VTT maps for The Moonscar


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I'm running the Moonscar using Maptool, and I wasn't really satisfied with the maps from the PDF. The low resolution leaves much to be desired for VTT use.

Therefore, I created new maps. Here they are, posted in an album on the Cartographer's Guild site:

Moonscar maps for virtual table-top

This includes:

- A generic encounter map for the Blighted Forest
- The Shrine of Rest and Fulfillment (2 versions)
- The Ring of Agony
- The Ring of Obedience
- The Ring of Seduction
- The Ring of Ecstasy (two versions)

All of them are available in gridded and gridless variants. The Shrine of Rest and Fulfillment has a decorated and non-decorated version. The Ring of Ecstasy desperately needed some color, so I produced a version with glowing green Streams of Eeeeeevil flowing across the floor of the final chamber.

Lastly, I'd just like to add that the layout of Dominax Annuli is bonkers. I get that demons can teleport at will. But that doesn't matter much, because the prisoners can't, and the demonic teleport ability clearly specifies that they can't take other people with them. It's self-only. How are the jailers supposed to move prisoners around where they want them?

If I am some poor corrupted fighter performing supplications to Izmiara in the Ring of Obedience, when I finish the final one and learn the password to get past the vrocks, I have no way out except to jump a hundred feet down to the next ring. The fall could easily kill me. If it doesn't, it will surely break my legs and leave me in no mood to enjoy the Ring of Seduction.

It really feels like the maps were designed by doodling interesting shapes, without putting any thought into how well the use of space fulfilled the ostensible purpose of the facility. Maybe it's silly to be bugged by this, but it really makes my life as a GM hard when my players ask me questions like "why does this hallway go 35 feet east, then turn 180 degrees and go back west 20 feet?" I either have to come up with some strained explanation for why it's that way, or else break immersion completely and tell them it's because the map just doesn't make sense.

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Beautiful. Thanks a bunch for your contribution.

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You're welcome! ^_^

I added a couple more since my initial post here. One for the Calling Stone, a lakeside one for Ebony Lake, and another random overland map for the surface.

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Thanks a lot for the maps. They saved me hours of work!

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