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"It's important that you remember that when you pull the winds from one place it creates ripples in the balance. You have to be prepared to heal those ripples afterwards or you can cause disastrous results somewhere else. Now try it again, only start slower."

"Her-humm." Azuri'ith cleared his throat loudly to get his granddaughters' attention.

"Grandpa!" Arielle ran over to him and tried to give him a hug. It wasn't very easy since he was an air elemental, but she tried anyways.

"Now, you be good while you're gone, Arielle, and mind what Grandpa Azuri'ith tells you."

"Yes, mom," she said, rolling her eyes.

"Are you - " Azuri'ith started to ask, concerned by the look of sadness in Lynora-Jill's eyes.

"I'm fine," she interrupted. "Just missing my little girl already. I may very well fly over to where you're camping every night just so I can tuck her in," she said with a half-hearted smile.

"Okay, mom," Arielle said with a last-minute hug.

"Why do people always assume there's some sort of age limitation on soul-crushing sorrow?"

"I'm not usually one to interfere, but given the direct amount of emotional damage you're contemplating inflicting on your mate and your daughter I felt the need to deliver a sharp blow to the head. I'll restrain the urge and simply remind you of what you told my granddaughter when she was faced with temptation. You don't need more power. Power isn't what's important."

"Now, if you will excuse me, I have a good deal more work to do undoing the damage to the weather patterns caused by Arielle's first storm."

Shovastika wrote:

As before she inspects them, and disposes of the contents in a practically identical manner.

Candle Lighter and Frost are a pair of dragons whose secrets I have no reservations about spilling. They were, until recently, keeping The Giggler in a cave somewhere in the Realms of Dream.
Then his girlfriend, Kytania the Cenobyte broke him out, and he made contact with some acquaintences amongst the Denizens of Leng, and the last I heard he had taken ship for one of the few remaining ways for people to currently physically enter or exit the Realms of Dream. He may be out already. Time has been running rather faster there than here.
She quirks an eyebrow at Azuri'ith.
I trust that you would consider that information to be sufficiently of interest to be worth what you just paid for it?

"Quite. Thank you. A pleasure doing business."

Shovastika wrote:

I believe that a dragon of that name recently attacked a group of folk from the Carnival of Shadows, who had embarked upon a pilgrimage of some description. So much you will be able to easily find out for yourselves, however - perhaps even to identify and speak to some survivors. Be careful, however, since their former leader now carries a curse from the dragon. She makes a dismissive motion with one hand. But I do not like to carry tales of the doings of a dragon that old.

I do, however, have a little tidbit from the Realms of Dream which I thought that you might like to hear. For the same sort of price as we last agreed upon.

"Hmmm," Azuri'ith paused, considering. It wasn't exactly what he had been looking for, but last time the information she had brought was exactly what they needed. "Very well. I will have your payment brought momentarily." He spoke a few words in Aurun and a few minutes later the chests arrive the same as before.

"Yes, I remember you," Azuri'ith rumbled. "You were most helpful in providing information about an attempted attack. And just as timely then as you are now. A good skill to have in your line of work I imagine. We are in the market for any information that can be obtained about the dragon Daelemos."

Azuri'ith flies back to the Eyrie and assists Djuhah in repairing the damage, freeing the djinn to tend the wounds of any who were hurt.

"There is some trouble at the Eyrie. I must go. I will return once things are settled again there."

Db3's Narrator wrote:

Lk shifts back into his human form, and tries to push the bigger wolf of him,

"Come on, I told you I'm not going back! Your not even sure the portak still works are you?"

The larger wolf shifts, and Kiba is crouched next to Lk, holding him down with a hand.

"And yet, you'll still be going back. If the portal doesn't work, this era's wolves will babysit you." He turns to JH, "I apoligize if he has caused any trouble, and considering the fresh bandage under his shirt, I think he may have."

"He has not caused any trouble. In fact he has been most helpful. He should not have gone off without telling you. But do not be so quick to jump to conclusions. The boy has been helping young Arielle try to restore her mother. I apologize about the bandage. I lost track of him for a while because of other concerns and he did something brave but foolish."

Azuri'ith and Lk arrive in the Grove. Azuri'ith sets the boy down gently. He can feel his granddaughter's presence strongly here. He smiles. Perhaps they would find a way to make this right after all.

The Dalesman wrote:
Azuri'ith wrote:
Azuri'ith looks at Lk. "I would be happy to provide you with a lift to the Grove. You too," he says to Devlyn, a hint of amusement in his voice, "though somehow I suspect you're going to tell me that you'd rather travel by omniportal."
"Well, I'm not afraid to use my own two feet," Devlyn says with a smile. "They still get me to most places just fine. I'll meet you there, though I may make a stop along the way."

"As you like. Come along, Lk."

Azuri'ith and Lk depart for the Grove, flying high above the ground.

Azuri'ith looks at Lk. "I would be happy to provide you with a lift to the Grove. You too," he says to Devlyn, a hint of amusement in his voice, "though somehow I suspect you're going to tell me that you'd rather travel by omniportal."

Azuri'ith takes up his customary post near Arielle. Trouble seemed to follow the child wherever she went. He looked over at Lk, who seemed rather upset still.
"Is everything alright?"

The Dalesman wrote:

Not taking his eyes off the halfling, Devlyn says to Azuri'ith:

"Are we ready to get this show on the road?"

"Quite," the air elemental says dryly.

Azuri'ith moves closer to Arielle, ready to act as a shield for her should things end up with a battle.

The Dalesman wrote:

"There are always other ways, but they are not usually the best ways to do things," Devlyn says, looking at JH and Azuri'ith.

"I am beginning to wonder whether the best way is even a possibility here. I have been watching the contest closely. They cheat. I would not be surprised to learn that someone or someones had been paid off to ensure a certain outcome."

"I am not precisely sure. The creatures seem to be pointlessly pummeling each other with intent to kill. This is an odd form of entertainment."

"Devlyn, Allura," the elder air elemental greets them. "No, nothing further untoward happened while you were gone. The Earth Champion was having difficulty restraining his emotions and decided to take Arielle away from here. I have stayed behind to keep an eye on the competition so that we do not lose track of the star here."

Azuri'ith turns his attention back to the action in the arena, although he never loses track of the current location of the star.

Eiboria Telimnora wrote:

Understand that we are only assigned as protection here within the arena. We will escort Arielle to the exit, but under our current orders once you are outside, you leave us behind.

One of the nymphs says slightly apologetically.

"Thank your mistress for her help. The Earth Champion is right. He should go, and the girl needs to stay with him."

Jack Hammer wrote:
Arielle wrote:
Eiboria Telimnora wrote:

Are you leaving the arena, or just taking awalk here in the stands to attempt to clear your minds? one of the nymphs assigned to Arielle inquires of Arielle and Jack Hammer.

"We can't leave," Arielle sobs. "There's still a shiny here. We can't leave without it."

JH staggers, struggling to hold it together in front of Arielle.

"I...I can't stay..."

"I will stay, little one. I will watch and see who gains the star and make sure to acquire it from them. Go with your father."

The air elemental grabs the hole and quickly brings it over to Allura, who drops the artifact into it.

Azuri'ith exchanges a glance with JH and makes sure to keep himself between the gnome and Arielle.

The Dalesman wrote:

"Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but I guess it's better than the alternative at the moment," Devlyn says, noting Arielle's obvious fear of whatever is about.

"So does anybody have an idea of what this nameless palsey looks like so we can try and root it out?"

"I do not believe so. A little while ago she started talking about something evil and very bad headed this way. And now she says it's in the arena. It seems to be something that she can sense very strongly, but she hasn't gotten a look at it yet."

The Dalesman wrote:

Devlyn and Allura come up behind the nymphs, sharing a quizzical glance at each other as they do so.

"Are these friends of yours, Azuri'ith?"

"Not exactly. But thus far their mistress has shown no hostility towards Arielle, and even offered to help in her own way, so I do not believe that they are enemies."

It shouldn't be too hard to find JH, Arielle, and Azuri'ith once you get inside. They're the ones with a big empty space around them in the stands. :)

Eiboria Telimnora wrote:

Whilst the fight proceeds below, a pair of nymphs in dark helms, black cloaks, and mithril shirts emerge from a nearby entrance. exit from the bowels of the arena, and begin to make their way towards Azuri'ith's group. They wear shortswords at their belts.

Azuri'ith watches their approach carefully. Arielle doesn't seem too concerned by them, so he doesn't think that they are connected with the evil the child is so frightened by.

Azuri'ith looks concerned. Well, as much as you can tell. It can be hard to read the expressions of an air elemental at times. He speaks into the communication crystal.
"Devlyn, Allura, there is trouble headed for the arena. Something Arielle describes as really, really bad. Be careful and get here as soon as you can."

Yames Boornd wrote:

So if the dragon wasn't working for you, then why exactly was it looking for these items?, the goblin's companion, Tangessa pipes up. You must have some idea, surely?

"Personal greed? Who can really understand the motives of dragons? They are unique items, and there have been many who tried to acquire them. It is essential that they do not fall into the wrong hands."

Yames Boornd wrote:
Azuri'ith wrote:
"Hmmmm. Would these souvenirs be small star-shaped gems perhaps? Does this goblin still have them? Or did the dragon take them? They are indeed very important to us. We need to collect all of them. It is very important."

The goblin who originally collected them is long dead - several hundred years have passed in the Realms of Dream, and goblins, alas, are not that long-lived. His descendents do not have them any longer either. It was a small but quite ferocious and powerful dragon.

You haven't denied yet that this dragon was working for you.

"I would have thought that it would be obvious. No, the dragon is not working for us. I do not even know which dragon it was. Thus far I know of at least two that have chosen to interfere for whatever their reasons might be. Several hundred years you say? This could have some...interesting repurcussions. So the dragon has them? Yes, that would explain why they were moving earlier."

Yames Boornd wrote:

I work for the Eighth Runelord, who had removed himself and most of his people to the Realms of Dream to try and avoid trouble, the goblin continues, but there was recently an unpleasant incident involving a dragon who wanted some souvenirs a goblin had collected a number of years before in the desert near the Oasis of Still Water.

As far as the Runelord can determine the souvenirs in question have something to do with your family, and I am making one last attempt to find out what is going on, before the Runelord starts authorising assassinations.
The last time anything like this occured it involved a plot by a hobgoblin wizard to blow up a couple of small islands so that he could collect a plague formula that he hoped would give him cpntrol of several countries, so the Runelord is endeavouring to remain open-minded despite the extreme aggravation that said dragon visit has resulted in.

"Hmmmm. Would these souvenirs be small star-shaped gems perhaps? Does this goblin still have them? Or did the dragon take them? They are indeed very important to us. We need to collect all of them. It is very important."

Yames Boornd wrote:

The goblin and his companion reach Azuri'th's party, and the goblin makes a sweeping bow.

Yames Boornd, the goblin introduces himself. And the lovely lady who is my companion is a reformed erinyes, Tangessa.
You would be Azuri'ith, right? he addresses te elemental.

"Yes, I am Azuri'ith," the elemental rumbles. He looks at the woman suspiciously. "Greetings, Yames Boornd. Miss Tangessa."

Mililani Deccubus wrote:

Mililani rings forth a semi-unseen servant with a small bell. It brings with it two vials in a velvet case, both corked and sealed with bee's wax. It also carries a set of wind chimes. They make no sound or clang together as the servant sets them upon a sturdy stand.

"The chimes are enchanted to collect wind and air circulation, albeit in small portions. Blow upon the chimes and it will magically transfer the air into the vials for you."

Azuri'ith picks up the chimes and blows on them until both vials are full, setting the chimes gently down when he is finished.

"There you are, miss. Now if you would be so kind as to give the young lady the star, we would be most grateful. I would ask that if any more of these come into your possession that you hold them for us. I promise you that we will reward you handsomely."

Mililani Deccubus wrote:
Azuri'ith wrote:
Mililani Deccubus wrote:

"I need the essense of an air elemental, 2 vials, both bottled and sealed. I have a client who is interested in acquiring rare spell components."

"Er, when you say essence to what exactly are you referring?" the elder air elemental rumbles uncomfortably.
Mililani chuckles and her eyes shine. "Please great sire, judge me not by my words. I mean you no ill will or harm. I need the essense of an air elemtnal, or the air moved on the wind by an air elemental. No more, no less."

"Ah, well, that is easy enough to accomplish then, miss. If you would be so kind as to provide the vials? Two, you say?"

Mililani Deccubus wrote:

"I need the essense of an air elemental, 2 vials, both bottled and sealed. I have a client who is interested in acquiring rare spell components."

"Er, when you say essence to what exactly are you referring?" the elder air elemental rumbles uncomfortably.

Jack Hammer wrote:
Arielle wrote:
Jack Hammer wrote:

'Shall we start with the closest then?'

In his mind JH begins examining the breaches in the stone wall and the rubble from the cracks.

"Okay, Daddy," she says and taking his hand, starts to walk towards the shop that was only two streets away.
Who runs the magic shop? Is this a simple one?

Millilani Deccubus. It should be a simple one. I just figured that she would be a logical person to want to acquire a magical curiosity. We should be able to buy it from her no problem. I don't know if her player is online at the moment, but it's a pretty reasonable assumption.

Jack Hammer wrote:

'It seems that the jokester of the Black is thawing. We should be wary of a surprise appearance. His brand of humor is not suitable for young audiences.'

Azuri'ith looks startled, and then turns away. You can see that the air that he is composed of is swirling at a much faster rate. You would guess that he, too, is having trouble controlling his anger. Finally he turns back.

"Yes, I understand. I will instruct the smaller air elementals to keep an eye out for him. And alert Djuhah and Sky to the possible danger as well. If you will excuse me for a moment."
Azuri'ith goes far enough away to stay in sight, but not be easily overheard as he sends the necessary communications.

Arielle slows a bit and looks longingly as they pass a stand selling cotton candy. Azuri'ith sighs. He is already familiar with this phenomenon and knows that the girl will remain distracted until she ingests some form of sugar. He grumbles slightly as he purchases the sweet and hands it to her. He looks at JH and shrugs.

"As near as I have been able to observe she seems to crave sugar with the same intensity that the Jacks crave alcohol. I apologize in advance for any damage her teeth sustain from indulging that craving, but it seems to be necessary to keep her free from distractions."

Azuri'ith turns to the others. "You may accompany us if you wish. I do not understand why she feels so urgently about this, but I will not argue the point. Not when my granddaughter's life depends on it. We are going back to the Bazaar now."

The Dalesman wrote:
Azuri'ith wrote:
"It is not something I had given much thought to. Up until she got this last group of stars, Arielle was not able to pinpoint locations with much accuracy, but now...Yes, I think that could be a very good idea."
"Then if there is a place here that especially favors divining abilities, we should go there (after Arielle rests) to map out where the other stars are. It will also allow Arielle to hone and hopefully refine her 'starsense' in a safe environment before we have to go to the Realm of Dreams."

The Place of the Winds is not far from here. It is the only site that favors divining abilities. But I wonder if Arielle wouldn't have an easier time finding them from here. Or perhaps from the Grove.

The Dalesman wrote:

"Alright. Do you think there is any merit in Arielle giving us the general locations for the other five stars, then sending scouts or using divining magics to recon the areas around those locations?"

"It is not something I had given much thought to. Up until she got this last group of stars, Arielle was not able to pinpoint locations with much accuracy, but now...Yes, I think that could be a very good idea."

The Dalesman wrote:

"I'm sure it's changed a lot since last time," he mutters to himself.

We should probably try to get the last ones that are here first - or at least find out where they are if they have been claimed and have them watched - before trying to go to this place. Unless we want to hit both planes simultaneously once we find the other five that are here..."

Yes, I think that we should find all of the pieces that are on this plane first. It will be hard to find the pieces in the dreamlands, and the more pieces the child has the easier it seems to be for her to find the rest.

"Yes it is a seperate plane. Arielle's mother ventured there once, to bring back the Fire Flower's soul which had gotten lost there. I cannot enter the Realm of Dream, so Arielle will need other guardians when she ventures there."

"Based on that it seems likely that any who currently possess stars are unlikely to want to give them up. This task is about to become much more difficult."

Eiboria, Reaper of Stars wrote:

Ah yes, your grandaughter. You're really not very good at seeing that your relatives know when to stay out of harm's way. Fortunately...

She breaks off in annoyance, apparently recollecting something about the topic that makes it unwise to continue to pursue it.
That is not pertinent to the current situation, however.
What is pertinent is that it appears that Smagnavast had retained the services of a spymistress whose services come very dear at some times, to carry out an errand of some sort for him. Would you or any of your allies have any notion as to what this service may have involved?

"As I said, I never met Smagnavast personally. I could not possibly comment on what he might have contracted this person to do or why he would have done so. I do not believe that he confided in anyone here."

Eiboria, Reaper of Stars wrote:

Smagnavast has had some unexpected difficulties recently. Do you have any idea why he would want to meet with you?

"I would suspect that it might have something to do with my granddaughter's recent difficulties. As I said, he had some dealings with her."

Eiboria, Reaper of Stars wrote:

I am given to understand that you were a correspondent up until recently of a dragon known as Smagnavast?

Not necessarily accurate here... run with it as you will.

"My granddaughter had dealings with him. He came here once, but I was not here at the time. I have never met Smagnavast in person."

Azuri'ith hands Arielle over to Djuhah before stepping forward.

"I am here," he says, approaching the dragon's perch. "What can I do for you?"

Azuri'ith shoves Arielle behind him and motions for the others to be ready in case trouble should erupt.

Arielle wrote:

Arielle skips ahead of them through the corridor until they come to the main chamber where Azuri'ith is talking with Djuhah.

"Grandpa, these ones want to go exploring and walk around the Eyrie. Can I go with them? Please, please, please?"

"I am not sure that is wise right now, child. There has been sightings of a dragon flying overhead. Perhaps it is nothing, but I would not like for you to be put unnecessarily into danger."

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