that of a child...if I would've just been more...more faith I could have helped...done something at least made a not only did I lose my parents to some illness...while taking care of the land and finances left to me I learned that I also missed the professor's funeral.....I thought about goibg and staying in town maybe go back to school...but I don't know

Udaya Udas wrote:

I believe HPs are done as 1st = Max, 2nd+ = 1/2die+1... so in your case that is 10+6 (without CON, etc.)

I glanced at your character sheet, it looks like you did standard multiclassing. This is a gestalt game. It's a fun alternative to multiclassing.

Did I do it wrong or something...where do I need to make corrections

Building a cleric(Ecclesitheurge), sorcerer(Crossblooded/Tattooed (solar/Empyreal), with a dip in monk(Monk of the Four Winds) and I need a name

Specific abilities:
--Can definitly join the frontlines, at times
--Will have some secondary face skills, specifically in terms of diplomacy
--Ecclesitheurge can switch one of the domain Spells, so I will have the heal domain mostly but access to all domain Spells of my diety
--took death and Repose domains to help with undead
--Reasonably quick on the battlefield
--Pharasma is my diety

--Has been on his family land since leaving school because of parents dying, came to late to save the prof or to be at the funeral
--Is relatively neutral(good), a "professional violence provider" in battle, when absolutely necessary. Though more healing and buffs.
--I am thinking Crossblooded/Tattooed Sorcerer(solar/Empyreal),

Do we roll for hp or take max...
And I see no creation am I able to buy scrolls

If i go with cleric Ecclesitheurge should I go with monk for my defense or inquisitor for skills....or try both rge

Udaya Udas wrote:

Yes, you can still apply and should build a character. The GM has not posted a 'close' date but did mention that they'd probably be making a decision early next week.

The important thing is to have you character build fit these parameters:

The GM wrote:

Character build:

- 25 point buy
- 'normal' race options (including aasimar and tiefling)
- gestalt, level 2
- background skills
- two traits, one must be a campaign one from the Carrion Crown campaign guide.
- elephant in the room feat tax rules are in effect
- need a reason to be in Ravengro, as well as how you knew the Professor. You’ve missed his funeral already, so that’s unfortunately not an option anymore.

Looking specifically for a divine caster of some sort, that can handle healing and status effects. The party has mostly cleared the first level of the prison, and will likely be heading back to rest soon in order to find their third party member awaiting them before continuing their dive into the past of Harrowstone. The gameplay thread is there, should probably take a look at some of the bigger moments in the story so far.

OK was thinking a cleric and sorcerer(Empyreal) crossblooded if possible ....with a dip in probably inquisitor or something to help with skills

Parvin Ghazalah wrote:
Udaya Udas wrote:
Bigfolks wrote:
How do i join or is it to late.
Hey Bigfolks, you aren't too late to apply for this game. I responded to a similar post from you in another thread and provided a brief explanation of the recruitment process as well. Every recruitment is a little different but there are some 'best practices' that will serve you well when throwing in an application to any game - like this one. :) I covered some of them in the other thread. Good luck!

Hi Bigfolks and welcome to the Paizo boards!

Everything Udaya told you in the post on applying to games is excelelnt advice that should get you started. I want to add one more thing that might help in making characters to use in games here in case it might help.

Characters can be presented in a couple of different ways. Some people prefer to apply for games by posting character builds, backgrounds, and so forth in a spoiler in the recruitment thread. If they're selected they will then create a more permanent character by starting a new alias for the character, like I've done for Parvin here, or you've done as Bigfolks so you can post. Posting a character's information in spoilers for recruitment saves you from having to create a new alias before you know whether or not you will be selected for the game. Aliases can't be deleted (as far as I know) o they're created.

I prefer just going ahead and applying with a new (or in this case reused) alias. I put all the character information in by creating a profile. If you look at Parvin's profile you'll see what that looks like if it's added directly. If you prefer, you can instead just put in the most basic stuff and add a link to a character sheet you prefer to use. Some players like the sheet at Mythweavers for doing it this way.

If you want to add everything directly into the profile like I did with Parvin, it saves a lot of time to borrow a template from another created character...

This is my first time trying to play on a patio I'm new to the process...and appreciate the patience....but I'm confused do I make a character to try and join or am I to late for this game....

Petyr Kindler wrote:
You don't even have to create an alias yet. You can post a character sheet and a basic backstory.

So just make a character a backstory and post it ....and that's all to ger starred....can do give me a sec

EltonJ wrote:

Alright, since the Savage Worlds Pathfinder recruitment is going on and is quite popular, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. I'd like to do a Savage Worlds: Rifts game. Set in Atlantis, of course. :) I'm not ready to do it, but I'll make a campaign bible and introduce you to Atlantis -- RIFTS style.

Hi, I'm a good GM. I'm also an Atlanteologist, so I know all the theories related to Atlantis. Kevin Siembieda's Atlantis is one where aliens and supernatural intelligences have taken over the once proud continent. I'm not ready to run the game yet, so you don't have to create a character yet. One of my games could be stopping (which is too bad because it's space opera in the Eberron solar system).

Atlantis in RIFTS is different than you can imagine. It is a continent (small continent), that spans the Atlantic Ocean. to the west are the Bahamas, to the East are the Azores. Atlantis stretches from North America to Europe. It is ruled by Splynncrith, a young Splugorth. The city of Splynn is the capital of Atlantis and is mostly populated with monsters and demons. Humans are (mostly) slaves. But since Atlantis is a continent, there could be human settlements there.

As a player, you will need:
* Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
* Savage Rifts: The Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide
* Rifts for Savage Worlds: Atlantis and the Demon Seas Sourcebook and maybe . . .
* RIFTS World Book 2: Atlantis

The campaign will be one of High Adventure and presumably roleplay....

How do i join

DM-Salsa wrote:

How do i join...or is it to late

DM-Salsa wrote:

How do i join

GM of the Crown wrote:

Welcome, all, to Harrowstone!

This was a private game, but now we’re looking for a third to join our other two heroic party members in cleansing Harrowstone Prison of its past problems.

Looking specifically for a divine caster of some sort, that can handle healing and status effects. The party has mostly cleared the first level of the prison, and will likely be heading back to rest soon in order to find their third party member awaiting them before continuing their dive into the past of Harrowstone. The gameplay thread is there, should probably take a look at some of the bigger moments in the story so far.

Character build:
- 25 point buy
- 'normal' race options (including aasimar and tiefling)
- gestalt, level 2
- background skills
- two traits, one must be a campaign one from the Carrion Crown campaign guide.
- elephant in the room feat tax rules are in effect
- need a reason to be in Ravengro, as well as how you knew the Professor. You’ve missed his funeral already, so that’s unfortunately not an option anymore.

Any questions, just ask!

How do i join or is it to late