Book of the Damned, Diabolist missing Weapons and Armor entry.

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Normally classes at least put "Gains no weapon or armor proficiency" Diabolist doesn't even have the entry. Since the other two classes get proficiency with their patron's favored weapon I can only imagine the same was meant for Diabolist ?

Prestige Classes often do not add a Weapon and Armour Proficiency entry if they grant no changes, so the [PrC] Diabolist lacking one is not necessarily a mistake. Looking at A-C alone I found the following without the entry:

* Aldori Swordlord
* Argent Dramaturge
* Ashavic Dancer
* Aspis Agent
* Balanced Scale of Abadar
* Bellflower Tiller
* Brewkeeper
* Crimson Templar
* Cyphermage

Note that the original Volume 2 specifically stated that it did not grant the Diabolist any Armour/Weapon Proficiencies, so the entry may not have been included in the updated/collated version due to irrelevancy.

The Diabolist appears to lean more towards the stereotypically non-Melee, d6 HD Arcane Spellcaster than the others, using other Creatures to perform in Combat and gaining Spellcasting/(Sp)/research bonuses. Of the other two PrC, the Demoniac seems to be more Melee with d8 HD and augmentations to their body, whilst the Souldrinker is more close-Combat Spellcasting/Immunities. In addition, the Diabolist gains the Hellish Soul (Ex) Feature, enabling them to be restored to life normally, which the others do not get an equivalent of - possibly in exchange for the loss of Armour/Weapon Proficiency?

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