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Poppo and Nalia both get ready for the funeral ceremony and make their way out to the temple grounds.

Micolash Bartarr continues after not getting a response Well, Madame if you want to watch the funeral. He points to an old white tree that grows on top of the cliff that the Sun Temple is positioned on. I used to climb that tree when I was kid, you can't see the temple grounds but you can see the Hands of Malphas, the highest point of the temple where the funeral is taking place. Just a bit of a tip. With that Micolash nods goodbye to Vynya and goes back to watching the passersby's.

Nalia and Poppo you begin to make your way up the staircase that leads to the Hands of Malphas, the highest point in the temple. The massive statue of Malphas carved into the mountain holds up the stairs you walk. At the top of the stairs is a large round platform and at the center of it is a funeral pyre. Nothing lies across the pyre, no body.

Standing in a circle around the pyre are several people. Constantine Firespark, Jorek Bartarr, Calia Sakaresh, a tearful Lishari Peghast, Truchessa Natara Del'Varem, a brown haired elf with a monocle and bushy beard, Helgard von Eberich, and finally Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal who stands next to the pyre looking at it sadly.

Poppo and Nalia join together in the circle and Tealor gives you both a sad nod. With that Tealor uncorks a bottle of fine oil and begins to spread the oil in a circle around the pyre Do niebios błogosławię waszą podróż he says in a strange language as he goes before connecting the circle of oil with the central pyre. May the Grave Father Eroned allow you safe passage through the Cradle, so that you may live in the heavens with your forefathers, Turngut Ulgratch. Speaking his name he lights the circle of oil which quickly trails around the pyre before reaching the center and a massive blaze engulfs Turngut Ulgratch's funeral pyre.

Suddenly the camera cuts to the Dancing Nomad, rather empty besides a bar maid cleaning glasses and a lonesome tiefling bard sitting on a stage, clutching a violin. He looks up at the four portraits of Nalia, BobE, Poppo, and Turngut. The very few patrons in the bar eat their breakfast and pay little attention to the horned musician who begins to sing a solemn song.

I saw the light, fade from the sky. On the wind I heard a sigh. As the snow flakes cover my fallen brother I will say this last goodbye.

As the song continues it shows several figures wearing yellow and green checkered uniforms in the Undercity. With another funeral pyre but atop this one is a hobgoblin, Ib. Night is now falling, so ends this day.

You see three figures looking back at the distant city of Ark. BobE, Beatrip, and a hooded skeleton look back at the enormous city as they walk away from it. The road is now calling, and I must away.

You see a dirty half elven woman standing atop a tree looking from a distance at the burning pyre Over hill and under tree. Through lands where never light shone. By silver streams that run down to the sea.

Finally the camera pulls back to the peak of the Sun Temple. Poppo and Nalia stand at the funeral alongside several other Keepers of the Order. To these memories I will hold. With your blessing I will go. To turn at last to paths that lead home.

The funeral pyre burns gloriously the flames flicker vibrantly and the song goes from a voice and violin to a grand orchestral sound And where the road then takes me. I cannot tell. We came all this way. But now comes the day to bid you farewell.

The wind begins to blow ashes from the Pyre which fly up high into the sky, taken by the wind to the Cradle I bid you all, a very fond farewell. The song ends.

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You tell Calia all about how you came across Cyfiawnder, how in the horrors of Castle Croft you came across a knight bound to undeath, Brynstan Malphason. Upon freeing the cursed knight you explain you were bequeathed the Blade of the Boreal Valley and were on top of that tasked with finding the other two swords of Malphas.

That's extraordinary. Truth betold I am a bit jealous she playfully says. A quest bestowed by Malphas himself, I could only wish for such a thing. I'm afraid I will be but a foot soldier in the wars to come. But you, you are chosen by Malphas...You will be a hero.

You along with Jorek and the rest pile the large amount of bodies onto the burning house. Jorek crosses arms and waits for everyone else to be stationary. From a satchel on his belt he pulls an ornate bottle of fine oil, which has a pleasant aroma. He circles the house spreading the oil as he goes Do niebios błogosławię waszą podróż he says words in a strange language as he goes. When he finishes circling the house with the oil he draws a line of oil to the house and the oil is set ablaze. I pray the Grave Father Eroned allows you passage through the Cradle. So that you may live in the heavens with your forefathers. Jorek corks the bottle in his hand retrieves his halberd from nearby and begins to quietly trudge on into the woods.

GM Roles:

Arcane Fever: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 4, 2) = 13

As you continue to travel I need everyone to make another Fortitude save DC: 16. If you fail you take 13 arcane fever, if you pass you only take 6 arcane fever.

Nalia you can also mark down that you now know the proper funeral rites priests of Malphas in Enderal do.

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The sound of me killing your character.

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Yes Bobie says I always make sure to put a jar of raisins on all sarcophagi.

Nalia doesn't notice anything more than already described.

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Oops just realised I rolled d20's for fall damage, but don't want to change because that would probably effect my other roles so I'm just going to reroll the fall damage just for Turngut.

Fall Damage: 22d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 2, 4, 5, 5, 4, 5, 1, 4, 6, 2, 6, 1, 4, 3, 5, 1, 3, 6, 3, 2) = 80

The dog is still indeed a thin pudding among spiky rocks.