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Well, my estimated delivery is the dreaded September 7th so yeah, over all very disappointed.
15$ store credits isn't the thing I wanted in compensation so I have to say, unless I get the real CRB in very good deal when ever it launches, I cannot recommend Paizo to my friends nor myself will be anymore ordering directly from Paizo.
I believe they should have been able to do better with the compensations on such huge delays.
It's Amazons fault, but Paizo is the one who needs to compensate the customers.
I doubt it matters at all, I'm just one of the couple unsatisfied customers in huge pool, but I know where my money is appreciated more.

Vic Wertz wrote:
We're at 87%.

oh amazon, this is so laughable.

Hi there,
Me being from Finland and the recent event's of pretty good delays even for to get the goods leave the warehouse and being totally uncertain if I receive my books in week or so or well in the September I fully expect to get my shipping returned for my credit card, uum that being:

I do appreciate the transparency of the situation and how you are trying to deal with it.

Best Regards:
Ville Salminen

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Rysky wrote:
Big V wrote:
Paizo is responsible of this mess in the end even if the chosen delivery conpany messes up.
A little but not really, Paizo does not control Amazon nor UPS/[insert mail delivery system of choice], they partnered with them and got burned.

Well yes really paizo is responsible for their customers. Sure they can try to get compensations from amazon as they honestly should be able to get with situation like this.

But however that goes it doesn't change paizos responsibilty to their customers.

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To everyone who's complaining about whiners and complainers.
It is true that Paizo is dealing extremely well or at least trying to with this thing.
But as a CUSTOMER who paid well in advance to get a product august 2nd or close to that and now are facing the waiting time of extra month, we have every right to complain no matter whos fault it was. Paizo is responsible of this mess in the end even if the chosen delivery conpany messes up. I have personal experience of this for I work in customer service company who orders and sells building materials.

I fully expect to get at least shipping refunded for paying 100$ includng 26$ shipping just to see it f&#! up. It doesn't matter if the fault lies in amazon or paizo. I paid to get a object in exact day or very close to that. Not one month late or more.
15$ store credit is nice gesture, but it doesn't really compensate this failure in deliverence.

This will surely work as warning example to Paizo to be better prepaired for the actual launch and future products.

Ps. As some tried pointing out kickstarter, totally different thing as was also pointed out. With that I know the risks and it might take much longer to get if I even get anything.

ohokwy. wrote:

I'm mostly just annoyed at all the people who (apparently) can't want another week after waiting several months. Come on.

Yeah well, if the amazon doesn't somehow speed up the things Im not cool with it, one week aint that bad I admit that, but when the delivery time is stated to be 9 to 36 days meaning it can be september before I get my book, that really is pushing it.

One week to One month is quite a difference

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Jason S wrote:
CrystalSeas wrote:

You did notice that Amazon started shipping those orders on July 28, right?

Paizo did exactly what you suggested, and Amazon still messed up.

Ummm... no. If it shipped on July 28, it would have arrived on Monday. I've had orders I've done at night come the next day, for free.

Well that also depens where you live. For Finland the estimated delivery time is 9 to 36 days and if the friggin book is just starting to get shipped it can be well over september, what a load of bull crap.

How they priorise the shipments, usa first etc? Pushes it even further away.
I would reaaally love if the shipping cost gets refunded, it's whopping 26$ for Finland which was already salty price to pay just for shipping fees. But well see how that goes.
I do like how well paizo is trying to handle this mess.

And no matter what everyone says, in the end pre-orders should always arrive one day early, on release day or absolute worst case scenario one day late. Theres no buts in that.
And honestly if in the worst case scenario the book is delayed over september I might not even had pre-ordered the book.

Edit* and to top it off, shipping fees are kinda high from paizo to Finland last I remember, Im not 100% certain for this nowdays so 15$ doesnt really do much for me in store credits, I can by pdfs but as we have established I really do not enjoy reading from a screen.

magnuskn wrote:
So, wait, even pre-orders which are destined overseas (i.e. Europe and so on) have only started shipping on July 28th? That makes it basically impossible that they will arrive earlier than mid-August, given every past experience I've had with overseas shipping. :-/

Yeah, ordering from Finland this update is really reaaaallly bumming me out. I fully expected to get this book very close to release date if not on the release date. Really would like to just get refund than store credits :C

This is truly major disappointment for I also buy books for the sole reason I wouldn't have to read huge pdf files.

Though it has always been clear Paizo values their customers etc.