CogCon Spring Revel April 3-4, 2015

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Dark Archive 3/5

Greeting Pathfinder!

The Missouri S&T Gaming Association is hosting the CogCon Spring Revel on April 3 and 4. We have our sign-ups live now and hope to see you! If you are seeking any scenarios, please let us know and we'll try to offer them!

Admission is $10 and the gaming starts on Friday afternoon and runs all day Saturday. For more information, please visit

We look forward to seeing you!

Dark Archive 3/5

Greetings! If you plan to attend CogCon Spring Revel, April 3-4, please take the time to pre-register! I want to make sure that we have sufficient GMs for the players who attend.
We look forward to running PFS 2-S1, Year of the Shadow Lodge on Saturday night!

Dark Archive 3/5

Just a couple of weeks until CogCon Spring Revel!

Come join us for this inexpensive 5 slot con! Only $10 !!!

Drive in Friday morning, play Friday afternoon, evening and all day Saturday and still have Sunday to recover, do homework, laundry, etc! :)

Hope to see you!

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Can't wait! Playing entire Scions of the Sky Key in one day should be interesting, if nothing else.


Was a great time. Hope to see you guys in the Fall. If you are anywhere in Missouri, this is a great PFS get together!

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