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Excellent module, and potential campaign seed


D3 is an excellent module. From a holy ceremony gone wrong, our PCs will explore the buildings surrounding Clydwell Keep to then plunge within its depths to stop a catastrophic event of unbelievable proportions.

I particularly like the "siege" aspect of the module, in the sense that PCs are racing against time, trying to reach a location of extreme importance by fighting their way "behind enemy lines", exploring the Demon-occupied areas in the process and dealing with the aftermath of their invasion.

It's really effective when run straight out of the book, and can also act as a spark, a foundation for a mini-campaign (by adding encounter areas and other things to do while the PCs make their way to the adventure's gullet to its end point), or a huge epic (with possible long term ramifications of the module's ending).

All around, the ambiance is there, the pace is sustained, the flavor ideas are great, and it's all a springboard from which many great game sessions could come alive. Recommended product. 5 stars.

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Fantastic Game Variants for High Fantasy D&D


The Collected BOXM certainly will remain as one of the greatest game variants to D&D itself, in my opinion, along with Arcana Unearthed, Pathfinder, True20 and others.

The changes are selective but dramatically change the game play. Healing becomes target-based instead of cleric-based, characters get feats every level, spell levels now match character levels (from 1 to 20th level spells), wizards don't run out of magical things to do while still retaining the Vancian magic system as a base for increasing power and abilities.

I think it would have been premature to take Pathfinder as a base since the final rules are not even published. It is, furthermore, totally possible to get a Pathfinder sorcerer concept going with BOXM as a pure Wizard, with the inventive use of some Bloodline feats.

A word of caution, however: this clearly is a game variant destined towards people who are already familiar with the 3.5 rules. The multiplication of feats, spells and other game components makes the game significantly more complex to approach (though easier to play in the end for the initiated). This is not a good product to bring people to gaming, in my opinion.

Now, that said, this is totally awesome. If you were the kind of player or DM interested in thoughtful variants to the base D&D game with Unearthed Arcana, Arcana Unearthed and others, this book is for you.

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A good campaign starting point


I really like this Pathfinder Chronicles resource. It is a small enough area to get a party of 1st level characters going without having to go through the intricacies of Golarion, the campaign setting itself, while providing enough details for a whole lot of adventuring if the DM chooses so.

I agree that the maps have some issues, like the lack of a scale, but was less bothered by the discrepancies between the general map and the details in the book itself, since I tend to treat those maps as "medieval" in nature, that is, imperfect, drawn by people observing the landscape rather than using satellite imaging, which leads to various interpretations and representations of the landmass.

Along with Crown of the Kobold King and its follow-up, Carnival of Tears, the Last Baron's module series, it really makes for an interesting, contained (and thus old school in nature) setting.

A Great Gygaxian Boxed Set


Basically everything Pat said is true. It is an enormous amount of gaming material you get with this boxed set. At this price, it is a bargain. Along with CZ vol. 1 - Yggsburgh, this becomes a fantastic vanilla/"old school" Gygaxian setting to use.

It's definitely medieval/early Renaissance in feel, more so than any 3.x settings ever were.

The maps are great, the information provided is pertinent and will appeal to the thinking DM. The style is definitely Gary's through and through, along with the use of archaic words, weird names and witty humour.

It's a truly fitting exit for Gary to come back to his first dungeon once more. It is written for Castles & Crusades but contains information to use it with AD&D/older editions of the game.

This is a brilliant product. Get it if you can.

A next step towards a great fantasy game


Pathfinder RPG basically is a reprint of the D&D 3.5 rules with a few added tweaks and fixes to issues the fans of the game often complained about.

It overall is an excellent Beta game which adds flavor and playability to the original rules while keeping its feel and versatility intact.

I can't recommend having a look at these rules enough. Playtest the crap out of them and share your feedback on the Paizo message boards!

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Perfect companion to the Critical Hit deck


This is a great prop for any 3.X game. It adds a little bit of surprise and "game" aspect into your sessions, which will either please or displease players depending on their gaming style(s).

I know my players loved both Critical Hit and Fumble decks. I'm glad to stick to 3.X and Pathfinder RPG, if only to be able to still use these props! *grins*

More seriously though. The mechanics are sound, the production value very high (a common trait of Paizo products in general). If you like the idea of cards for special effects in RPG sessions, you will love this.

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Excellent resource for any game


The production value is very high, the art inspiring. Like all the other items cards, this particular set is great.

Despite it's specifics regarding the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, these cards are perfectly usable in any of your home campaigns.


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Great Gimmick for you game tables!


The organization and ideas behind the Harrow Deck (using the alignments as "colors" of the deck) are great, the production value very high.

I wasn't a fan of this artist before owning this deck. I was a little anxious while waiting for it in the mail. Now that I got it, I can honestly say that he did an amazing job on this product.

Well done!

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Hauntings in search for El Dorado


Hauntings that remind us of the Skinsaw Murders. A harsh search for a city lost to tales and legends of the height of Thassilon. A feel of wonder and otherworldliness at the edge of the world, with giants, lamias, magic, politics... and all sorts of ruins to explore. Riches beyond belief, and the looming, quasi-Cthulhian threat of a Runelord trapped between two worlds overhead.

This is total, complete awesomeness.

The articles complement the plot well (stats of the Runelord -I love the Classic Evil archmage feel to him- and managing harsh cold environments).

The monster roster is outstanding. I particularly appreciate the several samples of "lamia-kin" included. The Denizens of Leng are great too.

Overall, a great finale for Rise of the Runelords. I wouldn't have had it any other way!

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Pure Awesomeness


This adventure basically presents a seven-in-one mid/high level dungeon for the PCs to explore and ultimately defeat.

The politics of the place and events that precede the PCs' arrival are well detailed and compelling - it gives a real feeling of "life" to a place that would otherwise have felt dull and static.

The villains are all original in their own right. The challenges interesting and very "typical" for that kind of arcane dungeon for higher level characters. This is classic with a bunch of twists, which makes for great game play.

The Magic of Thassilon article is excellent.

The Cult of Lamashtu article is one of the best cult descriptions I've ever read in a D&D product. This makes the issue worth it on its own, to me. Absolute BLISS for a fan of ancient religions like me. Kudos for Sean Reynolds on this one. I'm very, very impressed.

The roster of monster is alright. Some very good, others less. But overall good.

Globally, this is one of the best issues of Pathfinder to date. Some of the material included here is a must-have for any Golarion fan.

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Another Good Issue - Campaign Plot becomes repetitive


I found the plot weak at the beginning. After attacks of Goblins and Ogres, the whole "siege" theme starts to get repetitive. I didn't enjoy that part very much, even if the scale was much broader.

This is just the beginning though. The rest of the adventure is particularly good, with some memorable encounters and creatures.

Lots of highs, some lows, overall it is still a great adventure.

The articles on Stone Giants and Dragons of Golarion are absolutely outstanding. The roster of creatures is great. I'm not a big fan of fiction, but that's okay to me.

Another win for the Pathfinder team!

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Good Issue


Strangely enough, the inbred, wonderfully disgusting "logueness" of this issue didn't repulse me as much as I thought it would. That makes me curious as to what type of content was excluded from the final text!

The best part of the adventure, I think, is the relative free-form management of a fort the PCs can take care of after liberating it from its monstrous occupiers. This goes along with some advice on how to run the upkeep of a fort in the game.

The whole plot is extremely detailed and vibrant. It's alive.

The roster of creatures included with this issue is extremely useful. Great value there as well.

I give it a "4", probably because I was somehow expecting more in the ways of horror and disturbing creepiness, as well as a more original plot (this adventure is all in all very classic for D&D), after the Skinsaw Murders.

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I find the idea of selling previews $20 US totally preposterous.

The layout and art may be nice, but nothing can justify that kind of marketing approach. This is just a cheap shot destined to sell half-baked products between 3.5 and 4E.

Fellow gamers, please don't buy into that strategy.

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Good urban adventure


It's simple, straightforward, and very flavorful. The encounters, the villain, it's all classic and yet stuffed with twists which will make the whole experience worthwhile at the game table.

I found the investigation part too linear, personally, which can bring a risk of railroading, but nothing a vigilant DM can't avoid: there is enough room between the different encounters to customize the investigation and make it feel like it fits the players' style.

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Excellent Old-School Dungeon


Yes, this is mainly a dungeon, and it started as a delve. It's the "D" series, as in "Dungeons", after all!

The flavor is excellent, the dungeon deadly with an old-school feel on several levels, among which the sci-fi undertones and the rooms with each specific traps/problematics to be solved.

This is a good dungeon crawl. You might not appreciate if you want to purchase a "story". If you are an old-schooler, you can invest with confidence: you'll find the module well designed.

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Very Good Issue


The adventure in itself is outstanding. Creepy, entertaining, well balanced between investigations, fights and exploration... that's all good.

There is one minor flaw: the very pretty Magnimar map with keys and locations that do not match, as well as problems of orientation (one text mentions a migration of an NPC south, and the map shows the district thus created in the West of the river).

There's also a small question of thematic: I really appreciated the description of Desna and her cult. This is a great job, really. I would have appreciated something more fitting the creepy/horror genre of the adventure though. Lamashtu, or Ghaur (or Ghauth? Spelling may be off - it's described as some sort of horrific mosquito half-god of bloodsuckers and sickenesses) would have been a better fit. Something more relevant to the rest of the volume.

These are both minor issues to me, but it's enough for me to award 4 instead of 5 stars for this volume. Got to start getting tough on the marking for further improvements, here! :)

Incredible Mega-Module


It's THE Classic mega-module of AD&D. You can either play it as a pure dungeon crawl or role-playing-laden campaign.

Your choice. Ultimately, the feel of T1-4 will hugely depend on the way the module is used by the DM. Run it as-it-stands, without creativity, and it can become dry very quickly. Use it as a spring-board for your imagination, whether as a suite of devious challenges and combat or as a saga of the destiny of Hommlet, the village from where the adventure starts, and the lands surrounding it, and you've got years and years of gaming ahead of you.

I know a group of players who has been using it for literally decades. I'm talking 25 years here. And they're still running it with children, grand-children, friends of the original player-characters. Amazing.

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Another Great Kobold


Cool issue. Love the Assassin (great replacement for D&D's PrC or Thieves' World base class), the alternate abilities for Paladins. The ecology was a nice read, as the interview of WAR.

Good stuff all around. Keep up the good work!

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A Fierce and Friendly Kobold


This magazine does exactly what it's set out to do: provide a magazine for gamers, by gamers, in a familiar, small-scale but high quality fashion.

The style of the magazine certainly will remind some of the first issues of Dragon. The feel is there, the good writing is present, there's nothing wrong that could be said about this issue, besides a few very minor things here and there (nothing out of the ordinary for a first issue, though).

If you want an alternative to the mammoth DI, something that's close to your interests as a DnD gamer, something that talks to you with a direct, friendly voice, this is what you are looking for right here.

It's alright, I guess


I always found the reputation of Midnight to be way overrated.

Sure, the setting is alright, but beyond the basic twist that "evil won the war", there's a big void filled with clichés.

People always compare the setting with JRR Tolkien's Middle-Earth where Sauron would have won. I get the basic tolkienesque vibe of the setting, but this is no Middle-Earth to me. It has none of the charm, none of the depth of Tolkien's world. It's a pastiche, a watered-down version of the real thing to me.

The rules are okay, but not really ground-breaking. I always found the weakening of magic to be a weak excuse for DM who are afraid of wizards at their game table and just change the rules to better control the game.

Really, Midnight does have a public. Some people genuinely enjoy it. I just don't.

Decent if you're not picky


Of course, this game is more based on the movies than the actual book, but it does its job well. The rules don't particularly suck, the archetypes and themes of the mechanical treatment recreate rather well the ambiance of the LOTR... It's alright as long as you're not picky.

If you can't stand other wizards on Middle Earth than the Istari, for instance, this is not the game you want to play LOTR, simply because PCs can play magic users. That's just an example. If you feel your skin crawl when you read this, you can forget about this game. If you're okay/can make sense of that, chances are you won't be disappointed.

Great product to start RPGs


The system is simple and elegant, the boxed set provides everything you need to start right away, including the adventure and dice. Perfect.

To be it simply, this is the Mentzer D&D basic game of today. You know what they say : "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". How many of us have been introduced to the game with the red box? So do your little brothers, cousins, children a favor... if you want them to start role-playing, get this product for them. You'll be thankful, believe me.

Intuitive Game


A very good game but not for everyone. If you've got a GM who can take a step back from the rules and runs the game in an inviting, intuitive way, and players who can run their characters without trying to "break the game" or go crazy with their character abilities, this might be the game for you. If you love mythology, legends, epic stories with Gods and Heroes shattering the world in some huge battle deciding the fate of a whole universe, this is definitely the game you want.

If you like rules without loopholes, add all the different modifiers you can on a die roll, and you just want to kill stuff and loot, that's not the best of games.

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Timeless Classic


Call of Cthulhu is one of the Great Old Ones, these classics of RPG history. It hasn't lost any of its appeal down the years. The mechanics are simple, the ambiance is definitely there, and Lovecraft's Mythos provides this "little something" that makes it different from countless other horror RPGs.

If you want to be able to say you know anything about RPGs, just like D&D, Vampire and a few other classics, you have to get and play this game.

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