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In the first part and final encounter there is a giant hook fly with the ablility Brood spawn. She uses the entangled bodies to collect blood and drain constiturion. Is it possible for her to do this twice if she survives the slashing damage it causes her?

The way it's described makes me wonder if she can use this skill on one of the poor player characters afterwards.

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I've got Mummy's mask. Will I be able to play The Curse of the Crimson Throne expansion with this or do I have to get the new core box as well?

I really like the content in this module but it is rather railroaded. I'd much rather have the players feeling as they have options and may decide what to do when. There are some side quests with missing persons and wolf activity in the area that seem to be glued to the main story. Perhaps these could be used to introduce the players to the main story instead? Any ideas of how to make the module a bit more sandboxy?

Hi! I'm new to Pathfinder and about to run Gallows of Madness with just 3 players. I've understood that most modules are meant to be played with four players so this might be bit of a challenge to them. The module has information for how to scale the adventures for 2nd level characters which is handy. So here's my two questions:

1. Should I make any changes or can adventure 1 be played as is at level 1 and adventure two at level two? Or should I make any changes further on?
2. As the xp-progression will be faster with only three players it seems they will end up at level 3 just in time for the third and last adventure in this mini-campaign. Can a party of three play this at level three, even if it's meant for level 2, party of four?

I'd be grateful for any help!

It's actually taking place in a classroom at a magic school. The teacher has been attacked by the mimic and is lying unconscious on the floor when the heroes arrive. The mimic is hiding in plain sight disguised as a lectern, waiting for the heroes to do what it couldn't, find the spellbook.

I'll let them be able to tell through perception checks that the lectern is stained, healing checks and knowledge dungeoneering can give them clues as well. Also, there's a chance they'll find the real lectern hidden in a closet.

I guess I can always decide the HP on the fly to make the fight difficult enough. Running away really isn't an option here as they're on a mission to find the spellbook.

Thanks for all advice!

deuxhero wrote:
There's a few ways to squeeze the CR system (for example, the PCs are only expected to do a single fight that day), but this definitely seems like a TPK. Mimic isn't even weak for CR4 (as "trick" monster occasionally are) going by averages. Even 4 barbarians with greatswords and max strength (~13 damage, +7 to hit vs. 16 AC) will have difficulty just dealing sufficient damage (they need ~8 attacks since they miss roughly half the time.) and that's ignoring that the mimic is fighting back.

It's called "Beginner box bash - Tomes".

It's surprising to see this kind of encounter in a beginner module. Therefore I supposed there was an explanation. The only help the players have is a special mixture found in the room to remove the mimics adhesive ability. But as you mentioned, it still has AC 16, 52 HP and grapples when it bites.

I'm thinking I'd let it be injured from its earlier fight. Lowering the HP to half or something like that. There's also a burning hands trap the players most likely will set off which could hurt it as well. You think this would be enough?

I'm about to introduce a couple of first time roleplayers to this fantastic hobby. I've GMd alot before but not Pathfinder even if I'm kind of familiar with the system. We're taking on one of the beginner box bash scenarios where the heroes fight a Mimic. It has a CR of 4 which to me seems quite tough. Will a group of three be able to handle that fight?

Reverse wrote:

1. Yep, it's a problem (particularly if the PC group has nothing in common outside of Lamm, as the following anarchy sort of encourages you to split up and go home - several groups have collapsed under this). You can fix it one of two ways: A) make it clear to the players that the AP is about the party facing a series of threats to Korvosa, not just Lamm, and they should make characters interested in the ongoing stability of Korvosa. B) Remove Lamm from the fishery and put him deeper into the module (replacing Vreeg at the end of the Dead Warrens), with a string of clues and actions elsewhere in the module bringing them closer to Lamm and taking down his organisation. By the time they get to the end of the Book, they should be a more tied together party. There's plenty of good threads on the forum about doing exactly this. (For my game, we moved Lamm into Book 2 instead - there's a lengthy actual play podcast on the forums of it).

2. Mmmm... yes, it is foreshadowing, but that foreshadowing is how you meet all the important NPCs of the city, and invest people enough in the city to continue through the horrors of Book 2. And all these quests are about stabilising the city and establishing a rep, which needs to happen.

1. Thanks for the advice with Lamm in the Dead Warrens. I can see this being a possible solution. Still I don't want to make the campaign longer than it already is. Might be the city guard has a lead that happens to coincide with that certain quest.

Also, did you give the players the guide before play and let them all now about the use of Lamm as a way to tie them together? I really would like to use the guide but it feels a bit revealing with everyone knowing that this is the glue.

2. Ok. I appreciate the foreshadowing but it will probably be hard to motivate the players to do fetch quests like All the meat and Eels end for the city guard. Dead Warrens could be tied to Lamm instead of course. Unless they really care for the city, which helping the guard kinda is. I guess you're right, I just prefer the campaign to not drag too much and be a bit more focused. I really like the way they did this in the audio sessions from Big Finish.

3. Any ideas here to make them suspect Davaulus and the physicians for foul play? A clue or two to make them work for it...

New to the forum and not sure if I'm posting this in the right place.

I've found alot of help regarding the campaign here but I still have plenty of questions. I have the new hardcover edition and I've read the first two parts. Let's start withe these questions:

1. It's obvious that it's important to tie the player characters to the city. The crimson throne player's guide seems great but it kinda gives away the Gaedren Lamm hook. Everyone will know this is what ties them together even before we start and then expect him to be the goal. Did you find this a problem?

2. It seems in Edge of Anarchy all the side quests Croft gives the players are just foreshadowing and could easily be skipped. Apart from the Shingles one they don't really add anything. All the meat in the world especially. Eels end is nice and maybe this could be where a runaway Lamm could be found. Perhaps The Dead Warrens is needed for introducing Rolth. Listening to the audio version these weren't even there. Am I missing something here?

3. In Seven days to the grave I'm having a hard time finding what clues are expected to make the players suspect Davaelus and the physicians? The sunken boat gives them the cult name and meeting the sick girl might make them suspect it's the coins that started the disease to spread, but why would they investigate the physicians? In the audio version two characters get sick and are taken to the sick house which is a solution. What's your take on this?

More to come...