Anyone know how to get unlimited BP for building?


Anyone know how to get unlimited BP for building?

We are playing a kingdom game and need wood. We've been using Teleport and Fabricate to make sand stone but need trees and wood that won't honk off the fey.
Are trees objects for Sands of time?

Can you cast Plant Growth?

Bribe your GM.

Wall of Stone to aid in building. Heck, you could potentially use Wall of Iron for easy-to-access metal resources. Transmute Mud To Rock could also be useful.

Both the Alternate Profession Rules and Downtime's Rooms and Teams offer ways to generate sums of money per month or per day that correspond to how much you've invested in them.

Using Capital from Downtime, one is also able to generate wealth via magic item crafting.

There are also further ways of generating wealth, such as combining Blood Money plus various spells such as Create Armaments or Transfiguring Touch, getting creatures with SLAs that produce valuable effects, using Fabricate to create valuable merchandise and liquidating it, etc.

Stuff about Kingdom Turns and Build Points ultimately to get at a target number of 100 BP per month.

It costs 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000 gp in order to create/buy 1 BP depending upon what size of Kingdom you're dealing with.

Each Kingdom turn is 1 month in length.

During the Upkeep Phase, assuming you've kept Unrest at 0, your Stability check will give you 1 BP for free each month.

Then you have to account for Consumption, which is a variable.

Then you can claim Hexes, at the cost of 1 BP per Hex. Depending upon Kingdom Size, that's 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, or 12 BP that could be consumed per month.

Then you can build Terrain Improvements. Depending upon Kingdom size that's up to 12 Terrain Improvements that could be made depending upon Kingdom Size, with a possible cost of up to 24 BP for the more expensive types of Terrain to improve. So that caps at 288 BP per month as its upper limit.

So far that's 300 BP that could be spent in a month.

Then you can build Settlements or Armies, and build some number of buildings in each settlement in your Kingdom. This caps at 4 new Settlements/Armies per month. After a certain point, there is no limit on the number of new buildings that can be constructed in the kingdom(other than, I think, a 1 building per settlement per Kingdom Turn restriction that I think doesn't apply to Houses when built to support another building?).

Founding a Settlement requires up to 12 BP plus the cost of the first building plus the cost of a House/Mansion/Noble Villa/Tenement. The most expensive building that can be built in a new settlement is a Palace at 108 BP and a Noble Villa at half cost for 12 BP combining to be 120 BP total. So that's potentially 528 BP in new Settlements, per month.

Our subtotal is now 828 BP, without going into the variable of how many buildings one could build in previously established settlements.

Then the next relevant thing to BP without selling things or making direct deposits would be collecting taxes, which gives 1/3 of your Economy check result.

You probably won't actually ever want to create settlements in the mountains that are just palaces to start with very often, so let's say we're looking at wanting to make enough money to create 100 BP a month beyond what collecting taxes takes care of, and lets also say that the Kingdom is in the final size category, so all BP costs 4000 gp to get.

That means one needs a monthly income of 400,000 gp in order to make all that BP, which is about half the WBL of a 20th level character or about all of the wealth of a 17th level character.

Alternate Profession Rules:


So I'll assume that you're 10th level as a nice round number. That means that the max number of ranks a business you can make and own is also 10.

It costs 51,100 gp to get a 10 rank Large buisness, starting with a 1 rank Small business, upgrading it to a 1 rank Medium business, and then upgrading to 1 rank through 10 rank Large business. To make that a "Masterwork" 10 rank Large Business instead would cost 63,600 gp.

Assuming you have a Wisdom of 14 and Take 10, each business will generate 15,000 or 17,000 a month depending upon whether you made it "Masterwork."

It also takes about 2 months to set up and upgrade each individual business. You would need 27 such businesses in order to afford 100 BP per month. So that's 54 months or 4.5 years and 1,379,700 gp invested.

Thankfully you can do this over time and build up further and once you have 4 employees you don't actually have to run the business yourself.

Alternatively, if one instead opted for only make Rank 1 Large Businesses instead of upgrading to 10 ranks, then it would cost 6100 gp to establish one and would generate 5000 gp per month. So that would take 80 such Rank 1 Large businesses, and making them would take almost 13 and a half years, with a significantly reduced total cost of 488,000 gp invested in the businesses.

Downtime Rooms and Teams:


As I recall, a Garden is one of the most time and capital/money efficient Rooms that one can create. Each one takes 12 days and either costs 180 gp outright or 90 gp(barring feats) with 1 day of Downtime spent generating capital if the party knows what they're on about.

While Rooms are being constructed, one can do other Downtime activities, though, so one could have a rolling series of Gardens getting established.

The first Garden in a Business provides 1.8 gp per day, assuming one Takes 10. Each subsequent Garden increases the gp generated by 0.8. (This is not counting individual characters using the business's earnings modifier to increase their own skill check to earn money.) That means we'd need 499,999 Gardens. Lets say that the first Garden took 13 days and the rest all take 1 additional day past that per Garden. Assuming that the party is only able to generate the capital for 1 Garden per day, that's 500,011 days or ~1369 years. Also, a minimum of 44,999,910 gp invested without feats coming into play.

Although each Garden after the first would pay for itself after 225 days, so you'd ultimately only need enough money set aside to make or buy 18 to 20 of them and then just continually re-invest. So it's ultimately fairly money cheap at 1620 gp of seed money if you go the Capital-generating route.

Or you could spend more money and just buy Gardens outright, though you'd need to spend 40,320 gp to buy the 224 Gardens needed in order to start out making enough money to buy an additional Garden per day.

Create Armaments(dangerously cheesy):


The market price of solid Gold Huge-sized Chainmail is 6000 gp. The weight of solid Gold Huge-sized Chainmail is 300 pounds.
The value of gold by weight in 300 pounds is 15,000 gp. So that's 9000 gp of profit per spell, barring the use of Blood Money, so long as sufficient diamonds are available.

It would take 45 castings, or 1.5 castings per day in a 30 day month, in order to hit the cost of the target amount of BP.

Expeditious Construction + Stone Shape at-will:


Expeditious Construction produces 90 cubic feet of loose stone per 3 CL.

Stone Shape can turn that into masonry stone. Masonry Stone is a trade good worth 5 cp per pound. The density of Granite is about 168.5 pounds per cubic foot.

So that's 15,165 pounds per 3 CL and 758.25 gp. It takes 528 groups of 3 CL, so say 176 CL 9 castings of the spell in a month, or about 5.8 per day, to hit our target gp value to exchange for BP.


Since you mentioned needing wood, specifcially, though, the spell Transfiguring Touch can straight up transform other substances (such as dirt) into wood.

In addition to the whole being able to create 100 gp of solid gold/silver/copper/platinum at high enough CL provided you have the False Focus feat.

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The easiest way to get renewable wood without deforesting is to raise sheep... cause everyone knows you can find trading partners that have wood for your sheep...

Create Armaments and Blood Money is pretty bad (did that in a sandbox game). You can also add colossal sized darkwood towershields.

Low levels can use Expeditious Construction for limestone walls to deconstruct for Alchemy to make cement. Higher levels can make buildings with Wall of Stone alone (domes, arched vaults).

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I'd be a lyre at building if I said I didn't know.

Alchemist 23 wrote:
Anyone know how to get unlimited BP for building?

Talk to Ravingdork. He knows how to use the downtime rules to generate lots of stuff.

Alchemist 23 wrote:

We are playing a kingdom game and need wood. We've been using Teleport and Fabricate to make sand stone but need trees and wood that won't honk off the fey.

Are trees objects for Sands of time?

First, plant states:

Note that regular plants, such as one finds growing in gardens and fields, lack Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores; even though plants are alive, they are objects, not creatures.

So Sands of Time will just damage the normal plants.

Since teleport is available, you can teleport them in. You can bump up your strength a lot, so you can carry a lot. Lighten object, and shrink item both work on trees, so you can carry more. Of course, you can also just ship them from far away so the locals don't know where they come from.

As stated, the plant growth spell adds to productivity by 1/3 more.

Another way to keep the fey off your back it to buy the wood from them. They will harvest what is allowed, and no more. If that is sufficient, then you are golden.


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