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Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Dagio's stats in no way take his immortality into effect? No fast healing, no regeneration, no special abilities with rejuvenate characteristics...nothing. In fact, he is just a dire rat with three character levels. We are left to assume that his immortality is merely a plot device that is completely irrelevant to the battle. My assumption is that the extent of his "immortality" is that he doesn't age, but can still be killed by violent means. Therefore, he is "ageless", not "immortal".

I decided to give him Regeneration 1/Magic. Magic created him and therefore magic must destroy him.

Spoiler alert - if you are a player...go away.

My group is about to encounter the Shrine of the Sea Mother. I suspect they will kill the Kuo-Toans quickly and use Detect Magic to discover the statue of Blibdoolpoolp has a Strong Aura of Conjuration and Necromancy. Since it is a statue to an Evil goddess, the paladin and cleric will want to destroy it. Meanwhile the countdown for Aushanna's arrival will be counting down. There are no rules in the adventure that discuss the particulars/ramifications of destroying the statue (no crunch, or role-play). How have some of you handled this?

Also - Did any of you give the party a clue of what was coming, e.g. have the statue pulsing omniously during their battle with the Kuo-toans, and the pulsing intensifying as the timer counted down?

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P2E may be inevitable, but its success is not. I guess I should be grateful for the new edition since when it comes out, I'll finally be able to cancel all these subscriptions and save ~$100+ a month.

How can we be this close to the Core Rulebook being sold and there not be a subscription service available yet?

The retail cost and crafting cost for the Staff of Journeys is incorrect. Both costs should be double what is currently listed. tml#staff-of-journeys-

My group recently acquired a Bag of Tricks. In the rules for the item, it states "[The summoned animal] can follow any of the commands described in the Handle Animal skill." By "commands", it's referring to "Tricks". When I pointed out that Tricks require a Move Action and successfully making a DC 10 Handle Animal test, most of the other players balked. They point out that Summon Monster Spells don't involve Move Actions or Skill tests. Am I overthinking this or is it time to invest in ranks of Handle Animal? ml#bag-of-tricks ndle-animal

Carter Lockhart wrote:

Paizo adventures are rarely designed with a linear gain of gold because that doesn't make sense. But I think by the end of book 1 they'll be roughly equivalent to where they should be. Between the were-rat loot, derros, shards (a free 8,000 go ioun stone for each) and other goodies. Maybe not in a way that can be easily liquidated at half value for customized purchases, but part of the fun of campaigns is getting different stuff than you might buy normally. Basically by the end of books the parties should be caught up if not exceeding the expected gp values.

Reminder: there is a free adventure supplement in the blog post section between books 1&2. I recommend it. Also, in one of the books (2, 4?) there are Magnimar side quests which you can toss in to give further loot.

This adventure path, in my opinion, is one of the richest in ready material to add into it. Many adventure hooks (Kaer Maga has enough for a mini campaign) and side quests and with connections to the pathfinder society it's easy to pass them along as requests of contacts.

I did a deeper dive on their characters and I stand corrected. I was only looking at their "Gear Value" and didn't include the money they are hording. That added over 8k. I also hadn't noticed the 4k of magic items on the animal companion. Then add in the shard and they are a bit over the 24k. It's just in non-traditional items, i.e. they don't have a single magic weapon or magic armor amongst them, but they're doing fine. Sorry for the drama.

However, thank you for bringing up the adventure supplement!

BTW, I'm using Syrinscape for sound effects. The rift syphon takes on all new life when you pipe in environmental sound effects from the Nine Hells. Players were not making their Will Saves.

Carter Lockhart wrote:
How many Players?

Four...fighter, cleric, alchemist, and druid.

Carter Lockhart wrote:
Admittedly it starts a bit low but I think it equals out as time goes on. Watch for potential rewards from the side quests and pathfinder society quirks.

Okay, I'll go with it, but currently the party is 16K in the hole. That's the difference between having magic weapons and armor and not.

Yes, the side quests and society quirks are a pain since they are spread out all over the book and easy to miss.

My characters are now 4th level and starting the Thassilonian Labs. I'm noticing that they are incredibly under-equipped. The core rulebook suggests PCs should have about 6,000 gp worth of equipment. My players are in the low 2,000 (except the player holding the first shard).

What did other DMs do? Do you artificially supplement them, or stick to the book as written?

Have something else intercede and distract it. A friendly tribe of something else intercepts the party and convinces them of their folly. "Don't allow the ??'s sacrifice be in vain."

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Every one that shows up to the game on time gets one re-roll during the game.

If a leader is wearing a Headband of Intellect, Belt of Giant Strength, etc., does that modify their bonus to Economy, Stability, and Loyalty rolls? Or do you only look at their base attribute?

You don't need a troll...just use an inquisitor. They can cast Shield Other and declare a Judgment of Healing.

CalisNight wrote:

Is it just me, or does Torag seem a little vindictive for a LG deity?

I have another option . . . and some proposed options for a certain deity who has largely been neglected so far.

Wow...great minds think alike. I've recently started converting this module to Pathfinder and got stuck on which diety the Doomguides worship. Came to the same conclusion as you.

The PRD states the following, "Damaging Magic Weapons: An attacker cannot damage a magic weapon that has an enhancement bonus unless his weapon has at least as high an enhancement bonus as the weapon struck."

I have a couple questions on this:

1. If I throw a +1 Club into a normal fire...will it burn? What if the fire is magical?

2. If I strike a +1 Magic Weapon with a non-magical Adamantine weapon (which ignores hardness), will the magic weapon take damage?

3. If a magic weapon is used to strike a gray ooze, can it take damage from the acid?

4. Natural attacks from creatures with the DR/Magic special quality count as being magical; how do I determine whether or not it is a stronger enhancement than my weapon's?

5. Are there any other exceptions to the above rule I have missed?

Now if we can only convince Paizo to add it (or an equivalent feat) to Pathfinder.

Ray Park is the voice of the Geiko Gecko! Am I the only one surprised by this?

Hm...I just went to EnWorld to dig up a thread there where folks discussed why they like EnWorld more than the Paizo Forums. However, as I was trying to navigate the pages (since I couldn't search), it froze up on me.

Guess everything you said was true.

Adam Daigle wrote:
I have multiple addresses linked to my account for this purpose, so I'd say yes, you can. I think you can select the option to add a new address in the checkout process.

I have multiple addresses saved as well, however it keeps asking me to change my shipping preferences from monthly shipments to separate shipments. I'm nervous that this will cause confusion with my subscription shipping preferences. But ok, I'll give a try.

Is there a way to specify an order as a gift and have it shipped separately from my normal subscription items? I want to ship it directly to the person without having all my subscription items going there as well.

Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
And, as mentioned, Magic Aura and cheap enchantments can be used to cloak an area. Get a pot of library paste, cast Magic Aura on it, and paint unempowered Symbols of Death on every available surface. People without Detect Magic will pass right by, whereas the Detect Magic crew will be freaking out.

That. Is. Genius. However, wouldn't they get a Spellcraft roll to know the difference between a Symbol and a Magic Aura spell?

Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
Also, go back to 1st edition rulings and have it where illusions DO NOT radiate magic, because it would be a pretty piss poor illusion that did. You need Detect Illusion for that, and it's a 1st level spell.

Nice. Did that also include opponents using Invisibility, or was Detect Magic a poor-man's See Invisibility?

I think our group is getting ready to House Rule that cantrips can be used 3 + INT/WIS/CHA modifier times per day to stay consistent with the Domain/Schools powers.

As far as Mage Hand, it probably won't see much abuse since Detect Magic is still readily available and allows you a chance to identify the object. My groups haven't picked up on it yet. I suppose the Powers-That-Be didn't wish players to use a cantrip to remove a magic item from its trapped pedestal ala Indiana Jones.

Compleat Strategist in Alexandria, VA had 18 copies. As of 5pm the first day, there were 3 left. When you consider that the pdf is being sold for $10 on the website, and that Amazon is selling the hardback book for 37% off, this outpouring of support and enthusiasm is staggering.

Age - 42
Occupation - U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel
Type of Person - ENTP on the Myers Briggs (devil's advocate)
Interesting Points - Iraq/Afghanistan Veteran, Pentagon Survivor, diehard Baltimore Ravens fan
Gaming Style - Got to have a painted mini for everything. Always play lead-from-the-front characters even when it isn't wise to do so (like when playing a sorcerer).
Favorite Module ever - S2 White Plume Mountain
Most unbalanced character you ran - Githerai Ninja

I'm currently reading "The Man with the Iron Heart" by Harry Turtledove. It's an alternate history WWII story that essentially overlays post-Iraq War insurgency over post-WWII occupation. Haven't finished the book, so I don't have a real opinion to give, but the fact that I'm 300 pages into it and haven't stopped is a good sign.

I just a bit disappointed no one is signing these babies like the Rifts posters are signed.

I'll be playing a rogue. Looking forward to using the new "rogue talents".

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
You can also look to 15mm minis for wargames... a 15mm-scale human is about halfling-height to a 28mm- or 30mm-scale human.

Hadn't thought of that. Thanks. I'm going to try finding the Chainmail mini first, then explore the Reaper mini and available 15mm minis.

All you guys rock. Rant officially over.

Misery wrote:

I just had to point out the wording you used I found amusing :D

"Halfling MINI Rant" hehe ... get it, they're small?

Plus the "Ok, this is a SMALL point "

... underlying comic gold.


Also grats on finding decent minis to fit your character. Maybe you can find one "HALF" off.

... hehehe I could do this all day.

LOL - nice catch.

Masika wrote:

You are not looking too hard mate.

Lidda from 3.x D&D was a mini that WotC released. See here: esGames/dungeonsAndDragons/dnd/singles/harbinger/v5748btpy7smm

That picture is so small, who could tell there's a crossbow in there?

Woodraven wrote:
Found this one at Reaper I know it doesn't show it to well but I actually have this one. even though he has a short sword he also has a crossbow IIRC I am at work right now and can't look at it

That's a good one too. Thank you.

mordulin wrote:
Another good one is the discontinued Halfling Sneak from Chainmail. Good luck finding one though...

Perfect! You are DA MAN!

Beckett wrote:

Because traditionally, (Hobbits) have been good at throwing stones, and also using Slings by extension. It is more a racial backstory than a mechanical equalizor.

Both stones and slings are Strength Weapons, but they use Dex to Attack and already deal low damage. Your Crossbow has better Damage (about twice as good at least)and much better range.

I get the tradition thing, but again, all races can use a's a simple weapon. If they wish to single out the sling for halflings, then give all halflings "Weapon Focus: Slings" or perhaps a +1 damage bonus when using slings to counter their strength modifier.

Back on subject though: does anyone know of a company that makes a halfling mini armed with a crossbow?

Ok, this is a small point but I feel a need to rant and have chosen the Paizo Forum to do so.

Why are there no halfling minis armed with crossbows?!? I'm one of those guys that feels the compulsion to have a mini that represents his character. I'm currently playing in a Pathfinder Beta campaign as a halfling rogue with STR 6. That strength pretty much guarantees the need to use a crossbow. However, every miniature I've found shows a halfling with either a shortbow or sling. Both weapons are modified by strength for damage purposes. Since halflings take a -2 to STR during character creation, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.

In addition, the Pathfinder Beta states all Halflings are proficient with slings. Why? They are a strength weapon. Doesn't it make more sense for a weak race to use a weapon that plays down their weakness? Besides, slings are simple weapons...all the races can pretty much use it.

But I digress, bottom line: Paizo (or any other mini manufacturer reading this), please make a halfling mini armed with a crossbow.

Not sure if its been brought up yet, but an opponent that "runs" (x3/x4 mvt) and does not have the "Run" feat, loses her Dex bonus. Therefore, a rogue within 30' would be able to Sneak Attack them with a range weapon.

Coridan wrote:
I remember looking through a module recently and seeing a map of a town/city and the city was basically a bridge and the area underneath it. I could've sworn it was Glimmerhold in S1, but I didn't see the map in that book.

Gailbraithe wrote:
So I'm going to buy this, and since I'm going to be doing a Pathfinder Society campaign, I demand that some of the combats take place in a theater. And a cathedral. Preferably soon after this released.

Lucky you...I just played a Pathfinder Society scenario last night that includes a major fight in an Opera House.

Hunterofthedusk wrote:
The first day I used DriveThruRPG I got a bunch of those PDF's for free, and I mean a bunch (Rules Compendium, Dungeonscape, Dragon Magic, Draconomicon, ect.). I'm not sure why, maybe that was a super special deal that just happened to be going on for that day, or what.

I'm green with envy.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Hopefully at some point WotC will relent and drop the PDF price on 3.5E books down to a more reasonable level $5 a pop. I know it would make me feel a warm fuzzy towards them, something which has been a bit of a rarity these past couple of years.

My sentiments exactly.

What the heck?!? Despite all the success WOTC is having with D&D 4E, they are still selling the D&D 3.5 pdf files on DrivethruRPG at full price. Meanwhile, ALL the 4E books are selling at substantial discount. How much longer are we going to have to wait before we see the discounts that earlier versions sell for? You can buy 1st and 2nd Edition books for about $5 each.

Snorter wrote:


Of course this sort of thing can be done at low levels, too, with a silenced bird screwing up a caster.

Wow...that's inspired. I'm going to have to use that sometime.

Let's keep in mind that it isn't the President that decides what the taxes are. It's the Congress. The President just recommends what he wants. If the polls are to believed, Congress is about to see it's first Democrat "super-majority" since FDR's time. That not only means they can stop a Republican filibuster, but most likely also override a Presidential Veto.

Amen to that. Bush was no saint. He increased the size of the federal government to all new heights. We need a fiscal conservative to get in there, roll up his or her sleeves and start making the cuts. Instead, here comes the most liberal senator in the country to expand the government to even greater heights.

I'm a computer geek for the US Army. So its inevitable that I become intimate with Vista sometime in the near future. I'm also an MCSE for XP, so I've always been a Microsoft supporter. I bought the Mac to expand my skills. Though I have to admit...I like it.

BTW, Fractal Mapper just went on sale (20% off):{1}8&it =1

I agree with you. If CC3 is working, you should stay with it since you've already made the investment.

Yes, I've seen Photoshop used for D&D. It worked very well. However, it's also very pricey.

Eileen - I'm up for trying Vista, but my PC is old and wouldn't convert well. My newest computer was a Mac. Just decided to try something new. Unfortunately, they don't make Fractal Mapper for the Mac so my old PC is in no danger of being discarded. Besides, I still have about a dozen XP games I haven't gotten to yet. ;-)

Well, let me admit up front that I don't use Vista yet. I'm still using XP. The XP version has none of the problems you mention. In fact, there is an awesome tutorial that comes with the program that taught me how to use it in under 30 minutes. It was quite refreshing for a Help feature to actually help!

I can only hope it works as well with Vista. It claims it does, but I'm sure CC claims the same. Oh wait, I just remembered that NBOS has its own site:

The site has a Forum, so I'm sure there are folks there that will tell you the truth.

I use Fractal Mapper 8.0. It does everything you just asked for. Check it out:

yellowdingo wrote:

Cylon Clone Number 13 has apparently been found guilty of abusing her Authority...


Your article fails to mention that the nearly 300-page report does not recommend sanctions or a criminal investigation. In other words, they felt they had to say something bad about her, but they can't prove anything so she's not going to be formally punished. This is all just to get back at her for going against the establishment.

Immora wrote:

I can see how some people would dislike fighters, but I think it's just a matter of taste. I can't stand playing Druids, even though they are arguably the most powerful class in the 3.5 PHB. I find the generic nature of the class excellent for turning the Fighter into any of a variety of archetypes.

While I agree that the Wizards starts out-pacing you for raw-damage-in-a-single-blow, it's very nice to not worry about running out of "swords" you can cast per day, get to attack three or four times versus the one spell most casters get in a round, and (by 16th level)you've got almost 20 feats, giving you a lot of options to customize what you can throw out, from extra damage to super mobility to status effects, and even boost up those weaker saves and pad out their skill points.

Admittedly, in a one-on-one fight, a high-level wizard will probably own a single fighter, but in any low-level fight the opposite is true. If you want a fighter-type that can effectively 'cast spells', then take a look at "The Book of Nine Swords" to bring in anime-style fighting maneuvers. I consider it unbalanced, but it might bring in the power level that you're looking for.

Well said! It's the fact that a 3.5 fighter is a Feat God that makes them so attractive to me. You can literally build any archetype fighter you wish. In fact, I usually have to play the wizard of the group because no one else wants to.

Besides, wadding through hordes of orcs and other evil humanoids like Conan leaves you feeling like a man. Shooting them with colorful fu-fu spells...well, not too manly. ;-p

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