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Simple quick question. Do Nets with the returning enchantment drag the entangled target? I would assume not, but I keep seeing it pop up as a good thing to put on Nets.

Background: Ignore if you just want to get to the problem.
Okay, long story short party kind of fell apart, GM dropped out, player took over GMing, another player also dropped. Since we are down a man the GM basically just called for a quick re-do of our characters so we can fill in some gaps. Paladin, who basically finished his build at 7th level decided to change a feat and go Noble Scion. He had me build the cohort since I'm a power-gaming weasel and know how to make a good wizard. Basically we ended up with a crafter blaster that likes him some quickened Enervate to counter other casters.

The Paladin feels he's under powered on his own with the Noble Scion class since the fights are only getting harder. We are playing Rise of the Runelords.

Here's what he's got to work with:
Fighter Tower Shield Specialist 3, Paladin 4, Noble Scion 2
Str 18
Dex 18
Con 12
Int 14
Wiz 11
Cha 16

Human Shield Focus
Level 1 Noble Scion of Lore
Level 2 Fighter 1 Combat Expertise
Level 3 Mobile Bulwark Style
Level 4 Fighter 2 Mobile Fortress
Level 7 Mobile Stronghold
Level 9 Noble Scion Leadership

And then he wants
Level 11 Tower Shield Specialist (for some armor check thing)
The rest is 100% Open.

Oh, and the only things that need to stay is the Style feats. Extra points if you can some how make it so he can ride a Lion or something like that. Dude wants a cool mount. But its a secondary thing.

So as a bit of a experiment, my groups been looking at how to make a support tank for our Rise of the Runelords game. The goal is to give one or more party members AC and cover. Right now we’ve got a Sacred Shield Paladin going into the Mobile Stronghold feat tree. He's dipping fighter so He'll have it all by 7th level. So right now we’re looking at +10 to party AC from a +5 Tower Shield and total cover on one facing. How do we crank this higher?

I'll cut to the chase here. I've been running a lot of short games and one of my players has decided to fallow Lymnieris and take Celestial Obedience. Pazio I must simply ask what the hell? You censor the strangest things but have this in the game? So now I have to ask cuz I have no freaking idea, how does one commit Lymnieris Celestial Obedience?

Note: Can't get the spoiler thing to work so just look it up on Nethys.

Got a player who wants to do a Thought Thief. Problem is the class seems to be non-functional.

Problem: Almost nothing on the Psychic Spell list triggers sneak attack.

Mind Thrust, Explode Head, Magic Missile, almost all the psychic spells are save or suck, so none of them trigger sneak attack, at least the way I under stand it. Is there something I'm missing here?

FYI his stat line is:

He's starting Unchained Rogue then going Psychic. He doesn't want to do Psychic Sorcerer cuz he likes the Mind Thrust spells and discovered that its utterly broken with the Cunning Caster feat.

We’re playing Rise of the Runelords, so minor spoilers I guess? If you seriously haven’t played that yet? Or like seen any P1 artwork.

Long story short, we’ve got a Paladin of Iomedae who is like the rest of the party, 110% DONE with goblins. The GM has been merciless with the bastards. We’ve seen them light old people on fire, they killed the kids who were chasing butterflies, and have majorly screwed up one of our parties NPC wifues. The Paladin even tried sparing some of them from the raid and they just ended up burning a farm and killing the family in ways I can’t discuss on this forum.

So when we went rocking into the Goblin camp we have shown 0 mercy and are at times using terror tactics on the buggers. And then we get to the room with the goblin kids. General call was to just go Goblin Slayer on their little green butts. However the GM is stuck on whether or not the Paladin can take part, which he kind of wants to since his NPC sister also got badly burned and lost her house in the attack.

There is also the fact that there are no Goblins alive to take care of them and there an't none gunna come back cuz the huts are trapped. The our Oracle has been using the term Exterminatus.

So I'm getting to take a break from GMing soon and one of the guys is running RR after my game wraps up. I want to play something fun, but I'm a multi-classing junky. I've got a few ideas here need to know how well they fit in RR. Looking for something melee since I know the rest of our party is skittish and likes to play way back. I'll also have to do my own buffs, that's just a given.

Esoteric Knight: Either a Cavalier (Ghost Rider) and or some Fighter then Psychic.

Bloodrager into Dragon Disciple

Thought Thief (Arcane Trickster Archetype): Psychic and Unchained Rogue

Arcane Trickster Bomber: Arcanist with Rogue and Bomber talent

Holy Vindicator: Cleric / Fighter dual welding Sun Swords

Max AC Fighter using Mobile Bulwark style and a Split Bladed Sword

Swashbuckler Bard of some kind

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GM - "The party arrives in the land of the elves, glamorous woodland with waterfalls and grand archways. Your audience with the Elven king isn't until tomorrow evening, but in the mean time your free to feast at the local tavern."

GM rolls dice.

GM -"Tavar" [Dwarf Ranger], "You ah, you ate something that didn't quite agree with you. Your, your stomach is starting to cramp up."

Tavar- "Oh, I guess I'll ask for the nearest bathroom?"

GM -"Okay one of the Elven bar maids directs you to the back and you trot over to find a rather nice bathroom. Its actaully got tile and what looks to be working plumbing."

GM rolls dice and smiles.

Tavar - "Okay I guess I drop trow and use the facilities. I, ah, I 'm not
poisoned am I, I mean I have that plus two."

GM - "No, no. But ah you did fail your perception roll. So ah, as you finish you reach over for a rag and instead find only a small shelf with three seashells. Roll me a knowledge Local check."

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I think for right now they've made thing feel way too generic between the classes with Fighter, Barbarian, and Monk just kind of all looking like different flavors of hit that thing really, really hard. And yes I know that's kind of the point of melee classes but it just feels like limiting the combat feats by class has removed an element of zany fun and locked things into very ridged rolls.

The game also looks very Rocket Tag to me now.
I like what they did with spells though I'm already missing snowball just for nostalgic reasons if nothing else. But at the same time everything just seems high damage, low utility. The idea of making one spell scale with level is nice but kind of gimps the spontaneous casters for really no good reason. They should have just taken the psychic's under cast / over cast idea and made that the standard instead of making it a build playstyle.

Also are AC tanks just not a thing now?
I was going over Fighter and Champion on the web and outside the very strange thing they are doing with shields I don't see anything that really boosts your AC. No Combat Expertise, no doge, no armor focus, no shield focus, no mobile bulwark style (yes I know that came after the core but still).

Is the Promethean Alchemist Homunculus an animal companion? Can you use Boon companion? Archetypes? Anything?

"To become a psychic lich, one must create and infuse a memoir, which serves a similar function to an ordinary lich’s phylactery... Each psychic lich must create its own memoir by using the Craft Wondrous Item feat. The character must be able to cast psychic spells at a caster level of 11th or higher. The memoir costs 120,000 gp to create and has a caster level equal to that of its creator at the time of creation."

So do you still have to do the Eternal Apotheosis or does the crafting of the memoir create the Psychic Lich?

So we're playing a city based game and I'm getting to play for once. My character is a Lawful Evil business man who's gimmick is he is always the lesser of the two evils in the moment but worse in the long run. Right now our parties only combat focused character is an unchained monk. We've been sneaking past combat by summoning monsters and then pretending to be innocent bystanders or just being invisible. But at this rate its only a matter of time before the GM just forces the issue and has a troll kick its way into our bar or something. Right now my biggest asset is that I have armor expert which means I can wear a rather silly amount of armor for not being proficient in it.
I'm level 5 and thanks to some quick thinking in sinking a ship filled with high level NPC's we're jumping up to 7. I plan on going Diabolist at 8th level. Any ideas what I could dip into or prestige class into to make me more of a front line threat somehow?

So starting a new game for the summer GM has instituted the following rule: We get at most 4 items the total costing no more than 2,500GP. No weapons, no consumables (potions, scrolls, so on). I'm playing a 5th level psychic. Game takes place in a dark gritty hole of a city.

Right now I've got
Wayfinder (Standard) 500GP
Pouch, Pathfinder 1K
Dusty Rose Prism (Ioun Stone) 500GP
Traveler’s Any-Tool 250GP

Any better ideas?

All Mithral items are considered masterwork so does that apply the masterwork -1 to armor check? Basically do Mithral items actually have a -4 reduction in armor check or is the masterwork rolled into the normal -3?

Given how screwy Pathfinder can be I'm not sure this an unreasonable question.

So I'm playing with Psychic casters and we can't pin down what has purple sparkle effects and what doesn't. Charm Person doesn't logically work as a spell if every time you cast it you shot heart smoke into someone's face. So what does mind thrust look like? What about Detect Thoughts?

Does it say anywhere what spells look like?

Edit: Or what spell effects can be hidden.

+2 Hide Shirt 4,170GP: +5 armor 0 armor check from masterwork AKA no proficiency penalty.
+2 Buckler 4,160GP: +3 armor 0 armor check from masterwork AKA no proficiency penalty.
For arcane caster w/ arcane armor training
+2 Leather 4,160GP: +4 armor 0 armor check.

+3 bracers of armor 9000GP?
How does this balance out?

Normally classes at least put "Gains no weapon or armor proficiency" Diabolist doesn't even have the entry. Since the other two classes get proficiency with their patron's favored weapon I can only imagine the same was meant for Diabolist ?

Got an idea for a character but I need the ability to cast arcane spells as a pre-requisite. I need to get Arcane Strike so I can take Spell Cartridges and eventually Infused Spell Cartridges. The problem, I'm stuck playing a Sorcerer with the Psychic bloodline as my caster class and I can't afford another class dip since I'm already getting +0 BAB from two other prestige classes.
Is there a trait or something that gives you arcane spells? They could honestly be anything. I know spell like abilities don't work for this.

I think this has come up in almost every group that has an Alchemist. The question of "How do I make the boom even bigger?"
The most common one I've seen was a delayed or remote explosive bomb in a pony keg of black powder or for incendiaries a few vials of Alchemist Fire glued to the final bomb vial. I think my favorite one was a door breaching charge consisting of an iron powder horn and ton alchemical glue soaked cloth strips (AKA duck tape).

Alternatively I personally have summoned a small fire elemental and had it sprint into a fireworks factory. No context needed.

I've been settling it with craft alchemy / bomb / or trap depending on context but I've always tried to figure out what kind of damage these things do. My general rule of thumb is 1d6 fire and an extra 1ft to the burst per charge of powder or alchemist fire (5 charges / flasks = 5ft).

I'd like to see some other ideas slash experiences.

That's right, you read that right. I'm going to kill my players session 1. I noticed that Hellfire Ray damns all souls killed by it. I'm thinking of having them start the game kind of normal.

"You are contacted by Sir Paladin Mc Goody pants to help him go smash a evil cult who's threatening to raise a dark army and take over the world."

Then WAM! They show up and Sir Pally gets paralyzed and dies HORRABILY. Then they all get blasted by the main villain (Wizard 7 Diabolist 7). Since they all get sent straight to hell I'm thinking of dorpoing them in the purple sands of Voiporl and have them have to fight their way back up Dante's Inferno style so they can get raised by someone in the heavens and go back at a higher level to get revenge.


I've always had this issue with Pathfinder specifically high fantasy in general. Diseases, cruses, lack of food, lack of water, and poison are generally non-issues for players over like level 5. I don't want to just say you can't take the spells that fix these problems but it gets to the point where there's 0 consequences for swimming through diarrhea water or walking through something you really shouldn't. There seems to be a magic band-aid spell for everything. And I am meaning more long term rather than in a dungeon.

I've got a player with 1 level in fighter. Apart from that he's full caster levels. Magical Knack seems like a waste. Is there a trait that gives +1 caster level and something else?

I spent 2 hours digging and came up with nothing. Please help.

Have you ever wanted to play a game more akin to Conan the Barbarian, Krull the Slayer, or really any of the old classics? A setting where magic is that really complicated yet powerful force, not just something your players slap on to cure every problem? I've had a bit of an idea how to do this in Pathfinder.

Alternate rules being implemented:
Max HP at every level: Everyone gains the maximum hit points at every level.

Armor as DR: Armor and shields provide DR/Magic equal to its AC bonus. Magic armor and shields
provides DR/-. Damage reduction does layer applying lowest to highest.

Magical healing: Magical healing is rolled as normal but only heals up to its caster level per hour until it is spent. You cannot apply multiple healing effects at the same time. Fast healing from spells or spell like effects is applied per hour.

Potion problems: Drinking 2 or more potions or extracts within 1 minute of each other inflicts 1d4 ability drain determined randomly. Alchemists and similar classes and archetypes are immune to this effect.

Restoration: Restoration magic (and similar spells) is only applied upon getting 8 hours of uninterrupted rest. You cannot apply multiple restoration spells in the same day.

Raise Dead and similar spells: Removed from game with the exception of Breath of Life. Only Wish or Miracle can resurrect a dead character.

Magic items of any kind cost double and cannot commonly be found in any but the largest cities. Anything with a caster level greater than 8 cannot be purchased. Crafting magic items also costs double. Scrolls are excluded from this rule.

Being on fire and continuous acid damage also inflict 1 point of CON Damage per round.

Slashing and Piercing weapons deal 1 point of bleed damage per 5 damage dealt (rounding down). Weapons with the bleed quality do double. Bleed always stacks.

Bludgeoning weapons deal 1 point of Dexterity damage per 10 damage dealt (rounding down).

Use Wound Thresholds Optional Rules.

Crafting wondrous items, tattoos, rings, rods, staffs, and constructs (plus any I missed) takes twice as long and can only be accomplished in a laboratory worth at least 10,000GP per caster level. Scrolls are excluded from this rule.

Crafting magic weapons and armor takes three times as long to create can only be forged in a powerful smithy worth at least 5,000GP per caster. Additionally to finish the crafting the crafter must use the blood of a recently slain monster who's CR is equal to or greater than twice the enhancement bonus being applied. This process is done as the last step of crafting.

Prepared Casters: These caster can only prepare spells as either scrolls or as rituals. Rituals (Sacred Rites if your divine) take two full round actions per spell level to set up, then can be cast as normal. Rituals can be prepared ahead of time but cannot be moved. Any area of effect damage destroys the Rituals/ Sacred Rite. Rituals are considered to have AC5 for the purpose of targeting them. Scrolls do not cost anything beyond material components to create but take the normal amount of time to craft. The use of scrolls counts against daily allotment of spells as does the creation of a ritual. To use a ritual a caster must be in the same space as it.

Spontaneous Casters: These casters cast normally except that they're spells take 1 step longer to cast. IE: A swift action becomes a standard, a standard becomes a full round, a full round becomes 2 and so on. Spontaneous Arcane Casters can also make Rituals/ Sacred Rites as Prepared Casters except the casting from prepared Rituals/ Sacred Rite is always a swift action. Spontaneous Casters cannot use scrolls.

Spells with a cast time of an immediate action can be cast as such, however their casters cannot act on their next round.

Spells and DC: Spells and Spell DC's that normally depend on spell level instead depend on caster level. Furthermore all spell damage dice increase by one step (d6 to d8 to d10 and so on).

Class and Feat Changes (Those I can think of.)
All Prepared Casters gain scribe scroll at level 1
Wizards and other classes / archetypes that would normally get a Scribe Scroll get either a item creation or meta magic feat in addition to Scribe Scroll.
Quickened Spell works normally (really no point in changing it)

Yes I know there's probably grammar/ spelling errors. No I'm not fixing them here unless they create a problem understanding the rules.

Need help with spells for an indecisive player build. He's gone Snakebite Stalker Brawler for the sneak attack. We figure it's got better BAB, First level HD, and saves then just a Unchained Rogue dip. His Spell casting is a Tattooed Salamander Sorcerer. He won't go wizard since he's paranoid about losing his spell book, bound item, or familiar. He has (for free) Spell Focus (only in Illusion, Transmutation, or Conjuration) and Mage’s Tattoo (which can be in anything and is not linked to Spell Focus here).
The problem is we just can't nail down his spell list. He's going to have a +2DC in Illusion, Transmutation, or Conjuration or a +1DC in one and +1DC in something else.

Any ideas on spell list?

I've never understood why Unchained Rogue has such a limited talent list. Then I noticed Ninja trick on the unchained list. This seems silly since there is a ninja trick called rogue talent. So using that combo is there really a difference in the list? Or does Unchained just have some better versions of some talents AND access to all the other stuff too?

Got a player wanting to make an Arcane Trickster and doesn't care about optimization. Here is what he's got:
Half Elf:
Ancestral Arms: ????
3 levels of Unchained Rogue, Underground Chemist, (and Poisoner maybe)
3 levels Exploit Wizard, Dimensional Slide (Because blink teleportation is OP on a thief)
STR: 11
Dex: 16
Con: 16
Int: 18
Wiz: 14
Cha: 17

Level 1: ????
Level 3: Accomplished Sneak Attack
Level 5: Maybe Arcane Armor Training so he can make and use Scribed Armor

Rogue Talent: Bomber

He wants to have a fancy weapon from Ancestral Arms, I told him a crank crossbow or a Fauchard but he was thinking Sawtooth Saber and going Two Weapon Fighting for a first level feat. He also wants to take another level in Rogue so he can get Sneak Attack on his bombs (Sounds OP to me). Alternatively instead of getting bombs he was going to go 1 level in Rogue and 1 level in Snakebite Striker Brawler.

Got a player who wants to become a construct and he found the Soul Focus item from Soulbound Construct. While it specifically says he keeps skills, intelligence, feats, and such but says nothing about class levels. I would assume you would since otherwise you'd lose things like feats, trained skills, and abilities.

I read somewhere that Mithril's effect on armor lets certain casters where higher grade armor and not suffer arcane failure. So if proficient a Summoner could were a Mithril breast plate and still cast. Rather than burn the valuable feat I was wondering if a 1 level dip into either Fighter or some sort of Cavalier would be worth it? I know you lose out on some things but for Unchained Summoner would it really make that much of a difference?

Starting a game where the enemies are mostly evil outsiders, ghosts, and undead. So I was going to play a Paladin. I liked how Ghost Hunter looked but its a little over specialized. Anyone know of any Archetypes / Archetype combos that would give me an edge?

So about that whole 7th level Form of the Dragon thing. How does that work? I imagine it just RAI becomes From of the Alien Dragon. I mean same spell level, same basic deal.

I really wish Pazio would write a quick errata to patch some of the holes before P2 is out. Or at least make P2 so these holes don't happen.

Same as title. Just hoping there was a way to play a Psychic Dragon Disciple with the Esoteric Nightmare Dragon as the theme.

Buddies are starting a new game in the next week or two and I am all out of character ideas. I've got two points to work around and I'm stumped. Here's what I got

Character: Noble, has a Knight Vassal (another player who is tired of playing lead)
GM wants dragon theme somewhere.

Has been forever since I played something with good BAB. Would go straight up fighter but I love spells. Snowball and Fireball make me smile, and self buffing is so so nice.
GM wants dragon theme somewhere.

Let me leach off your creativity!

So playing my first Kitsune in a dungeon crawl game. My job is to have all the skills and bring DPS. This is what I got:

Ninja level 1
STR 12
Con 12
Int 18
Wis 12
Cha 14
Feat: Accomplished Sneak Attack (Wont work till 3rd level but can still take it now.)
Traits Magical Knack and Meta magic Master: Shocking Grasp

Level 1: Ninja: Feat: Accomplished Sneak attack
Level 2: Arcanist Blade Adept:
Level 3 Ninja: Ninja Trick Pressure Points
Feat: Extra Exploit: Arcane Slide
Level 4: Arcanist Blade Adept:
Level 5 Arcanist Blade Adept: Feat: Extra Exploit: Spell Strike
Level 6 Arcanist Blade Adept:
Level 7 Arcanist Blade Adept: Exploit: Eldritch Blade
Feat: Extra Exploit: Arcane Weapon
Level 8 Arcane Trickster
Level 9+ Arcane Trickster Feat: Intensify Spell

Tactics Uses Vanish and later Invisibility to do hit and fade with Black Blade Katana (Exotic one handed so works as far as we can tell)
Will pick up Exploit Arcane Weapon so it will be Keen and Exploit: Spell Strike so hopefully crit 15-20 X2 shocking grasp sneak attacks.
Ninja trick will be Pressure Points so add 1 STR or DEX damage per sneak attack.

What can I do to make this better?

So a few quick caveats: Unchained allowed, 27 point buy to offset the missing person.

I was looking at a Catfolk Unchained rogue / Arcanist into Arcane trickster but I don't know. I like how Kitsune looks and the idea of shrinking into a fox thief is oddly amusing to me.

Party is a Cleric of something (domains are trickery and law due to an archetype I don't know) and an Unchained Barbarian.
Starting 1st level, primary focus will be dungeon slogging.

I basically need to fill the role of Skill monkey and Arcane caster. Thoughts?

So was looking at a way to make a spontaneous card caster and just kept coming back to magus as the only viable card caster. But then I noticed this in Eldritch Scion

"This ability replaces arcane pool, and abilities that modify arcane pool also modify eldritch pool."

Now Card Caster and Eldritch Scion have one conflict and that is that they both modify arcane pool. Does this wording at the end of eldritch pool mean that this is a null issue? Mechanically it really works just the same.

Does this work?
I think it does but RAW and RAI...

So groups running a fun summer themed vacation adventure at 5th level. I want to make a Rat-Folk SWAT team. Since Rat-Folk can stand in the same square I wanted to have one guy with a tower shield and another guy with an expensive gun so I can alchemical tinker it into a cannon or bumbard. The problem is I need one more crewmen to work the cannon. I can take Squire, but I need one but preferably two more so I can have a second tower shield so we are all covered.

Anyone know how to get unlimited BP for building?

We are playing a kingdom game and need wood. We've been using Teleport and Fabricate to make sand stone but need trees and wood that won't honk off the fey.
Are trees objects for Sands of time?

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So playing in a homebrew where Orcs and Dwarfs whipped each other out completely but we just found a emergency bunker full of dwarf skeletons. Is there any way to bring them back short of a true resurrection? They are probably not willing in any case but my character would love to revive the race and enslav- I mean bring into the light of his god. Any spells or alchemical items that could do this?

Our Cleric is trying to use Lesser Restoration to make it so she does not need to sleep ever. Just meditate for an hour to redo spells. She's using this to stay up an go on murder sprees while the rest of the party is asleep.

Does this work? Does removing fatigue mean you never feel sleepy? Seems a little OP for a second level spell.

Any way to do such a thing?
I've got a cohort that is Tinker Alchemist 1 Iron Priest 4. I wanted to go holy vindicator with them but I don't know how to make it work with range.

Right now they are good at picking off weak enemies with their bow and keeps our constructs ticking. We have a good GM that mixes low CR [fey goblins and mites] with high CR so our cohorts have something to do other than buff.

So I got a 6th level Wyrwood Blood Arcanist (Impossible Bloodline) and have no idea what to do with him. His concept is a super crafter on X3 speed between his valet familiar and his ring of sustenance letting him shut down after every eight hour shift only to go back at it two hours later. The thing is the concept is done. Unless I get another valet familiar he's not going to craft any better or faster. This is what I got so far.
STR 12
Dex 15
Con -
Int 20
Wiz 16
Cha 14
Feats: Scribe Scroll, Extra Exploit Familiar, Craft Wondrous Item (from bloodline power), Craft Arms and Armor, Exploit Item Crafter: Craft Construct.

I really have no interest in the rest of the Impossible Bloodline after the 3rd level power and am unsure what to do now. We already have wizard going full caster in his own strange way and so far my guy has just been the money saving tool / words of wisdom. Here are my goals (Strange though they may be)

Be able use a Lifedrinker (Ioun Stone for proficiency is fine)

Get 9th level spells no later than 19th level (so only losing one spell casing level at most).

Get improved familiar (Clockwork) / Leadership / both.

Craft Stave

Take advantage of the fact that later he will be able to upgrade himself using Magic Jar to step into another body and work on his chassis like any other construct (Thank you Impossible Bloodline).

Be something worthy of the concept of a upgrading impossible construct with a negative level axe.

So far I have looked at Demoniac, Stargazer (Prestige Class), Eldritch Knight (Hard Build), Hellknight Signifer (Looks cool don't understand how it works) and Lore Master (Looks boring but alright).

I am open to suggestions and ideas I want this to be epic.

Playing a mass fabrication character and one of the other players pointed out there are a few ways to get two valet familiars. While it's obvious the +2 wouldn't stack since it's a bonus of the same type we are wondering about the "doubles the gp value of items that can be crafted each day" part. Probably a silly question but can't seem to find an answer.

So I love playing construct builders. I love making fun little sidekicks that are specialized to the point of hilarity. However with this I have noticed that the rules for construct building are full of inconsistency and contradiction. These points have only become exaggerated since I started playing Wyrwood characters.
What would it take to get Pazio to make a construct building splat book? Preferably one with a race entry for Wyrwoods and maybe other construct races. I heard that this idea was part of the original Construct Builders Guidebook but has since been dropped in favor of a construct centric bestiary.

So I am building a new Wyrwood for the new semester and I spotted the Impossible Bloodline. My question is this does the arcana effect the player when they chose to let it? So for example would a Wyrwood with the blood line be capable of being resurrected or would that only work if the person casting the resurrection had the arcana. This goes for healing and what not as well. Does the Bloodline make it so that the players as a construct is now always going to suffer the effects or only when they chose to be or only to their own spells. This is a nitch question so I'm not expecting much.

I need to find rules for a true hive mind in pathfinder. It can be a monster or preferably a construct or template that has some kind of collective consciousness rules. Thing is it needs to be for medium creatures not vermin.

I know there was a campaign book or module that had you perusing the sword of lust and there was a ninite swarm that had a good set of rules for it but my GM never told me the name.

So we are getting into the kingdom part of our home brew kingmaker game using the Ultimate Campaign rules and we are deciding whether or not we need to recruit an army. Thing is I can craft constructs, specifically custom constructs. So I can just make a CR what ever to fill out a unit. The only thing is we don't know what a good CR is for an army. In the NPC guide they say a footmen is like CR 1/4 and a veteran solider is like CR 1/2. So in this case would a CR 1 be a trump card? At 250 a head we can get a full army of CR 1 constructs for about 7 BP and no upkeep cost (You don't need to feed or pay them).

Also I've got a few drafts of some basic units ranging from things that do bleed damage to just a butt load of attacks. What abilities should I give a basic construct army? They get one special for free +0CR so what works well for mass combat? The Gms rule is I have to steal the ability from a preexisting monster or spell. It can be modified but still close to what I'm taking. Also there is some CR equivalency so I can't just take the Animatine Golems Indestructible on a CR 1.

Ideas? Problems with math?

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