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Gorbacz wrote:

Oh, but it breaks under *scrutiny* while at-will Presti breaks all the dirty clothes washing, dental hygiene and alcohol distillation without scrutiny. It just jumps out and in every group I've ran whenever Presti was used the table devolved into discussion on just how much can you cheese it. The winner was a guy who proposed to use it in order to heat tungsten in sufficient amounts to make a fusion candle and blow up the world's atmosphere.

While I'm all for "cleaning my pantaloons with magic" effects, the spell as written in 3/3.5 left a little too much room for interpretation, which was fine with limited cantrips in 3.5 ... but kind of blew up with at-will cantrips in PF1.

I wish you were here or I was there, when I read this. I laughed and howled. While the player probably shouldn't try such things, he does deserve a few experience points for trying to cure the malady of the humans and such on the surface. That would be a hell of a reason to start an underdark campaign.

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Slim Jim, I advise using a laptop or phone while engaged in play. We use Hero Labs at my table, and I use Realm Works between sessions. It works out and balances very well. There are moments and hours of dead time during game, but the players are busy texting one another or having a smoke break. Before they continue further, I am polite enough to let them gather their wits before Malerix shows up at their trite little community west of Bard's Gate.

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Owen, when you see ratfolk in a campaign setting, do you see them in a guerilla style war in the sewers with goblins and such?

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I'm happy that this is happening. I was going to probably continue running out of the Rules Cyclopedia, but I was swayed by a possibility of adventures in an easier frame. I went to 3.0, then to 3.5, then I'm here, to Pathfinder.

Now that the world is moving on, and I have shelves and shelves of stuff to run, I'm probably going to continue to run off my collection, and paint when I'm available to. I really want to build this amazing collection of painted figurines.

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Gorbacz wrote:

Most of us already do. They refuse to game with us, using trapper keepers as monster manuals, and referring to Halflings as what level they are. It's odd.

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in the US Veteran community, our hastag is #22. Because supposedly,twenty-two of us die from suicide, daily. Your words impact home pretty bad, and I share your sorrow, if not your experiences with that loved one. Bless you.

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If I had $50M lying around, I think I'd buy Whedon a place to write and film a few seasons of Firefly. And it would have to have a place in back where I ran Vin Diesel through my Frog God Games campaign I'm currently in.

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Violet Hargrave wrote:

This feels like something I should cross-post over to here:

Let's queer up Starfinder!

Read through it, had some interesting concepts that required me to sit back and percolate the thoughts on it. Other species, other humans from more primative, or more advanced times, wouldn't really be able to hold conversations on self-identification as modern folk would. It's almost a perfect topic for your sci-fi Risus campaign to have a few nights discussing, or being a theme to some over-arching campaign.

Wasn't finding myself offended or assaulted, either. As I ID myself as Christian conservative straight Italian-Irish, I found the topic to be pretty much like any you would find once the trollbegone spray was used. Good reading material.

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The Player Companion line always gets read when I pick up a new one. But I haven't read a Campaign book here from Paizo since the entry of Nicolas Logue in the Towns of Golarion...not from cover to cover.

Funny thing, every Frog God title that his the home or hard drive, I turn my phone off and isolate myself with coffee until it is read once. Usually I will go back and highlight or take notes...

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Storyteller Shadow wrote:
Beercifer wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:
I'm kinda curious, why some people lose their interest instantly upon hearing word "aboleth"? Were those over used back in D&D days? .-.
The 2nd Edition super boxed adventure, Night Below had Aboleths aplenty. But most DM's never ran it that far, from what I saw. I thought it was an amazing trip for being 2nd edition.

I've considered running this boxed set over the years but I never could quite fit it into my gaming schedule.

I think it would be fine at a fast experience point progression. I don't remember any event or necessity that would require you to get a stronghold's worth of followers or a metropolis to lend you money, so Kingmakering it is out. At the same time, you could totally set this in the Lost Lands of Frog God Games, and tie it in with Cyclopean Deeps Volume 1 and 2, and have a Very Lovecraftian Adventure.

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The best story that was Anti-Ted was of him in college. Another student ran against him on the platform, "I'm not Ted Cruz." It was Cruz's first defeat in the arena.

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How much would a hardback of Mythic rewrite rules cost you to make for your Legendary Games label?

A compilation of those rules...asking for a friend.

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Anyone here remember Zel Miller? If someone like him ran, I could see a lot of middle of the road voters go his way. Lieberman, a good candidate, would pretty much have to hush up other Jews that are Pro-Israel, to get the nod into the primaries.

The angry progressive types...I'm happy as hell to be opposed to those types, but then again, I went door-to-door for Ted Cruz.

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The video should show your capacity to just provide a good product. Doesn't have to be directed by someone with a degree, just a pedigree to explain it all and give us some guarantee that we'll get our desired product at the delivery time. Best of wishes to you!

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I'm in. Slumbering Tsar seems to have my players in a lot of death and destruction, which is fine, because it's a great campaign. Rappan Athuk is my favorite dungeon crawl of all time. Their Sword of Air is just an amazing sandbox to construct two or three campaigns before they actually discover the Sword of Air campaign threads.

And now they're talking about Gingunapap or Ragnarok or something akin to a Viking/Norse goodness. So I did what I always like doing. I buy FGG. If you're a DM that likes great, rewarding adventures, and your players seem to turn every other AP into a treadmill of experience that makes the characters higher level....

Try this.

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Okay...Here's the idea...

Divine Muse
D8 hit points per level

Alignment any non-evil
Skills: Heal 5 ranks, Know Religion 5 ranks, Perform (any) 5 ranks,
Special: Channel positive energy 3d6, Inspire Courage +1

Class Skills:
Appraise, Bluff, Craft (any), Diplomacy, Disguise, Heal, Know (any), Linguistics, Perform, Profession (any), Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device
Ranks per level: 4+Int mod

Uses a slow BAB progression for a ten level prestige class
Strong Will save, weak Fort and Reflex.
Odd levels gain +1 divine spell casting
Even levels gain +1 arcane spell casting
(so if you do the whole ten levels, you basically go up five levels in each of your base classes for spell casting)
Level 1: Channel increases by a d6, Inspire courage +1
Level 2: Divine Meditation, Epiphany
Level 3: Channel increases by a d6, Allegro
Level 4: Ballad, Inspiration
Level 5: Channel increases by a d6, Inspire courage +1
Level 6: Hymm, Improved Divine Meditation
Level 7: Channel increases by a d6, Inspiration
Level 8: Greater Meditation
Level 9: Channel increases by a d6, Inspire courage +1
Level 10: Inspiration, Cresendo

Divine Muse levels stack with classes for the purposes of Inspire Courage and Channel Energy. Once they choose this prestige class, Channel Energy can only be used to heal allies, not to injure or destroy undead or other foes.

Level 2: Epiphany--As a move action, sacrifice a number of Channels up to your Divine Muse level to regain 3 times the number of bardic performances. It is possible to have more than the number of usual amount of bardic performances, and have a temporary number of them for up to an hour. If they aren't used within the hour, the temporary bardic performances fade from the Divine Muse.

Divine Meditation--The Divine Muse chooses Fatigue, Shaken, or Sickened mercies, like a paladin. Whenever she channels energy to heal while maintaining a bardic performance, afflicted allies remove that condition.

Level 3: Allegro--The Divine Muse can sacrifice five uses of Bardic Performance while channeling to make it a swift action.

Level 4: Ballad--The Divine Muse may, as part of starting or maintaining a Bardic Performance, expend a use of Channel Energy to provide a shield bonus equal to her inspire courage bonus until the start of her next turn. She may affect her allies in number up to her Divine Muse level.

Inspiration--Choose one Knowledge or Performance skill. Add your class level to the skill total as a Sacred Bonus. At 7th and 10th level, she is allowed to select an additional skill to gain the sacred bonus.

Level 6: Hymm-- As a swift action, the Divine Muse can sacrifice five uses of Bardic Performances when channeling to maximize the channel energy.

Improved Meditation--The Divine Muse can add Exhausted, Frightened, Nauseated, Diseased, or Poisoned to his Mercy selection.

Level 8: Greater Meditation--The Divine Muse can add Cursed, Blinded, Deafened, Paralyzed, or Petrified to his Mercy Selection.

Level 10: Crescendo--As a full-round action, the Divine Muse may sacrifice fifteen Bardic Performances to affect every ally within 30 feet with heal, using their character level as the caster level. Those affected also receive the benefits of the spell "Greater Heroism" for a number of rounds equal to her Charisma score.

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Am I a bad person for loving Hawk the Slayer and The Sword and the Sorceror given the Rifftrax treatment? I find myself thinking that I really love their love for badness and I think aside from Paizo/Frog God Games material on my harddrive, they have the second most populous folder.

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MichaelSandar wrote:
Greg, thanks for the insight into the schedule. It's great to see how much material is in the works!

After scramming our Shattered Star campaign, kinda due in part to my harping of, "I don't think you are being challenged...", we started a new game using the Book of the Righteous's deities...and then rode out from Bards Gate to Fairhill in the Stoneheart Valley book...

I'm gearing them up for a trek to the Desolation after we 'finish' this...but really I was just wanting to get back to the style of game that I love the most. That is when you're running a game and the PC's are in fear of their lives.

To me, FFG/NG sessions have this, much more than any other setting. I'm not dumping on anyone else, I'm not prostituting this for any other company (although TPK is good, I haven't read a lot of their material), I tell gamers of FGG.

I tell people of devious gnomes, that filet your kidney while you try to poop out a spoiled coney. I tell people of druids that sacrifice you to some partially buried spirit in their grove. I tell people the gaming company is courteous enough to have obituary pages written in the back of their books.

And as a DM, I'm loving it. I feel like I have a much better handle on this sandbox. I have a great happiness to share with those that sling the die. Thank you Clark, Bill, and especially you, Greg. Slumbering Tsar makes my old Corpus Christi group shudder, but the table gets full. Quickly.

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Brother Fen wrote:
There's a ton of great Mythic third party material out there. I haven't played through it yet, but I've heard more than once that villains with mythic tiers show up in Iron Gods.

Legendary Games, sir. And be sure to hat tip Jason on the way out.

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Nicolas, your penmanship often adds to my dead-character tree. Thank you, kindly, Sir!

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I like the third parties they also provide a niche industry to. Many of the people at Paizo also moonlight there and they make some exceptional products, not just under the Paizo brand name.

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Hey, I just saw that Scarred Lands are back and they have a free 3rd level adventure which is wholly PF compatible that was released the 21st!

For those of you that are wondering, its from Onyx Path Publishing. These guys have the rights for Scarred Lands (which makes me happier than when I found out that Pathfinder was the heir to 3.5) and they look like they are trying to get their campaign some serious support. Some products of theirs are on Drive Thru along with the earlier 3.0 and 3.5 material. That and their compatibility license should mean that most of us that enjoyed the narrative of that campaign can dust off their old books (if they were really retired, anyway) and get a new campaign together.

If anyone from Onyx Path is reading this, I have to say one thing. TGoS is easily a four star product on a once-over. Great layout, good imagery, good flow of how the module should be. I haven't run it yet, the thing is still warm from the download and it's five in the morning.

If you enjoyed Scarred Lands, do yourself a favor. Download this. It's easily a game-changer for your table and probably will get your creative juices flowing if you never heard about that campaign before. For those that did run it, it looks like they are rebooting it as it's been a few years since most of us saw new product.

Congrats to Onyx Path and welcome to the table.

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Ed, I gotta say that I love Kalamar. My players don't, they go for more FR/Golarion-style places.

I would also say that if you're into converting and you want a complete locale to play in, Ptolus. I love that city. I loved the comic that Monte signed for me and sent to me for running six events at a local convention in East Peoria. I love the way everything connects and how your players have a place to play for three or more (much more) campaigns.

Frog God Games has a lot for me to enjoy, and I'm waiting for the City of Brass to be converted. Oh please, do this soon.

As it stands, I just discovered that there are some real gems in the current edition.

Like Drow? Rise of the Drow could be your thing. The entire canon of it spans a few products and goes from 1-20th, so there you go. But a GM will need to love the hardcover before he really delves into it with his party.

Total Party Kill Games has an amazing setup for wonderful adventures at the table between role-playing. I recommend almost everything of theirs.

And lastly.

A lot of people from Paizo itself are commonplace writers for a little project called Legendary Games.

Just buy everything they put out. They do plug-ins for current AP's, they have fluff, they have nice extra rules and companion books. And by doing this, you help keep your friends eating a little more. I'm not going to say anything else.

But I wish you well.

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My advice for you is this. Stop looking at the book. Run a few published modules (Falcons Hollow is really a good place for beginner DM's getting their shorts wet) first...then try it.

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I can't wait for this....

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I started an urban fantasy series, called Shift. Two books in it at the moment. Shift: Elijah's Story and Shift: Election Weekend. Linkage for Elijah's Story...


For Election Weekend. Strangely enough, Shift: Election Weekend was the book of the month for the Peoria Library in the sci-fi department in 2011.

I'm working on the third book when my job doesn't have me exchanging chemicals around.

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I know this is a plug for a really good dungeon writer, but look up the Mike Shel dungeonology...I mean, his gamer cred. Most importantly, look for Mud Sorcerors Tomb. A beginning DM will see it and crap themselves.

Just read the damn thing anyway, it is only slow for the first paragraph.

Get an idea of how to do 'awesome', and while the first level dungeons in ROTRL are kinda 'meh', when you get to Runeforge, understand your players will WANT to check out all of the college wings. Until the disjunction trap.

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I enjoyed this film immensely and am returning to the theater with my father on Thursday. If anyone thinks that this movie is a wash because of all the older talent, please check the trailer again.

This movie gets so many things right, I absolutely forgive the fact that the plot is minimal. There are many great cast members that have wonderful characterizations and so many moments where the humor gets you laughing between mouthfuls of buttery popcorn that you can forgive the fact that Stallone has had more than his 'Cher' of surgeries to look so young.

Great movie, good characterizations, epic ordinance displays-

The Expendables is how you film a 'macho guys film'. Bravo.