What is a good CR for a standard army?

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So we are getting into the kingdom part of our home brew kingmaker game using the Ultimate Campaign rules and we are deciding whether or not we need to recruit an army. Thing is I can craft constructs, specifically custom constructs. So I can just make a CR what ever to fill out a unit. The only thing is we don't know what a good CR is for an army. In the NPC guide they say a footmen is like CR 1/4 and a veteran solider is like CR 1/2. So in this case would a CR 1 be a trump card? At 250 a head we can get a full army of CR 1 constructs for about 7 BP and no upkeep cost (You don't need to feed or pay them).

Also I've got a few drafts of some basic units ranging from things that do bleed damage to just a butt load of attacks. What abilities should I give a basic construct army? They get one special for free +0CR so what works well for mass combat? The Gms rule is I have to steal the ability from a preexisting monster or spell. It can be modified but still close to what I'm taking. Also there is some CR equivalency so I can't just take the Animatine Golems Indestructible on a CR 1.

Ideas? Problems with math?

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