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If I take the Vial Launcher innovation, from Experimental Gunsmith Archetype: Can I load it with the bombs that an Alchemist gains as a class feature?

If so, which save applies for the bomb splash damage and do the bombs still target touch AC?

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Participants: Medium Black Dragon vs. Gnome Alchemist

Scenario: Gnome is using a Fly extract and a Resist Acid extract, with Ring of Featherfall equipped, and goes airborne in pursuit of the dragon using Tanglefoot Bombs to knock it out of the air.

Details: The rest of the party is in a 300-style standoff against a horde of Gnolls, Giants, & Trolls.. using a Silent Image to create the "funnel" with Wind Wall to guard against arrows. The Dragon is the only enemy with a noticeable area attack, and airborne supremacy coupled with the potential to save vs. the illusion.

The dragon is distracted for the first few rounds of combat, while we setup the illusion/ambush/funnel and draw out the gnolls. After a few rounds pass, the Gnome is already airborne (50ft up) and firing from his longbow, using Heroism and Gravity Bow to his advantage in the process. Then the dragon circles back around from his diversion, due to a Gnoll blowing on his horn/alarm.

The Gnome sees it coming inbound and, rather than risk his party being destroyed by a line of acid damage as they're all bunched up in that funnel, heads the Dragon off and tags it with two Tanglefoot Bombs over two rounds. In the meantime, the Dragon blasts the Gnome for 38 pts of Acid - Gnome saves, 16 damage is completely resisted by Resist Acid spell effect/ward. Dragon pulls a u-turn to avoid the Gnome.

In an attempt to prevent the Dragon from circling around behind the rest of the party, the Gnome takes advantage of the half movement speed inflicted on the Dragon from the Tanglefoot Bombs hitting it and moves in front of the Dragon's flight path. This is where it gets complicated...

Question(s): If the Dragon uses his action to Grapple at the end of a Charge, for its turn... then immediately cease flight... what happens? Can you use Escape Artist to defend against a Grapple, or only break one on your turn? Does the impact of hitting the ground cause the Grapple to break somehow? Is there any chance to use a standard for an Escape Artist check prior to impact?

Solution used thus far: 90 degree change in flight path, immediately at the end of the charge, straight down 50ft into the dirt. The falling damage was only 17pts, so the Gnome is left with around 11 hp remaining after impact. After that far: we paused combat.

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Home Brew game (non-PFS) question:

As a medium creature, can I wield a Tiny Flying Blade, for it to qualify as a Light One-Handed Weapon?

Side Question: How do I handle the transition from Flying Blade to Short Sword as he does in the video game, without changing weapons?

Best I can think of, is some sort of custom magic item...perhaps winch-type bracers to anchor the chains to? Have the crafting reliant upon Teleport Object & add some sort of weapon cord effect vs. disarm?

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The RSS feed for discussing my character sheet redirects to paizo.com/nostore, and is currently not being validated as a feed. Is this a known issue, or am I ... "special?"

http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2myj5&xml=atom?Form-Fillable-Character-Shee t

EDIT: Here's the link to the discussion topic, directly:
http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoPublishing/pathfinder/pathfinderR PG/licensees/formFillAbleCharacterSheet&page=1#1

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Random Thought that woke me up tonight, for some reason:

Can you add Cure or Inflict spell effects to firearm ammunition, as "Single Use, Use-Activated" items?

EDIT: other considerations include...

  • touch of gracelessness
  • chill touch
  • shocking grasp

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I need a spreadsheet that will let me input my character's various details, such as: caster level, casting ability score and spells per day. From there I need it to allow me to present me with a list of spells that are available to be prepared based on those details. Finally, allowing me to track which spells I've used and calculating DC/Range/etc based on my character's details would be fantastic as well.

I don't need all the extra bloat (AC, Skills, HP, etc) that comes with a full character sheet though.

Any suggestions?

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So I've got a Goblin Ninja PC that I'm playing in my current campaign. We started at level 9, and honestly are not far into it yet. After our second session my GM did allow us to use Survival to gather usable poison doses from plants and monsters, so that's going to be a "catch-up" skill for me. At this point, I'm just looking for some guidance... as I'm sort of at a loss for which direction to go.

    What I know I'm going to do:
  • Level 10: Ninja Trick (invisible blade)
  • Level 10: Skills (+1 stealth, +8 survival)

    What I want to do:
  • Level 11, 12 or 13: Ninja Trick (evasion)
  • Level 12, 13 or 14: Ninja Trick (rogue talent: improved evasion)

    Other things I have been considering:
  • Snake Style (requires improved unarmed strike & potentially skill focus for sense motive)
  • Monkey Grip (my GM approved this for use, but replacing my current weapons might be difficult to fund)

    Things I do NOT want:
  • Combat Expertise
  • Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

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I have a player in my campaign that is multi-classed 3 levels into Fighter at level 7.

He's purchased the Sash of the War Champion (APG) to pick up the loss of the Armor Training already. What I've been asked is: "What pricing structure|rules do you follow for crafting something that replaces a class feature?"

His goal: something that allows "The wearer treats his fighter level as 4 higher than normal for the purposes of determining the benefit from weapon training."

The only resources I've allowed are all of those that are Paizo published material. If something isn't supported by the rules, in terms of existence, I don't allow it. I'm looking for a way to help him out, without invoking "rule 0."

So far, I've told him to save his gold for Gloves of Dueling...

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Rhine (sentient anthropomorphic rhinoceros)

    • Type: Humanoid (0 RP)
    • Size: Medium (0 RP)
    • Base Speed: 20 ft. (-1 RP)
    ○ Your speed is never modified by armor or encumbrance.
    • Ability Modifiers: +2 STR, +2 WIS, -2 CHA (0 RP)
    • Language: Common. Rhine can learn up to seven languages (except for Druidic or other secret languages). Rhine with high Intelligence scores can choose any of those languages as their bonus languages. (1 RP)
    • Thick Hide: +2 Natural Armor bonus to AC
    ○ Natural Armor: +1 Natural Armor bonus to AC (2 RP)
    ○ Imp. Natural Armor: +1 Natural Armor bonus to AC (1 RP)
    • Natural Attack (gore, 1d6): (1RP)
    • Powerful Charge (gore): (2 RP)
    ○ Whenever a Rhine charges using its gore attack, it deals 2d6 plus 1–1/2 times its Strength bonus as piercing damage.
    • Low-Light Vision (1 RP)
    • Subtype (Animal)*: Rhine are humanoids of the Animal subtype. An Animal is affected by mind-affecting spells and abilities as if it was a creature of the Animal type in addition to the humanoid type. If the ability does not affect creatures with an Intelligence higher than 2, the Animal gains a +2 bonus on their saving throw, but is otherwise affected by the ability as if their Intelligence were 1 or 2. (-1 RP)
    • Momentum**: Your base movement when making a Charge combat maneuver increases by 10 feet. Also, a Rhine does not suffer any penalties to their Armor Class when attacking on a Charge. If any line from your starting space to the ending space passes through a square that slows movement, or contains a creature (even an ally), you can still charge. Any space that blocks movement still prevents a you from charging, as normal. (4 RP)

*Subtype (Animal) is a situational penalty that I made up off the top of my head that is meant to portray the inherent animalistic nature of the Rhine. Just guesstimating the -1RP cost.

**Momentum is an advanced monstrous ability that I made up off the top of my head that is intended to highlight the instinctual charging capabilities of the Rhinoceros which the Rhine have evolved from. Just guesstimating the 4RP cost.

Total RP: 10.
(Even if Momentum and Subtype are off by a few points, it should still be in the same ballpark as Aasimar, and nowhere near Drow or Drow Nobles)

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You can download the PDF from my site here.

This sheet is meant to be filled out on a computer. From there, you can either use it at the table directly from a computer or you can print your data and bring that to the table instead. I suggest using Adobe Reader 7.0 or later to view or maintain the data within this sheet, you can save your character data between sessions as well. If you're not interested in using your computer to maintain your character sheet, and prefer the paper and pencil method, I recommend the Dyslexic Studeos sheets (linked below).

I've spent a good six, maybe more, months learning and working on the scripting for this sheet. My current group hasn't had any reason to avoid using it. They also seem to have found the majority of the bugs related to it thus far, so I'm comfortable releasing the document to the general public at this point.

In the past, our group had primarily used the SSA-X2 sheets for D&D 3.5 edition, and we all wanted something similar for Pathfinder. Since Shawn S. Altorio of SSA-X2 shut down his project a while ago, I was forced to start coding from the ground up. When I started, my knowledge of object oriented programming was quite limited, and I was only starting to be exposed to C#. PDF forms rely on Javascript, which isn't too different. Over time though, the sheet grew into what is presented to you now. The appearance and layout of the sheet didn't quite work well, as it was designed for D&D 3.5 edition. To address the appearance issues, I used the character sheets by Dyslexic Studeos as my primary inspiration.

A huge thanks goes out from me to both Shawn and Dyslexic Studeos. Without them, this project may have never been accomplished.

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I just did this today, for my current group. Got tired of waiting on Gamemastery to release theirs, so I took matters into my own hands. Hopefully I'll be able to add whatever they release to these for a more robust and potentially customized collection too!

I used Magic Set Editor with the split card layout to create my own cards for a chase deck.
I've got them printed out and inserted into TCG sleeves with a TCG card behind them for support. Should be easy enough for anyone to pull off...

    1. Set the title of the card to the name of an appropriate action
    2. Set the card type to the skill name (example: Acrobatics), and the card subtype to the DC (example: DC 25)
    3. Change the flavor text to whatever witty phrase you desire that best accommodates the title of the card
    4. Use google or bing image search to find an appropriate image, then save/import it to the card
    5. Print the cards out, and put them in a sleeve with an actual TCG card for support

(since I have some copywritten images in mine, from google image search, I can't share them unfortunately)

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I have a kobold saint (Book of Exalted Deeds, p185 for the Saint template) that I'm running in Pathfinder. The Saint gains Protective Aura as a supernatural ability which functions as a 20ft radius magic circle against evil that emanates from my kobold continuously.

There's an evil demon that is frozen as a statue, and unable to take actions until someone interacts with what it is holding. This guy is in a room all by himself, kobold walks up and removes the item it is holding, and awakens the demon. This grants the demon a surprise round.

Keep in mind that magic circle against evil grants the Saint protection from evil as well.

How does the Protective Aura function in regards to stumbling into an evil creature that the Saint was unaware even existed? This could even be a creature standing in a hallway with greater invisibility cast on itself which the Saint carelessly bumps into, not necessarily this particular demon statue thing.

My thoughts are that the GM should make whatever spell resistance rolls are necessary (in secret) for the Saint to determine effects of magic circle and pro evil on the evil creature. Then apply the results of those (or any normal effects of magic circle & pro evil if no resistance applies) on the evil creature's surprise round, resulting in the evil creature either recoiling or not being able to attack the Saint with natural weapons - or whatever applies.

Our GM is relying, so far, on the spell descriptions for magic circle and pro evil effects. The problem is: they're intended to be immobile, which a Saint that emanates the effects is not. We are in need of a ruling that would blanket all such instances of the Protective Aura's function in regards to stumbling into an evil creature that the Saint was unaware even existed.

Any thoughts/help?

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Does Healer's Blessing transfer its benefit to Spell Trigger and Spell Completion items in addition to spells which are 100% completed by the caster?

How does Pathfinder define what is considered your spell?

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Once a Druid hits 8th level, they gain an extra attack from their BAB progression. Does this translate over to your wildshape ability?

Example: Tiger has Bite & 2 Claws, which applies?

  • Bite, Bite, Claw Claw
  • Bite, Claw Claw, Bite
  • Bite, Bite, Claw Claw, Claw Claw
  • Bite, Claw Claw, Claw Claw
  • Bite, Claw Claw

EDIT: Sorry for the ugly format of that list. The picture is screwing with it.

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I'm after something that I can add to my 9th level Kobold Priest's spell list that is similar to the 3rd level Bard spell Good Hope. The closest I can find are Prayer or Bless. Both of which are quite underwhelming at this level.

3.5 content and PF material are fair game, however 3rd Party Publisher material must be presented to the DM as a "new write-up" to be used.

Any suggestions, besides having a slotted item crafted that has x/day charges?

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Pathfinder Companion - Elves of Golarion, page 22: Dye Arrow

Pathfinder Core Rule Book, page 470: Holy Weapon

Now... for my question:

Where does it state that a ranged weapon needs to deal damage to bestow this power upon their ammunition?

I can't find a reference for "RAW" but how I'm reading it is "0+2d6 = 2d6" if you shoot an evil creature with a Dye Arrow from a Holy Bow.