Zenith Trajectory - The Statue of Blibdoolpoolp

Shackled City Adventure Path

Spoiler alert - if you are a player...go away.

My group is about to encounter the Shrine of the Sea Mother. I suspect they will kill the Kuo-Toans quickly and use Detect Magic to discover the statue of Blibdoolpoolp has a Strong Aura of Conjuration and Necromancy. Since it is a statue to an Evil goddess, the paladin and cleric will want to destroy it. Meanwhile the countdown for Aushanna's arrival will be counting down. There are no rules in the adventure that discuss the particulars/ramifications of destroying the statue (no crunch, or role-play). How have some of you handled this?

Also - Did any of you give the party a clue of what was coming, e.g. have the statue pulsing omniously during their battle with the Kuo-toans, and the pulsing intensifying as the timer counted down?

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I took two d10's and used them to count up the rounds during the fight. That way they knew something was going to happen, but not when. It wracked their nerves.

As for destroying the statue, I'd say that it is immovable as long as Aushanna lives. But if she's slain, then the statue becomes unstable and can be toppled.

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