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The Kat Season At Sea Mahdi's Chattel Lady Darchana

Hello, Darlings!

If you could please post the following info:

Player Name:
Character Name:
PFS Number:
Day Job Roll:
Any Weird Mechanical Things I Should Know:

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The Kat Season At Sea Mahdi's Chattel Lady Darchana

Pwease dot and dewete here

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The Kat Season At Sea Mahdi's Chattel Lady Darchana

Hello, Darlings!

Ground Rules

1. Maps are on Google Drive. Pleast tell me if you have trouble accessing maps there.

2. I will roll initiatives for you, and often perceptions and saves. I like to keep the game moving, and nothing turns a PbP into a slog like waiting for 6 people to make rolls.

3. I expect you to be able to post once a day or once over the weekend. I have no interest in rushing a delicious RP scenario like this, but I do like to keep things moving. That said, please don't sign-up with a character you need to finish it with by a certain time.

4. Please let me know if you have any weird mechanical things ahead of time.

5. As with the rest of the GM's and the Venture-Officers in my region, I allow scrolls in spring-loaded wrist sheathes.

A few things about me and how I run things:

This run is my third run of the scenario and my first in PbP. This scenario is easily in my top five ever. I have played in PbP for a couple years now, and this is my first forray into the GM seat in PbP

I consider myself an RP GM, but I also am very well-versed in the rules, and I check everything. I will be looking over your character sheets and telling you if anything is wonky. Any disagreements should be handled in the discussion thread.

Please let me know if you have any questions :)

PS: If you could please post the following info:

Player Name:
Character Name:
PFS Number:
Day Job:

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The Kat Season At Sea Mahdi's Chattel Lady Darchana


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Each and every Silver Crusader had received an invitation. The ivory stationery was covered in flowery gilded script. It said:

The Silver Banquet: A Time and Place for Silver Crusaders to Give Thanks
6 o'clock in the evening
24 Neth 4715
Please dress appropriately

When people arrive on the designated day and time, the Banquet Hall in the Grand Lodge of Absalom has been done-up in dazzling arrays of silver and gold. The holy symbols of dozens of gods array the walls, Avistani tapestries, Keleshite rugs, and Garundi mosaics have been brought in, all depicting acts of great charity and heroism.

The great table is currently spread with appetizers. Baked apples, rich dark bread with butter, candied nuts, light and small cuts of cheese and meat, and all manner of gourmet hor d'ourves are amongst the offerings. The servants standing at attention are not amongst the staff there; those who have been posted at Nerosyan would recognize these men and women as in the Queen's employ.

At the head of the table is the host. Her outfit has much in common with the standard Iomedaean cassock. However, the yellow trim has been replaced with a more ostentatious gilding, the skirt only goes to the knee and is pleated, and the arms are sleeveless. Her leather opera gloves and thigh-high boots match the same style. An effervescent translucent mantlet of a brilliant red hangs around her chest and arms, though it leaves her shoulders bare. Most of her wavy golden blonde hair is back in a ponytail held by at least half-a-dozen ad hoc ties, but a few loose locks frame her face.

When the guests have gathered and taken their seats, she rises to speak to all assembled.

"Greetings, Darlings! As I am certain you all know, I am Avelina, niece of Queen Galfrey of Mendev, come to join you in thanks of your wonderful work holding the line at the Siege of the Diamond City. I have very much enjoyed my time here with all of you, spreading the Inheritor's Divine Word throughout the world and destroying demonic obscenities. I dearly love the work I have been able to do here, as well as all of you! I just feel that I have not shown this appreciation well enough!"

She recently bought an atonement after thinking she had displeased Iomedae. Now, instead of thinking she's Lawful Good, she's actually Lawful Good :)

Her delighted smile falls into a frown, and she leans forward against the table.

"However, I have noticed a that my Brothers and Sisters in Silver are often marginalized and ignored by others, even viewed with disdain by some of the Society's more cynical members. We are not deserving of such denigration, and our efforts certainly have produced results! While there is still much evil and corruption within the world, and even within the Society itself, every day I see those that are still fighting the good fight and acting with devotion towards their ideals!"

She catches herself, clearing her throat with a dainty cough. She once again stands tall, her chin slightly high, as a self-content smile returns to her face. She throws her arms out towards everyone.

"Thus, I hold this banquet in honor of all of you. Eat and drink your fill, and give thanks for the Inner Light that has brought us all together in pursuit of a better world! The only requirement is that you share a story of the triumph of good: knights that remembered their oaths, evil creatures redeemed, and undue violence avoided! These stories do not need to be taken from your own travels; bards and poets are free to share their appropriate myths and legends as well! This time and place is for celebrating the principles that bring us all together as Silver Crusaders, so conduct yourselves accordingly. Those that do not wear our colors are welcome, but antagonism towards us will not be tolerated, and such instigators will be kindly asked to leave."

She takes up a glass and holds it high, posing as if for a painting.

"But enough of that. Now, let the banquet begin!"

TL:DR In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving, this thread is both an open RP thread and a "feel good" thread for people to share positive stories of do-gooding and non-murderhoboing in the Society, to "give thanks" for the good deeds they have seen and been able to take part in. Please mark scenario/module/AP spoilers for the benefit of others.

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Can you use Stunning Fist (or similar rider effects for that matter) with Mighty Fist of the Earth? This would be for PFS, so please stick to strict interpretations.

Stunning Fist Full Description
Mighty Fist of the Earth Full Description

I have bolded relevant sections below that might indicate it works. I'm not intimately familiar with monk rules and rulings, though.

Mighty Fist of the Earth wrote:
If the attack is successful, the rock deals bludgeoning damage to the target as if you had hit the target with your unarmed strike
Stunning Fist wrote:
Stunning Fist forces a foe damaged by your unarmed attack to make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Wis modifier), in addition to dealing damage normally.

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Do the extra code of conduct restrictions and the oath spells count as class features that must be paid for with PP and gold?

For example, my vanilla paladin is level 9. Does he just have to pay 5 pp and 450 gold to just replace his channel energy, or does he need to pay 15 pp and 1350 gold to retrain to oath of vengeance?

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Greetings Pathfinders!

A new recurring Pathfinder Society game day is coming to Orange County, practically just a double-move away from Comic Quest!

Our first session will be on MAY 31st. We plan on holding game days on the last Saturday of each month, running from 12pm-5pm.

For our inaugural session, we will be running the amazing 5-star scenario, The Frostfur Captives.