Do Soulbound Constructs keep class levels?

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Got a player who wants to become a construct and he found the Soul Focus item from Soulbound Construct. While it specifically says he keeps skills, intelligence, feats, and such but says nothing about class levels. I would assume you would since otherwise you'd lose things like feats, trained skills, and abilities.

It doesn't say, but since feats and skill points are addressed explicitly while class levels are not I would say the implication is that class levels are not retained.

Nope. You get what it says.

Feats the construct can use as bonus feats.

INT, WIS and CHR based skills.

Higher of mental stats. And memories, personality etc.

From another post I made...

Check these out:

The Neurocam only works once, and only to a blank clonepod. The Psychic-Imprinter works multiple times, and can be used to overwrite a bad guy's personality with one more to your liking (say, your own mind). The Neurocam does not address the issue of skills and feats. The Psychic-Imprinter replaces these. A soulbound instead adds to existing skills and feats.

All three give the personality of the source to the construct. Will the sacrificed creature want to help you? Maybe. Will the copied mind want to help you? Much more likely.


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