Probably the most critical knowledge local check ever made.

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GM - "The party arrives in the land of the elves, glamorous woodland with waterfalls and grand archways. Your audience with the Elven king isn't until tomorrow evening, but in the mean time your free to feast at the local tavern."

GM rolls dice.

GM -"Tavar" [Dwarf Ranger], "You ah, you ate something that didn't quite agree with you. Your, your stomach is starting to cramp up."

Tavar- "Oh, I guess I'll ask for the nearest bathroom?"

GM -"Okay one of the Elven bar maids directs you to the back and you trot over to find a rather nice bathroom. Its actaully got tile and what looks to be working plumbing."

GM rolls dice and smiles.

Tavar - "Okay I guess I drop trow and use the facilities. I, ah, I 'm not
poisoned am I, I mean I have that plus two."

GM - "No, no. But ah you did fail your perception roll. So ah, as you finish you reach over for a rag and instead find only a small shelf with three seashells. Roll me a knowledge Local check."

*slow clap*

Is the tavern named...ta'co-bell?

Just start saying a bunch of cuss words. When they give you the fines for profanity, use the papers to take care of your problem.


Don't forget to order the rat-on-a-stick from the black market dealer in the forest below.

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