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Spoiler alert - if you are a player...go away.

My group is about to encounter the Shrine of the Sea Mother. I suspect they will kill the Kuo-Toans quickly and use Detect Magic to discover the statue of Blibdoolpoolp has a Strong Aura of Conjuration and Necromancy. Since it is a statue to an Evil goddess, the paladin and cleric will want to destroy it. Meanwhile the countdown for Aushanna's arrival will be counting down. There are no rules in the adventure that discuss the particulars/ramifications of destroying the statue (no crunch, or role-play). How have some of you handled this?

Also - Did any of you give the party a clue of what was coming, e.g. have the statue pulsing omniously during their battle with the Kuo-toans, and the pulsing intensifying as the timer counted down?

My group recently acquired a Bag of Tricks. In the rules for the item, it states "[The summoned animal] can follow any of the commands described in the Handle Animal skill." By "commands", it's referring to "Tricks". When I pointed out that Tricks require a Move Action and successfully making a DC 10 Handle Animal test, most of the other players balked. They point out that Summon Monster Spells don't involve Move Actions or Skill tests. Am I overthinking this or is it time to invest in ranks of Handle Animal? ml#bag-of-tricks ndle-animal

The PRD states the following, "Damaging Magic Weapons: An attacker cannot damage a magic weapon that has an enhancement bonus unless his weapon has at least as high an enhancement bonus as the weapon struck."

I have a couple questions on this:

1. If I throw a +1 Club into a normal fire...will it burn? What if the fire is magical?

2. If I strike a +1 Magic Weapon with a non-magical Adamantine weapon (which ignores hardness), will the magic weapon take damage?

3. If a magic weapon is used to strike a gray ooze, can it take damage from the acid?

4. Natural attacks from creatures with the DR/Magic special quality count as being magical; how do I determine whether or not it is a stronger enhancement than my weapon's?

5. Are there any other exceptions to the above rule I have missed?

Is there a way to specify an order as a gift and have it shipped separately from my normal subscription items? I want to ship it directly to the person without having all my subscription items going there as well.

Ok, this is a small point but I feel a need to rant and have chosen the Paizo Forum to do so.

Why are there no halfling minis armed with crossbows?!? I'm one of those guys that feels the compulsion to have a mini that represents his character. I'm currently playing in a Pathfinder Beta campaign as a halfling rogue with STR 6. That strength pretty much guarantees the need to use a crossbow. However, every miniature I've found shows a halfling with either a shortbow or sling. Both weapons are modified by strength for damage purposes. Since halflings take a -2 to STR during character creation, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.

In addition, the Pathfinder Beta states all Halflings are proficient with slings. Why? They are a strength weapon. Doesn't it make more sense for a weak race to use a weapon that plays down their weakness? Besides, slings are simple weapons...all the races can pretty much use it.

But I digress, bottom line: Paizo (or any other mini manufacturer reading this), please make a halfling mini armed with a crossbow.

What the heck?!? Despite all the success WOTC is having with D&D 4E, they are still selling the D&D 3.5 pdf files on DrivethruRPG at full price. Meanwhile, ALL the 4E books are selling at substantial discount. How much longer are we going to have to wait before we see the discounts that earlier versions sell for? You can buy 1st and 2nd Edition books for about $5 each.

Wow! Just got my copy of this yesterday and it is one heavy book. The color is gorgeous and the multiple prefaces are hilarious.

Is there a method to subscribe to Gamemastery items such as new flipmats and mappacks?

Despite how great D&D 4E is supposedly selling, I can't help but notice that all the D&D 3.5 books on DrivethruRPG are still selling for full price. In addition, they still don't offer the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, and Original Monster Manual.

Any idea when the Ptolus Silent Sister miniature will be back on the shelves?