How far can you go with the aether architect utility wild talent for the kineticist?

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'Aether Architect
Element Aether; Type utility (Su); Level 9; Burn 0
You can spin a small building, bridge, or other edifice out of aether, and even use aether to tether a building to a flat surface other than the ground. By concentrating for 10 minutes, you can create an edifice out of scintillating aether (same hardness and hit points as a wall of force) as long as the edifice is no larger than one 10-foot cube per kineticist level. Unless the creation is extremely simplistic, you must succeed at a craft or knowledge (engineering) check to add embellishments. This ability can also create a series of tethers to securely attach a normal building to a vertical surface or even a cavern ceiling. Aether Architect lasts as long as you concentrate, and you can accept 1 point of burn to make the effect last until destroyed; by accepting this burn, you can use this ability any number of times in a row to create a larger edifice.'

What I want to know is, what exactly can I NOT create with this, what I mean by that is, per example, say 'I create an armory and some weapons within it' and then roll for craft (weaponry)' would that be acceptable?

Is it possible to create things that are not edifices (like lamps, weapons, etc.) as long as I roll a craft check relevent to the object I'm trying to create? The fact that they mentionned the craft skill made me think that I could use it this way, but I could be wrong.

Should it be kept to things relevent to walls and such (because of the mention of wall of force) and we be more creative with the uses (with the craft skill)?

And IF we can use it to create items this way, could we use it with crafting feats like 'craft wondrous items' to craft such items?

Is crafting items with this talent more of the 'houserules territory'?

Sorry for all these questions and thanks in advance for the help! :D

From the reading of the quoted description:

It says it creates a building, not contents for a building (compare to magnificent mansion, which contains note it is furnished). Furniture, weapons hanging on the walls, lamps, are not parts of the building, unless they are faked by reliefs that are actually part of the walls.

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Aether is transparent, right? Might make using the privy in your home of force a bit awkward.

Awkward for whom? I'm comfortable with my bodily functions. Or I was, back when I had them, before the Ritual...

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I concur with Drejk. The ability allows you to create, specifically, "a building, bridge, or other edifice", edifice being defined as a building in and of itself. Adding embellishments requires a craft check (specifically engineering, regardless of the embellishment added), but embellishments are defined as decorative features. Weapons would not be included.

Your aetheric armory does not come with its own weapons. While an armory typically contains weapons, it is not required to do so, no more than a weapon is required to be in an armory.

With it's reference to walls of force, and buildings, I would assume the creation is immobile.
Aether is described as invisible but also as multicolored, and adding invisible embellishments to an invisible building would seem rather pointless.


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