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Skull wrote:
Also: Batman

plus: invisibility + sneak attack.

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researching new spells isn't outside the limitations of the system either tho...

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Quantum Steve wrote:
Bombs, remember, require a standard action to create and throw. Before you create the bomb, it doesn't exist, so you can't imbue it with anything, and since you throw it as part of the same action there's really no time to do anything to a bomb.

I feel this hits the nail on the head. There's really no room for something like a +4 Thundering Alchemist's Bomb ever.

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So you're suggesting/implying that, using Cheapy's post as an example, both effects should happen?

Normal bomb damage with normal hardness AND the bonus 1/level from bore bombs?

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If I take the Vial Launcher innovation, from Experimental Gunsmith Archetype: Can I load it with the bombs that an Alchemist gains as a class feature?

If so, which save applies for the bomb splash damage and do the bombs still target touch AC?

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P.E.A.C.H. and the Fuzzy Navels?

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Well, thank you guys. The feedback is appreciated, as always!

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Participants: Medium Black Dragon vs. Gnome Alchemist

Scenario: Gnome is using a Fly extract and a Resist Acid extract, with Ring of Featherfall equipped, and goes airborne in pursuit of the dragon using Tanglefoot Bombs to knock it out of the air.

Details: The rest of the party is in a 300-style standoff against a horde of Gnolls, Giants, & Trolls.. using a Silent Image to create the "funnel" with Wind Wall to guard against arrows. The Dragon is the only enemy with a noticeable area attack, and airborne supremacy coupled with the potential to save vs. the illusion.

The dragon is distracted for the first few rounds of combat, while we setup the illusion/ambush/funnel and draw out the gnolls. After a few rounds pass, the Gnome is already airborne (50ft up) and firing from his longbow, using Heroism and Gravity Bow to his advantage in the process. Then the dragon circles back around from his diversion, due to a Gnoll blowing on his horn/alarm.

The Gnome sees it coming inbound and, rather than risk his party being destroyed by a line of acid damage as they're all bunched up in that funnel, heads the Dragon off and tags it with two Tanglefoot Bombs over two rounds. In the meantime, the Dragon blasts the Gnome for 38 pts of Acid - Gnome saves, 16 damage is completely resisted by Resist Acid spell effect/ward. Dragon pulls a u-turn to avoid the Gnome.

In an attempt to prevent the Dragon from circling around behind the rest of the party, the Gnome takes advantage of the half movement speed inflicted on the Dragon from the Tanglefoot Bombs hitting it and moves in front of the Dragon's flight path. This is where it gets complicated...

Question(s): If the Dragon uses his action to Grapple at the end of a Charge, for its turn... then immediately cease flight... what happens? Can you use Escape Artist to defend against a Grapple, or only break one on your turn? Does the impact of hitting the ground cause the Grapple to break somehow? Is there any chance to use a standard for an Escape Artist check prior to impact?

Solution used thus far: 90 degree change in flight path, immediately at the end of the charge, straight down 50ft into the dirt. The falling damage was only 17pts, so the Gnome is left with around 11 hp remaining after impact. After that far: we paused combat.

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Talk it over with your GM.

There are mechanics in place that allow such an item to be created, absolutely. It would be the easiest for it to be an enhancement bonus to your ability score though. Then just tack on a class level requirement to reflect what Ravingdork mentioned about not affecting other classes equally (-30% market value). Once you've got that under wraps, ask your GM if he'd allow an increase (should come out to 700gp by this point for just a +1 if you're not crafting it yourself) in the market value equal to +150% of the market value for a holy symbol.

Should be fairly priced for the benefits/restrictions that way. Again: GM permission is key when coming up with things like this... but in terms of game mechanics, it's not necessarily impossible nor unheard of.

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Why not just take the Craft Wondrous Item feat after level 3, then whip up some continuous spell effect items?

Continuous Mage Armor for 1000gp (2k market value)
Continuous Shield for 2000gp (4k market value)

...easy +8 to AC for 3k & a feat, puts you close to 20 AC depending on your DEX modifier. That should hold you over til level 10ish, when you can start investing in Adamantine Full Plate and a fist full of Still Spell Metamagic Rods...

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Tengu Drinking Jug for a Drunken Master Monk?

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Yea, after installing Windows 8 on VirtualBox... and a trial copy of MS Office 2007... it will run only in "compatibility mode" on my Mac that way.

Looks like the VB code for the macros needs to be updated for current versions of Office. Good luck on the Job Hunt Blue Canary! LOL

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Yea, my support ticket (I mentioned this in the Yahoo group tonight too, not sure which message board is visited more frequently, so I'm gonna hit both) #872, has a link which may explain issues that I'm experiencing with the macros.

I'm using Office for Mac 2011, and it gets quite angry (there should be screen shots on the ticket that highlight in more detail). I think it may have something to do with BlueCanary creating it with 2003 (assumption there based on the microsoft support forum link in the ticket, my apologies if I'm incorrect) and newer versions of office/excel adding more features.

With Office for Mac, I can't figure out how to open the file with a compatibility mode for an earlier Office for Mac version either...

OpenOffice Calc on Mac won't open it at all either, it just loads for a while then stops responding.

EDIT: I did have an odd inconsistency with one of my updates: sb 0.4.x.x no longer (even with fresh downloads of the file) functions for me either.

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If I hold a Tiny Flying Blade by whatever piece of it the chain is connected to, would it count as an improvised melee weapon... thus allowing use of Catch Off-Guard to nix the penalty?

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Home Brew game (non-PFS) question:

As a medium creature, can I wield a Tiny Flying Blade, for it to qualify as a Light One-Handed Weapon?

Side Question: How do I handle the transition from Flying Blade to Short Sword as he does in the video game, without changing weapons?

Best I can think of, is some sort of custom magic item...perhaps winch-type bracers to anchor the chains to? Have the crafting reliant upon Teleport Object & add some sort of weapon cord effect vs. disarm?

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Phasics wrote:

High Ac build character really only contribute if they plan on taking feats and abilites that allow them them shield their allies with their beefy AC.

shielding the full casters with high AC = Solid play

Or if they're the party cleric... I'd take 30+ AC on a cleric any day.

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I recently tried my hand at a similar non-violent PC, inspired by this thread. I went the route of the Oracle (Lore), and chose the Archaeologist Bard. I used a 25pt buy for it, and went with a level 8 build: Oracle 3/Bard 5.

The Knowledge skills are staggering! It just caught me off-guard that I was able to get EVERY knowledge skill at 18+ for that level, and still have plenty left over!

Of course, I went with the Lore mystery and took the suggested options from earlier... to make use of the Charisma bonuses. I also chose to play a Gnome, and bumped him 1 age category older.

With restricting myself to being a pacifist, and having Hero Points as an option for our non-PFS group, I did opt for the first two Hero Point related feats. I also restricted my Old Gnome to a sword cane, since it fit the image - and left technically being capable of threatening in combat. I tossed in Taunt for good measure, too.

I wound up with an Old Gnome Archaeologist with cataracts (clouded vision curse) who's both quite the charmer, as well as being quite capable of disabling traps - though you need to point out where they are first, as he is sort of blind/near-sighted from the curse. The Oracle/curse bit? I figure he just opened the wrong tomb somewhere along the line... like an elderly Gnomish Indiana Jones...

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lemeres wrote:
Must...resist...suggesting a wand of Open/close

My hat is off to you... you made me choke on my coffee...

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Is there some sort of formula or equation behind the Carry Capacity table's values?

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I like using Divine Favor (already mentioned as a spell), but as a continuous spell effect body slot item.

Last time I did that was with a Forgemaster Cleric. Added it to a Dwarven Boulder Helm for good measure.

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You're right. He wouldn't even need that. Also, I thought all the level 8 discoveries had that asterisk.

Explosive Missile wrote:
As a standard action, the alchemist can infuse a single arrow, crossbow bolt, or one-handed firearm bullet with the power of his bomb, load the ammunition, and shoot the ranged weapon.

The real benefit here, is that you can attach a bomb to a projectile and increase the range.

Bomb (su) wrote:
Drawing the components of, creating, and throwing a bomb requires a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Bombs, by default allow you to do everything necessary in a single standard action to deliver the payload.

Explosive Missile wrote:
When the infused ammunition hits its target, it deals damage normally and detonates as if the alchemist had thrown the bomb at the target.

Explosive Missile also says that everything necessary to deliver the payload can be done in a single standard action.

Fast Bombs wrote:
An alchemist with this discovery can quickly create enough bombs to throw more than one in a single round.

The benefit from Fast Bombs is that you have become efficient at creating bombs and handling the materials, that you're able to go through the motions faster and deliver more payload.


As a GM you have basically 3 options to handle the combination.

Option #1: To my eyes, it seems like the combination of these two is merely altering the visual flavor for how the bomb is delivered. You're shooting them, instead of throwing them. The gameplay mechanics benefit you gain from going out of your way to invest in such a maneuver: more range, in exchange for targeting a higher AC - that's it.

Option #2: You're wasting time, and simply spending standard actions to prep a bomb... then another standard to infuse the bomb to the ammunition and fire it. If you wanted, you could even prep a few of them using a few standard actions, and then blow 'em off using your full round of attacks. Already have Rapid Shot for your bomb throwing? Great, it works for your infused arrows too!

To me, Option #1 seems like it's the intended result of the investment of all the extra class resources. Option #2 seems like a major waste of effort.

And, Option #3 (telling a player they cannot ever do something wild and crazy and imaginative) should absolutely never happen, ever. Just figure out how annoyingly difficult it would be to pull off (see option #2).

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I whipped up a table to reference, personally. It factors in high/low attacks & DCs and such based on the rules for custom monster building.

You can check it out HERE.

DISCLAIMER: it's not intended for a single character to meet the listed values in every column for their level. If you can, great.. congrats. But it's more for identifying where you could improve upon.

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I'll just leave this here for you to look over...

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Elamdri wrote:

One thing to be wary of:

Explosive Missile, while NOT stacking with Fast Bombs, DOES stack with many OTHER bomb discoveries

Unless he's a Gnome Alchemist, with Saboteur Archetype. Check out Complex Bombs discovery.

Maglok wrote:
@Elamdri: Nope he's a human.

So this specific build doesn't use it, but it IS possible.

Side note though: if you want to screw with a bomber alchemist, just deal some STR damage to him/her. It's usually a dump-stat.

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If you don't mind ranged attacks, guns are the obvious choice yea... but remember that thrown splash weapons (alchemist bombs) target touch AC as well.

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Baroh Steelcleave wrote:
I'm fairly certain that the class isn't quite intended to rely upon bombs as it's sole damage output or offense.


Baroh Steelcleave wrote:
However, if you need some solid burst damage... then you should be able to see some decent return for your efforts.

Also this.

W. John Hare wrote:

I'm not sure what you are asking.

Are you looking to maximize your bomb damage?
Trying to sustain bomb throwing ability throughout the day?

As soon as you indicate that you want to take Fast Bombs and use Haste, you are implying you want to go the Nova route (ie max dps), but then you indicate you don't want to throw more than 3 bombs a round.

I find it unclear as to what you are looking for advise on, since you have already explored the Extra Bomb route and didn't like it.

And after your reply: all of this, plus: this

Sovereign Court

I'm fairly certain that the class isn't quite intended to rely upon bombs as it's sole damage output or offense. However, if you need some solid burst damage... then you should be able to see some decent return for your efforts.

Things to remember: Bombs are thrown splash weapons. Anything that applies to those, also applies to bombs.

This means Rapid Shot & Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved/Greater TWF (that's at least 7 bombs in a round with Haste if I don't suck at math this morning). You'll get some penalties to your attacks for stacking those all, but remember: Thrown Splash Weapons target TOUCH AC.. which is going to be statistically much lower than standard AC.

So, what to do when you're out of bombs? I recommend Grenadier Archetype, and pick up a Longbow as your alchemical weapon. It keeps you safely at range, lets you use your Craft (Alchemy) skill for something helpful/fun, and hey: you already have the feats at this point for using the darn thing efficiently!

If you're stuck with human, well, alright then... but if you can squeeze by with Half-Orc, their favored class bonus is right up your alley for this build. If you are allowed use of the Race Build in ARG, "pyromaniac" is a nice investment for 3RP.

For bomb discoveries, my personal favorites (other than fast bombs) are: tanglefoot bomb, force bomb and stink/poison bomb. You can get a lot of utility out of those 3 varieties, not just damage.

As for gear, you might consider the Ultimate Equipment book, it's pretty much THE alchemist-specific gear source. Also, Elixirs and long-duration potions like Heroism. Amplify Elixir (extract, 3rd) + Alchemical Allocation (extract, 2nd) + Extend Potion + Potion of Heroism (16th CL) = 10hrs 40min (640min) duration for Heroism (+2 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks); Potion of Heroism remains usable.

Mostly though, you'll want a handy haversack and something with continuous ant haul, since Strength is useless and should be sunk to the dirt along with your charisma for more point buy.

EDIT: Holy Water. Keep a dozen flasks of this on you.. just in case. It's acid to undead/incorporeal/etc. and you'll be adding your INT modifier to the damage & splash damage they deal. Good aligned temples usually give the stuff away for free too.

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Give him a low WIS score. He may have the best of intentions.. but his logic in making decisions isn't quite all there...

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I've had a cleric stick an Arbiter (inevitable) in an adamantine carrying cage, and gave him Shield Other usage, via Imbue with Spell-like ability (or whatever that spell is named).

The cage blocks line of effect from spells, and the Arbiter comes with regeneration that's only stopped with chaotic damage. Add Shield Other for a 50% hit point boost. If you can swing the spellcasting contract through your GM, use that over imbue spell though.

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First thing I'd recommend, is the tutorial site: CLICK

Second, if you have questions, their community is honestly maptool's shining gem. You can find them here: CLICK

The community is rather active, and very helpful.

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Question for the book (rhetorical for the forums):

When creating custom magic item write-ups for things which might generally appear in the RPG Superstar contests: How do you go about placing a gold value on the inclusion of a spell toward the creation cost?

...you may be using the entire spell, or just the mechanic derived from the spell's intended effect.

    Two examples:
  • I want to combine the effects of two wondrous items, let's say... Gloves of Dueling and Gloves of Swimming and Climbing. How do you deconstruct each item's construction requirements, and then how do you go about building the intended item's construction requirements?
  • Say I want to take an existing wondrous item, and enhance it: let's say... bag of holding, and create a communal bag of holding by adding the effect of teleport object to it. How do you go about applying value to the construction cost with the added requirement?

Can this process be translated, from an art-form, into a science?

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I use my iPad 2 + iAnnotate app for iOS.

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You could also toss in some Skum somewhere along the way, and maybe an aboleth? Might fit thematically...


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When using the table for "Estimating Magic Item Gold Piece Values:"

There's this reference as a footer note: "If a continuous item has an effect based on a spell with a duration measured in rounds, multiply the cost by 4. If the duration of the spell is 1 minute/level, multiply the cost by 2, and if the duration is 10 minutes/level, multiply the cost by 1.5. If the spell has a 24-hour duration or greater, divide the cost in half."

If something doesn't fall into one of those specific durations, do we just ignore that reference altogether or find somewhere to fit it in?


  • mage armor is 1hr/level for duration.
  • divine favor is 1 static minute

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Also, a comical way to deal with them is via Mad Monkeys, hehe...

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Icyshadow wrote:

There are ways to see invisible targets, you know.

And I doubt a Gunslinger's CMD would be very poor, considering their stats.

Oh, c'mon, don't tell me your imagination is limited to only invisibility... ;)

also: he'd have to give every single NPC-with-a-gun Agile Maneuvers for them to have a CMD worth worrying about. Most gunslingers prioritize STR quite low.

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Pro Tip #1: You can't be targeted with a ranged attack, if you're not seen.
Pro Tip #2: You can't be shot at if they don't have their gun(s).

(don't ignore stealth, invisibility, or disarm as options)

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If you're looking to challenge the player, consider adding a recurring villain to the campaign that uses firearms (they target a much lower AC). They can be deflected, as arrows, but still pose a significant threat. Take a few shots from a safe range, keeping your recurring villain behind "minions" until they're almost the last ones standing... and have them retreat to plan another attack. You could also use phase spiders to catch him flat-footed or force him into fighting defensively and readying actions.

You could also restrict movement with terrain. A swamp can significantly hinder player mobility if built properly. Toss in a few terrain-based hazards (read: traps) and your encounter DC goes up as well.

Break out a Chase deck too, for that matter (it's easy enough to make your own), and make use of optional encounter mechanics to break your players out of the comfort of normal combat/social encounters.

If you're in an undead campaign, then I might suggest a few encounters with Mummies. That mummy rot can be annoying to deal with.

The only thing you should remember, is that your goal should be to "challenge" the player - not "kill" his character; don't over do things.

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If you have the feats for it, you could go with Heavy Armor Proficiency.

Get yourself some wooden full plate (via Wood Shape) and then buff it with Ironwood. You might even be able to swindle Ironwood barding for your companion.

You could also go the route of darkwood full plate, with a "wild armor" enhancement to it, for the best AC in the game while wildshaped.

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Krowbar wrote:

Ok, I just made several changes.

#1. Updated the labels on the "Encounters" tab to be more explicit/readable.

Bravo, chap! Bravo! Major improvement, thank you!

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So, if I'm understanding this properly, I would want to use the Spell Storing weapon ability for this type of effect?

For individual ammunition, instead of:
[spell level] x [caster level] x 50gp,

[+2 bonus] / 50

...then add spell-casting services to "charge" the ammo?

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Random Thought that woke me up tonight, for some reason:

Can you add Cure or Inflict spell effects to firearm ammunition, as "Single Use, Use-Activated" items?

EDIT: other considerations include...

  • touch of gracelessness
  • chill touch
  • shocking grasp

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What are columns B, F, J, N & R indicating? Total encounter XP for that difficulty? And everything in between would be the player's individual XP for the encounter or?


Or are those columns indicating XP/encounter for individual players, and everything in between are the number of encounters required?

Your presentation is a bit confusing :(

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Not so much a question, but more of a request:

Can we have a non-generic name for an item to record on our character sheets for keeping track of "crafting materials?" Am I or am I not required to visit a vendor to purchase "crafting materials" between crafting things, and how do we measure/record what is obtained from said vendor(s)?

Otherwise if I want to craft things between visits to a vendor while out adventuring: do I just arbitrarily turn loot into crafted items by using an eraser & a pencil to empty my bag of holding's bounty of masterwork armor & weapons by removing the entry on my character sheet and replacing it with Wands of Cure Light Wounds (or whatever else is in need of crafting)?

On that note: can we have a spell or craft method defined/explained for converting loot into "crafting materials" while we're stuck in a dungeon for weeks or months?

...I tried to proofread that. I hope it makes sense.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Baroh Steelcleave wrote:

1: Are spells listed as "Cleric X, Sorcerer/Wizard Y (God Z)" specifically restricted to only worshipers of "God Z" in my example here?

2: Can non-deity, domain-only, worshipers utilize those spells?
3: Is there a printed source that I missed which designates this and can be used as reference, or shall I simply cite your reply?

1) Yes.

2) If the spell appears on their list, and if they worship the deity, yes.

3) Gods & Magic. I can't think of any other source we may have printed spells specific to a deity.

For #2, I must apologize for the lack of clarity in my question. What I was referring to was a character who doesn't worship any specific deity but chooses domains (as a cleric, for example) as their focus for worship instead. Would it be feasible for those characters to gain aid from various deities in this manner?

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1: Are spells listed as "Cleric X, Sorcerer/Wizard Y (God Z)" specifically restricted to only worshipers of "God Z" in my example here?
2: Can non-deity, domain-only, worshipers utilize those spells?
3: Is there a printed source that I missed which designates this and can be used as reference, or shall I simply cite your reply?

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Ours switches it up every 6 to 8 months also, there are six of us total.

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This is definitely a build for the "5th wheel" in the party, but:

  • Go half-orc, and use your Strength/Charisma for Intimidate; it'll give you a racial bonus to the skill.
  • masterwork tools for intimidate help for a cheap +2 circumstance bonus as well.
  • Pick up Intimidating Prowess and Dazzling Display.
  • Throw an EWP(net) in there somewhere, and pick up a ghost touch net at some point. Otherwise Masterwork Nets work fine.
  • You shouldn't need to worry about your Dexterity for much other than its contribution to your AC.
  • Greater Trip isn't really necessary until after level 11 or so.

Your actions include: entangling, tripping, performances, buff/debuff, and demoralizing everything within 30ft of you. Maybe spot heals, if you take cure spells/wands.

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Does the spell Protective Penumbra affect your light level for its target at all? I may be reading between the lines, but it seems like it might lower the light level for the target its cast on by a step, if so: does it grant concealment when the target is in an area of Normal Light vs. Bright Light?

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Edgar Lamoureux wrote:
Khashir El'eth wrote:
Baroh Steelcleave wrote:
Khashir El'eth wrote:
Baroh Steelcleave wrote:
Doesn't Shocking Grasp cap out at 5d6 though (level based damage)?
Not with Intensified Spell (caps out at 10d6).
And how to you get around Spell Perfection's prerequisites in order to take it at level 1?
He meant Spell Specialization, which was clarified above.

Ahh, I read it as though Spell Specialization would have been the corrected choice instead of Intensified Spell. Oops.

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