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I did type at one point something along the lines f "you're the gm, just make a creature that satisfies your requirements" but I guess my tablet refused to post it.

I'd say make a construct to begin with, give it an extradimensional space it can access, make it a golem just in case, so it's immune to most spells, give it mindblank if you want it to be immune to divinations, and be done with it.
Make it cheap to make, but requiring an expensive laboratory, so you can make more of them after the first.

I don't think you keave your burn behind anymore than you leave the rest of your kineticist abilities. And so, nothing is broken.

I guess in the worst possible way.

Inspired blade/investigator is the only way you can expect it to work especially for a oneshot, however it's a lot of strange rules for a new player...

The order in which damage is assigned between earth and aether defenses is definitely a problem. While the rules would have you reduce the damage with DR and then take the rest with temp hp or hp, this does not work well with the concept of a force ward surrounding you, plus that "these hit points are lost first, even before other temp hp". So, dunnow how they work.
At lvl 8 with both defenses you wake up with DR 4 and 8 temp hp, you then might want to spend 3 burn to activate elemental overflow, you are down only 24 hp, and you could for example have 16 temp hp from force ward (which heals 2 hp per minute) and DR 5. A much better deal than burning yourself to unconsciousness.
Sure, a single hit will probably knock out your ward, but it's one less hit you have to worry about, and it will fill itself up by the next fight, negating another hit.

I think we should first have asked what level the party is, and what kind of resources are available. I don't see a future (not even with divination magic) for a 3rd level party that tries to run from a 15+ level full caster.

Locate creature might be blocked by running water, but I don't think Locate Object is blocked the same way. So if the guards know of something that was worn by the accountant, or something that was looted, and it's unique enough, it could work.
Scrying could work on the accountant, if he wants to be found he can fail the save, and a sending spell can guarantee he knows what he's saving against.
If you have dead bodies, you can try to speak with dead, the corpse cannot be too badly damaged, but there are ways to restore them. With some real cash, you could even raise them from the dead, or reincarnate them.

Actually, residual tracking could help you despite the disguises, you get a clear picture of the creature and what it was wearing, and masks and different clothes don't hide your weapons, you could still locate object on them.

Auras can be tracked, but you need to be hot on heir tails to do it.

Greater Detect Magic on the scene can help your caster identify any spellcasters in the party if they meet them in the future.

Sage does not gain your skills, its 2 skill points per level are not modified by INT, but its skill checks are modified by its INT, so when you first get it, it's going to be pretty bad, still it's an almost free option to get some knowledge skills without giving up all your feats and traits for it.

In the end, with a single utility talent investment, you get Alertness, a bonus feat of some kind, and bardic knowledge.

Also, if knowledge skills are so important, maybe your two team mates could take care of one or two of them, the warpriest should at least have some know (Religion) and the Bloodrager has Arcana as a class skill, they're also human so naturally have at least one more skill point than a dwarf.

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Please, remember that you want uncanny dodge and blind fighting for any build that relies heavily on dodge bonuses to work

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Also Pairs pretty well with those Halfling feats that start with Cautious Fighter

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Not where I would go with a kineticist... guess all I can say is:
Get elemental whispers, and grab a sage familiar. You could even focus on he real fighting abilities, and let your familiar with INT, 2 skill points per level and bonus to knowledge skills, do he job you decided to take

They could have easily solved most issues ditching the whole "damage the object" thing with Telekinetic blast, that's what Foe Throw is for.
They had to make you throw a nearby unattended object.
Which raise all sort of questions
What's nearby ? What's unattended ? What's an object ?
How do I figure cover if the object thrown is not in my square?
And then we have to worry about kinetic blade/whip and iteratives that need you to swing epic artifacts at least, because nothing else would survive an hasted full attack plus an unspecified number of AoOs.

But luckily the OP is still lvl 7 and not worried about all that, being mostly ranged.

I'm still not convinced ranged is the right way, but that may be my personal experience with cramped dungeons and enemies that appear in melee range

The PCs themselves, or is it too broad?

If you loosen the strands you can hit with he weapon itself, what would happen in that case?
I don't think the wall would affect an aether kineticis blast in any way, it's not a normal ranged attack, and can get way more massive than giant thrown boulders or even catapult loads.

I also think you're assuming the object thrown will have to go through the wall, which might not even happen if the "nearby object" he kineticist decides to throw is already on the same side of the wall as he target :p
(Quicky closing that can of worms and running away)

Btw, being a ranged attack, it should be blocked by anything that blocks line of effect, which I believe is any barrier with a hole less than 1 square foot ? Can't remember and usually go by feeling instead of doing all the math.

Edit: LoE instead of LoS

You don't need a save or suck specialist with that Will save, when you have a pretty good chance of failing even a save vs a lv 1 spell from a wand.
10 16 16 12 12 7 Seems like a very good idea, I just adopted it for my kineticist.

I have a few doubts myself about what's affected by empower. The basic xd6+con/2 or xd6+con+x for sure, but Elemental Overflow and even Point Blank Shot? Is there a FAQ or it's just a given?

As for ability focus on kinetic blast, it's an odd one.
Kinetic Blast is a spell like ability, it's an attack, so I guess it's a special attack, and qualifies for Ability Focus.
However, you generally save vs the infusion (which is a different wild talent), using he blast level to set the DC.
My guess is that you should get ability focus on the infusion, not your kinetic blast, which is also reinforced by the fact that a single feat would improve almost all your abilities, which would be too good.

Other than hat, it looks fine.

I would not use a magic item for that under the current system.
You would still need to follow the rules for damaging objects to destroy a cape.
And finally, for a cape dedicated to this purpose, you might want to look for some special materials (maybe there is something sturdier than leather out there) or sweet talk your gm into letting you enchant it as armor, which would improved its hardness/hp, but we're in houserule territory

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I think the idea with Internal Buffer is that you charge it at the end of the day, then the next day you have that much more burn to play around with.
And maybe it's because I've only build Aether Kineticists (or kineticists that expanded to Aether) but for me it's wake up in the morning, and max EO by improving Force Ward.

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I still think the answer to the original question is:
Well rested in the morning.
Should someone want to wake you up sooner... healing is the only answer.

I think you could take Fox Shape sooner as an alternate racial ability.
You might want to get some healing abilities if you don't plan to fight but support your phantom (and other party members)
Also, you never know if PFS when you'll get in that group with no healer ;)

I know, just pointing out that it's not just the smelling salts that would need an houserule, but also the burn feature. Same thing for something that would allow resolve to work.

Smelling salts don't work like that, and even if they did something like "they wake you up even if you have more nonlethal damage than hP" they probably would not work for kineticists because of "A kineticist who has accepted burn never benefits from abilities that allow her to ignore or alter the effects she receives from nonlethal damage"

I'm bad with links

So, with Overflow and Weapon focus, we're looking at a slightly better CMB, still it's odd tha some infusions use your Bab, while others use your kineticist level as Bab.
Still unsure if it's worth it or not.

Really wondering what the CMB would be on a Kinetic Whip with Pushing Infusion on an Halfling with BAB+6 and Con 18. +9 ?
What about Weapon Focus ? Elemental OVerflow ? Weapon Finesse ?

You're actually better off with the standard kineticist, the kinetic knight is wearing heavy armor and using a shield, not very jedi-like.

I would rather look into some custom Kinetic invocations for the mind tricks, everything else is in the basic kineticist :D

The simple truth is that it's unspecified.

So charging your attacks spending Ki could last 1 round, one minute, one hour, forever or anything in between.
The most logical options are 1 round or while the stance lasts, but those are just options.

As for he temporary HP, well, it's pretty much the same, it's unspecified, but again it's an effect of the style, so "while you're in the style stance" is definitely one of the possible durations.

I would assume 1 ki point empowers your attacks for the rest of the round. However, I have no idea if it should be until the end of your turn or until the start of your next one.

As for the initiate question... unknown, but temp hp don't have an habit of lasting forever, safest bet is 'till the end of the fight when you are no longer considered using the style.

With it's reference to walls of force, and buildings, I would assume the creation is immobile.
Aether is described as invisible but also as multicolored, and adding invisible embellishments to an invisible building would seem rather pointless.

1- I'm assuming it's two, but I agree it could have been clearer.
2- Vital Strike is it's own action so I guess no.
3- It seems the only things you can do with them is what's written under bonded manifestation. Otherwise they would have just called them natural attacks and solved all of their problems.
4-They use the damage of the ectoplasmic manifested phantom, whatever it may be, so it should work.
5- Again, I would just look at the attack part of the phantom sheet and use those numbers

6- with how much he exciter changes the phantom I doubt they would stack.

Also, if they don't get it... make sure you're using their coins :p
And yeah, in your example, you end up with 25/29 hp.
You're already n enough trouble as it is w/o doubling the Hp loss.

Kinetic Blast already has an effective spell level. 1/2 of the kineticist's spell level.

The Ion Wyrd is good. More so if you're melee, it's also a pretty powerful scout, even if keeping it out all the time is a problem.

I think you forgot to tell us what level you'll be starting at.

I also wouldn't worry too much about composite blasts 'till lvl 11. Before then you have to gather power for a full round or take burn to use one, might as well empower a simple blast.

Swift action to activate. Lasts 1 round. You should be able to ignore cover/concealment on all your attacks, and also on any attack of opportunity you might be allowed to take, until the beninning of your next turn.
I also think you need a way to target the enemy or it's square in case of total cover/concealment, so good luck on your perception check on that aether elemental 1000 feet away

I always suggest small races with a dex bonus for kineticists... but if you're positivie your chosen element will work, human is good too. Precise Shot will take care of the penalty for shooting in melee, but you still have to worry about soft cover, so the blade, even at lvl 1 when you have to gather power to use it, is pretty useful.
Also... I love the idea of having a summonable familiar that can't really die, plus at worse it's two feats for an utility talent. (Trap bait, scouting, I see endless possibilities)
I agree with just about everyone that flight is more important than everything, even if the AP is dungeon heavy (I have no idea) not all dungeons are only 5-10 feet high

I recall a device that would take 10 mins to activate with Disable device, but the roll needed was pretty high without a special item, so the only way was to "take 20"

Same thing I said last time this came up.
The spell won't change the type of the target, but if you give life to an object and need stats for it, construct is your best bet.

Well +20 to all stats would be about 2x the cost and 2x the time to make it. You don't have to worry too much about time at those levels, but still... it's going to take a while... and is there really that much money around?
Also yay for +7 to your spell DCs when everyone has +7 on all saves... and since we're talking about +20 belts, why not +10 cloaks of resistance?
And more spells per day? You don't run out anyway in those 15 mins adventuring days

Azothath wrote:
sadly there isn't a "positive" descriptor for magic. Named descriptors are [acid, air, chaotic, cold, curse, darkness, death, disease, draconic, earth, electricity, emotion, evil, fear, fire, force, good, language-dependent, lawful, light, meditative, mind-affecting, pain, poison, shadow, sonic, and water]. This makes Holy Water do untyped(nondescript? lol) damage.

I think you're missing some :D

ruse for one.

Also, Kineticists add both positive and negative
"A kinetic blast that deals energy damage of any type (including force) has the corresponding descriptor."
And we have both negative energy and positive energy blasts now.

Wouldn't activating the item be a standard action (default where none is specified) and using the blast another standard?

If you've reached a level where you're thinking you need a +20 belt, I don't see the problem in having a player make one.
If they have that much time, and that much money, the game is already beyond where most game usually end.

There is no caster level requirement, also, I'd like to point out that, while it may take 4 years to make the whole belt, if you start with a normal +6 belt, and improve it 2 points at a time, you have a viable item all the time... sure 4 years become 16 if done while adventuring, but who's counting at that point ?

And if we're talking about the good old 3.0 epic rules, while the fighter was waiting for his +20 belt, the wizard had a spell that would boost his INT by 60 or more.

Actually, glad to know it exists, it seems one of the few ways to get more dex out of an armor, besides being a fighter...

So, the Special section is actually useful, allowing fighters (and a few other lucky souls) to use that style with any kind of armor ?

I think you both implode


Well, Remove Curse from the point touched to create the Cursed Earth effect.

Spell with the curse descriptor can generally be removed by Break Enchantment (only targets creatures) Limited Wish, Miracle, Remove Curse and Wish, prepare your best caster level check in any case

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A medium animated object has 3 HD, if you wanted to turn a pebble into something willing to fight for you, I would hope to get more than 1 HD out of an 8th lvl spell...

Convincing the ex-rock to help you fight would be another matter entirely :p

Judging from the list, what's important is the value of the material, not the form it takes.
Bridge made of stone ? You're fine.
Want a bridge of gold ? You're out of luck.

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Scary as it is, it might actually be a contruct.

The spell animate object gives some physical stats to an object and allows it to move, and it makes it a construct.
Magical items are just items, but when you make an intelligent one, it becomes a creature, and are treated ass constructs.

After all, even if it looks like a human now, it's still as dumb as a rock...

Where does the darkvision come from?
Also, if it' like Alter Self... there should be a +2 str in there somewhere...

Well, as a summoned creature, it won't really die, but if it makes it easier, blindfold it and drive it towards the cliff and aim it at the orc, that way you're "dropping the object" and making the attack roll, not the horse (who would have some extra penalties and a 50% miss chance for being blind :p

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