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Great take on elemental warriors


I purchased this originally to try and mine it for ideas for a homebrew I'm working on, and much to my pleasure discovered what I hope will greatly resemble the Kineticist when it is updated to PF2.

I had some minor balance concerns, but overall the mechanics seem solid and easy to understand. I particular enjoyed the Harmony mechanic.

There are two pdfs, a full version and a printer friendly version. I thought that was a nice touch, as Printer Friendly are also easier to read on my tablet.

Great entry to this product line


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this adventure. High level play is notoriously difficult to write well, but this author managed it. I can’t wait to read the next adventure, and also her next work for Paizo.

1 star off for some of the other choices made though. The in character text is very difficult to read on my iPad, and the file size is unacceptably large.

Good interpretation of the concept


First, I want to say that using the archetype rules to reinterpret prestige classes is a fantastic idea and I can't wait to see more of them. And the Assassin presented in this book shows good promise for the concept overall.

This archetype does not replace every level available, but packs a lot into what it does replace by handing every character the ability to make death attacks, hide in plain sight, and eventually swift death attacks that crumples your victim to dust. A very interesting addition was the ability to make death attacks using spells.

The rules were presented well and clearly, with no typos or errors that I noticed. I disagreed with the author enough on a few points that I'd likely rewrite it slightly if I used in a home game, but these points mainly did not detract from the product's value.

One relatively minor correction I would make is that the capstone ability wasn't fully updated for Starfinder. The archetype mentions true resurrection and resurrection, but neither are in the SF Core Rules. I assume they're in the Starfarer companion? It also DOESN'T mention Mystic Cure, which while a quick read of the rules makes obvious it doesn't work when enhanced death is used, it would have been nice to have that specifically mentioned. Going with just Core Options, I'm guessing only a wish/miracle can revive a creature that has been the victim of enhanced death attack and thier body crumpled to dust. Which, that's awesome actually, I love it

I also liked the small bits of detail included on blood space organizations. The idea of death kobolds is intriguing and I may" borrow" it even if I don't use blood space.