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Lincoln Hills wrote:
They'd have included a racial limitation on the PrC if that were their intent. However, the majority of Cheliax's dominant caste are humans, so a non-human would have a more involved backstory. (Half-humans or tieflings'd probably be fine.)

That was what I was leaning towards, thanks!

Is there any race limitations for the Hellknight PrC? I have done some digging and haven't come up with a clear answer. Thanks for any help.

I am picking up a tablet running the android 2.2 froyo os. I have been hearing about some possible apps for rpg's(dice rollers i.e),but have not been able to find much. I was just wondering if anyone else knows of any that may be out there.

Thanks for any help!

Dave Gross wrote:
Big Thuga wrote:

I have just finished reading Prince of Wolves. It was a fun read and I enjoyed it, but I'm curious;

** spoiler omitted **

As hinted in Prince of Wolves and elsewhere, Radovan is not a typical hellspawn. The mystery of his origin unfolds a little more late this summer.

Who would cast as Radovan in that movie? Vic has an interesting suggestion, and I have a radically different choice.

Someone other than me should start a thread on casting Pathfinder Tales novels as movies.

first off, thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I am looking forward to learning more about Radovan, and also to more of your work.

After giving it some thought, I'm going to go with Nathan Fillion from Firefly. Just my two cents

KaeYoss wrote:

No, they don't.

Oh, and when did they make a movie out of it? ;-P

They didn't I'm not up on the whole tag thing yet! It might not be a bad idea though

I have just finished reading Prince of Wolves. It was a fun read and I enjoyed it, but I'm curious;

Movie plot spoiler:
do all tieflings have the ability to transform into bigger infernal creatures as Radovan did?

I played in a party for a while that had a cleric that did nothing but buff and heal. He had boots of springing and leaping and a staff of healing, plus all kinds of potions and and ointments. All he did was leap from character to character keeping hp up and what not, he never went on the offensive at all. I think we ended up at 14th level before the group broke up. It was a fun and very different.

If you are not averse to playing online, there is a large community of Pathfinder players online. I would say the Pathfinder Society Online Collective is probably the fastest way to find many one-shot organzied play, but there is the RPTools.net website, Tangled Web, ENWorld and many others. If you want, I can run you thru some of the VTT's as I use most.

I don't think I would have a problem with an online game, but it has been quite a few years since I have played in any game and I have not played PFRPG at all. I would feel more comfortable getting back into it if I could play in atleast a couple of face to face sessions. That being said, online gaming vs. not gaming... I will have to check into the online collective.

Midnightoker, I live in Tennessee in a small town. Despite it being a college town, gamers are few. When I find them, most are interested in anything but Pathfinder.

If you dont mind me asking, where in Tennessee do you live. I live in Lynchburg and have been wanting to get in a Pathfinder game for awhile now, but I haven't found ANY gamers. If your anywhere close maybe we could work something out.

Liz Courts wrote:
Ryan, I have sent you an email concerning this. *offers cookies*

Thank you again for taking care of this, and the cookies, You Rock!!

I received a copy of Prince of Wolves for Christmas. I have been enjoying it very much, however in my copy, after page 208 the pages go back to pages 129 through 160 and then start again at 241. Its not just a numbering error the text is the same as the original pages 129-160. I was just wanting to know if there is anything that could be done about this.

Thank You,

Ryan Tipple aka Big Thuga

if you wish to contact me my email is [redacted]

Thanks to all the Vets!

Ryan T.
Warrant Officer Candidate
U.S. Army

Stormchaser wrote:

Watch through the history videos on the website in depth, and read the little comic they've made. It gives you some nice background events to play with. Also, get a good galaxy map (there's a fantastic pdf one you can download) and take a good look at where the Sith/Republic split is on the map shown in the history videos. The ability to have clearly defined territory can make for some good RP when it comes to the difference in atmosphere of planets on different sides, it also gives player the opportunity to have to sneak across the divide and so on.

where could one download this galaxy map?

anyone happen to know who the artist for the cover is?


It seems like I have heard of a crossbow that the arms were blades/had a bladed edge, but no repeating or bayonet. I don't think it was in a dragon issue, but a 3pp weapons book. I will have to do some digging later to be sure.

I'm an experienced player but I haven't played in a game in about ten years, so I guess I could be considered a noob as far as PFRPG goes. Also I have never done a pbp and would like to try it.

David Fryer wrote:
If I was going to deep fry it, I would break it down and cook it like fried chicken.

If your going to cut it up you might as well throw it on the grill.

David Fryer wrote:
If you're in the east you just say "No I'm from Mephis," and if your in the west you say "No, I'm from Knoxsville." Worked for me when I lived there.

HA! thats great! I'm going to try that, I actually live in southern middle (Lynchburg, for all you Jack Daniel lovers) so I can use both.

Kirth Gersen wrote:

My wife's from South Carolina. She once saw me put maple syrup on grits and threatened to divorce me on the spot. Evidently salt, shrimp, ham hock, fatback, and "redeye gravy" (whatever that is) are all OK, but syrup is a lynching offense. Who knew.

Every time we watch My Cousin Vinnie and Joe Pesci says "what is a grit?" I have to endure her saying "That's you! Dumb yankees!"

yeah I get the "dumb yankee" thing alot, even after 15 years, but thats rural tennessee for ya.

"U aint frum roun here r ya boy?"

Callous Jack wrote:
...and I don't understand the appeal. Why do southerners love it so much?

I'm a transplanted southerner(15 years now) and I have grits dang near every way you can think of, and I still can't eat them. Interestingly though, most southerners that I have met can't eat oatmeal, which growing up in northwest Ohio, I eat on a regular basis

blackshaggie wrote:
I'm starting a Pathfinder game up in January(1.07.2110 to be exact). I'll be GMing & I have 3 people who've said they'll play. I'm looking for more. Please contact me through this blog of you're interested.I looking for people in the greater Nashville area who can commit to a weekly or bi-monthly game on Thursdays starting from 5:30pm 'till around 9 or 10. I have fantastic custom campaign I'd love to try out on you guys...

Not sure if I'm in the nashville area (about an hour away) but I may be interested.

sweet! thanks for the help.

I am getting ready to run the Darkmoon Vale set of adventures (Hollows Last Hope, Crown of the Kobold King etc). Reading through the Guide, it seems that there is a lot of opportunity for side treks and further adventure hooks. I was just wondering if anyone has come up with any or followed this any further.

Yellowbeard - A absolutely hilarious pirate comedy/farce. I dont know who's in it or directed it, but everytime I see it I hurt for days from laughing so much!

The PostMonster General wrote:
I'm always a fan of a "Quickloading" crossbow. It gives you a huge extradimentional "magazine" as it were to put ammo into that you can choose from and allows you to reload quickly

where would I find that?

Edit: sorry is quote from Lokie

that sounds great thanks!

any good suggestions for a cool or unique magic crossbow?

the DM is using PF rules but allowing 3.5 rules as well. I don't know how well this will work, as I have never played PF.

I didn't think about ranger that's a good option. where can I find vital strike? Is there a srd that has all the feats listed? Sorry for all the dumb questions I'm just getting back to playing after many years.

I have access to most of the wotc 3e and 3.5 books.

I am looking to build a shooty/sniper lvl 10 fighter type using a crossbow for an upcoming game. Its been a while since I have played so I'm looking for some help coming up with feat and skill progression.

thanks in advance.

I seem to recall there being rules along these lines in a old dragonlance module(the one that was mostly at the bottom of the ocean) I can't remember any specifics right now. but i will look it up when a get home tonite.

Speaking as a life long lions fan....(waiting for the laughter to stop)...
I think that anything that they do to make them win is a plus. If changing the logo works, great. Its not gonna hurt.

That is exactly what I am talking about. Thanks for your input it was helpful.

I have been toying with the idea of buying these books. My question is, does anyone have them or have read them, and whats your opinion on them

count me in on that too, please.

I'd be happy to give you my email addy, just let me know.

I liked your review. AE is one of the products that I have recently become interested in, so knowing that this is a solid supplement for that is very helpful. On the other hand,its great that you stated its not so solid use in non AE games. Of course, more reviews would be great! :)

I spend a large amount of time searching and reading reviews. My gaming budget is tight, so it is important to me not to waste it on products that might catch my eye, but fall flat on delivery.

I also wish to state that I really appreciate the large and experienced group of people here on these forums for their insight and input on things.

You have my vote for a PF ruleset for FGII!

8 years in USN Submarine Fleet. Have been in Tennessee Army National Guard for 9, and just recently completed my 2nd tour in Iraq.

I also prefer pdf's, due to the geographical anomoly of the middle of nowhere that I live in. I don't have a flgs within an hour or so of where I'm at. I have never had problem of getting the pdf's I want, and I dont have a problem with the prices either, so I don't see the need for a subscription.


i know there is a feat that allows mediums creatures to use large weapons, but for the life of me i cant remember exactly what it is and where i can find it. can anyone help me out?

I found the book that you mentioned but not the adventure. Is it in the book itself or a support mod?

no worries I seem to have had the same problem(goup vs. group) GROUP vs. group.

that looks like it would be fun but not quite I had in mind thanks for the laugh though :)

I have recently been approached by some members of my gaming group about the possibilities of running a game with two groups of players and co-dm's playing the same adventure against each other. the groups would play at the same time and place but seperate except when they run across each other, then they would pile up and rumble. I find the idea interesting but I'm not sure about the mechanics. I would like to know if anyone has heard of this type of game or has played in one, and might be able to help me out.

Great! thanks for the info

does this book contain the same information as the gazetteer and guide to darkmoon vale?

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