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A waste of my money and time.


I was hoping for at least one archetype for each sub-race and quite a few racial feats and traits as well. Instead we get repeat traits that were in other books and so little material it's practically useless. Such a huge letdown.


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A huge let down.


At least two of the iconics selected to be in this free module are nearly completely useless during the entire module. There are more traps than enemies and the final boss is just a standard enemy from the core bestiary (a huge disappointment as I thought we'd be facing a Mummy Lord or something akin to that). This was not a good effort on Paizo's part and I would never in a million years advise ANYONE to spend ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY on this module. Just download it and run your own characters (don't bother with the iconics).

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A complete waste of money.

This book had so much potential but instead all we received was material most of us (as players) don't ever bother using. We had hoped for A LOT of feats for Dhampir and Vampire Slayers, sample stat blocks for both Dhampir and Vampire Slayer NPC's in general, or even a new vampire monster stat block (aka a new strain). Instead, we get a butt load of wasted space, a ton of artwork that serves no other purpose other than to make you go "oh" and "awe" for a few seconds, and a amount of useful material so utterly and COMPLETELY LIMITED that it's sad (if not down right sickening). We didn't even receive an updated Vampire Hunter archetype or a Vampire Hunter prestige class. This book is a waste of space, a waste of money, and the developer should be ASHAMED with himself. When the ARTISTS put more EFFORT into a Tabletop RPG Manual than the actual material makers then you KNOW something's wrong with the company you once admired and adored. Either way, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS BOOK. It's not even worth the shipping fee let alone the full price.

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Huge disappointment.

Paizo Publishing has unfortunately given us another "Blood of the Night" with this manual. A good way to describe this book is a small amount of "fluff" and not even CLOSE TO ENOUGH "Crunch". The amount of info contained in this manual makes is barely worth the price you'll have to pay for purchasing it (if it's worth it at all). I really REALLY hate to say it but Wizards of the Coast did a MUCH BETTER job with Frostburn and this manual doesn't even BEGIN to measure up to that. The amount of "icy spells" a spellcaster can use can be counted on one hand as can each of the other categories the crunch falls into (aka weapons, armor, gear, etc etc). The fluff makes this BARELY WORTH WHILE yet we don't even get enough of that. All in all, if your obsessed with Paizo's products, go ahead and purchase this. Otherwise, just borrow a friend's copy. I'm so let down and disappointed by the utter and complete LACK OF EFFORT on part of the developers of this particular manual that I'm not even gonna give it a star rating (partially because I think it doesn't even measure up to 1-star).

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