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In a thread a bit ago, there was some talking about how negative and positive energy aren't inherently tied to alignments and this made me start thinking about exactly what the 2 energies actual do support and oppose.

Negative energy seems to support stagnation, as many of the creatures who "live" on it are obsessive and immortal(ghosts, ghouls, revenants, etc). It wants to kill life and stagnate a world continuously exposed to it, make something that never changes. It kind of wants to convert all life into this specific immortal non-changing ordered creatures, assimilating things slowly.

meanwhile, positive energy support life, which constantly goes through a process that makes it change to favor it's environment and thus favors and support creatures who can change. All the sentient creatures using this energy seem to vary widely in their beliefs and can even change their beliefs over time. Creatures powered by positive energy are generally not immortal and on average most creatures have life spans less than 5 years. This makes me believe that positive energy inherently favors an adapting and changing ecosystem.

Because of these, I came to the conclusion that if I HAD to hook up an alignment to the 2 energies, positive would be chaotic good, and negative would be lawful evil.

NOTE: this isn't what i believe the alignments of the energies are in the rules, just what I think they relate to the most after careful consideration.



Say i'm 10th level

what and how do I magic jar, transform, or whatever my way into a suitable shape to do melee in?

I want the full suite of how to effectively do this. Like if I magic jar where do i put my body.

so, I'm really tired right now but I think it's given me the stupidity courage to check for interest for this idea I've been having for the past few days and refining with some friends.

For anyone not aware Space Station 13 is a game in which you and several crew mates are aboard Space Station 13 to mine plasma and sell it to the Evil Corporation, however something amiss is happening on the station.

what's amiss, who knows, maybe several people are trying to steal some stuff and escape the station or some people are changlings and are there to eat people AND steal stuff, or the AI believes oxygen is poisonous to humans and is trying to "save" everyone.

If you're not a traitor or a ling or a psycopathic clown, or a wizard, or etc, and are just there to gain a wage, you just try to do your job and stop the station from falling to pieces. Each person has a job to do on the station, even if they're a traitor

How the game would work is mostly actions would be handled via PM with a cycle happening once per (real life)day(or so, don't really know what schedule I'll end up running) to do various tasks for their job or just to relax, the discussion thread would be the who ever is in the bar can chat here thread, while gameplay would be me posting global events(such as a boom and shake rocking the station) and posting the intercomms.

If two people started a fight, they get 10 or so rounds of fighting before the next global round can happen and the traitor trying to steal the quarter master's brain might be discovered.

If you die in a "shift" that is the time in which the traitors or what ever can do their tasks, depending on the round you'll, if you so choose, be added to a list of people waiting for side roles. Side roles are like playing as someone's pocketAI, newly created robot janitors, hive workers for a queen alien eating the ship, etc. I'll try to make people aware if theres people waiting so that can create demons or robots if they can. Oh, also you can be cloned.

If people go silent for a round or 2, that's okay, space does weird stuff to the brain and those brain chips that remove the need for sleep might be having strange side effects, however if someone is out for several rounds, they'll fall over and it's recommended they be moved to medical so that they can be watched over before the next shuttle arrives or they recover.


so basically the idea is, I want to see if people would be interested in a PvP-ish "campaign", with hopefully most of the characters on the ship being actual players and not me. I think the warhammer 40k system Dark heresy would be best for this, however, if people would be interested in this only if using the pathfinder system I could make it work.

So, yeah, I want to know if this is a horrible Idea or not, now I know a lot of this is vague and... it is, because I don't have many of the rules laid out yet, if people ARE interested that's my sign that I should actually lay out the rules and run it.


So I was thinking a bit and I was wondering about people opinions on a certain aspect of alignment.

So, say your character has had particularly bad/good experiences with goblins or orcs or some other place holder race. Is it okay to act out of alignment in regards to these cases.

Like to be less racist say you have a fascination with knights and people who've been knighted, but you're chaotic whatever, but you will almost always respect the commands of a knight.

Now, the question isn't if this is okay at your table, but more along the lines does the alignment system allow for this complexity or do they fundamentally break down at this point?

as in stages, with areas that do double damage or the boss wades through lava and can only be attacked from platforms(at least in melee) and smash down limbs and stuff on the platforms. this all can be fairly easy to do county the boss as a pseudo-swarm or squad.

also, when he hits certain HP you just swap the boss out with different mobs.

i'm thinking of doing this because i'm thinking of doing a VERY darksouls Esque game and we have already replaced pathfinder's gold-exp with kirthfinder's mojo and I plan on replacing that with souls.

so, I don't want the fights to be the by the numbers they tend to be and plan on making them more boss like by doing this by making them stage like and using "traps" and "swarms" with multiple mobs using the same health pool.

Darkness, A vastness, darkness it seems to have always been to never have had a beginning to simply have always been. It seemed to have no ends and yet...


that's the first thing to fill you, the first thing to make you, you...

that fact, that you... exist. what... should you be?


this is a home game

I kinda just really like the set up here and have a few pathfinder games going but my group is starting an only war campaign and I was wondering If It was Okay to play it on these boards?

Anette Leonis, you find yourself outside "The End", the last halfway house between Murkwood and Skyfortress. It is of decent size and houses several guards, the guards are paid for and under the jurisdiction of the Murkwood Townguardship.

One week ago you were given a mission by the Knights of Artoria to confirm and explore a ruin.

Mission breif:
An Independent Hunter/forager in the wilderness has take up one of our standing bounties for information on events and locations in the wilderness.

We have assigned Anette Leonis to this mission with the objective of locating and confirming these ruins. Thereafter a cursory exploration of the ruins should be done to locate any dangers(traps, combatants, dangerous terrain), which should be taken care of if possible. Dangers which cannot be solved should be recorded.

The "Ruins" are supposedly located 100 miles east and 50 miles north of Skyfortress, this is far away from any civilized land, caution is advised.

No additional personnel have been assigned to this mission however, a budget of 10,000 Sovereigns has been assigned to this mission as a mercenary budget.

Anette Leonis contacted an associate, Seifer Elsuran, through magical communication from Skyfortress and has come to an agreement that she find people to partake of this mission which the 10,000 Sovereigns would be split between them on acceptance of the contract.

Anette Leonis stands just outside "The End", the 10,000 sovereigns weigh heavy in her pack. The day is late several of the people Seifer contacted may have arrived already.

Anyone unusual or obviously not human, elf or dwarf, must convince the guards of your friendly intentions. otherwise the Tavern portion is open and inviting in the cold night.
Order does not matter to me, post as you please.

Everyone has 1 week to finish their character crunch and 1 week thereafter to finish their contacts.

how exactly do you think gestalting SoP classes should work? do you gain more sphere talents, or still only gain 1 every time you gain CL?

discuss here

Sorry if you clicked here expecting something, but this is for a group of friends, so if you're not one of them you're not going to be accepted.

Just been kind of bored about the forums lately and thought i'd try to spice it up a little.

Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough

I THINK we can assume both of them are large sized and become huge sized when the other is destroyed.

they're not human(or at least not likely, there is some debate on whether or not size is related to race or just power level).

I feel like when one dies the other gestalts with whatever class he had and regains full health, but beyond the fight mechanics what would be the best way to construct the base Ornstein and Smough?

so I think we need a separate thread for all the things that are still broken and not about things they broke.

So an idea came upon be in another thread.

Basically, to make a "quick fix"(in that you don't need to adjust spells and what not) for the versatility of casters implement the following house rules.

implement limited magic from unchained. This involves spells always being cast at lowest CL and DC possible.

then implement overclocking to restore these to normal CL and DC. except remove spellcraft and turn it into 7 skills one for each school. you use those skills in the same way as spellcraft but only for spells in schools tied to that skill. item creation is tied to the items aura.

this way the wizard has to focus his skill points down into various schools of magic to be competent at them.

sorcerers and other non int casters would be bumped to 4+int mod skill points. (or effectively all non-int casters gain 2 extra skill points.)

casters can still focus down that one thing they were good at before, but now they're simply not as versatile.

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So with all the mumbo jumbo on the martial caster disparity relating to narrative power, I decided to make badassary, it's kind of like mythic tiers but comes in 20 levels to make the ability progression a bit smoother (like spell resistance).


what i would like are more ideas that allow martials to do crazy mundane things without them turning into completely unrealistic nonsense, everything has to be buyable, so as long as it can be explained in a way that allows the fighter to function without it becoming supernatural. these abilities should also mitigate the parties reliance on certain magic items or spells somewhat, such as fight through it reducing the need for wands of cure light wounds.

I would also like ideas for how certain class abilities of martials or half casters could be improved by being badassified.

what penalty do you use? -2 or -4? i mean my player is throwing darts, I don't feel like this should be -4...

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I'm kinda bored right now and was thinking of interesting build.

what build has any of you done that usually is called sub par but made work through some manner of third party or simply to good effect in actual play.

I'm talking about using your weak bloodlines or trying to TWF, or a gunslinger only using 1 pistol.

mine I'd have to say was a kobold multiclassed monk and unchained rogue, dex to damage on fists and making all my stats the save stats i had wonderful saves and AC, while getting dex to damage on fists made me par for the course in damage output. the hampered condition allowing me to keep the pain on from flanking.

say i'm a dragon, and my bite attack has the reach of a creature one size larger, can i try to hit with a touch spell using that reach? or do i have the hold the charge and try to attack normal AC with the bite?

So i made another class, this one is a hybrid class having the parents as the unchained rogue and the fighter.

looking for input on what people think.

Specific things i'm worried about are:
free exotic weapon proficiency, good or no
Being able to finesse two-handers(even hammers), is the limit on x1 dex to damage necessary, right now I limit the weapon to still requiring two hands to wield but counting as being one-handed for feats and effects.
6+intmod skill points, I want it to be useful outside of combat but are 6+int necessary with already a focus on int.
the amount of bonus feats and rogue talents on top of a deed system. I know it's probably stronger than a swashbuckler but the swashbuckler is pretty weak.
Canny Pacing Deed - good or should i tone it down slightly
Weapon-Meister Training and Weapon training, should I tone them down, combine them, etc?
Canny Positioning, too strong? I don't imagine the class will ever get amazing int unless you specifically go for defense, but a possible 10 dodge bonus to AC can be substantial(but that requires 30 int so...).

so it's a hybrid class between an unchained rogue and the fighter. so far i have duelist but it doesn't fit well.

It's like a swashbuckler that focuses heavily on specific weapons and uses their intelligence modifier as their off stat. 10d, full BAb, 6+int skill points. IT starts proficient with a single exotic weapon.

Also think of making a reverse power attack mechanic, trading damage for to-hit, does a complete reverse seem balanced or should it be toned down a bit(in either direction, less BAB or less damage loss)?

so I got invited to a kingmaker campaign and I've had a little character idea for a while.

So first of all my character has some house rules that make it work.

I'm a kobold who plans on finessing a two-bladed sword, GM allowed it to be finesse-able since exotic prof and weapon finesse are already steep. We start with 1 mstwrk weapon & armor, essentials(this was vague, but he put it as whatever your character needs to function within reason), and 200gps.

I plan on first level taking a level of two-weapon fighter or lore warden (haven't decided yet, but rolled for stats and they were good so I can do the int fine), then 3-4 levels of unchained rogue to get dex to damage. haven't decided on traits yet.

The problem is, and what i'm asking about, what can i do in the interim to make sure i'm at least somewhat effective during this time and that i live until level 4? (i'm thinking a bow, but is bowing worth it without feat investment?)


A Lance multiplies damage by 2 or 3 with spirited charge, do you multiply things like precision damage or powerful charge, while charging with a lance?

and where in the rules does it specify the differences or connections between multipliers and critical hits.

so... can you apply effortless lace to one end of a double weapon to make both ends finesseable?

playing a eldritch Scion magus maybe, and was allowed to get ranged spell strike at the same time. what bloodline actually could turn out good for a ranged character?

ignoring enhancement bonuses ignoring certain DRs, does DR/- apply to fire damage, how about DR/-silver or DR/magic.

does the fire apply damage to DR/magic if it's from a magical source? or is everything covered by resistances already go through DR?

does DR/whatever apply to each damage type one at a time or just removed the listed amount from the total amount


If I cast with the hand that has a buckler equiped does it lose it's bonus?

I was wondering if anyone used the unchained loyalty system and had ran a paladin, I'm going to be doing so soon and was wondering how it went. (where your highest loyalty does not need to be good)

does this have to persist? or after you cast the spell is the effect fine for the duration.

basically if someone walks more than 30 feet away, does the effect end?

otherwise it's very cheap.

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Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Bandw2 wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Is that a challenge?
I think it is, quickly we need to come up with ideas.

Oh oh!! I got one!

--> Do PCs need underpants when wearing armor?

so do they?, and if so how much do they cost? what are the penalties to not wearing underpants?

Do you get a bonus if you pants them?

also, will a paladin fall if they face an opponent without underwear?

do rogues gain sneak attacks against underwearless opponents.



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Challenge: Whenever an order of the dragon cavalier issues a challenge, his allies receive a +1 circumstance bonus on melee attack rolls against the target of his challenge whenever he is threatening the target. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels the cavalier possesses.

Does this circumstance bonus also apply to yourself. making it a VERY good way of increasing your accuracy while being a cavalier.

I understand that normally you're your own ally, but it feels like RAI is that it doesn't(but know full well it probably by RAW does). Was wondering about people's opinions and if anything official has been said on it. If you think it is FAQ worthy, FAQ it (in that it is at least questionable one way or the other).


is this just an amulet, and gains natural armor? or is it a weapon and adds enhancement bonus? or is it both and it's price is multiplied by 4 after adding 2k, or before? this feels really weird, and I was wondering how people think it is RAW and how they would do it in their own games.

... and so one of my player's is carrying around ghoul dust in his pocket, do you think touching this stuff would/should be enough to have him roll fortitude saves?

I've seen some posts that made me think that I had it wrong how combat works while mounted.

so questions

A) do the mount and rider work on the same initiative
B) does the rider still get all his actions if his mount moves, if so how much can the mount move.
C) can a mount and a rider both perform full round actions in the same round.

Active Fighter

I posted this a while ago looking for input, but I updated it a bit and cleaned it up, fixed some mistakes. Was thinking I might get so different input since it's been a while, new faces and all.

Thing of note: this is supposed to be a general improvement to the fighter, and stack with most other archetypes, so it should seem better than the fighter, even slightly so. so that's the goal to raise the fighter's ability to do things in combat other than full attack.

Also, wonder if limiting it to melee(to regain vigor) is too restricting or since most abilities that require a use of vigor are for melee that it should be fine.

feel free to comment in the document itself.

do you think making a feat with a prereq of weapon focus, so that you can use any one weapon as if it were a one-handed piercing melee weapon for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon?

except perhaps swashbuckler finesse or other abilities to apply dex to hit.

honestly what would be the best cost for a feat? allow dex to-hit, allow it for all purposes other than changing what stat can be used for to-hit, or would it be too powerful(I highly doubt this)?

two-handed weapons wouldn't work with precise strike, but it would allow you to use them to regain panache.


Do they still gain increased damage on close weapons?

the ability isn't replaced and it says of a "brawler" 4 levels lower.

as i'm looking at it, not THAT bad, not much reason to go beyond 4rth level though, as most everything after that is restricted to one-handing for a good bit.

But say you wanted to make a good light armored person who uses two-handers, is there a better option? what would multiclass well for this if you wanted to take a few levels of swash?

man though, that bad save progression does make this a lot harder on anyone trying to do this.

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do I get a free composite longbow if it's my choice? do i get to pick any #? seriously i want to pick a composite longbow for my arcane bond(it's for arcane duelist).

I'm trying to make a class that primarily uses some form of ranged attacks and provides buffing, with some amount of bonus feats.what is the best way to do this? I'm starting at 5th level and want to be able to this from then, so most PrCs are out until later.

I thought of, kinda on the spot, an interesting idea for the weird swashbuckler weirdness, i know this is mostly already dealt with in home brew but i thought of something slightly different.

Agile Grace (Combat)
Pre-req: Weapon Finesse, 15 dex
While wielding a light weapon, you can add your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to that weapon's damage, while wielding a one-handed weapon that is finessable you can add half your dexterity modifier to damage instead of your strength modifier. Off hand light weapon attacks can only apply up to half their dexterity mod in damage.

what do you (whom ever you are) think of this? Could it be better worded? is giving light weapons better dex stat usage just a stupid idea in general in pathfinder, or would it allow for light weapons to potentially shine?

do making combat maneuver's as part of a full attack count as a manufactured weapon like an unarmed strike is? what if the weapon you used was a natural attack, what happens then?

so, i want to play a race, but it's racials are +4 con, -2 dex, and -2 int. I want the class to be somewhat civilized and not a divine caster. 3pp is allowed.

Any interesting things i can do to not have horrible touch AC or play a barbarian? currently i'm sitting on multiclassing some levels of investigator (and just eating that -2 to int) with some ranger levels in an archetype that lose their casting.

we're using epic point buy (25 points) so i may be able to eat the malus points rather easily but i'll still be behind the rest of the party if I do.

I want him to be an intellectual or at least wise-ish, but still effective in melee.


if i have a +1 glamered(+2700gp) breastplate or whatever, how much does it cost to make it now +2?

does it go from +3700 -> 16K(+4 enhancement)
or is it now 3700 -> 4k(+2 enhancement)+2700=6700

can you use enhance water on your own "waste" to significantly lower the amount of water one needs to carry with you?

i swear my player's sometimes, but can it be done?

basically, can you choose to simply obfuscate what race you are, and not choose to emulate a specific race, or likewise, obfuscate your identity and not choose to look like a specific individual?

such as simply covering yourself or wearing low bearing hoods, etc?

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