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Oooooo! I want to play Hall of Drunken Heroes!

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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

That's why I think it should be video and email... I prefer the email version, but it's nice to reach different learning styles.


In my real life profession, we call it multi-modal learning.

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Sara Marie wrote:
Hotel has a breakfast restaurant and a bar that are delicious but a little pricy. They've also got a coffee kiosk with lots of grab n go foods. They've done a little cash only lunchtime grill before, not sure if they plan on that again or not. In the local area if you want to walk a block or two there are a range of restaurants ranging from fast food to sit down.

Sara Marie - would someone from Paizo please contact catering at the hotel and ask them about doing the lunchtime grab and go? Even dinner time as well?

Having that in 2015 was great! We missed it in 2016.

The other issue we saw last year was people being absolute pigs at the dinner when it came to dessert. Those who didn't get it right away were left with few if any choices. I saw people PILING cupcakes on their plate. At conferences I've been to lately, dessert is plated on the table, or if something like Cupcakes, each table gets a selection in the center of the table.

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I mentioned to John previously that I appreciated the early listing of flip maps and map packs needed for the later year 7 and year 8 scenarios, as well as which would need custom maps.

I had also mentioned to a Paizo staffer at PaizoCon that having the appropriate maps in the booth would likely be helpful at the con. I was thrilled when I walked into the Dealer's Hall on Thursday morning and the first thing I saw was a rack of maps for The Cosmic Captive. Particularly since I was short one!

I have very mixed feelings about the 1 am end time. It meant I often didn't get to sleep until 2am or close to it, only to be back in the room to game again by 7:45am. That extra 30 - 60 minutes of sleep is precious. I know that by Saturday night I was NOT at my best.

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Bob Jonquet wrote:
Can anyone confirm there is or is not going to be any special bus services? If so, what the schedule is? what the routes are? Cost? Contact info? Or maybe its too early in the season to know what Indy will have available for us. Past experience indicates they embrace the GenCon crowds and try to offer extra services.

There was an email from Gen Con a couple of weeks ago that said they would not be offering the bus service they had the last couple of years. The only bus service being organized is the airport to downtown and return for those flying in and out.

I did see the electric cars when we were there last year. It was a car share system that might work for a few people, but I'm not certain how far put they go.

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5 days until CogCon 25! Are you attending? Sign up on our Warhorn! admission is only $15.

We are running 6-97 on Friday evening and 7-00 on Saturday evening, along with much more!

I'll be turning off pre-registration Tuesday evening, but we have plenty of space for walk-up registrations!

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Wilmannator wrote:

Apologies if this he already appeared in some form, but I would really like an opportunity to read over the pregens ahead of time for those scenarios that have them. I know I'm in the scenario and since you get the character at the beginning of the slot anyway, I can't see that there would be any concern for spoilers. Both of the pregen specials I ran suffered from lack of familiarity with the characters. For a straight out fighter or some of the "regular" pregens, it's not so much of an issue... but with a (for example) recently errata'd halfling eldritch magus, it can be time consuming. For the brawler, it was downright cruel at times. Even the kobolds had nifty special abilities that interfered somewhat and their class builds required constant checking of the core rules by those unfamiliar with the system (due to the "light" character sheet).

Even releasing just the names of the classes involved ahead of time would help, but having the full pregen sheets for the pregen games available to players means that the eager beavers among us could read over all six pregens in advance and be prepared to play any of them and to help out the other players also. If there are spoilers in the color text, remove it for the "player edition", it's the mechanics that are tricky.

Both of the pregen specials were widely talked about to have a very tough time fitting into the 4.5-5 hour slot and complicated pregen unfamiliarity was prime amongst the cited reasons why.

I do not think this would be a good idea. This would cause character jockeying for the "best" PC. Additionally, some would see them, but many people would not.

Now, adding an info sheet, describing the abilities that many who play Core, or who are new to the game, might need to know would be good, and would not take all that long to read. For spell casters, providing the text of the spells so that the players don't need to look them up would be good as well.

I was thrilled to play in what we call "Classic style" scenarios, with pre-made PCs. It brought back many fond memories of games 10, 15 and 20 years ago.

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John Compton wrote:
Regarding color coding, I believe the most straightforward solution may be to simply include a text label in each section that says the color. For example, when a region is green, it would also have the word "Green" written within it.

This is called "descriptive text" and is recommended under Section 508 of the ADA for electronic communication. It would be really helpful for many reasons! Info is available at about-the-section-508-standards/section-508-standards

Because the screens are only in fixed locations, and not visible for all, is it possible to make a few flip charts and post them on easels in a few places were visibility is poor, and for a couple of volunteers to flip them when the screen changes? I realize the volunteers do a lot and don't know if there are enough to do so, but it is worth investigating.

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Jon Cary wrote:
Rycaut wrote:
Idea - arrange for pre-printed maps for specials (and possibly other scenarios) from a local printer at a bulk rate and offer them as an optional purchase for GM's

Printing and selling the maps would be a pretty huge undertaking, and one that I double Paizo would invest in. It could be done by a volunteer, but I'm not sure anyone from the HQ Leads team has time and cash to invest in gauging interest, collecting funds, printing them, and shipping them to the convention.

Perhaps it's something one of the Special GMs could take on?


Please tag me on this next spring. We have access to a large format printer and will be having our own printed anyway. We can have the copy shop print more and bring them in. We drive in, so not an issue to load up the trunk. The university print shop is less expensive than a for profit enterprise, and somewhat less busy in the summer. We are already extracting the maps for printing.

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Just a couple of weeks until CogCon Spring Revel!

Come join us for this inexpensive 5 slot con! Only $10 !!!

Drive in Friday morning, play Friday afternoon, evening and all day Saturday and still have Sunday to recover, do homework, laundry, etc! :)

Hope to see you!

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We will be sailing on the Celebrity Silhouette the week of February 21, 2016, out of Ft. Lauderdale. We invite fellow gamers to join us in escaping winter and enjoying some sun, while also spending some time playing PFS!

Pricing changes daily, but when I looked last, you could get a room as low as about $1020 per person, including taxes, fees, port expenses and the hotel service charges/gratutities. This is for an interior room.

An ocean view room starts about $1220 per person, and a balcony room starts at about $1320 per person.

For those of you interested in joining us, the easiest way to do so is to either call your travel agent if you have one, or mine if you don't. We use and if you let her know you want to join us, she can get you prices and options. It cost about $500 to book the room. Then, I make payments over the next 6-8 months until it is paid off. If you decide you can't go by October or so, it is refundable.

You also need to consider travel insurance that includes coverage for weather and travel delays. 20 people missed our cruise because of weather. We lost a port because of weather as well.

The week of Feb 21, the ports include Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Jamica, and the private island.

Let the questions begin!

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Greetings! If you plan to attend CogCon Spring Revel, April 3-4, please take the time to pre-register! I want to make sure that we have sufficient GMs for the players who attend.
We look forward to running PFS 2-S1, Year of the Shadow Lodge on Saturday night!

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Greeting Pathfinder!

The Missouri S&T Gaming Association is hosting the CogCon Spring Revel on April 3 and 4. We have our sign-ups live now and hope to see you! If you are seeking any scenarios, please let us know and we'll try to offer them!

Admission is $10 and the gaming starts on Friday afternoon and runs all day Saturday. For more information, please visit

We look forward to seeing you!

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Those of you using an electronic device to GM or play may wish to consider a purchase from here:

Note that a number of them are good to fully recharge a tablet. Don't buy them last minute, as you want to try it out before you actually head to the con.