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Last long term D&D game I ran we got to 53rd level. And im still planning more adventures for those characters. I don't understand the problem with high level play.
Id like the Epic level feats converted officially into pathfinder or for a 3pp to do it, but the conversions ive done myself will have to do I suppose.

Im going to have to go with steampunk, future, and modern classes.
For regular old PF, a Merchant, a PC Noble class.

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I love options and the so called rules bloat. The more the merrier.
I groan every time I hear a DM announce they are limiting something or banning something for no good reason.
When I DM I allow everything as long as it fits the setting.

there is a book for this called Mystical: Kingdom of monsters, there is a pathfinder version and 4e version. I haven't picked it up yet. But it looks neat.

I run a Pistolero in my brother in laws game. I found them to be fairly balanced. With misifires, having to reload and no dex to damage until 4th or 5th level (cant remember). Sure he will hit a lot, but guns just don't do enough damage.

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After my group has dealt with problem players a lot over the years, my advice is get rid of them. Players like that don't change. Everyone has their own gaming style and sometimes being a chaotic mess is it. There is one group of people we wont play with for that reason. They just do things to screw each other over. So just get rid of them.

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Id love to see more Mythic rules. Specifically stuff that's for the other base classes. In my brother in laws game im a gunslinger and maybe im missing something but there doesn't seem to be anything worth taking in mythic for a gunslinger.

Also epic support. Play past 20th level. I know we have a guideline in the core book, but I want some epic feats, epic magic items and such. Ive converted some of the stuff myself, but I always prefer official.

and finally deity rules. Ive not seen this said specifically but im under the impression that mythic is supposed to kinda sorta, if you squint rules for deities. To me that just doesn't cut it. Ive converted a lot of deity and demigods over to pathfinder, but I would of course like something official.

High level play seems to get a bad rap, but I love high level play. In the last long running 3.5 game I ran in Forgotten Realms the players got up to 54th level and were about to take on Shar and stop her from sundering the Weave. And im planning more adventures for those characters. I don't have trouble with long stat blocks, or overpowered characters, but my players are more roleplaying focused that kill happy murder hobos who just want experience.

I think there is demand for high level play, maybe not a lot, like hardcover gencon release demand, but certainly there is demand for a small book for mythic, epic and deities. All in one maybe. And hey if Paizo wont publish it, why not someone else. While not official, still would be nice.

So is it pretty much assumed that to be deity you just have mythic ranks? I like the mythic rules, but they seem rather weak, to be deities. I don't mind deities having mythic ranks, they should, but to just be mythic is a shame. Id love to see deities and demigod rules added to pathfinder to get some actual deity stats. Ive done some conversion myself, but I always like official stuff better.

My campaigns usually involve at some point the players wanting to take on the gods. My last Forgotten realms game in 3.5 ran all the way to 54th level. And im planning another adventure for those characters some time in the future.

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I tend to like new and different as far as mechanics go. That said I have every intention of using DSP Ultimate Psionics with Paizo's Occult Adventures. Im explaining it this way. Psionics can only be taken by those who are awoken from the Silver Mount crashed ship in Numeria, and Psychic Magic is whats native to Golarion. In my homebrew I haven't decided what the explained difference is going to be yet.

My only real complaint about Paizo not making new mechanics is the fact that I have to go elsewhere for material I want. For instance I love Incarnum so I have to get Akashic Mysteries (which is fine I like what I see and would love to see more clones like that), but the problem comes from other GMs. Our group takes turns GMing different games, and when its my brothers turn to run Pathfinder he doesn't allow non-paizo stuff no matter how balanced it is or who wrote it. Believe me I Keep trying. So I don't get to play with all the new stuff, when I run only my players do.

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Rules for levels 21+
Stats for deities
Other Continents on Golarion
Manual of the planes style book
Sci/fi setting using pathfinder as a base with relatively little changes. Less changes than 3.0 to d20 modern was. Preferably this setting would be in the Adroffan Empire. And maybe a modern setting too, set on Earth.
more Mythic rules, more options for the other classes that don't seem to have a lot of mythic options like the gunslinger.
more old gods, elder gods and cthulhu stuff in general.
Dominion of the black

Id personally like to see a new hardcover on each region outside the inner sea. My players don't tend to be satisfied staying in one area and id like to know more to tailor my games to the wider world beyond the inner sea.
Also Dominion of the black. I want new monsters, star ships whatever you have, I have an idea I want to run with these guys but I need more info.
and finally, stuff for stating up the gods. mainly because im not one of those gms that immediately takes away a players character once they become too powerful to care about their fellows. Ive had a player in a old forgotten realms game replace helm as a god, and it wasn't all that game breaking using the deities and demigods rules, but without pathfinder using deity ranks im having a hard time converting. Id think this would eventually be a necessary rule set as some people would eventually play a game where you become gods or pass the test of the starstone, and id like to know more about that too. What exactly is the test?

If and I mean If, paizo did a sci-fi setting using pathfinder as a base, id like to see it set in the adroffa empire. get some fleshing out without having to interact with golarion.

I don't care about balance. As long as the rules are followed when the character is made and it fits the campaign world, all is good.

take care of it sooner rather than later. in my experience letting things just simmer results in a blow up later on, that causes people to take sides and ends friendships.

Anything from D&D 3.5 that hasn't been carried over yet. Rename it, whatever, but make it pathfinder official. While im the only GM in the group that allows you to mix "editions" with some tweaks, id like some official stuff for when im a player and im trying to convince my brother to let me be a warmage with sudden metamagic feats or an Incarnum class.

My group is so used to Roleplaying XP I don't think they would play a game without it. We roleplay everything. Of course we also play from around 2PM Saturday to 7am sunday we have the time to waste roleplaying little things that immerse us into the world. Though right now we are playing a Hunter the Vigil game.
my group is really not for the gamer that only comes to kill monsters and take their stuff, in my last long term D&D game back in 2010 we went 3 sessions without rolling a single die and the final boss (Shar) was talked down from destroying the Weave no battle ensued which annoyed two of my other players (who no longer play with us) who just wanted to kill her and take her divinity. The characters in that game made it to 54th level and we had been playing that campaign off and on since 2005.

Ive always taken the view that deities should just be one more monster for the players to kill ala deities and demigods and faith and pantheons of 3e D&D.
Ive been in the process of converting those rules into pathfinder for my game because well, this group is the kind to mouth off to a deity and then try to gank him.

I like what they have made so far, but I want more. Like mechs and starships.

Ive never been a fan of the Magical Item shop. With as expensive as they are to craft and as long as it takes, I cant imagine a steady stream of product. But this is fantasy. When I run, if there is a Gold Piece limit or asset limit to the town I usually say you can afford anything up to that. Unless there are story reasons then I don't have magical items just laying around in shops for people to buy or to be pilfered.

Speaking of deities has anyone converted deities and demigods rules to pathfinder before I go doing it myself?

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I never did understand peoples dislike for 20+ levels. In my last long term Forgotten Realms game the players got to level 54 and where challenging gods. I never had a problem with combat, or broken powers or all the other problems people whine about.
Personally I would love some official 21+ level stuff for pathfinder. Mythic is nice, but reminds me more of the Immortal stuff from TSR. As it is, I plan on converting Epic feats and prestige classes into pathfinder for when my players get that high because they will want to.

I think id like to see the ecologies add in Racial prestige classes that only creatures of that races may take (special items and feats would be nice to)...sort of like the Beholder mage. And i would like to see more interesting monsters, Last issue we had the Choker this month the Night hag, in my opinion boring monsters, but thats just my opinion.
Id like to see in no particular order the
Mind Flayer
Beholder-Kin (with info on overseers and lensman & other kin)
Phaerimm (thers not enough info on these beasties)
pretty much the major baddies of the world.