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Glowing pink eyes roll up at the ceiling.

"Ugh. 'Thank you, Arclord Alyreha.'"

Thank you for playing! This is the end of the scenario. Feel free to post any coda you like, and I hope some of you can stick around for part 2 in February!

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Mfrfermmph frrmpherrf…

Hey I'm no pile of bone— Sebnet throws a cloth over the arclord, who's still in Domwurd's hand, muffling her voice.


"Uhhh I feel empty-headed all of a sudden. No more magic. Put me on the pillow there, Domwurd, I'll 'supervise' your work."

"I'm no empty-headed arclord; I prep the basics too! Even a mighty wizard brings light for her buddies."

Alreha glows, shedding a 60' radius of pink Light! Of course, being higher level than the Darkness spell, it counteracts it easily.

I've got the skulls to see all!

Alyreha glows as she casts out a vision to Snarlfist, Kralgang, Haggra, and Grams. They see the possible futures of the invisible target (for the sake of argument, let's call that target "Stangler 1" in the tracker.

True Target: The first time they attack that target they can roll twice and use the better result; they ignore circumstance penalties to the attack roll, and any flat check required due to the designated creature being concealed or hidden.

"Bob who!?!"

Alyreha's skull vibrates once more and Domwurd becomes blurry. blur

Pink eyes glow in the dark. "Think you can mess with a TRUE ARCLORD!? I'm not so empty-headed as you might think!" Domwurd feels Alreha’s skull vibrate as she incants potent transmutation magic. All of you suddenly feel faster as Arclord Alreha unleashes a potent spell tp aid you in combat. Level 7 haste hitting all 6 PCs.

"I'm not sure. I must be out of my mind!"

”I feel rather empty-headed! Don’t know where I lived. It was probably a magnificent mansion though. For once Haggra and I agree. We shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. We’ve done everything we can and can head back.”

"Perhaps I'm a victim of circumstance. You just don't have a funny bone in your body, Kralgang!"

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"Hey! I… I… I remember! I'm Arclord Alyreha Of Nex! And I remember you, and you, and you! Now, where in the blasted hells did my body go!? I'm not even in MY OWN skull! Who's noggin is this anyway? Why was I making all those horrible puns…"

Well, truth be told I kind of like them. I simply may not have the social skulls to stop. Heh. Heh. Hehehe.