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Anyone running a PF2E PBP campaign who might be interested in a player?

GM OfAnything wrote:
Looking for an adventure specifically, or would you like to play a quest? And what character were you going to bring?

A Human Ranger :)

Adventure or Quest, I've been itching to play PF and I want to dedicate myself to leveling up a character and being able to take part in more events as time goes.

Hello guys! Any adventure opening for 1st level characters? I have PFS experience, but I hadn't settled with any class until recently.

Guys, speaking of character options, what does one have to do to play advanced classes in PbP gameplay? I read something about unlocking them but I don't really understand.

Also, in the past I used the SRD as a source but it seems that's illegal for PFS PbP, am I right?

I'm in a point in my life where a lot of good and bad things are happening simultaneously. I have been a GM for life, and until recently, had the chance to be a plater in the PbP section of the forums. My players and I are eager to jump back into action, but everything going on with me right now keeps pushing this back.

My strongest problems as of now are three:
-Lack of energy and time to prepare stuff (I know Adventure Paths are a thing, but right now, being a south american citizen and having other priorities in mind, I can't make the investment on them.)
-We are only three: my two friends and me, and I don't know how to make companion NPCs without making them completely useless or too powerful.
-We live in different countries, we play using Discord and Roll20.

I really want to jump back. I have many old PF1e Adventure Path Modules, some stuff like Hotspring Islands, and mostly OSR GM-less stuff like Mad Monks of Kwantoom. I just sit down, look at my stuff, and feel misserable, because I want to play but when I get home I just want to rest and do else...

Any ideas or tips?

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Hey guys! I had a wonderful PbP game with GM Wayfinder! :D I'm interested in playing again in or outside of PFS PF2E. I see the thread sadly hasn't had much activity as of late and that's kinda disencouraging. Am I checking in the wrong place, or I just have to be patient?

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GM Wayfinder wrote:

I think you know why you did not earn rep'... do I have to spell it out? Really?!

You did not earn rep' because I forgot to write it down (I imagine I started, went to check your Faction, and then forgot to finish the +1... sorry).

Just add +1 = 1 yourself.

Sorry about that.


What do I need to leave untouched when I change Milosh to another character
Just change what you want. Equipement etc. (since you did not use consumables).
The easiest would be to keep the same Faction for Rep', but otherwise I think you can just change that too (too tired to go looking through the Guide, that I hate, since it has no index!).
Basically, you can recreate a new character, with new race, gender, class etc..
W. the starting Gold + what you earned here.
It gets to boon.
You can do so until you PLAY at level 2


Will just wait for MJ's okay...

No problem, I'll add the Faction Rep then XD

Ok, I hope we get to meet again in a game as my Druid, thanks again for everything"

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Thanks for the awesome game, love the notes in the end of the chronicle :D

A couple questions. What do I need to leave untouched when I change Milosh to another character and, why didn't I gain reputation with my faction?

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"MJ Ludove earns a silver piece giving her show--
--during which Milosh peddles some hair tonic: "Makes a bald Goblin as shaggy as Yeti!", and he too earns a silver coin."

This will forever live in my memories XD

._. We already finished? Oh XD

Ok, I have a couple doubts before we wrap this up. I am updating my character profile info. If I want to switch who I'll be playing as, do I do it now and, do I retain the rewards from this adventure?

Second, where can I find information on what the Boons we gain do?


And if we're not done yet then sorry :P

In anhy case, I'll use my downtime to use my Medicine skill and work locally, if I may.

Ok, now I feel dumb... I have a template for the Character Profile Page, but I thought that was private information to use as a character sheet in here. I decided to use Pathbuilder 2e instead after making an experimental character to fill the profile for. I thought the only things that were displayed as public were the stats under our names.

Thanks for the advice Xun, I'll fill Milosh's profile either this night or tomorrow morning :D

Also, if I want to change character, when should I do it and where do I report the change?

Oh, I based myself on the calculation you did for me first time, maybe I'm missing something XD I thought now the buff Xun gave me to Hit and Damage applied once to the damage the bomb makes on impact and again to the acidic damage, but then that means I didn't get the calculations right...

The only experience I have playing as an Alchemist is from the PC version of Kingmaker, but that was a PC game with 1e rules as well, so that might have spoiled me and made me too reliant on Bombs as my source of damage, and it's true, I have only 2 bombs more left. I still have my Sling and Dagger from the Alchemist kit, but I didn't think they would help against a statue, that's why I didn't used them.

I usually like the pet classes more, like Ranger, Druid, and the still non existant summoner, which I haven't had the chance to play as, but to play with, being that my players grabbed them. I think I bit more than I could chew with an alchemist, so next time I'm gonna grab something I'm more familiar with, like Ranger or Wizard :(

Thanks for your feedback tho guys, it's really appreciated, and I look forward to playing better and playing more in the lodge, and hopefully, with all of you :D

Ok guys, will be posting this now as when the adventure finishes it might be harder. Up until now I feel (or I know) I have been screwing up and not being very helpful, I need feedback from all of you to know in which way I can improve my playing. I am really intertested in becoming a regular member of the PFS and it seems you have more experience, so I would be really thankful if you give me some insight on how to improve.

Sorry my posting schedule has been slow as of late, first time as a player in all of my life and IDK when it's a good moment to speak or do something. Plus, I'm already being trained for job and finishing my naturalization process. I will be more consistant starting this week, but if ANYTHING interesting arises where I'm needed, anyone, feel free to use Milosh as they please.

Question regarding buying items, hope I didn't made an oopsie...

When I created my character, I used the usual starting Gold to buy the Alchemist's Kit plus the optional item it offers. Should I have waited for now that you're giving us the chance to buy items?

So, I'm pretty new to PF2E and so far I love the flexibility and ideas it brings to the table. I was never a theorycrafter and I'm also a GM for life, so Player Building in PF1E and other games were always something I usually didn't experiment much with.

I recently started playing Play by Post with Pathfinder Society rules here in the official forums, and I have some character concepts in mind that I want to see better fleshed out.

First one is a character entirely built around making the most of having a familiar. I love pet based classes and since we still don't have Summoner + Eidolon, I'll take what I can get. I like Familiars more than Animal Companions right now as they allow for more imagination and customization without having to worry about mantaining two statblocks.

Second one is a Wizard who gets the most out of Transmutation. Bonus points if I can make it work with a Familiar :P I don't yet understand how wearing armor affects magic in this system, I was thinking of an offensive oriented Transmutation character.

I'd like to know how to make this actually work, any ideas?

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Hey there, I'm the one learning! Pleased to be a part of the group. Here's my character.

Character Chronicle #: 1
Player Name: David
A.K.A.: Milosh Vandrezzi
Class & Level: Alchemist 1
Organized Play & Character Numbers: 2375036-2003
Faction: Vigilant Seal
Factions & Reputation: 0
Starting XP: 0

Slow Track: No

Starting Gold: 15 GP

Buying / Selling: Just the Starter Pack for the Alchemist
Starting Fame: 0

Conditions & Others: Nope
Downtime: Nothing for now

GM Wayfinder wrote:

Welcome Arudato!

You will probably get plenty of good information now.
There are spots open for games starting here in a week or so (I can offer you a spot as a player) and I am sure that if you ask, the GMs can explain things re. GM-ing too as they go (I would).
That would be a good way of seeing how to play in PbP, and thus preparing to then GM.
It is not very hard, once you grasp the few basic rules, which are not difficult (though a little daunting when you start, but very rapidly this is overcome).

I'm absolutely interested in this, and willing to learn :D Where do I begin?

Guys, I'm still incredibly confused.

I'm itching to play some PF2E, as I've been a GM for life, and I'm not really fond of Skype/Discord/Roll20 video and voice roleplaying.

I want to join a PbP PF Society Adventure, I don't even know where to begin with. I read the guides and they left me even more confused. I'm a noob when it comes to forum formatting and I don't even know how to make and display a character!

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My problem is also that the Horse is the only Animal Companion that can start being Medium or Large. I mean, the Horse is bigger than the young Bear, wtf?

I really feel everything points out that they don't want players using any other kind of mount unless they're a Goblin.

Guys, I was reading the Core Rulebook and the Bestiary and I found out something Paizo might want to adress regarding the Mount ability...
So, as per the rules, the Horse would be the ONLY rideable creature, since you can only ride creatures with the Mount ability (at least, riding them smoothly). There is literally no other creature I could find that has the Mount ability.

Further reading of the Bestiary made me learn that creatures with the Buck ability are meant to be mounts (for example, Goblin Dog and Riding Dog), but they lack any mention of the Mount special ability, as the horse does.

I think it woud have been wise to actually include the Mount special ability in the statblock of creatures that are actually meant to be mounted, or at least, make it so players can train some animals to serve as mounts. I mean, the Champion gets the ability to pick its own mount companion but in the end if he wants to ride something, it has to be a Horse...

Thanks for the replies guys! To adress some of your questions...

* I still play with the two friends. One of them GMs 5e so we're all familiar with the 5e rules. I personally like Pathfinder more because of the vast ammount of options presented, but I don't have a very good memory and since we roleplay online it gets tiresome to cross reference from various PDFs and the SRD.

* I want to use an AP because they greatly diminish the time I have to invest on prepping, time which sadly I don't have anymore :(

* They are all as interested in Curse of the Crimson Throne as I am, but I bet two players won't make it through. They want me to introduce playable NPCs because they like my NPCs, but I don't know if that's the best idea since it will burden them in the long run with more stats to check.

* I live in southern Brazil, in a rural community. Luckily for me roleplaying here isn't as obscure and they have a pretty healthy RPG scene, and we live close to a city, they even have their own version of 3.5 (Tormenta). Thing is, I'm still learning Portuguese which hinders my ability to GM or even play a character.

Hello there! I'm a GM in a situation where I haven't been able to lead a game for about 1 year. I recently moved away from my country to my wife's home, life's been rough. Left my group back there and I don't speak my wife's language fluently, so finding a group for now is impossible.

We have used roll20 to roleplay for years as getting together was hard even when I lived closer. We primarily roleplay by chat because the internet speed of our countries isn't the best for long term Skype or Discord calls, specially when living with other people who use the same internet.

The thing is... we're only three people, me plus my usual two players. I've wanted for years, almost as a GM lifetime goal, to run Curse of the Crimson Throne. We had success running the first half of Kingmaker before some problems arose and we had to stop. Here are my issues and I hope you have some tips for me, I would eternally thank you and Abadar will grant you thousands of powerful buffs:

As mentioned before, third world internet. We usually can't enjoy video or voice communications for long, and one of them is specially reluctant to use voice or video with us (he's super socially awkward, even meeting with him in person for 9+ years and he still doesn't wants to).

I only have two people. The Adventure Paths are balanced for 4 or more players. In Kingmaker we had 3 players plus one NPC alchemist everyone controlled, it worked nice for the first few levels. I don't know which approach to take because the more levels they gain the harder it will be to keep up with controlled NPCs plus their players.

Speaking of which, handling the NPCs and monsters of the adventure has proven to be very difficult for me. I have tso stop to cross reference abilities, feats and spells all the time, keeping PDFs and SRDs open all around which significantly slowed down combat.

My players also have trouble remembering the details of their feats, half the time in combat we're spending time collectively trying to remember who did what, when and where. Combats that would be easier are harder because we forget about combat options and how the feats interact. Other times they're easier because I forget my monsters have Power Attack and Multiattack.

I personally can't stand maps and Roll20 isn't exactly friendly to the free GM who wants to make some. I see at least a couple locations in Crimson Throne (like the temple of the Rakshasa) are incredibly dependant on maps.

I have one to one hour and half to organize for Game Mastering. I know APs have everything ready but sometimes I feel I'm just not doing enough...

We struggle more against the ruleset than anything else, but we love the game. Heard PF Unchained rules help shake things up. How true is that?

Thanks for reading guys!