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Hey Vic, what the % for canada?

Nha no need waste slot for huge elementals, just swich the base of your large elementals from shatered star and voila, huge elementals ;P

Realy missed opportunity with not including Taniniver in the case incentive. We get pillar, realy?

My suggestion
sins spawns (all the different sin)
drows (based on adventure path cover)
tiny fey sprite (wearing forest cloth)
brine dragon
asian dragon
all giant based on giantslayer cover adv path
fire oni (like the one on tide of honor background art cover)
the Jade regent Takahiro and is grand father Anamurumon
black puding
huge elemental
couple of asian themed monster from jade regent (just a few) ;p
catfolk (ala thundercat)
demon lords
dukes of hell
bloat mage
rest of the evil huge dragon
half orc monk
evil boss monk
Mythic (epic) iconics
evil iconics
occult iconics
ultimate intrigue iconics (both apparence)
summonned monsters n beasts pack

WizKids has announced a new set of plastic models for Paizo’s Pathfinder Battles line. Deadly Foes is scheduled to release in October.
There will be 52 figures in the Deadly Foes set, featuring heroes and monsters from the world of Golarion. They will be packaged in booster packs with four figures each, including one large and three small or medium figures. MSRP is $15.99 per booster. Boosters will be packaged in bricks of eight.
WizKids is also offering a Deadly Foes Case Incentive for customers who pre-order. Each Case Incentive includes two oversized models: a Clockwork Dragon and a Spawn of Cthulhu. This will be the first time that “huge” size models have been offered for Pathfinder Battles since 2012.


WizKids has announced a new set of plastic models for Paizo’s Pathfinder Battles line. Deadly Foes is scheduled to release in October.
There will be 52 figures in the Deadly Foes set, featuring heroes and monsters from the world of Golarion. They will be packaged in booster packs with four figures each, including one large and three small or medium figures. MSRP is $15.99 per booster. Boosters will be packaged in bricks of eight.

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news Iconic Heroes Box Set #6 anounce

and some image

clik on link

For quoting Eric on is Friday, December 19, 2014 pathfinder battles preview

<< I can't show off any of the numerous awesome images I'd love to unleash on you as a special gift from Santa.

But leaking images out of the elves' workshop before their time is a good way to disappear in a suspicious sleigh accident, so I'm afraid there's nothing I can do but look over these images myself and smile about what's in store.>>

So big red dragon is a late sleigh accident from the big red guy, for being good person for a whole month without any image preview ;P

It is a Gargantuan red dragon !! :D

http://heroclix.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/71817-Pathfinder-Battles-Set -Dungeons-Deep-Gargantuan-Red-Dragon.pdf

Already there ;) Got massive metal, resin, plastic and ppm collection. I conplain for all of those. What im scared is if people do like me and cherry pick it will kill the line like it did DDM.

Erik Mona wrote:
Mercury141 wrote:

I do think some asian figures could be advantageous, perhaps as a theme for a set, like the pirate themed one!

I feel pretty safe in saying that I now understand the miniatures buying community to know that such a set would probably kill the line dead.

Too many people would consider it an easy skip. I see visions of canceled subscriptions and lots of dead product.

The people who would love it would love it. LOTS of people wouldn't buy it.

So Asian-themed minis are going to have to appear in regular sets, just like everything else.

My first idea about a jade regent path set in the past would have been to combine it with skull and shackles, 70 mini set 35/35 each. Name it Pirate vs Ninja, that sound like a seller. But alas, skull shackle already out. To bad for me a Jade Regent adventure path will never appen, it migh contain viking, inuit and eastern mini but would need half asian themed mini and it would not sell you say.

Its a complicate business ppm, I feel over satured with orc, goblin, dragon, giants, minotaurs, demon copy paste that compose a set and a bunch of npc i only need one of each. I feel tire buying the same thing over again. Just a quote from Dungeon Crawler mini; the pre-gen minis are considered an extravagance as PCs/NPCs tend to be the most expensive to produce (for figures of the same size/material, due to paint steps) and hold the lowest interest by consumers (1 copy each). Some say don't buy if you don't like and then we get told buy them or else they will kill the line. Id like my wanted stuff to be done one day so i need to continue buying stuff not to my liking for maybe one day get what i want. Damn you my minority taste :P

Id like some asian themed miniature in futur set, those are laking in the ddm universe expt couple of oni here n there. Jade Regent is the hardest path to proxi...

Here the mini still missing from Rise of the runelord (put an * for the most important)

GOGMURT goblin druid rogue (small)*
TANGLETOOTH Fire pelt cougar (small)*
ERYLIUM Female quasit witch (tiny)*
Yap, the pixie's (tiny)

Iesha Foxglove REVENANT (med)
Sheriff Hemlock (med)
THE BlACK MONK Male Azlanti dread mummy monk (med) *
Xyoddin Xeniock Male Azlanti ravenous dread zombie (med)*
JORDIMANDUS Male Azlanti conjurer (med)*
KARIVEK VEKKER Male ghost dwarf expert (med)
SVEVENKA Female icy nymph druid (med)
Myriana Female advanced nymph ghost (med)
MAMMY GRAUL Female ogre kin necromancer (med)*

Avaxial, the pit fiend (large)
Barl Breakbones Male stone giant necromancer (large)*
SCARECROW Awakened flesh golem (large)*
TERAKTINUS Male stone giant ranger (large)
THE HIDDEN BEAST Male vampire decapus (large)
GAMIGIN Male ice devil (large)*
Isvig and Jaansk frost giant brothers (large)
CONNA THE WISE Female stone giant elder sorcerer (large)*
GALENMIR Male stone giant fighter (large)
THE HEADLESS LORD Male fast ogre zombie undead lord fighter (large)

WARDEN OF WINDS cloud giant (huge)*
LAmiA-KlN, HUNGERER (huge)*
SCARLET WALKER outsider (huge)
LOKANSIR Male jotun blood hill giant (huge)

THE HORROR TREE Unique undead treant (Gargantuan)
BLACK MAGGA (garg)**

Erik Mona wrote:
How many people would tolerate Tiny fey about the size of the demonic familiar or dero from Shattered Star?

I would tolarate,if its the only way to give them jusice, better a little bit bigger and nice detailed fey then small faceless fairy.

At miniature scall the weapon are often oversize so I can totally understand for thing smaller then small size being bigger then suppose to.

The right size I think, should be for the body to be no taller then Lyrie Akenja cat mini.

We know wizkid can make great figure,you just have to push them a bit and make sure they dont use lazy solution ;)

For realy small fay you could make them like the Will O'Wisp, inside a transparent plastic globe of light, with transparant plastic pixi dust like Mesmalatu the demi lich mini to keep them in the air. Seem doable and would save there delicate sculpt from breacage.

Fairy companion is realy popular among my player, second only to wolf and horse. Popularity must be from character like Link from legend of Zelda, one of the 3 most iconic elfs every noob player base there charater. (the 2 other are dark elf Drizzt and high elf Legolas)So we have hores, dog, wolf, panter mini, we need the little medical fairy for companion for saving those lonely ranger character that get ther healing spell so late. Need fairy because. Its dangerous to go alone.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Curmudgeonly wrote:

Should we take this announcement as a discontinuation of the builder / evolution sets?

Also - the link the zombie panther is broken it appears.

I think we'll still see some Encounter/Evolution Packs, just not as many as we'd thought we'd see back when we devised our subscription options. (At the time, we thought there might be two or three between each large release.) More Builder Series are a bit less likely, though there is one idea kicking around that I think has a decent chance of taking the form of a Builder Series product.

And we'll get that link fixed ASAP.

They said at gama : Past Winter there are fully three sets in development, and Paizo is looking at revisiting the initial product launch with new iconic character packs!

So is the iconic packs is the new builder you talk about Vic?

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Well guesst I will be cherry picking from now on. I need variety, not more of the same stuff,but thats just me. Im happy if its whats other want and the mini serie contenue to go stronger...

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With this, thats only leave 10 more mini to reveal...

An idea for a garg dungeon themed mini would be a Construct of some kind or a Red dragon, for iconic dungeon creature.A Shamizan demon or Linorm would be my personal choice. And if you realy want to go head to head against D&Ds mini that will realese a garg Tiamat, you should go collosal with a Ctuhlu or Tarrasque, all those would sell like crazy. Good idea?

So will this be available for individual purchase?

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Illius wrote:
Surely Arueshalae made the set right?

Erik Mona: Wait till you see the prepainted miniature...

4 octobre, 14:04

Wayne Reynolds Artworks: Erik Mona Oh my word! I eagerly anticipate seeing the mini. There's something thrilling about seeing 2D artwork transformed into 3 dimensions that is so appealing
4 octobre, 16:50

from Wayne Reynolds facebook on Arushalae comment!!

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If its Noctitcula, she just look gourgeous. Move aside Seoni, there a new lady in red in town ;P

mini adventures path spoiler:


There from wizkids boot, thanks crittohit.com for them ;)
Someone linked them to the guys over at plasticrypt

oups my bad

The hammer head sharkwas shown at the SDCC concention. seltyiel is previewed in the catalog.And the last mini no one seem to remember was previwed in the first Undead Horde as the Wight. Well now that we know all the skull shakle mini, could we also get 1 from Legends of Golarion in next preview, pretty please mister Mona :D

mini based on this art

mini based on this art

mini based on this art

.mini based on this art

mini based on this art

mini based on this art

mini based on this art

mini based on this art

mini based on this art

Isabella look awsome!

Well, somebody took is time

Preview: 'Pathfinder Battles: Shattered Star' Miniatures

5 new figures SPOILER

Runelord Sorshen
Troll Champion

Also comfirm The incentive piece will be the Gargantuan Blue Dragon Case ($39.99) which will be tied to case purchases of Shattered Star Booster Packs.
Think im in love, dont need to see monster anymore ;) Just take my money Paizo.

Erik Mona wrote:

The visible pack of 3-4 Huges is a good idea. Would you pay $65 for it? Would you do so even if you hated/didn't need one of the figures?

If I would get visible pack containing something like ddm huge red GoL (YES), ddm Eldritch Giant (mm okay),ddm Goristro (still okay mini) and then get ddm Yuan-ti Anathema or Enormous Carrion Crawler or Chain Golem (yuks those 3 are a waste). It would stil be worth it to me and would buy a pack like this because I get something awsome, something enormous, something good that grow on me over time and a 4th sculpt that might be usful in an adventure path someday even if I hate the scupt. Anyway, hater will hate, even if you try to please everybody, mr. Mona. Not every one will like this model of packaging. Economicly speaking, I think its the most approriate model for Pathfinder Battles line for avoiding pegwarmer with the least popular huge mini.

Also whant to Thank you mr. Mona for all the interaction you give to us, think its realy something special and its why i like paizo so much. Can not wait to see those other lovercraft monstrosity you got i store for us. By the way my favorite mini are devil and demon so if there is somme in this set, so if you feel like showing some (or just say if the set contains somes) for next preview, I will stop being anoying until the final preview.

About the garg blue dragon rumor, I don't think people don't want repeat, they just want to have a garg green and everything that has not been already done first,, then they will gladly take the new sculpt. We will only get around 2 to 3 gargantuan per year and can understand getting frustrated from waiting for what we want. I know for myself im not getting any youger, I'l be 30 in lest than 2 years, and I'l be collecting least and least so I want to get my all my dream mini (colosal Tarasque please) before I feel to old for the hobby.

Love your idea of 3 or 4 huge visible pack Cat-thulhu, they could make 2 to 3 different set of 3 huge mini per release and im sure it would sell. Seriously there aint lot of huge that you need more than one so random is just frustrating for the price, and we know that dragon are the hot sellers so make some pack contain atleast one dragon or demon/devil and 2 other huge moster or giant.

Well it just that my favorite mini are the non humanoid end I only got the gug as an appetiser so far. But dont get me wrong i still LOVE some of those human monster and cant wait to see that headless knight and the gray maiden from the adventure path cover in miniature form. Come on mr. Mona, feed me more. ;)

Nice, will we also see non humanoid monsters soon?

Found a picture of the model

http://www.miniature-giant.com/vencarlo-orisini-Reaper-sku-60121-c-919-p-13 -pr-14042.html

Erik Mona wrote:

Lots of good guesses here, but I can say there are definitely a couple that no one has mentioned yet.

There are also a couple that people HAVE mentioned that WON'T be in this set, but which WILL be in the next set.


Okay for those not mentioned I would say Sheriff Hemlock (on my realy want list), Sandpoint Devil, Attic Whisperer maybe Boggard and a clear plastic ghost of some kind... lamia cleric, Clockwork Librarian, some giant (ice, hill zombie,runeslave Marsh dont know),Shining Child, Totenmaske, Smoke Haunt,Skul Ripper, Stone Golem, Black Monk mummy, Yethazmari, Witchfire, ice devil end thats all. Think I named every thing that could possibly make it in the final spot.

Well only 19 more mini to be revealed.

Here I think should be left

2.GOBLIN DOG (confirmed)
3.WHITE DRAGON Huge (confirmed)
4.Ordikon the mithral mage (confirmed, metal skin)
5.the Scribbler (confirmed, shredder lookalike)

that leave 13 spot to speculate.

6.The Scarecrow, Flesh Golem (sure bet)
7.Khalib, Runelord Apprentice (sure bet)
8.Highlady Athroxis (sure bet)
9.Justice Ironbriar (sure bet)
10.Viorian Dekanti (sure bet)
11.Erylium Quasit
12.Faceless Stalker (Ugothol)
13.Barl Breakbones stone giant necromancer
14.Svevenka Female icy nymph druid
15.decapus The Hidden Beast
17.Hound of Tindalos
19.The Headless Lord/scrag/ogrekin/Night Wyvern

not enough spot left for every thing, sad.

Damn, I took the wrong reply and I can't edit. I meant this answer for my reply.

Seltyiel has not yet been announced.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
C'mon, image!
Given that we just got images of the greens for January today, I'd guess it'll be about a month before you see the green of this one. (I could be wrong, of course.)

So, is that mean that he is suppose to be release in a near future or Lini is the last of the iconic? What about the march release, we saw the green of the red dragon on reaper mini page, is there anything coming out with it? Thanks for the quick reply

Is Seltyiel, the 12 iconic, will be among the miniatures relase in february or is it only Lini?