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Most of us have lives, so we game every third Saturday, CST. We use Discord to message during the week. The game is using the PF1E Core Rulebook and the three out of four classes from Unchained. The players are still second level.

There's a few other things I have as parameters, but at level three and less, it isn't real massive. Our campaign is taking place in The Lost Lands. If you're interested, click this link.

The supplement I'm looking for might be from Purple Duck. I am looking for a booklet that takes the rogue, and stuffs the Ki powers and abilities of the ninja, and the things from Vigilante, into Rogue. Is there such a thing?

Years ago, Jason Eric Nelson had a version of this damage dealer out and about on these forums. My google-fu isn't what it should be, and I'm quite okay with that. I come here to seek guidance, and if you good people of the interwebz can help me.

Here's the idea. Running a game online...thinking about, maybe having some players at the table. The laptop will be focused on the will have a second google account, for keeping an eye on the battle mat. Will have items on Google Docs, like a Game Reference, and hope the players upload their character sheets to that after every game...

Would that work?

I read the hardcover of the 2nd edition playtest. I really appreciate a lot of things you try to speed up or streamline. In my games, I think most GM's do this, in their own tableslang. Most of the time I'm interacting with players at the table, I try to keep it in character as much as possible. I do understand the conventions why you wrote the playtest as you did.

But between the skill rewrites and how the classes now have their own feats, I really liked the first edition of the game. It isn't that you lost a customer, I'm sure that I'm still going to buy adventures or supplements that enrich my table experience. The underlying ruleset which so many seem to complain about, I really enjoy. I can say that my table rose over 15th level over nine campaigns, so the high level gaming never angered me with some of the moving parts that aren't visible at first or low levels.

The reason 'why' I liked the first edition of the game was just how intuitive it felt. A master rogue made a trap, it will have a 40DC to find and a 42 to disarm. For me, as a GM, that sounds pretty epic. Maybe it is the numbers the numbers the numbers.

The meat within the math is significant enough to where a first level character can expect to do so much in my campaign world, but should not try to be so objectively foolhardy. A dwarven ranger hunting his chosen foe in his favored terrain has a few more advantages than a vanilla human fighter. A high level party should have the capacity to push for things they want to achieve. "We are going to find the vampire that gave this ravener ritual to Malerix, and avenge our loss to our purse."

It might be that I haven't played enough of PF2, certainly if a game started that was available to me and my schedule, I would play. Rarely do I know of other groups that would play once every three weeks.

As a GM, I really am going to support the game I want to run. It isn't anything of a personal slam to anyone who devoted time to making PF2 a reality. I would consider your efforts to continue refining the game quite noble, and you shouldn't interpret it any other way.

Way back ten years ago, we had an alpha book at our disposal for our home games. We were asked to just let the good folks know about how our home games performed, if we could. They set a record with this test, and Paizo turned a limited edition alpha test book turn into a hardcover core rulebook.

The changes to our game were not that severe. The big thing that I remember was, the prestige classes seemed to take a hit from the 3.5/3.0. I remember asking players to just roll with it for one campaign, and for the other campaign, to revert to the 3.5 numerical gymnastics. We will figure it out, we're gamers.

We had a lot of concerns from my tables. A lot of the players at the FLGS seemed to have this "I'm just gonna play 2nd edition of the world's greatest RPG...". I didn't think that was a good solution, no matter how great the past games looked in rose-colored glasses. I wanted to believe that maybe someone had some ideas which could reel in some of the power creep which clearly eclipsed what I wanted the players to fear for their characters.

Power creep, I've found out, it easier to deal with when you set limits for what you want at your table. It's why when I run home games, I don't really allow every book in current edition at the table. Plus it gives a reason to find a third party, "Cough- Raging Swan Press, Louis Porter Designs, Frog God Games, Owen KC Stevens," suitable to fill a special slot at your table.

Gary and Dave both wrote extensively, "You control the table." That means anything from a few words rewritten for your game, to working on ten level rewrite so a class could fit in to your home game. It also meant, "You have the power to say no, and to run with what you're comfortable with."

That right there is a radical thought. It invites you denying something how a player wants to see his character progress from a retail book, to how you want to see him develop a similar character in your private campaign world. When you think of the restrictions in PFS, it might make better sense to some of you.

As a game master, you have to be the one to take some time, review rules, and evaluate how they will impact your home game. You can figure out usually, that most of the things between the hardcovers that you are buying, are exactly worded how you want them to be, on first read through.

Paizo trusted you enough to help you design classes with the help of the last chapter of the ACG. With the information within, your own common sense, and the contract you have with your players at your table, that should be able to help direct you in your study for how you want to run your table.

It doesn't matter if you have to redo a prestige class, does it? What is more important? Making a person at your table upset by being an iron fisted tyrant behind the GM shield, or finding a way to have fun together?

I am seeing things on the blog of Paizo's that I'm excited about (Cleric looks AWESOME!), and the thing about goblins being a core race...meh, they provide experience points. But that's what to expect. We should expect to have an alpha document that we probably aren't going to be 100% happy with, which is why it is indeed called an 'Alpha.'

I was curious what people had in mind when set pieces were going on...

I run a long-standing Lost Lands game that is still going strong. I have a vacancy for a second game I would love to start. I live in San Antonio, have a good-sized front room for six or seven players to sit and enjoy the game. There's enough room and horizontal space for me to set a battle mat down, and for them to flop open a laptop. I have a great wifi set up, that won't be tested by you, your seven phones, and web access, otherwise...

But I want to continue gaming and have another day for this activity. I love to run, I have a lot of figures, a lot of story threads in my head, plus the super-difficult ones that FGG has published to my delight. I think it's time to ask for a Friday night game. I run once every three weeks, due to work. I run for about six or eight hours. I can be convinced that Saturday would be acceptable, too.

Here is some additional information about my campaign. Note, I'm not super excited about the ACG or ARG. I like the Tolkienesque or Barrier Peaks kind of games, though this is not Dwimmermount.

Bruce Lombardo's Deviance's for His Pathfinder Game

For my game, I have few things different that I do in my games, than the 'official' games you find at Pathfinder Society Games. I don't discount the validity of those games, I don't disagree with the mass-appeal of such games. I'm not running for thousands, to keep thousands happy.

For my table, I do a few things that remind players of the days gone by; of magenta boxes and crayons included to get the numbers to reveal themselves better on the new die packaged with the game. I hope you understand and you want to experience the world and work I want to share with you. I would want to evoke a feel of exactly what we felt like when we cracked the box for the first time, way back in the day. I don't want to feel like we're fumbling in the dark for the rules, and such, but I do want that feeling that the table had, during our exploration of the Caves of the Unknown.

I'm not pining for games like this all of the time, but for the game I run to be at a comfortable power level. I do some things which are done quite a bit in the OSR-style of games that gained favor in the early 2010's. I also am willing to concede some things to the newer style of games that Pathfinder RPG has blossomed in to.

I do this, I write this, because I feel that every table does this in some form or fashion. Some use the CRB to excess along with the website (you know which one I'm talking about), others go on urges by the referee or dungeon master, not really stopping to check the rules every five minutes, but willing to 'come on, let's frigging game already!'

I should note, I cuss. Sometimes like a sailor that stubbed his toe, sometimes rarely. Please leave my table if you find yourself offended; I think those folk find fault with everything. I'm out to have a fun time, but I'm not conceding in any mannerisms to make you feel like there's such a thing as a 'safe-space.' You're playing an RPG with a person who likes the style of game that begat this hobby. Don't let this hamstring you from playing my game, or feel like you're forced to play this. Every butt has a seat, and I won't take offense if you decide my game isn't for you. I use the themes (if not the revised rules) from the original games in general; Everything written by the rule writers is merely a guideline. It's a practiced guideline, but a guideline, nonetheless. If something isn't well for the table, we're not using it. I like to live to excess, and I want my games to be fun, but gritty and grimy, as well.

The Set-in-Stone rules that I have for MY table are as follows.


Don't touch other people's dice. Mine or your neighbors, you don't do that unless you have permission. That said, ability scores at level one are lower here than other places.

You have the character sheet (or blank spiral) in front of you. If you're playing off a tablet, do me a favor and shoot me emails with it as an enclosure, after every game. I know that sounds like a crazy thing, but the emails actually save your ass when your electronic device gives up the ghost (as it will do at some point).

Character Creation is done for this for your ability scores. You either roll them at my table, or you record a video and get it in front of me. Three die six, as they fall. If you feel like your character isn't good enough for you to roleplay as, I understand...but I notate the number of abortions you have and the amount of negative karma the group will go through will be affected throughout the campaign.

That sounds just absolutely crazy, but I'm not really going to wait four hours for you and your magic die to finally give me the opportunity to run my game. A lot of s@&@ can go south real fast in a game, and I prefer to enjoy myself as a person who's a fan of the world I run in (Frog God Games, buddy)! I don't think you want to have the misnomer of “I rolled forty characters into the grave before I was happy with my ability score!”

For the Gray-beards in my neck of the woods, I don't use the statistic, Comeliness. While I liked the idea of actually having a statistic of 'how pretty you are,' I wasn't needing it in what I ran. I need players that understand Role-play. Please approach my game like an opportunity to socialize with friends and have fun at the table. We might even have a combat! Between those two things and all the paperwork of having an actual character, I don't need to focus on the fact that Paladins of X sect require “high pretty pretty princess” scores for their Comeliness...I think that's probably not what I want.

You might want to have a yellow stickie available for during game times, instead of erasing things like 'hit points' and such...I'm just trying to help.


To keep it simple, I allow all races from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Over the course of time, through the game, one person or the whole party, may open up an opportunity to create a character of a certain type of race, but unless it's CRB, it's locked until then. There are plenty of options for people to create something like what they would want to play in an established gaming world, that has been around for thirty years or more.

From time to time, a narrative reason will open up for something unusual. I don't mind doing that when the story that is being played among us, unfolds in a natural sense. Most players just want to play 'something.' But forcing a race that is all-but-absent from the game at my's not a welcome mindset. There are tables out there that want a party that is more varied than a game of Tales of the Floating Vagabond, but it doesn't fit the theme of the game which I desire to run.


You have your ability scores, you have your modifications that your scores are adjusted with. This is where the rubber meets the road, for me. Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide are wonderful places to start the game with. Occasionally, I'll allow a non-oriental class or archetype in from Ultimate Magic or Ultimate Combat. I'm not a fan of the traditional Oriental game that pervades many tables throughout d20-style game history. Usually, it's someone from Iowa, writing about Ninjas after reading through the book, Real Ultimate Power.

That said, I do have various cultures in the game world where you will occasionally have access to create a character from that local area. There are alternative archetypes specifically for the Pathfinder-version of the Lost Lands Campaign setting...

It's a narrative, a shared story, and some characters are not available from the first page of the first chapter. Other hardcovers that are published by Paizo are equally great, for their respective games. I usually don't allow them in due to the theme and the scope of the game I have planned. As the games progress, you'll see that I allow some classes to be put in play.

On archetypes, it's a case by case basis. I have a lot higher acceptance for them than I do the majority of the classes that are involved with the last couple of years of the game. The archetypes remind me of the 'kits' that are from the 2nd edition of the game, and they are as useful.


So I finally read the Skills and Options chapter from Pathfinder Unchained. There are some parts from this that I'm importing into my game. Here's what is kip.

Background skills are a no-go. While it looks really good, I don't see any reason to implement this. My games do have downtime, and this allows the players to do their studying or keeping abreast of guild affairs, or whatever affiliations they might have, they're participating in those, or studying that knowledge skill to get another rank to max it out.

Grouped skills, again, this is a no-go. There's nothing about these that interest me in my game. There is bookkeeping, and I do appreciate the amount of it for the game I want to run. I'm okay with players not having a character sheet, but use a whole spiral to notate their exploits, their statistics, everything. Don't feel like you're constrained to a single double-sided paper for your alter-ego.

Craft and profession expansion...oh my. Paizo hit pay dirt with this. It gives you the information you need in order to play to your strengths. I used this to a point, up until I read this. Now...I definitely understand the wonderful vague and open demeanor of craft-performance-profession.

Skill Unlocks. These are part-and-parcel of the new Unchained Rogue. For those of you in my game, please be aware, if you buy the feat, you get to reap these rewards. They're worth it.

Variant Multiclassing...nope. If you want to multiclass, you know how it works. And you Dragon Disciple people that whine that I don't allow the bloodrager, get over it. In my opinion, the Dragon Disciple is the weakest PrC that is official. You get dragon at 10th level and there's not much that really changes. I understand, you want to play the game and have the character in your head at our table, but there are better PrC's out there. And I'm thinking really hard on letting go on the replacement DD class that I have been thinking about.


There's not too much I'm changing in my game, versus what other games have. The major piece that I'm happy to talk about is this. Since I've had my game going in the 'beta-softcover' stage, I'm of the mindset that keen and Improved Critical should stack. I know, in official games, they don't. This is far from an official game; but it's like every other game, because every group has their quirks. I'm not impressed that you can see characters with a critical range of 8-20 (Justicar of Muir with a rapier or scimitar). Those characters usually put themselves in a melee or a bad spot and get overconfident.

Play smart, please.

Also, the feat, Skill Focus, now also makes the chosen skill a class skill, if it isn't already.
A note about archetypes...Should you choose a archetype that gets rid of something you'd like to have later... Since the start of Third Edition of the World's Most Popular Role-playing Game TM , a feat is something, or defined, that allows you to break the rules 'just a little' for your character.

Say you have a rogue and you go for 'Dagger Master' archetype of rogue. You give up Trapfinding at first level. The one thing that part and parcel is what makes Rogues iconic in this game (and the one special ability that seems to be exchanged for every rogue archetype), is what you commonly give up. And that is pretty much, every archetype. I'm not against the archetypes, in fact, I love them.

But say there's something that you want later. You can burn a feat after the point in your character's existence for a class ability in my game, called 'Night School.'

Night School is a feat where you have to have a prerequisite of having a class ability that you don't have access to due to an archetype. Night School allows you to use 'off camera' time to get access to that feat. The class ability gained back from Night School cannot be part of a chain, like a non-standard, ninth-level fighter trying to get his mobility back by having his Night School cover Armor Mastery 2. A third-level Rogue that is a Dagger Master archetype can use his third-character level feat to take Trapfinding, since it isn't part of a chain.

Once you're finished with filling out the details of your class, I will go through the background generator from Ultimate Campaign. There are other generators available, and I'm pretty impressed with some. That said, I'm not using them for my game.

The APG (Advanced Players Guide) and the website that is universal has rules for our traits. These are in place at every game we have, mainly because they do help with flavor at minimal impact with the mechanics. The traits have traditionally been viewed as half-feats, and when you scramble them down to mechanics, they do exactly that.
In Summary
I hope that this wasn't too long, but after a few decades, I felt like this was something I needed to print for my game. The creators and rule lawyers that have pontificated and argued about this game over the years, they have created a wonderful opportunity for many like us to gather around and enjoy each other's company.

What is it that causes your armor class to go up after a sneak attack? The victim getting hit causes your armor class to improve...


I have slots available on Monday afternoons in my year long game in the Slumbering Tsar Saga. Two of my longer term players are moving to Ohio, and I would like to continue the game. We meet on Mondays, afternoons to close, at Dragons Lair, in San Antonio on Fredericksburg Road.

The game is currently around 12th level, and we're on a slow experience progression.

I have slots available on Monday afternoons in my year long game in the Slumbering Tsar Saga. Two of my longer term players are moving to Ohio, and I would like to continue the game. We meet on Mondays, afternoons to close, at Dragons Lair, in San Antonio on Fredericksburg Road.

The game is currently around 12th level, and we're on a slow experience progression.

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I'm in. Slumbering Tsar seems to have my players in a lot of death and destruction, which is fine, because it's a great campaign. Rappan Athuk is my favorite dungeon crawl of all time. Their Sword of Air is just an amazing sandbox to construct two or three campaigns before they actually discover the Sword of Air campaign threads.

And now they're talking about Gingunapap or Ragnarok or something akin to a Viking/Norse goodness. So I did what I always like doing. I buy FGG. If you're a DM that likes great, rewarding adventures, and your players seem to turn every other AP into a treadmill of experience that makes the characters higher level....

Try this.

I run a Frog God Games Campaign. I'm looking for someone who's willing to join a few people in their quest in the Stoneheart Mountain Dungeon. is how you would contact me. Subject line, Pathfinder game.

My friend Mike and his wife Liz stopped by today. We're going to be doing the uploads to YouTube again from the tableside. Unedited, rants included. If it's something you're into, hey, come check it out.

That combines the bardic performances and clerical channeling ability and increases them over the ten levels?

Paladin is required to use ten uses of Lay on Hands to resurrect someone.

And the way I usually do that is I start statting up the characters of popularity in the world. So what do you guys think of a Lich 20 Arcanist/20 Oracle of Life 20/Mystic Theurge 10. I'm just wanting to get some feedback, as I would have him be one of the 12 individuals that players would have an idea about, but not specifics.

And literally, he could be one of those individuals, who literally handles things by proxy now.

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Hey, I just saw that Scarred Lands are back and they have a free 3rd level adventure which is wholly PF compatible that was released the 21st!

For those of you that are wondering, its from Onyx Path Publishing. These guys have the rights for Scarred Lands (which makes me happier than when I found out that Pathfinder was the heir to 3.5) and they look like they are trying to get their campaign some serious support. Some products of theirs are on Drive Thru along with the earlier 3.0 and 3.5 material. That and their compatibility license should mean that most of us that enjoyed the narrative of that campaign can dust off their old books (if they were really retired, anyway) and get a new campaign together.

If anyone from Onyx Path is reading this, I have to say one thing. TGoS is easily a four star product on a once-over. Great layout, good imagery, good flow of how the module should be. I haven't run it yet, the thing is still warm from the download and it's five in the morning.

If you enjoyed Scarred Lands, do yourself a favor. Download this. It's easily a game-changer for your table and probably will get your creative juices flowing if you never heard about that campaign before. For those that did run it, it looks like they are rebooting it as it's been a few years since most of us saw new product.

Congrats to Onyx Path and welcome to the table.

The original of this sits proudly in my "unplayed" category. I enjoy reading it, I pull from it, but it seems like every time I start to set a campaign in this, it is only a couple of sessions before the players decide to get out of town.

It's laid out well. It's set up smnartly.

But I think it's the cover of the first version of this that scares the bejeezus out of them. They don't want to have to deal with such a possibility of an undead magic user (arcane or divine).

Without ado, I must say that, you newer gamemasters, find the link to get the PDF, and see for yourself if it is your cup of tea. If you don't mind a little retro-mindedness in your game, you will find much to explore and live in a well-realized little community, and below it.

It's not Ptolus. But one could easily take the lessons from that tome and apply them here for a fun campaign. It was low magic, or lower magic in feel before. But it could easily be high magic and high adventure, along with having a home in an Iron Heroes campaign.

Enjoy, mine's on my next big order.

For those of you who saw the first in the series, The Raid: Redemption, I will give you the thumbs up to take your friends, family, and strangers who enjoy gory, violent films, to see this feature. Do not go if you don't like watching a movie longer than 90 minutes. Or if you don't like films that are subtitled.

The first forty minutes is a setup for everything to fall into place later. Saying that, the first forty minutes does not skip by, but it is a rather slow part of the movie. The last 110 minutes of the film are amazing and anyone who likes action movies will feel like they just sat down with a modern-day saga birthed by John Woo and Francis Ford Coppola.

Did anyone see this yet? I have the trailer burned in my skull and the score is pretty decent. What I really liked was the three film clips in one I found with some searching.

Any comments?

I know this may be of use to the staff here. I work for the company and we just updated our Seattle site to reflect the new changes. If you use it, let us know as we are getting ready to redo our testimonials portion of the website...

May all your hits be crits.

For Kingmaker, at the Gamer's Den in Corpus Christi. Saturdays, right now, every other. Find me there after 2pm.

=) Beer!

Now that I had my last game session in Illinois for the year, I'm headed home to pack up my gear and prepare for this weekend's trip to Texas. Funny how I didn't really care about packing things up until I was needing to wrap up my CotCT campaign (which rocked and is my favorite campaign of all time-mainly due to players).

Now that my gaming here is done, I'm looking at threads and there are some threads that I want to post in, but it isn't necessary. I'll buy UM once I get to the Den in Corpus. I'll wait for UC and offer some of the options to the table when I find a group down there.

But let me state that I wasn't really ready to move until my last night of gaming had ceased. I still felt connected to this place because of the tie I have with people I've known for three years. I'm bitter sweet about it, but I know that once I'm settled down there enjoying the good and the bad of coastal weather, I'll be fine.

I have to say you people are geniuses. Hyrum, Jason, the Jameses, Erik, Sean, all of you. You gave me a hell of a good time up here gaming my ass off while I watched the economy deplete the area of jobs. I would have stayed if I didn't feel like the opportunity for more wasn't available down in Texas, because of the gaming groups I have up here.

So one last time, thank you.

-Bruce Lombardo

This book is coming out tomorrow. I was lucky enough to get involved with the advance reading of this before it's release. I must say that I initially was like..."JRPG?"

But this book rocks. Seriously. And you'll probably read it more than once.

Here's the video review.

I am headed on vacation for a couple of weeks in the summer and want to know if there are any gamers around for a weekend night? They used to have a USN base in Ingleside which I was part of, but it closed, sadly.


8x11 assorted dungeon geomorphs, I think it is randomly packaged. 25 dollars gets you a package of this. Do we have a link for this? I think the people here would absolutely love this stuff.

Anyone? Anyone?

Or those that actually have been around a bit, a piece of bad news his the community a few days back and I thought I'd post this to here. Jolly and Barbara Blackburn, one of the founding families that makes the print magazine monthly, have just been hit by a massive emotional blow.

Their daughter, Amber, was in the hospital a few nights back, as seen in this thread. Sadly, she perished. I know that some of you don't get into K&C stuff, but for those that know what type of hell a gazebo can give a party, these people are part the big community of gamers. I would like to think that most of you are aware of this sad event already, but if you haven't, please drop a line here or to Jolly or Barbara on facebook.

I can't get on facebook right now, router is not having it...

do you have a email I could use to just respond to something? That's all and thank you.

So other know about this...some of you might not.

Enjoy, and please have fun, folks.

I run every Tuesday, CotCT. Fine game, love the game, awesome game. Good players, people show up on time largely, and the food is decent.

Every Monday, I'm in either Savage Tide or Kingmaker (now online for your pleasure).

So how do I go about this? I'm in the Skeletons of Scarwall portion of CotCT, and the other games I'm around 6th level.

But as a GM, I want to run everything! I want to run Legacy of Fire with the City of Brass boxed set. I want to play a PF game for once, too (one that doesn't end at 4th level or before such time)! I look at the wonderful folks at the 3pp's and I see Greg Vaughn...Greg, you do the Neccy Games stuff and I love that world!

I want to play through or run (either or) Maure for once!

And it comes down to I'll be doing this next year, screaming for time for Carrion Crown as I'm locked into dedicated nights of gaming versus work. Gah!

There are worse things to worry about, but this is the nature of my current moment, on my day off. I would love to have this to complain about for the rest of my days...

new stuff from the every other Monday of goodness.

I was wondering, a player wants to do the four winds plus the sacred mountain as a dwarven monk. I don't think I'll let him, but I wanted to ask you folks as neither one interferes with the other. I'd say "yes" to one or the other, but not both--unless I read some convincing arguments as to why this should be allowed.

Just asking.

I have a pc in game and was wondering for his sake what would be the best or even optimal build for a necromancer using PF products (sorry, we don't use any 3P stuff).

What would you folks suggest?

Beercifer wrote:

Every other week, we play through the Savage Tide Adventure Path. The final greatness from Dungeon magazine before it became a part of geek history. Right now, we're grinding as when you have eight player characters for eight players, you have a few times where you need to just help them 'level up'.

The group have been made aware of the fact that a young noble was kidnapped in the middle of the night. Her father gathers them for the morose news and job offer of getting her back. If the party can just drop the bag of jewels along a broken down cart along the eastern road into Magnimar, then follow the bandits back to their lair, then finding a happy ending might be possible.

He did state that he wasn't on good terms with his daughter. He did state that she was pregnant.

After the mercenaries interrogate the bag men, they locate the hideout of the kidnappers. It is in an old set of ruins to a forgotten diety (actually, Torag, but nobody in the group could roll past a ten on their knowledge for this). They proceed in, fighting the clock and hoping that this group isn't the group of cultists that are supposed to have their holy ritual on this very night.

As they press into the temple, they are rebuffed and beaten back by traps, then the undead awaken. Wraiths leave them scarred and they retreat back to town, scrounging for coppers to afford blessed potions of restoration. And they need six of them.

What will be Lyza's fate when they return to the temple?

Will she be dead on the altar? Will she be getting cut open like some sick ritual to Lamashtu as they fear?

Much thanks to Robert Lee for "cradle of madness", btw.

Beercifer wrote:

"Crying is a free action. My rogue proves that every time a combat breaks out. Cowering is still a move action."--Bruce Lombardo

The Pathfinder Adventure Path, Kingmaker, holds a host of interesting events as it unfolds. Brevoy, wanting to dispose of their more troubled nobility, looks south to the Stolen Lands and sees a potential buffer state between itself and numerous petty city-states which constantly war among one another. The call is ushered and many legacies respond by sending their more troublesome members to the mustering.

Sent south by the Dragonscale Throne in Brevoy, the adventurers made their way to Oleg's Trading Post in the month of Calistril. Immediately upon setting their eyes on the snow-covered plains and hills west of the Narmarches, the mercenary band was offered the task of protecting Oleg's from raiding bandits. The party actually survives the initial combat with said raiders, even though the favored nephew of the Dragonscale Throne almost gets himself killed when he charges single-handedly into the midst of the cutthroats and miscreants.

The mercenaries begin the civilization of the region, knowing that as they find capricious fey and humanoid allies, they will have to do everything they can to turn the locals against the tyranny of a drunken bandit lord. They find grigs, satyrs, and other nature-blessed entities willing to help if an equal effort of balance is made. A ruined temple to Erastil is found and the local cleric (once exiled from Brevoy) Jhod Kaven attempts to restore it, to prove to the locals that the mercenaries are indeed rural minded and not like the Abadar-worshipping city lovers of civilization.

The bandits respond by taking wagon trains of resources by the sword and leaving the dying along the hill leading to their fort. The zombies under the rage of decades rise and add to their number.

From this stems a see-saw war effort between two under-resourced enemies. The emissaries of the Dragonscale Throne combating the bandits of the Stag Lord...

posting game footage tonight...

I'm running three games, every two weeks. I run alternating Savage Tide/Kingmaker on Monday nights. Every Tuesday I run Curse of the Crimson Throne. The players I have on Mondays are experienced munchkins. They do everything they can to minimize the risk to themselves to the point of making me break out a Grimtooth every other month or every other week. On Tuesday, the group is primarily high school kids and three folks that are not in high school, veteran players.

So with my Kingmaker game, here are my complaints for it as it is written.


On my Savage Tide campaign, I feel like I have a little wiggle room as I have over twenty years of DMing under my belt. I know the script as it should be, but getting the players there without Second Darknessing them and having them realize it is my goal. It helps that someone recommended to me Cradle of Madness to help the PC's achieve level 5 (8 players, lots of kills with little xp to glean with that many characters).

Mind you, sending six wraiths to help out troublesome players in a cramped hallway was golden. It made me wish I had a drink for every "we're f***ed"--I would have been sloshed in the first minute of setting up the battle, hehe!

So with every playtest that comes to the fore, I allow the players to retool their characters in case they want to test the new options. Right now, nobody has decided to start the words of power, which disappoints me to a small degree. I like WoP. The ultimate combat playtest went alpha in the last 48 hours and I'm looking at it going, this looks fun.

A lot of criticism is angled at the three new playable alternate classes. Nice touch on not letting the pc's go rogue-ninja. I really, really like it from a balance perspective. I also really can't wait to drop some of the new lethal npc's on their heads like a rapidly descending anvil on Wile E. Coyote's cranium. Juicy, I say. Or if I was Black Dynamite, righteous.

Why the hate? How is it working for you? My group, I love. I consider all three of them, my group, mind you. These people buy Paizo stuff like I do. As quick as spare money comes in-it is traded out for the print pages and whala! Canon.

I enjoy the classes, all of the core, advanced players guide, it all comes together in my opinion because the game is RIGOROUSLY and strenuously beat around fifty thousand players until the day of full product release. Is there any one of these that is more lethal than another?


So if Robert the CSM from Wal-Mart decides to roll up a bard 2/wizard 10/loremaster 10, probably there is something he's specifically after and he will make a crafter of some sort like Talatheil of my Rise of the Runelord campaign I ran from Feb 09-Jan 10.

If there is something I really don't appreciate, it is the practice of people finding a PRC to join for no other reason than in two levels it gives something that otherwise wouldn't be available. I have a few players that like epic roll playing and they typically have another group they do their 20-30 levels of playing in with a DM that should have been a professional gambler with his number-crunching ability.

One player in particular, always goes for the shadow dancer PRC. It isn't a bad class, but I feel like it is always a secretive group of folks that are working in it for its betterment. If I allow it, he will join up with that class for no other reason than the first two levels. With no previous exposure, he will ask if he can start his work in the PRC. In the River Kingdoms, I feel like he would only be knowledgeable about the Shadow Dancers from maybe Daggermark or somewhere else like possibly Absalom.

So I have to tell him no, every time we're in a game removed from this land where the knowledge is key for him to 'join up' like he's going for a four year stint in the USN. And it almost makes me wonder why he would continue to badger about this class, campaign after campaign.

He doesn't play a truly muwhahahaha evil type. When he plays evil, he would be best for assassin PRC--but he'd rather not. But he does well within the borders he makes for himself.

And this post is by far not a dig on him, as he's a decent player. He knows how to roll up, stat out, and equip a character. But he is used to someone else judging a game and allowing whatever is in the books. Mind you, when we were in a 3.5 campaign, he brought every means to my eyes that he could that he wanted to be in some secretive guild or have some shadowy past for some eligibility for old 3.5 PRC's. Not all of them I allowed, especially when I found Pathfinder Campaign Setting had this new class, the Pathfinder.

I thought, wow! This is a great idea for a class. Some Indiana Jones type that goes out sometimes in small mercenary groups or adventuring bands and documents these awesome finds. And since the majority of our gaming at the table is in Varisia, why not? Magnimar has a host of opportunities for players to get in touch with members of this group!

Granted, nobody in my game has ever gone the route of Pathfinder. Even if I said pre-campaign, you were in the Grand Lodge washing dishes and doing your internship before you had your field work assigned to you. "Nah, we're not that interested in it." Okay.

If that is the worst thing that I have to deal with as a GM that runs as much as he can, then whoops. That is a negative. But for the most part, my game is giving me the enjoyment that I want. It is pleasurable. Fun, even!

So what am I looking at for my table to change in two weeks? A ninja is joining the group. A real, bonafide ninja! I can't wait to see how he interacts with the group and how he deals with all of the intricacies of our game.

Maybe someone will enlighten me and roll up a Samurai. That would be fun to have at the table, some honor bound fellow that would use a bastard sword or something like it and try to make it with our band.

Nobody yet has decided to go Gunslinger. Sad, as I really wouldn't mind seeing this at the table. Maybe someone else will play an alchemist so we have a work-around on the component cost for his ammunition. That would be awful nice for his coin purse.

But I'm dreaming. One out of three, isn't bad.

Game on!


Okay, I have a request. I'm looking for a gamer to join my group on either Mondays or Tuesdays, to round us off to 8 player characters total. And 8 players at the table.

Must enjoy Pathfinder-this is usually a given, but some people would rather gripe about how much of a power game it is after 2nd level. FO.

Must bring either money for snacks and drinks or provide for your own before you arrive. We're capitalists. We like Coke. We like Papsi. We even like Sam's Choice. Why? Because they quench your thirst.

It's a non-alcohol environment. No smoking indoors either. The nazi's got to Illinois. I hate Illinois Nazi's.

Bring your own dice. I have a lot of dice. But I don't need your bad luck infecting my bag. I don't contaminate your sack with fail, do I?

The game...

I run AP's. We enjoy the hell out of these things. 1st to whatever level Jason and crew design these things to be. Sometimes we go a little further. Clap your hands if you get to be part of our Legacy of Fire. Just trust me.

I would appreciate that you keep a sense of humor around.

I would like it if you understand Pathfinder.

Please function in a female friendly environment. We do have female gamers. Be respectful. Or you're out. Your only warning.

Monday nights we end around 11-12. Tuesdays is my high school night, ending around 10. Until they grow up. Then its 11-12.

Please apply in person at The Game Room in Washington Illinois. Probably the least smelly of places you'll find Magic: The Gathering for sale.

Thank you!

-Bruce Lombardo

So we are in River's Run Red. Almost slaughtered the party with a wight and his undead retinue. And while the party is doing some clearing of close hexes to the Stag Lord's Fort...they are wondering how many BP's the gold mine will yield on a monthly basis.

The hex in question is Hex L. on page 14 for the map and page 21. If anyone knows, or has a link, please assist before next Monday.

And thank you, Paizo.

So we are in River's Run Red. Almost slaughtered the party with a wight and his undead retinue. And while the party is doing some clearing of close hexes to the Stag Lord's Fort...they are wondering how many BP's the gold mine will yield on a monthly basis.

The hex in question is Hex L. on page 14 for the map and page 21. If anyone knows, or has a link, please assist before next Monday.

And thank you, Paizo.

What type of accents are usually tossed around the table when in Varisia? I ask this because when in Magnimar and running STAP, the party ran across Harviss Jevell (sp?). Granted, I don't have the best accent for Irish Lassitude...but I did it well enough where my friends who deal in tavern hoppers and foreigners on an irregular basis could understand me.

That and the flavor text for the incident was really well typed. Thank you Mister Logue.

So while I look at the map of Golarion...I need to know...what type of accented flavor would you folks use at your table. ...edit...

how would you verbalize a Varisian versus Cheliax versus Akenstar...

The eclectic feat can give the bonuses retroactively. Two questions regarding this.

1) Do you have to take the standard hit point or skill point or can you choose from one of the new favored class options in the APG?

2) If you can take one of the new options, and taking them retroactively, do you receive the bonus at the level you obtain the feat or the level you would have been when you received the bonus?
ex. A character going for mystic theurge takes the feat a 7th level to add sorcerer or wizard as a favored class. Will he be able to add a spell to his spell list at the higher level or build up to it? a wizard would be able to add 3 first level spells or only 1 first and 2 zero level spells.

Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards...

Adds a keyboardist, and 11 new tracks. I enjoy it enough. Is there another Paizoite that listens to Satch that has heard this?

I have one from Necromancer Games. You know, it would look really cool if there were hooded sweatshirts available with the golem on it and logo. Forty dollars too cheap or is that too much to anticipate?

Reason being, I know a lot of people that around this time of year, wear hooded sweatshirts all day long (as a matter of fact I think I've been in a few the last three days). You folks are in Washington State-a place that I remember has cool winters to say the least.

I'm curious, anyone in house ever think this would be acceptable? I could only think that this would be a great way to stave off the cold.

This game is awesome. Should I update?

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